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Q: stock market ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   0 Comments )
Subject: stock market
Category: Business and Money > Finance
Asked by: chupik-ga
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Posted: 09 Aug 2005 07:08 PDT
Expires: 08 Sep 2005 07:08 PDT
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I wish to know how many stocks are being traded in the USA stock
exchange market. That is how many companies are represented there?

Request for Question Clarification by websearcher-ga on 09 Aug 2005 07:32 PDT
Hi chupik:

Your question needs a little clarification. According to 

Stock Exchanges - Worldwide Links

There are 12 stock exchanges in the U.S.:

AMEX, United States 
New York Stock Exchange (NYSE),United States 
NASDAQ, United States 
The Arizona Stock Exchange, United States 
Chicago Stock Exchange, United States 
Chicago Board Options Exchange, United States 
Chicago Board of Trade, United States 
Chicago Mercantile Exchange, United States 
Kansas City Board of Trade, United States 
Minneapolis Grain Exchange, United States 
Pacific Stock Exchange, United States 
Philadelphia Stock Exchange, United States 

Are you looking for numbers for one of these exchanges in particular
or for all of them combined?

As well, the number of stocks and the number of companies represented
are two different figures - since some companies have multiple stock
listings. Which figure are you more interested in?



Request for Question Clarification by omnivorous-ga on 09 Aug 2005 07:48 PDT
Chupik --

Websearcher has done a good job of outlining where the bulk of stock
trading takes place.  However, there's also an active over-the-counter
market that's not organized in any exchanges.  It has thousands of
stocks, some thinly traded because most stock is closely-held and some
thinly capitalized:

It would be a good idea to indicate whether or not you'd like those
stocks included.

Best regards,


Clarification of Question by chupik-ga on 09 Aug 2005 19:35 PDT
Thank you websercher,

I wish to know how many companies are selling their stocks, i.e. if a
company has more than one stock in one or more of the american markets
it will be counted as one.
Also, and thank you for your clarification, i am interested to know
the diviation between the 12 markets.

Seeing as this is a bit more complecated i will raise payment to 20$
Thank you.
Please note your source of data.

Clarification of Question by chupik-ga on 09 Aug 2005 19:38 PDT
Thank you Omnivorous-ga,

I wasn't aware of that.
The OTC does not interest me.
Only Formal markets,


Clarification of Question by chupik-ga on 12 Aug 2005 05:13 PDT
Subject: Re: stock market
Answered By: omnivorous-ga on 12 Aug 2005 09:45 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Chupik ?

As you?re undoubtedly aware, the number of companies and securities
change regularly, as companies have an IPO; are delisted; are
acquired; offer new preferred stock, options or warrants.  Also, some
stocks don?t every day ? though that?s a separate issue.

Buried deep in the Securities & Exchange Commission?s 2003 Annual
Report is quite a bit of detail on securities listed by each exchange.
 This document is available as a PDF and I?ve listed the page of the
Adobe Acrobat file, as it?s probably easier to find them this way. 
Note that only 7 of the exchanges had trading volumes in equities or
equity options --

U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission, Annual Report 2003
Table 11 (PDF p. 137)
?Volume of Equity/Option Sales on U.S. Securities Exchanges?

This table has the share volume of each exchange from 1945 to 2002. 
The dominant exchange is the New York Exchange.  In 1945 it had a
65.9% share and the AMEX stood at 21.3%.  By 2002, the NYSE stood at
78.3% and the AMEX at only 3.6% -- though these numbers exclude the
active NASDAQ market.

Table 12 (PDF p. 138)
?Share Volume by Exchanges?

It?s Table 14 that has the specific numbers that you?re seeking ?
broken down between common stock, preferred stock and bonds.

Table 14 (PDF p. 140)
?Securities Listed on Exchanges? (Dec. 31, 2002)


American Exchange: 657
Boston Exchange: 47
Chicago Exchange: 4
New York Exchange: 2,102
Pacific: 15
Philadelphia: 2


American Exchange: 73
Boston Exchange: 0
Chicago Exchange: 0
New York Exchange: 336
Pacific: 2
Philadelphia: 4


American Exchange: 363
New York Exchange: 1,173
Pacific: 2


NASDAQ is excluded from the SEC exchange listings but as an important
national market, at least deserves some mention.  Its overviews and
fact sheets say that about 3,300 companies are listed, including 140
IPOs in 2004:


?Corporate Fact Sheet?


The New York Stock Exchange also has updated information on stock
listings on it?s site and says that about 2,800 companies are now
listed.  The following page links to a directory of companies:

?Listed Companies?

The American Stock Exchange (AMEX) is not as forthcoming with stock
data.  The exchange has been stressing ETFs and other derivative


A final note: you?re probably better off leaving questions separate in
Google Answers.  Multi-part questions often fail to get answered
because one small part of the question is unclear; missing
information; or far too difficult to answer.

However, I hope that this Answer meets your needs completely.  If it
doesn?t, don?t hesitate to use a Clarification Request.

Google search strategy:
?securities and exchange commission?
NASDAQ ?fact sheet?

Best regards,


Request for Answer Clarification by chupik-ga on 21 Aug 2005 06:04 PDT
Dear Omnivorous,

I just now noticed there is no infomation ragarding the NASDAQ.
How come?

Thank you for your fast clarification,

Clarification of Answer by omnivorous-ga on 21 Aug 2005 10:37 PDT
Chupik --

The SEC annual report does not include NASDAQ trading in its section
on "stock exchanges," which is why I added NASDAQ's own reference to
trading shares in some 3,300 companies.  I'm a bit mystified as to why
-- and could find no clarification in the Annual Report itself.

The differences between the exchanges, with market specialists who
have a monopoly on transactions, and the national market system of
NASDAQ may be the reason.  But, of course, the SEC regulates many
aspects of NASDAQ functioning -- as noted if you browse through the
annual report.

I'll see if I can find a more logical explanation somewhere in SEC documents.

Best regards,

chupik-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $10.00

You did a good job, detailed and thorough.
I am satisfied.
Tip is on the way,


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