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Q: A purpose to live for ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   26 Comments )
Subject: A purpose to live for
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Asked by: airspace-ga
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Posted: 08 Aug 2005 21:48 PDT
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What do I want to be? What do I want to do? Why do I live? Why am I
here? What is my purpose in life? Questions we all undeniably ask
ourselves. Questions we have been asking ourselves most of our lives.
Lately I have defined purpose in my life, this is in two parts. First
is to live for myself,(to live true to my eternal soul, by living true
to my concisious.) Secound is to try and make a better world for
I know this is a good and well defined purpose. My question is simply
does anyone have a better one for me?
Subject: Re: A purpose to live for
Answered By: nenna-ga on 09 Aug 2005 08:33 PDT
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Good morning airspace!

This is a tough question for anyone to answer but for someone like me,
who has gone through serious mental problems and come out on top, I
can offer you some great advice that I learned through years of

It's only been in the past few years that I have learned, no matter
how hard you try NOT to be, you DO have a part in the scheme of
things. What that part is, you can know only from within yourself.

You can?t expect to find the answer through books, or tapes, or
seminars or links on the internet (though they can help!)  Instead,
you have to dig down deep within yourself to find the answers that fit
you, your life and your situation.  The best piece of advice I was
ever given during therapy is this:

?Solve the problems that life sets before you, and you will find that
solving them contributes to your inner growth.?

Below you will find some other helpful advice that I have collected
over the years.  This is stuff I have collected and written in my
online journal for my friends and family to read.  I am happy to share
this with you and anyone else who is reading this.  It?s taken years
for me to realize that if I live my life according to these passages,
I can accomplish anything with love, happiness and confidence.    It's
taking me a long time to become the person I want to be but it can be

= = = = = = = = = =


You are yourself and no one else. You are unique. You should do the
things you do because of yourself, not because of anyone else.

If you ever find yourself being displeased because of something you
have done, you should realize that the behavior has to be changed by
you and no one else.

The only person that you can expect to do anything is yourself.  

Sometimes when you?re angry you have the right to be angry, but that
doesn't give you the right to be cruel.

You should not let people run your life. Your life is your own and you
should treasure it for all it is worth. And it is worth everything.

You should be honest with yourself and with others at all times. 

You should do the best you can in all aspects. 

You should try your hardest to accept all of your traits, good or bad. 

Your goal in life should be to be happy to the best of your abilities.
You are yourself and you are real and you should live your life as the
real you.

= = = = = = = = = =


Help your friends grow for you will profit from good, thoughtful,
able, devoted friends.

It's not what you have in your life, but who you have in your life that counts.   

Your family won't always be there for you. It may seem funny, but
people you aren't related to can take care of you and love you and
teach you to trust people again. Families aren't biological.

No matter how good a friend someone is, they're going to hurt you
every once in a while and you must forgive them for that.

= = = = = = = = = = =


You should always respect your parents and give them all the love they
deserve. You should try to accept their ideas and listen to them
open-mindedly, even if you don't agree. You should cherish them

You should treat others as you want to be treated. 

You should listen to others' ideas and respect their opinions, even if
you are in disagreement.

No matter how much you care, some people just don't care back.  Accept
it with a smile and move on.

You should respect others for being what they are, not for what they have. 

You shouldn't compare yourself to the best others can do, but to the
best you can do.

You should accept others for being themselves.  You are superior to no
one and no one is superior to you.

= = = = = = = = = = =


There is a risk involved in everything. Every time you share a smile;
every time you shed a tear, you are opening yourself up for hurt. Some
people tred slowly through life avoiding the closeness risk brings;
side stepping the things they cannot understand, turning away from
those who care too much, those who care too long, those who hold to

There is never an easy way to love. You cannot approach it cautiously.
It will not wait for you to arm yourself; it does not care if you turn
away. It is everywhere, it is everything. Love is the greatest of all
risks. It is not reliable, it is not cautious, it is not sympathetic.
It is unprejudiced and unmerciful. It strikes the strongest of minds
in one blow.

Even in the best of times love hurts. It hurts to need; it hurts to
belong; it hurts to become the other part of someone without either of
yours consent. But from the moment it overtakes you, it hurts worst of
all to be alone. The risk of love never depletes. It grows stronger
and more dangerous with time; but it is in this total surrender of all
defense that we, no matter weak or strong, no matter willing or
captive - no matter what - that we truly experience love.

Despite the many things that love is not, outweighing it all are the
things that love is. Love is surrender without loss. It is a gift
without the cost. It consumes your every thought and your every
desire. It is the fuel that urges you to do more than pass through
life. It urges you to love. No matter the outcome, having felt love
you will never feel the same. It may scar your heart and soul and
leave you only memories of yesterday or it may cause every day of your
life to feel like there is no need for tomorrow. But love is worth it.
It is worth the risk. For all in life, it is the on risk worth taking.

= = = = = = = = = = 


I believe it is satisfying and a moral duty to help others.   We
should all be accepting of others, even when they fall short of our

We should forgive. I believe one way of doing this is by believing in
the lawfulness of all things; to assume there are necessary and
sufficient reasons for everything that happens, for anything anyone
does or feels.   If you carefully explore every life experience, you
can learn to understand these laws of behavior, become tolerant, and
even discover how to change yourself and some of the things you don't

We should be honest, both with others and ourselves. Live your life
with a full awareness of the truth, no delusions or fantasies. Don't
shut your eyes to anything but least of all to your own
self-centeredness and greed and to others' frustrations and needs. If
you can see clearly through your selfish blind spots, you will be
loving, giving, responsible, and self-disciplined.

Care for others face to face and at a distance.  Love and show it!
Love your family, your friends, strangers, people who are very
different, and, in fact, everyone. The heart that gives, gathers.

Give your children security, confidence in their own judgment, and a
loving spirit.

As long as there is a good mind wasted anywhere in the world, as long
as a potentially loving heart is self-centered or filled with hatred,
the world is being cheated. Make a difference.

= = = = = = = = = =


You should always leave loved ones with loving words. It may be the
last time you see them.

You can keep going long after you think you can't. 

Either you control your attitude or it controls you. 

Heroes are the people who do what has to be done when it needs to be
done, regardless of the consequences.

Learning to forgive takes practice. 

Sometimes the people you expect to kick you when you're down will be
the ones to help you get back up.

Just because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to doesn't
mean they don't love you with all they have.

Never tell a child her dreams are unlikely or outlandish. Few things
are more humiliating, and what a tragedy it would be if she believed

It isn't always enough to be forgiven by others. Sometimes you have to
learn to forgive yourself.

No matter how bad your heart is broken the world doesn't stop for your grief. 

Our background and circumstances may have influenced who we are, but
we are responsible for who we become.

No matter the consequences, those who are honest with themselves, get
farther in life.

Many things can be powered by the mind, the trick is self-control. 

Writing, as well as talking, can ease emotional pains. 

Credentials on the wall do not make you a decent human being. 

I know I have a lot more in my journal that could be helpful but I
will have to dig for those.  (I have about 4 years worth online?lol)

If this answer requires further explanation, please request
clarification before rating it, and I'll be happy to look into this
further.  Good luck to you and your quest for a better life!!

Google Answers Researcher
airspace-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $10.00
nenna, I have nothing to add to this, you have done this question it's
true justice and I could not be more pleased. As you can tell from my
purpose I understand all that you have put here. You have shown me
much of where I need to improve myself, which is never easy, I thank
you. I find I am happy with who I am but not satisified with who I am.
This is what has lead to my defineing a purpose in life and is what
lead to my secound purpose in life. I am totaly satisfied with your
answer but would like to ask your thoughts one one thing. Do you think
my defined purpose encompasses all you have said? And if not Could you
make what you think would be the appropriate changes?

Subject: Re: A purpose to live for
From: easterangel-ga on 08 Aug 2005 21:58 PDT
Subject: Re: A purpose to live for
From: nautico-ga on 09 Aug 2005 03:06 PDT
You have two choices:

1) To seek pleasure and avoid pain.

2) To make a positive difference in the lives of those around you.

Or, if you have already demonstrated an ability to walk and chew gum
at the same time, you can do both.
Subject: Re: A purpose to live for
From: ilmag-ga on 09 Aug 2005 07:26 PDT
Subject: Re: A purpose to live for
From: ilmag-ga on 09 Aug 2005 09:07 PDT
nenna and airspace - have you read Rick Warren's book, "The Purpose Driven Life"?
Subject: Re: A purpose to live for
From: nenna-ga on 09 Aug 2005 10:48 PDT
Ilmag - I have not read that book.  Might have to go to the library if
you think its worth reading :)

Subject: Re: A purpose to live for
From: ilmag-ga on 09 Aug 2005 11:30 PDT
nenna - It is definitely worth reading.  If you do decide to read it,
I would like to hear your comments on it. ;)

Subject: Re: A purpose to live for
From: nenna-ga on 09 Aug 2005 14:43 PDT
Airspace - I believe that as a human being, we have two main goals: 
To live a happy life by loving yourself and to live a happy life by
loving other people around you, no matter who they are.  I think the
statements you made in your original question encompass both of those
things, and if you can live your life according to those ideas and the
ones I suggested, you will have nothing but satisfaction.

I wish you luck and I thank you for your kind words, rating and
generous tip.  If you ever need anymore advise, please do not hesitate
to ask.

Subject: Re: A purpose to live for
From: pugwashjw-ga on 10 Aug 2005 05:14 PDT
Hi Airspace [ St....] Nenna is right..Jesus told us to love our
neighbour, its that simple. Nenna just expanded on it. Your original
question mentioned 'immortal soul'. I do not try to figure out
spiritual things for myself, but simply believe what God tells me in
his book. The teaching of the immortal soul goes way back to the time
of Babaylon and the Egyptians. Much as the Catholic faith would like
to have us believe it, it is not supported by the Bible. The early
Catholic church 'imported' it and included it to support the Trinity
concept. But the scriptures state clearly, the 'soul' is subject to
death. That means the whole person. Luke 9; 24 says" For whoever wants
to SAVE his soul, will lose it: But whoever loses his soul [ dies] for
my sake is the one that will save it". It means if you die doing God's
[and therefore, Jesus' will...Jesus and his Father desire the same
thing] you will in time be resurrected to a better life back on earth.
Psalm 37; 9-12, 29 & 34... The scriptures relating to our condition
after we die are : Ecclesiastes 9; 5,6,10, `Ezekiel 18;4 and Isaiah
26;14. None mention a separate soul that survives death. We stay dead
until we are resurrected. The soul/ Hebrew NEPHESH/ that which
breathes/ is us, breathing. Animals too, are souls. They breathe. When
they die, their condition is the same as ours. dead in the ground,
back to dust. Ecclesiastes 3;19. Cheers  pug.
Subject: Re: A purpose to live for
From: airspace-ga on 10 Aug 2005 11:59 PDT
pug,please let me try to explain how all that you have said here fits
with my understanding. First, I am not a Roman Catholic, although they
may wish to claim me. I was reaised A Roman Catholic, but did not go
to church. So when I use terms such as soul, I am using it for general
understanding purpose. I see your point clearly. To me my "soul" is my
mind, my thoughts, my conscious. This is seperate from my physical
being "now". If I lose major parts of my body, my mind remains in tact
and unchanged.(not considering trauma) Now my brain is the part of my
physical body that the runs everything that is my body. Now if my
brain is damaged or destroyed then my body stops working. Now since
none of what I am is in the brain, why would I assume this is my
death. You see our body is an extention of our mind, thought is not a
product of the brain. I, (my conscious) run my body with thought to
direct the brain through choice. God gives me choice. Everything I
chose for this physical body is a choice I have made with my
conscious.(everything I do, I do unto myself) This also means every
choice I make I am responsible for. Even if you can't see what my
choice has been. This is where I get the objective truth that "I am
soley responsible for my own actions." This is also where the basis
for my objective truth "we can judge no other." We can never truly,
fully understand anothers true intent. And this is also where I get
this objective truth, "I must judge myself." I myself, only, with God,
know my choice.

>>I do not try to figure out spiritual things for myself, but simply
believe what God tells me in his book.<< Well I see where you are
coming from. I have only tried to understand how I work, which has
lead to identifying how I work with everything. This has not made life
easy, some choices I spend many tear  filled hours trying to
understand what is the right thing to do. As for God's book, I will
concider it God's book when God hands it to me. For now I will see it
as man's book of the word of God. God gives me gidence from within and
this book can, and it seem will, help guide you. If this book is God's
word then I will take it as if God has said these word on to me and I
will need to understand it with what I understand to be right or wrong
for my choice which God gives me and guides me in.

>>Jesus told us to love our neighbour, it's that simple.<< I wish it
were that simple, it is not. First, Jesus said "love thy neighbour as
thy self." Now from my own personal experience I can not possible love
everyone, some people wont even let you, they make you not even like
them, so how can I love them? Well through my understanding I have
come to see things like this. My first purpose is in line with the
first of the ten commandments and my understanding. Also, with my
understanding of the first commandment it encompasses the second and
leads to understanding how I can love my neighbour as myself. The
first commandment is "thou shalt have no false Gods before thee." Now
I take all the written word of God as if it was said onto me by God.
So the first commandment means many things to me with my
understanding. Of course the obvious. God is telling me that I am God.
I am God in that I am part of God. I am equal to God, but this does
not make me God's equal. So this first commandment tells me I should
love myself first. I should love myself equal to my love for God. I
should love everything equal to myself. This means I can love my
neighbour as myself, without loving them personaly.

Let me know what you think,
Take care,
Subject: Re: A purpose to live for
From: ilmag-ga on 12 Aug 2005 13:40 PDT
airspace - that's an interesting theology you have.  What is your
source for the first commandment you stated as "thou shalt have no
false Gods before thee"?  I have never heard it your way before.  I
have always heard it stated as "thou [you] shalt have no other gods
before me [God]" which is much different than your version.

Subject: Re: A purpose to live for
From: airspace-ga on 12 Aug 2005 15:27 PDT
ilmag, yes it certainly is different and this is the written word of
man gone through many interpertations. Why not post it as a question
if you feel you have a point to prove, sorry but your presentation
alone is obviously structured to support what you wish to believe. I
am not saying you are wrong, you are saying I am, and again, with
nothing to support it.

Take care airspace
Subject: Re: A purpose to live for
From: airspace-ga on 12 Aug 2005 15:29 PDT
ilmag, by the way in your exuberence to comment you missed what makes
you look obvious. The word shalt is wrong, it should be shall.
Subject: Re: A purpose to live for
From: myoarin-ga on 12 Aug 2005 19:47 PDT
"Thou shalt" is correct, and you yourself used it: 
"I have always heard it stated as "thou [you] shalt have no other gods..."

"I am God in that I am part of God. I am equal to God, but this does
not make me God's equal." (Airspace)

Equal is absolute; either you are or you are not.

"Love thy neighbor as thy self."  
In a sermon many years ago, the minister pointed out that this means
that one must also learn to love and accept oneself  - as one is - 
and then love and accept others in the same manner, with all their
foibles and weaknesses like those one accepts within one's self.  Not

I thought this question and Nenna's strong answer and your five-star
rating were  very good.
Subject: Re: A purpose to live for
From: airspace-ga on 12 Aug 2005 20:33 PDT
myoarin, Thank you, are you sure I was right, I am not, makes little
difference really. I would expect it to be shall as God's word is
living and shalt means past, I think. The point here is really the me.
Which I see you avoided, hehe. Equal too but not the equal of? You are
a women I presume(maybe incorrectly, please no offence) I am a man. I
am your equal in existance, I can never be your equal as a woman. This
is how we can be equal to but not the equal of. Also, if I am part of
God,(God is everything)then surely in all his greatness he understands
that he is not greater then the sum of his parts. In these ways we are
equal to God. And until we start to understand that it is our
obligation to be equal to God then this world will not get any better.
Of course you can take the third party look at God that ilmag is in
support of where his group knows God and has God, they know they are
not God's equal but since they know they live right according to Gods
book, they can judge everybody as wrong and feel, falsly, like they
are doing the will of God. This third party presentation of God by
someone to you sets you up to be blinded by judgement and not judge
yourself. You only see what others are doing that is wrong and judge
that you arn't doing that. This is not judgeing yourself.

I thank you for your comment myoarin, please tell me what you think of
how Ihave presented equality.

Take care,
Subject: Re: A purpose to live for
From: myoarin-ga on 13 Aug 2005 06:33 PDT

I think you have presented equality in a rather egotistical way.  
I would venture to say that in all religions the concept "god" refers
to a higher being, the supreme being or deity, one to which humans are
not equal.
If you want to argue with that, you are playing with the language, but
a serious discussion cannot be maintained when one participant insists
on wanting words to mean something that they don't.
Someone posted to another question the appropriate expression for this:
CATACHRESIS:  1) misuse or strained use of words  2) the employment of
a word under a false form derived through folk etymology  (Webster's)
I expect the comment was to the question in which you used "capitalizing".

"Thou shalt":  The old second person pronoun "thou" is correctly used
with the verb in the appropriate form:  Thou art, thou shalt, willst

"Mr." Myoarin
Subject: Re: A purpose to live for
From: airspace-ga on 13 Aug 2005 09:48 PDT
Mr. myoarin, I am terriably sorry for offending you. The main purpose
for presenting you as a woman was for the princpal of equality. I have
seen nothing in the way you present yourself that gave me that
impression, my guess was based entierly on you name and I am truly
sorry for that.

You have presented what I see as a problem we all face, understanding
equality and all that it is. You say that the way I have presented
equality is egotistical when in fact it is so far from egotistical you
choose not to understand it. You say to argue with me is pointless
because I miss use words at will. Well you avoid the argument. I made
it quite clear that I did not know weather I was using shalt
correctly, thank you for clairifying that.

If you say you wish to avoid a argument on equality that is fine as
well. But I believe the concept of equality I presented is quite
understandable and simple.
1+1=2 but 2>1
Now this also shows that I understand that you are my equal, which I
believe I am to every human being.
This also shows that I believe what you have faith in.
God = everything
God > anything
I think I am saying what you are saying, I am just saying it for myself.

Take care,
Subject: Re: A purpose to live for
From: myoarin-ga on 13 Aug 2005 10:18 PDT
NO offense perceived, it has happened before, which I find pleasing,
since the female researchers are all so clever and full of help on
interpersonal questions, liking to think that my comments suggest that
I might be of that ilk.  But, of course, I am not  - just my ego
problem.  :)
And I am intrigued that the name suggests anything  - except to
Germans, who would see the -in as female ending, but it isn't, just
the last of three words.

Equality:  I don't think that you are saying what I am saying.

Subject: Re: A purpose to live for
From: airspace-ga on 13 Aug 2005 10:59 PDT
>>I would venture to say that in all religions the concept "god"
refers to a higher being, the supreme being or deity, one to which
humans are not "the" equal.<<

With this one word I am in complete compliance with you, from what I understand.
Subject: Re: A purpose to live for
From: airspace-ga on 13 Aug 2005 13:29 PDT
myorain, I was just read you comment again and I must admite I like
it, cleaver. Well I would like to think we are rowing the same boat.
Subject: Re: A purpose to live for
From: ilmag-ga on 16 Aug 2005 13:10 PDT
I hate to have missed so much.  I am recovering from a hard drive crash.

Anyway, airspace, my additions to the quote were for emphasis, not
grammar.  Also, I should have cited the passage in question.  So, for
clarification, the passage is Exodus 20:3 KJV.

Again, I ask you the question - where did you get your quote?  Just wondering...

Subject: Re: A purpose to live for
From: airspace-ga on 16 Aug 2005 19:17 PDT
ilmag, why are you constantly the only one pushing these points, have
you not noticed this. I don't quote anyone. I was raised a Roman
Catholic when you had to take it in school. So I am going by what you
say; the way I have heard it my whole life, regardless of type of
religion. Further more, if I am so wrong why are you the only one who
see this. You have no support and nothing from yourself.
Subject: Re: A purpose to live for
From: ilmag-ga on 17 Aug 2005 11:27 PDT
airspace - I don't mean to make you defensive.  I am only pointing
this out because what you heard from the Catholic church during your
childhood or whenever is not what the bible says.  I gave you sources
to check for yourself.  I don't think it is fair to you to base your
theology (at least in part) on a misquoted passage.  That's all I
wanted to point out.

I'm not trying to be original (Ecclesiastes 1:9, 14).  I am trying to
know God on His terms, not mine.  He is God.  I am not.  You are not. 
He alone is God and He has proven that throughout the ages.  It's all
recorded in the bible, which is (according to the standards used for
validating ancient texts) the most reliable and accurate source of
history of the ancient times.

Be blessed.

Subject: Re: A purpose to live for
From: henrycat-ga on 04 Sep 2005 00:44 PDT
The purpose of life is survival. In scientific terms the pursuit of
available energy.

The concepts of good and bad are ones that suit our purpose. It is not
possible for you to do something good that is not also something bad
for someone or something else.

Religion gives a justification for what one does, and science gives a
reason. Only humans require these, and could live just as well without

It is not possible to define what is good or bad except within the
context of the situation, like a 'good move' on a chess board that may
be a bad move in the games end.

I am typing out this answer at the expense of doing something more
useful for my own survival or those I love (I could be petting the
cat). I justify it in terms of helping someone, but it might be that I
just want my name to appear. That is a form of surival in so far as
someone might read it and think it has value. Religiously I am
sacricing my precious time for the benefit of someone else.
Scientifically I am using the situation to get my mind working this
early morning after a late night party last night.
Will my comments change anything? of course not. The most I can hope
for is that my comments and life attitudes generally make others
believe that my life style is the one most worthy of the world
emulating, and that the world I know and prefer is the one that will
survive at the cost of all other possible worlds.
Subject: Re: A purpose to live for
From: sanzyu-ga on 13 Sep 2005 14:50 PDT
I don't believe you can find fulfilment in a purpose that is limited
by doing what you think is right (living by your consciousness).

If you live by your own purpose then you are tying your purpose to
yourself. Meaning that all of the failings that you have (that every
human being has) will be exemplified in your purpose.

For example, I know how many mistakes I have made, even when trying to
do the "right thing". If my purpose is established by me, then it is
as "iffy" and blown in the wind as my emotions are.

It is my belief that purpose must be found by looking outside of
yourself; to something bigger then yourself. I think that the very
fact that the search for purpose starts within yourself is an
indication that it can't be found in yourself, that why everyone is
searching in the first place. If we all had it inside of ourselves we
wouldn't need to search or ask the questions that we are asking about
Subject: Re: A purpose to live for
From: treesinforest-ga on 24 Jan 2006 06:04 PST
>>The purpose of life is survival. In scientific terms the pursuit
ofavailable energy.<<

Pursuit of available energy is what keeps man alive. The purpose to
keep man alive is for man to fulfill his purpose. Purpose of a man's
life is to become a better person [better consciousness]. Purpose of
mankind is to be conscious.
Purpose of [evolving] consciousness is for manifesting God's
intention: In God's image he created him. The answer to the purpose of
God consciousness you will "receive", becoming a better person: Seek
first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things
shall be added unto you!
Subject: Re: A purpose to live for
From: clairerubin-ga on 03 Apr 2006 21:45 PDT
The purpose to live is to live the life God had intented for you to
be. Everyone has a purpose in life. Some were called to be a minister
or priest or a nun or a rabbi etc.. Some were called to be a
Husband/Father or Wife/Mother, or to be single forever. When you are
young, your calling is to be a daughter/son and a student. As you get
older then you will be called to a more permanent calling which is
what was mentioned above. And within that calling you are called to
some kind of occupation, Doctor, nurses, google researcher, etc..
But what it boils down to is to live that calling to the best you can
with the ability and gifts He has given you. You may be given
prosperity, it is what you do with all that he gave you in life for
goodness sake that really counts. You may be given pains and
suffering. It is by accepting it and offering that pain and suffering
for the love of Him who created you and for the good of others where
all that pain and suffering will truly count.
THerefore, if you do not yet know what your calling is, you start
seeking. How do you seek, You ask the one who gave you life, what He
wants from you. WHat His Plans are for you. Keep asking until one day
you will have an answer. You will know that he answered you because
all of a sudden, you have this knowledge. But then, to be sure, you
ask for a confirmation. (Call discernment) and once you got your
confirmation, then live that life to the best you can, asking Him to
give you all the help you need to accomplish His design in your life
(daily if possible).
Hope this helps.

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