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Q: import trade statistics for empty gelatin and vegetarian capsules ( Answered,   0 Comments )
Subject: import trade statistics for empty gelatin and vegetarian capsules
Category: Business and Money
Asked by: chubby711711-ga
List Price: $100.00
Posted: 05 Aug 2005 13:02 PDT
Expires: 04 Sep 2005 13:02 PDT
Question ID: 552179
Please provide import data into the US for empty gelatin capsules by 
unit volume and dollars by country of origin. Separately please
provide import data into the US for empty vegetarian capsules by unit
volume and dollars by country of origin.

Request for Question Clarification by welte-ga on 06 Aug 2005 17:28 PDT
Hi chubby711711-ga,

I haven't found any good data for vegetarian capsule imports, possibly
because this is a heterogeneous category and isn't catalogued by the
US International Trade Commission.  I have found data for 2003 and
2004 for the top countries from which the US imported unfilled gelatin
capsules.  Unfortunately, the US ITC doesn't include unit volume, only
dollar amounts.

Let me know if this will suffice for your purposes and I will post the data I have.


Clarification of Question by chubby711711-ga on 08 Aug 2005 10:13 PDT
Yes, that is fine, please post.
Subject: Re: import trade statistics for empty gelatin and vegetarian capsules
Answered By: welte-ga on 08 Aug 2005 19:50 PDT
Hi chubby711711-ga,

Here's the information I described:

First, let me describe how the data below was gathered.  This will
give you some idea as to its validity and allow you to perform your
own searches for similar types of information in the future.

Imports are categorized in many ways, in many sub-classifications. 
The most specifically relevant to your information request can be
found in the 10 digit HTS (Harmonized Tariff Schedule) listings.  The
Tariff Information Center provides detailed information on the HTS,
and can be found here:

If you visit this site and search (upper left corner of the page) for
"unfilled gelatin capsules," a page of results will pop up.  The first
result is here:

This document is 11 pages long and contains lots of various materials
listed under Chapter 96 (Miscellaneous Manufactured Articles) within
the 2005 HST catalog.  Scroll down to page 2 and you will find
"Unfilled gelatin capsules."
From this source, the HST 10 digit classification code for this item
is 9602.00.10.40.  Could the government make this any harder?!  At
least the catalog is now online.

So... now we know how the code that the US Government uses to track
imports and exports of these unfilled gelatin capsules.  How do we get
the actual data?


The US Interactive Tariff and Trade Dataweb, provided by the US
International Trade Commission, allows access to import and export
data using various classification systems (such as the HST system
mentioned above) for the years 1989 to the present.  The most current
data in the database is May, 2005.  The main site can be found here:

To access the database, you must first register (free) at this page:

After you register, log in.  This will take you to the first query
page.  Select the following: US Imports for Consumption, Quick Query,
Current US Trade.  Then click "Proceed with Query."

On the next, somewhat complicated page, you can tell the database
exactly what data you're looking for.  Starting from the upper left
and going down each column, here are the suggested values that I used
to obtain the data below:

"Customs Value"
2003, 2004, 2005(YTD)
Select HTS (see above) and type in 9602001040 (the HTS code for the
unfilled gelatin capsules)
       you can't simply type in the text of what you're looking for -
you must know the code, which is why I explained these
       in the initial portion of the answer.
"All Countries"
"All Country sub-codes"

[back to top of second column]

"Annual + Year-to-Date"
"Aggregate all Commodities"
"Display All Countries Separately"
"Aggregate all Import Programs together"
"Aggregate all Extended Import Programs Together"

Then click "Proceed to Next Step"


Now you have to tell the site how you would like the data displayed. 
This is somewhat your own preference.  Here are my suggestions:
Sort in Descending order by "Customs Value"
Show All Records
Display percent change
Sort on 2005 Year-to-Date
Total records: 500
Display Grid
display key variable names: On the first line of each group
Enable sub-totals
Font size: 3

After great perseverance, you have at last made it to the final step:
Click on Run Report.  You should be greeted with nicely displayed
table showing the customs values of imported unfilled gelatin capsules
for each country sorted on the current 2005 Year-to-Date (up to May)
imports, as well as data for the prior 3 years and the percent changes
from 2004 to the current 2005 YTD values.  At the bottom, you will
find the totals for each year.

To try out different displays or searches, the simplest method is to
hit the Back button once or twice and try some new settings.  The
reports run very quickly.

Although not as nicely formatted as the online database tables, I have
provided the output of the report run that I have described in detail
above.  Due to the problems with different fonts being used on any
given computer, the table may be somewhat difficult to read.  I have
reformatted the data below with spaces so that it would be easy to
import into Excel or a database if you should wish.  Unfortunately,
there is no way for me to upload a PDF of the file for you to simply


                     HTS - 9602001040: UNFILLED GELATIN CAPSULES

                                    Customs Value by Customs Value
                                          For ALL Countries

                                     U.S. Imports For Consumption

                               Annual + Year-To-Date Data from Jan - May

                                                 2003             2004
                 2004 YTD     2005 YTD            Percent Change
   YTD2004 - YTD2005
         In Actual Dollars
                 Mexico           28,678,170    31,551,705          
13,946,282     13,502,810             -3.2%

                 Canada         11,071,840    12,495,342            
6,465,057       5,283,238           -18.3%

                 Korea               8,469,384      7,925,323         
    3,212,980       3,415,490              6.3%

                 India                 8,177,100      7,236,699       
      3,776,394       2,322,654           -38.5%

                 Colombia        4,884,338       3,327,212            
1,784,053       1,825,102               2.3%

                 Venezuela      1,816,414       1,079,018             
   416,022          767,820            84.6%

                 Belgium          1,310,733           834,561         
       270,383         490,425              81.4%

                 Taiwan            1,490,005       1,400,985          
        807,768         389,435            -51.8%

                 Spain                     93,570          114,903    
                  3,575         316,622        8,756.6%

                 China               1,341,443       1,052,532        
          453,354        287,121            -36.7%

                 Germany             259,394       1,805,041          
     1,551,773       264,039             -83.0%

                 Bangladesh        235,496          238,308           
       165,915       136,195             -17.9%

                 France                 322,944           546,603     
             353,936       100,184             -71.7%

                 Japan                  163,390           331,447     
             313,947          71,725             -77.2%

                 Indonesia           208,192           113,940        
             78,390          52,566              -32.9%

                 Italy                        31,717             
21,435                        9,300          19,366             

                 United Kingdom  51,616              75,019           
            5,460            6,745                23.5%

                 Argentina                       0                    
   0                                 0             2,138              

                 Andorra                          0                   
    0                                 0                     0         

                 Ireland                            0                 
      0                                 0                     0       

                 Netherlands                  0                       
0                                 0                     0             

                 South Africa                  0                      
 0                                  0                     0           

                 Switzerland         20,580               2,146       
                  2,146                     0           -100.0%

                 Ukraine                          0                   
   0                                  0                       0       

                 Sweden                         0                     
 0                                  0                       0         

                 Philippines                   0                      
 0                                  0                         0       

                 Kenya                            0                   
    0                                  0                         0    

                 Israel                              0            
12,000                                  0                          0  

                 Hong Kong                   0                       
0                                  0                          0       

                 Brazil                             0                 
      0                                  0                          0 

                  Total           68,626,326     70,164,219           
    33,616,735         29,253,675        -13.0%


   Sources: Data on this site have been compiled from tariff and trade
data from the U.S. Department of Commerce and the U.S. International
Trade Commission.


I hope this was useful.  Best of luck in your endeavor.

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