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Q: Home Style ( Answered,   2 Comments )
Subject: Home Style
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Asked by: dt589-ga
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Posted: 03 Aug 2005 02:38 PDT
Expires: 02 Sep 2005 02:38 PDT
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What's in style right now when it comes to the window dressing, shower
curtain dressing, and bedroom comforter sets market in the United
States and in Europe. The answer should include websites and detailed
catalogs of high end retailors that can be ordered or viewed online.
Subject: Re: Home Style
Answered By: nenna-ga on 04 Aug 2005 12:26 PDT
Hello dt589-ga,

Let?s start with curtains. The trend I have noticed is that simplistic
is becoming better. You don?t see many heavy draperies with tassels
and the like anymore unless you?re in a formal room done in a
Victorian style. It seems to be more the sheer, flowing styles that
are ?in? right now, done on decorative rods and with decorative hooks.
The hardware is the fancier of the whole drapery ensemble. Even with
fancier done window treatments, it?s still the sheer light fabric that
is being used in a more dramatic way.

Let me give you some examples. You see a lot more light silk, liner,
voile, and sheer materials being used for curtain panels. I remember
when I was much younger, sheers were something that went under the
curtains, were a basic color, and meant to let the light in when the
draperies were not open. It seems now them come in all sorts of styles
and colors. I?ve seen embroidered ones, patterned ones, and beaded

Tab tops and grommeted curtains are quite in fashion to show off the
wide rage of decorative hardware available. I have two different kids
of sheers on my living room windows, with the outside panels done in
sheer linen with palm fronds printed on the sheers. I then have
complementary voile panels in the middle, in alternating colors of the
two palm fronds on the outside panels. I have a wrought iron
decorative rod that flares out on the ends like the fronds, extending
a foot past the window on wither side. I then took shower curtain
hooks and hung them on the curtain rod with palm trees on them in
wrought iron so that it all tied together and became the central theme
of my living room. I did this on a whim a while back, as I love to
decorate and got SO many compliments on it. Now I see it more and more
in others homes who have never seen my curtains and on display/for
sale in many home furnishing stores.

I?m going to link below some examples of the things I have spoke about
here to online catalogues selling these items.

Panels in various fabrics/styles: (Take a look at the
grommet curtains ? this is becoming a really popular style ? a very
modern look with softness)
(the tiered look is more for a kitchen or a bath)
(I?ve heard a lot of talk lately about the leather curtains used with
sheers for a masculine feel to a room)

Hardware/decorative rods:

Now, onto shower curtains. They?re becoming more and more decorative.
The look I see most often now is the vinyl panel inside, with a fabric
panel outside, hung with decorative hooks that compliment the style of
the bath. The outside fabric can be quite elegant and rich, for
example, velvet, silk, or another luxurious fabric. Since the vinyl
panel is the one inside the shower, it takes the moisture and can be
replaced cheaply when it gets icky or worn, whereas the outside panel
stays dry and clean and can be something expensive and beautiful. Sets
are becoming more popular, so that the shower curtain hooks match the
shower curtain and bath accessories. For example, a shower curtain
with a beach scene, with flip-flop shoes on the shower curtain hooks,
and beach motif items like a beach ball toothbrush holder and a ?sand
pail? drinking cup. Another thing you could do is to use beautiful
curtain panels as the outside fabric shower curtain. A tab-top curtain
would work great over a shower rod, with decorative hooks holding on
the vinyl one inside the tab tops, alternating.

Here are some links to beautiful curtains/hooks/accessories. I
recommend buying a cheap vinyl inside at your local Target or

Last but not least, comforters and bedding. I would say the quality
and fabric is most important. Duvet covers are also becoming more
popular due to the rich look of say, a down comforter covered in a
beaded and embroidered silk duvet cover. The higher the thread count,
the higher quality the fabric and the longer lasting. Make sure the
thread count is high if you want luxury. A matching set is key to
looking high-end, it?s becoming more, and more popular, even with the
?beds in a bag? Make sure you have matching throw pillows, shams, and
sheets to pull the look together. Some Master suites have taken to
coordinating the curtains and shower curtain for a matching look
through out the suite. Simple big prints seem to be in, as opposed to
busy heavy fabrics with a constant pattern. Say, six large flowers
across the comforter as opposed to a plaid.

Here are some links:;jsessionid=2af3lm0pwbod6;jsessionid=2af3lm0pwbod6|Bedroom|Bedroom-Bedlinen,,,

I hope this information helps. Style, while things can be popular,
changes so often that I recommend decorating to your tastes and being
happy with it instead of trying to match trends that change every 6
months. Simplistic and soft is always in style, while such things as
themes come and go. With these items, I?d pick a patter or a solid in
colors you love, so that you can change out the accessories to create
a new look that?s less expensive as time goes on. A beautiful dark
green shower curtain could last years, while changing the styles to a
Chinese palace, a tropical garden, and a woods theme as styles change.

Google Searches Used:

If this answer requires further explanation, please request
clarification before rating it, and I'll be happy to look into this

Google Answers Researcher

Request for Answer Clarification by dt589-ga on 04 Aug 2005 13:37 PDT
Hi Nenna,
I'm actually looking for a more how should I put it 'business like
approach' to my answer, although what you've posted so far has
certainly helped. I was thinking in more of the lines of what's in
fashion when it comes to design and color/ rather then fabric. In
other words what design and colors are selling right now. Sorry I
didn't clarify in moy orginal question. Some of the links you've
provided certainly did provide what I was looking for I just feel I
need a little more when it comes to design and color. Thanks.

Clarification of Answer by nenna-ga on 04 Aug 2005 14:54 PDT
Hi there,

No worries, I can work on that for you, just give me a day or 2 and
I'll get back to you with your clarification.


Clarification of Answer by nenna-ga on 05 Aug 2005 09:27 PDT
Hello again,

Let?s start with the site czh-ga left us in the comments. I read
through it, and I?ll give you what they said, but I have to say I
personally disagree with their color forecasts. They talk about the
emotional connections to color and what will appeal for the year.
?The industry experts selected future colors that "convey a
respectful, serious nature, yet touch the soul."?
?While special effects diminish, colors appear to be infused with
light from within. That optimism is reflected in the color forecast
for 2005.?

For consumer goods and home, they say that the popular colors are
steel, intrigue blue, living green, fire copper, sea shell, sea coral,
latin rose, twilight shadow, eden, and sheer. However, their site has
no links to a color palette that I could find. If you read the link
however, and see their descriptions for the colors, you can get a good
idea of what color it is.

Now, some trends I have noticed are that bright colors are quite
making the comeback, along with earth tones. You see many neon colors
(hot pink, electric blue, lime green, chartreuse) though I might keep
that to a child/teen?s area being as it?s not considered very
?grown-up.? In addition, deep jewel tones, oranges, purples, and earth
tones are quite popular.

Fashion plays a role in interior decorating. What?s popular in the
fashion world is usually also popular in the decorating world. For
example, you see many clothes this year made out of linen or natural
fibers in the earth tones, same goes for curtains and bedding. The
palm/tree bamboo look is ?in? for both. The neon/pastel look is in for
both. The ?Indian sari? look is in for both with the deep jewel tones
and the beading.

If you look at the site, you get a good idea of the colors that are
popular in 2005. If you continue to read, you?ll read about fabrics,
which we covered earlier. The sheers, linens, silks, and voiles are
making a huge comeback in both decorating and fashion.

Buzzback Market Research did a study of color, and found that blue was
ranked most popular out of 44 colors (three blues were chosen as the
top three).,5778,s1-6-72-282-5099-1,00.html

You may also want to look into color psychology while decorating. Do
you want your bedroom to convey power, relaxation, or fun? The colors
you choose can make a huge difference.

I hope this helps you out further.

Subject: Re: Home Style
From: czh-ga on 04 Aug 2005 14:58 PDT
Here's a good place to start:
Color Forecasting
Glossary of Terms
The Forecasting Process
Color Press Releases
Consumer Color Directions
Contract Color Directions
Consumer Color Directions 

2007 Consumer Color Directions
2006 Consumer Color Directions
2005 Consumer Color Directions
2004 Consumer Color Directions
2003 Consumer Color Directions
2002 Consumer Color Directions
Subject: Re: Home Style
From: topmethods-ga on 23 Jan 2006 10:57 PST
Here is a good source of information and resources on comforters.

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