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Q: stock market ( Answered 4 out of 5 stars,   5 Comments )
Subject: stock market
Category: Business and Money > Finance
Asked by: chupik-ga
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Posted: 09 Aug 2005 07:11 PDT
Expires: 08 Sep 2005 07:11 PDT
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I wish to know how many Stocks Per Day on avg. show a daily change of
over 2% in either direction. This is ragarding the US stock market.
I will rephrase, How many stocks, every day on average, show more then
a two (2%) percent change?

Thank you,
Please state source of your information.
An Answer without source won't be accepted.

Request for Question Clarification by omnivorous-ga on 09 Aug 2005 09:10 PDT
Chupik --

As Vballguy points out, there is quite a difference in stock
volatility at different periods.  Here, for example is a graph of
daily returns of the S&P500 since 1928 -- and periods of market
downturns like the Great Depression have great volatility.  Analysts
are continually debating whether markets today are more volatile -- or
less volatile:

I actually don't think that it will be possible to answer your
question without custom research.

Best regards,


Request for Question Clarification by pafalafa-ga on 09 Aug 2005 11:51 PDT

I can give you the number of stocks that have gone up or down by more
than 2% for each day for the next few days, if that would be of
interest to you (in other words, I can track the numbers between now
and, say, Thursday).

I do not know of a managable way to get this data for a long period
over the past years (or decades) in order to give an average figure.

Would the numbers for the next few days meet your needs?


Clarification of Question by chupik-ga on 09 Aug 2005 19:29 PDT
Thank you all for fast inquiries.

A week's data(5 working days) will be good for me.
That is The Per Day Avg for a 5 days period.

Please inform me afterwards, against my payment ofcorse of your data
source and how to obtain it.


Clarification of Question by chupik-ga on 09 Aug 2005 19:31 PDT
One more clarification as to Vballguy-ga's comment.

Im interested in the enitre stock market positioned in north america.
Nasdaq, AMEX, NYSE and any other market i might have forgotten.

Thanks again

Clarification of Question by chupik-ga on 19 Aug 2005 05:57 PDT
-------->This question is sitting too long.
-------->I add 10$ tip for whoever answers it.
Subject: Re: stock market
Answered By: vercingatorix-ga on 19 Aug 2005 13:37 PDT
Rated:4 out of 5 stars
I have your data, taken from nearly 9,000 stocks over the last five
trading days. Such data is simply not available in bulk for free, or
even for a few dollars a month. Most free sites limit portfolio sizes
to a few hundred stocks. I got the information from a proprietary
database of actual closing prices. Day 1 is yesterday's close, and the
next four days represent the four days before yesterday.

		                Day 1	Day 2	Day 3	Day 4   Day 5  5-Day Day          
American Stock Exchange							
Avg. Chg.		        -0.5%	-0.3%	-0.9%	-0.1%	-0.2%	-0.4%
No. Up More Than 2%		84	89	72	118	90	91
% Up More Than 2%		10.6%	11.2%	9.0%	14.8%	11.3%	11.4%
No. Down More Than 2%		145	148	191	137	119	148
% Down More Than 2%		18.2%	18.6%	24.0%	17.2%	14.9%	18.6%
No. Up/Down More than 2%	229	237	263	255	209	239
% Up/Down More than 2%		28.8%	29.8%	33.0%	32.0%	26.3%	30.0%
New York Stock Exchange							
Avg. Chg.		        -0.4%	-0.2%	-1.0%	0.3%	-0.4%	-0.3%
No. Up More Than 2%		72	122	50	226	78	110
% Up More Than 2%		2.8%	4.8%	2.0%	8.9%	3.1%	4.3%
No. Down More Than 2%		245	240	523	102	222	266
% Down More Than 2%		9.6%	9.4%	20.6%	4.0%	8.7%	10.5%
No. Up/Down More than 2%	317	362	573	328	300	376
% Up/Down More than 2%		12.5%	14.2%	22.5%	12.9%	11.8%	14.8%
NASDAQ/Over the counter							
Avg. Chg.		        0.4%	0.1%	-0.3%	0.3%	-0.2%	0.1%
No. Up More Than 2%		619	742	550	902	640	691
% Up More Than 2%		14.0%	16.8%	12.4%	20.4%	14.5%	15.6%
No. Down More Than 2%		899	816	1358	769	987	966
% Down More Than 2%		20.3%	18.5%	30.7%	17.4%	22.3%	21.9%
No. Up/Down More than 2%	1518	1558	1908	1671	1627	1656
% Up/Down More than 2%		34.4%	35.3%	43.2%	37.8%	36.8%	37.5%
Other OTC							
Avg. Chg.		        28.1%	10.2%	16.7%	19.4%	5.0%	15.9%
No. Up More Than 2%		138	149	133	133	152	141
% Up More Than 2%		20.1%	21.8%	19.6%	19.6%	22.4%	20.7%
No. Down More Than 2%		136	138	158	144	130	141
% Down More Than 2%		19.8%	20.2%	23.3%	21.3%	19.1%	20.7%
No. Up/Down More than 2%	274	287	291	277	282	282
% Up/Down More than 2%		39.8%	42.1%	42.9%	40.9%	41.5%	41.5%

I hope this data helps,


Request for Answer Clarification by chupik-ga on 20 Aug 2005 04:43 PDT
Dear Vercingatorix,

Thank you very much.
However, I have to rely on an information source since without it, if
I use the information it would have the same value as my guess will.
Other then that it is an A+ answer.

Waiting for clerification,

Clarification of Answer by vercingatorix-ga on 20 Aug 2005 10:12 PDT

Please rest assured the information is accurate over the period I
provided. I take my role as a researcher seriously. Market volatility
will indeed change over time, and I regret that I cannot provide you
with a way to capture this information on a regular basis in the

I answer stock-related questions all the time, using public
information (stock prices are indeed public information, accessible to
anyone with enough computer power to collect them). But I have access
to software that collects such data, and the type of information you
seek is just not available online, or at least I've never found a
source for that much data in my years of online research.

To be honest with you, if you had said in your question that you
needed a source you could use in the future, I wouldn't have answered
the question, because I don't believe such a source exists unless
you're willing to pay serious bucks. I thought you simply wanted a
picture of stock volatility over a five-day period, and that's what I
provided. Sorry if that's not what you had in mind.

If this is data you want to track in the future, I'd suggest you make
a deal with a local firm that has access to a financial database, and
offer to pay them a fee for monthly reports like the one I provided
you. It would not be cheap, but you'd have the data you need. Possible
sources for the data would be brokerages and money-management

Alternatively, you could try to purchase the data from any one of a
number of companies that provide it for financial professionals and
investors. Here are some links you can try out:

I don't know much about these different companies, though all should
be able to provide you with the data you want, with varying levels of
cost and sophistication.

chupik-ga rated this answer:4 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $5.00
I was about to give 5 stars, when I found out I stated clearly "an
answer without source wont be accepted".
However and since I cannot use the information the way I was going to.
I think it does not deserve the tip.
I will give only 5$ tip


Subject: Re: stock market
From: vballguy-ga on 09 Aug 2005 08:57 PDT
You might want to include some additional details.

1) Which markets? (Nasdaq, AMEX, NYSE, etc) 
2) What time frame?  ie:

The average number of nasdaq stocks that had a 2% or greater change
over the past seven days is:  xxxxxx
Subject: Re: stock market
From: chupik-ga on 19 Aug 2005 05:58 PDT
-------->This question is sitting too long.
-------->I add 10$ tip for whoever answers it.
Subject: Re: stock market
From: pafalafa-ga on 20 Aug 2005 13:14 PDT
Hello folks,

Thanks to vercingatorix-ga for answering this question, which I
thought I would be able to answer myself, but I'm afraid I got

Anyway, it might help to know that the source I was using -- which is
free and easily available -- is the Yahoo advanced stock screener at:

Click on the link that reads: "Launch Yahoo! Finance Stock Screener",
and it will download a temporary screener that can return a listing
for all stocks that closed above (or) below X% from the previous close
-- you can set X at any value you want.

Give it a try, and see if it helps out.

Subject: Re: stock market
From: chupik-ga on 20 Aug 2005 18:59 PDT
Thank you Pfalafa,

If i could i would send the tip to you.

You were more then helpfull,

Subject: Re: stock market
From: pafalafa-ga on 20 Aug 2005 19:56 PDT
Thanks, chupik-ga,

You got some really good information in your answer, here.  But do
give the Yahoo screener a try if you need a public source of info.


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