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Q: timeshare ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   1 Comment )
Subject: timeshare
Category: Business and Money
Asked by: _trinity-ga
List Price: $20.00
Posted: 20 Jul 2005 05:08 PDT
Expires: 19 Aug 2005 05:08 PDT
Question ID: 545700
I would like a list of the best resources on the web about timeshare. 
I am very interested in understanding timeshare, the basic
introduction and concepts explaining everything there is about
timeshare.  I dont want timeshare broker styles sites.  Im more
interested in sites that will help me understand timeshare, how it
works, the fundamentals, basic concepts and knowledge,where how it can
be purchased/sold,  how it works. Im interested in all catogories of
tmeshare - timeshares that you maynot have known about.  I'm
interested in information  that will help and give me confidence to
get into timeshare investing.

The economics of timeshare,costs, unknown expenses.  Can timeshares be
The history and trend of timeshare, The rules and guidelines, and any
other interesting information would be great. Examples of all sorts of
people who have got involved in timeshares, how they got involved and
their stories and experiences.  If there are any timeshare related
affiliate programs.

Request for Question Clarification by richard-ga on 20 Jul 2005 06:24 PDT
I can lead you to a half-dozen or so of the best resources on the web
about timeshares and tell you why I consider them the best.  But at
the price you're offering I won't be able to discuss the many issues
raised in your question.  You should be able to find many but not all
of your answers in the sites themselves.

Would that constitute an acceptable answer?

Looking forward.

Clarification of Question by _trinity-ga on 21 Jul 2005 16:45 PDT
hi richard

yes i understand as theres not much information out there on
timeshare, on the web or in bookstores.  i thought you may have access
to & know of other resources.

Its my first time on Google answers and therefore im asking these questions:

when you mention half a dozen resources.  
a) does that mean theres only half a dozen web links?  
b)or you found about half a dozen excellent resources and have also
found other resources that you will include.
c)With the half dozen resources will that effect costs? eg not as much
info provided therefore the charge will be less?

many thanks

Request for Question Clarification by richard-ga on 22 Jul 2005 05:09 PDT
Hello and welcome to Google Answers

Google Answers Researchers don't have any special access to
information - - we're just people who use what we find on the web or
elsewhere, or happen to know.

I know a fair amount about timeshares, and there are a half dozen or
so websites that I know from past experience to be good resources so I
plan to introduce you to them.  There are of course thousands of
websites that have some connection to timesharing, mostly those that
have something to rent or sell, but there's no reason I would pad my
answer with them if I don't think they're worth your time.

The reason for my first clarification was to make you aware that I'm
not planning to write the lengthy essay that your question might be
read as calling for.

Please let me know if that will do.


Clarification of Question by _trinity-ga on 22 Jul 2005 15:59 PDT
Hi Richard

Please go ahead as I'm interestd in the sites that you are aware of.

Researching on Google I did see alot of timeshare websites - these
were broker sites wanting to buy & sell timeshare. Im interested in
information on/about timeshare.  if these broker sites provide quality
information thats ok too.

As its my first time on Google answers I understood it as, that you
provided questions about a topic & then google answers provides the
resource and perhaps the links for you to go through and research
yourself.  I just wanted to make sure I provided enough detail of what
I was wanting to help you.  I work in I.T in support & programming. 
I've experienced 1st hand if you dont ask the right questions you get
something entirely different. So thats where I was coming fron :-)

Please go ahead and provide the links.
looking forward 
Subject: Re: timeshare
Answered By: richard-ga on 23 Jul 2005 06:40 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hello again and thank you for your question.

On the industry side, the leading resource is
Timeshare Beat

What is Timeshare
A Little History | How it Works | Types of Timeshare Programs |
Exchange Companies | A Glossary of Timeshare Terms

Useful Links

Your choice in buying a timeshare week is either to buy in the primary
market from the developer, or to buy in the secondary market from a
previous buyer.  Either way make sure you're buying a real estate
deed, not just some sort of vacation club membership.

It's not hard to find a developer with timeshares to sell--most people
encounter them when they're on vacation and are solicited for a
timeshare tour with the promise of cash or awards for attending.  If
you want to prearrange a timeshare tour at a place you're interested
in, I'd suggest you contact Fairfield Resorts for their choices, since
they are one of the better developers.

Or you can buy at resale, generally for about 25% of the price the
first owner paid.  Since you don't get a tour, etc., you're on your
own in terms of choosing what to buy, making sure you want what you
get, etc.

The easiest way to buy resale is simply to bid on Ebay, after
researching past sales, etc. to determine a fair price to offer.

Once you own a timeshare week, you must pay its annual maintenance
(generally $350 to $750 per year).  You can simply use your week each
year (either you'll own a particular week, or you'll own a 'floating
week' that you reserve in advance).

Alternatively, there are many ways to exchange the use of your week
for the use of somebody else's week.  That's done on a year-by-year
basis.  So maybe you'll stay at your own week in 2005, and trade your
2006 week to go elsewhere.

The simplest way to trade use of your week for another is to pay
annual dues and exchange fees to whichever of the leading exchange
companies your week is affiliated with (some properties are
dual-affiliated), generally either
(you'll be in RCI Weeks unless your property and your particular
deeded week have enrolled in RCI Points)
Interval International

I'll mention Fairfield Resorts again here, because if you buy a deeded
Fairfield week that participates in "FairShare Plus Points" (you can
buy either from Fairfield or via resale) you can exchange internally
into any other Fairfield property by applying the number of "points"
your unit is worth (there is also a fairly complicated way to exchange
your Fairfield unit into the RCI Weeks system).

If exchanging (rather than using the week that you own) is your goal,
when you're buying that deed you need to either (i) be sure that you
buy/own a desirable week, since it will draw the best trades
(desirable = in a location that is in demand, in a property that is in
demand, in a week that is in demand), or (ii) buy a deeded week that
participates in a points system, mainly either RCI Points or Fairfield
FairShare Plus Points, and simply buy a unit that qualifies for
sufficient points to get you the exchanges you want.

Other points-based systems are offered by
BlueGreen Points 
Monarch Grand Vacations Points 
Club Intrawest Points 
Disney Points
Trendwest Points 
Hilton Points
Vacation Internationale 
Marriott Points
Worldmark Points

Want to know more before you buy?  There are several internet groups
that you should join, browse through, and then post specific questions
that people will answer (for free).
The leader is Timeshare Users Group (TUG), much of it free to use or
for a small dues payment you can access the entire site
There is also a new group (I don't know why these people left TUG),

or if you're particularly interested in Fairfield, you can register
for free via Yahoo Groups to join the Yahoo Fairfield Group

Spend a few hundred hours reading through TUG, TimeshareForums and/or
Yahoo Fairfield Group and you'll be an expert!


Clarification of Answer by richard-ga on 23 Jul 2005 06:43 PDT
My favorite link didn't come out 'clickable' in my answer, and it
should be the first place you 'click'
_trinity-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $5.00
Excellent resources & quality links. 
very helpful & clear & my google researcher knew a fair amount on the topic too.


Subject: Re: timeshare
From: rmfmcb-ga on 21 Jul 2005 11:52 PDT
I own timeshare.  The timeshare is deeded and never expires.
It can be left in a will.  You can sell your timeshare to anyone.
There's many different timeshares out there, and I would suggest
visiting the websites of them to learn more about their programs.  We
bought timeshare from others who have defaulted on their loans, so we
did not pay a large amount for the best times.  We also did not pay
interest on the loan.  Once you establish yourself with a timeshare,
they will come to you with offers of additional weeks.  We currently
own 6 weeks.

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