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Q: Vietnamese to English translation for an email I received! ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   0 Comments )
Subject: Vietnamese to English translation for an email I received!
Category: Miscellaneous
Asked by: xenoman-ga
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Posted: 13 Jul 2005 23:39 PDT
Expires: 12 Aug 2005 23:39 PDT
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Could someone translate this email for me?!?  Thanks a million!

--Me a! Chuyen tinh cam kho co biet truoc ma dinh
doat, con da can nhac lam chu nhung chuyen gi no den
thi se den, minh tinh khong bang troi tinh.
     Khi thuong mot nguoi dau co de , con thi cung kho
chiu ve chon doi tuong lam , phai co hoc thuc, gioi
thong minh hon con, biet lo cho con.....nhung moi
nguoi deu co khuyet diem rieng cua ho , khong ai ma
that su hoan hao co .. me a!
     Giua con va scott de them mot thoi gian nua , coi
co that su la nguoi muon song tron doi hay khong. Doi
khi con cam thay co don lam ,khong ai hieu minh va de
tam su....rat buon me a nhung con co gan vuot qua , co
gan can dam va duong dau voi thuc te....Me dung lo
chuyen gi roi cung on thoa ma, con luc nao cung tin
vao co khuc nguoi co luc, khong ai ma kho suot
doi dau. Co the nhung chuyen xay ra la lam cho  con
them cung coi voi doi.
    Con tin rang moi chuyen xay ra tren doi nay deu co
ly do cua no, ma minh khong biet la gi.....Moi toi chu
nhat con di nha tho va cau nguyen .....
  Me thuong dung lo lang con luc nao cung tin la mot
ngay  nao do con se rat vui va hanh phuc.
      Me giua gin suc khoe.I love you
                    Be loan cua me.
Subject: Re: Vietnamese to English translation for an email I received!
Answered By: secret901-ga on 14 Jul 2005 02:35 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hi xenoman-ga,
The letter was written in the ASCII-style pseudo-Vietnamese, without
diacritical marks, making interpretation difficult.  Below is what I
believe to be what the author meant to write and a translation.

--M? ?! Chuy?n t́nh c?m khó có bi?t tr??c mà ??nh
?o?t, con ?ă cân nh?c l?m ch? nh?ng chuy?n ǵ nó ??n
th́ s? ??n, ḿnh tính không b?ng tr?i tính.
     Khi th??ng m?t ng??i ?âu có d? , con th́ c?ng khó
ch?u v? ch?n ??i t??ng l?m , ph?i có h?c th?c, gi?i
thông minh h?n con, bi?t lo cho con.....nh?ng m?i
ng??i ??u có khuy?t ?i?m riêng c?a h? , không ai mà
th?t s? hoàn h?o c[?] .. m? ?!
     Gi?a con và [S]cott ?? thêm m?t th?i gian n?a, coi
có th?t s? là ng??i mu?n s?ng tr?n ??i hay không. ?ôi
khi con c?m th?y cô ??n l?m, không ai hi?u ḿnh và ??
tâm s?....r?t bu?n m? à nh?ng con c? g?n[g] v??t qua, c?
g?n[g] can ??m và ???ng ??u v?i th?c t?....M? ??ng lo
chuy?n ǵ r?i c?ng ?n th?a mà, con lúc nào c?ng tin
vào ...sông có khúc ng??i có lúc, không ai mà kh? su?t
??i ?âu. Có th? nh?ng chuy?n x?y ra là làm cho  con
thêm c?ng c?i v?i ??i.
    Con tin r?ng m?i chuy?n x?y ra trên ??i này ??u có
lư do c?a nó, mà ḿnh không bi?t là ǵ.....M?i t?i ch?
nh?t con ?i nhà th? và c?u nguy?n .....
  M? th??ng ??ng lo l?ng con lúc nào c?ng tin là m?t
ngày  nào ?ó con s? r?t vui và h?nh phúc.
      Me gi? ǵn s?c kh?e.I love you
                    Bé [L]oan c?a m?.

The letter is written by a daughter to her mother.  While the pronouns
used are not directly translatable into English, keep in mind that it
is highly reverant.

Dear Mother,
Matters of love are hard to predict.  I was very careful but what will
come will come, our wills can't compare to god's wills.
It's hard when you're in love with someone; I was very uncomfortable
when choosing a prospect: he must be educated, smarter than me, and
able to take care of me...but everyone has their faults, nobody is
really perfect, mom.
Between Scott and me I'll wait for a while longer, to see if [he]'s
the one [I] want to spend the rest of [my] life with.  I often feel
really lonely, like there's nobody who understands me or for me to
confide with...I feel very sad, mom, but I will strive to overcome it,
try to be brave and confront reality...Don't worry, mom, everything
will eventually turn out fine, I always believe that "each river has
its curve, every person has his moment" (Note: Vietnamese idiom
similar to "every dog has his day")...nobody will have to suffer his
whole life.  Maybe the events that happened to me will give me
experience in life.
I believe that everything that happens in this world has its reason,
even if we don't know what it is...Every Sunday I come to church and
Loving mother, please don't worry about me but always believe that one
day I will be happy.
Your loving daughter,

I believe this answers your question.  If you need clarification about
my translation, please use the "request for clarification" feature
before rating my answer.

Research strategy:
I'm a native Vietnamese speaker


Clarification of Answer by secret901-ga on 14 Jul 2005 02:43 PDT
Oops, I forgot to translate the last line, it reads:
"Please take care of your health. I love you."

xenoman-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $5.00
Thank you so much!  I will have more for you soon!

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