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Q: 9th Birthday/Age Special Achievements && Examples of Excelence ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   3 Comments )
Subject: 9th Birthday/Age Special Achievements && Examples of Excelence
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Asked by: simrangambhir-ga
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Posted: 18 Aug 2005 03:08 PDT
Expires: 17 Sep 2005 03:08 PDT
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This is a two part question:

Part one:
* I am looking for examples / sayings of great things that have
happened when people have been 9 years old or something has achieved 9
years of age.
For example: 
- A child might have become emporer of the roman empire when he was
nine and achieved great things
- A company might have achieved something great in its ninth year

The reason for the question is that our company has turned 9, and we
want to in a presentation show very significant magnificant things
that have been achieved at age nine (either by person or company or
similar). The achievements should be grand and significant. The bigger
the achievement and the grander it is, the better.

Part two:
* Similar to the above, excepet i want examples of "excellence" rather
than "grandure or significance" (the examples can still contain
grandure or significance except they don't have to have anything to do
with the age 9).
- Perhaps Dell's excellent delivery procedures can be quoted with some
detail detailing why they are so excellent and flawless.
The jist of the answer will be used in our presentation to examplify
the quality of "excellence".

Need answers very quickly, so please only take this question if you
can answer it within 4-6 hours.



Request for Question Clarification by knowledge_seeker-ga on 18 Aug 2005 04:05 PDT
Hi simrangambhir-ga, 

It's 7am EDT as I lock this question. I'm going to work on it this
morning, but meanwhile, if you could post via Clarification what time
you need an answer, that would help me plan my time.

I will begin with your Part One and spend a few hours on that, then
switch over to Part Two. Let me know if that works within your


Clarification of Question by simrangambhir-ga on 18 Aug 2005 04:22 PDT
Hi knowledge_seeker-ga, 

Its 9:21pm here in Sydney... i would like an answer by about 12pm
tomorrow (approximately 15 hours) ... at the very latest, i need an
answer by about 2pm sydney time anyway (17 hours away)... so if you
can get it to me by 2pm tomorrow (but preferablly by 12pm) that would
be fine.


Request for Question Clarification by knowledge_seeker-ga on 18 Aug 2005 09:49 PDT
Hi Simran, 

Just an update to let you know I've finished Part One and have gotten
started on Part Two. The second part is going to take a bit more time.
It's much trickier to research. If you have any other examples (like
Dell) that you'd specifically like me to look up, that might speed
things along. So far I've got Wal-Mart, Amazon, Dell, Samsung, and
possibly IBM.

Back at it ...

-K~ occurs to me that it's 3am your time. You may have your Answer
before you get this. No problem.
Subject: Re: 9th Birthday/Age Special Achievements && Examples of Excelence
Answered By: knowledge_seeker-ga on 18 Aug 2005 13:16 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hi Simran, 

Ok, here it is.  Everything should be pretty clear, but if not, let me
know. The first part was straightforward, but your question in Part
Two was harder to research. I ended up having to brainstorm companies,
and then research them to determine exactly what unique factor makes
them ?excellent.?

I?ve provided you with a variety of options, none of which overlap,
and lots of links to follow up material.

--------------------   PART ONE ------------------------
-------------------  ACHIEVEMENTS ----------------------


KING TUT ? became Pharaoh when he was 9 (widely accepted approximation).

?Tutankhamun (alternate transcription Tutankhamen), named Tutankhaten
early in his life, was Pharaoh of the Eighteenth dynasty of Egypt
(ruled 1334 BC/1333 BC ? 1323 BC, lived ca. 1341 BC ? 1323 BC), during
the period known as the New Kingdom.?


WANLI EMPEROR OF CHINA ascended the throne when he was 9.  

?Wanli Emperor (1563 - 1620) was emperor of China (Ming dynasty)
between 1572 and 1620. Born Zhu Yijun, he was the Longqing Emperor's
son. His rule of 48 years would be the longest in the Ming dynasty and
it witnessed the steady decline of the dynasty. Wanli also saw the
arrival of the first Jesuit missionary in Beijing, Matteo Ricci.?

WIKIPEDIA: Wanli Emperor


KING LEOPOLD II of BELGIUM became heir to the throne at age 9. 

Leopold II (1835-1909) was king of the Belgians from 1865 to 1909. He
founded the Congo Free State.

?Leopold was born in Brussels on April 9, 1835. He was the second
child of the reigning Belgian monarch, Leopold I, and his second wife,
Louise, the daughter of King Louis Philippe of France. His elder
brother had died a few months after his birth in 1834, and thus
Leopold was heir to the throne. When he was 9 years old, Leopold
received the title of Duke of Brabant.?

BOOKRAGS: Biography Leopold II

KING EDWARD VI OF ENGLAND & IRELAND was nine when he succeeded his
father as King of England and Ireland and supreme head of the church
(28th of January 1546/7).

Edward VI, King of England and Ireland, born at Greenwich on the 12th
of October 1537, was the only child of King Henry VIII by his third
wife, Jane Seymour.

NNDB: King Edward VI


EMPEROR DUANZONG was declared emperor at age nine. 

Emperor Du?nz?ng (1268 - May 8,1278) was the penultimate emperor of
Southern Song Dynasty of China who died a boy. He was also known as
Lord Establishing-Nation.

Born ZhÓo Shý, he was the child of Emperor Gong. He became Prince Ji
in 1274 and Prince Yi in 1276. Enthroned at Fuzhou on June 14, 1276,
his reign had the era name of J?ngyßn. He died at Gangzhou.;jsessionid=g1uw5i0qo2or?method=4&dsid=2222&dekey=Emperor+Duanzong&gwp=8&curtab=2222_1&sbid=lc03a&linktext=Zhao%20Shi


KING KAMEHAMEHA III (born KAUIKEAOULI) of Hawaii: became King at age 9. 

?Until 1833, he ruled with Ka'ahumanu and then Kinau who functioned as
regents. ?a stable rule that was the longest of the Hawaiian monarchy.
During the time that he was king, he gave Hawai'i its first bill of
rights and constitution, established the Chiefs' Children's School in
Honolulu, oversaw the Mahele of 1848 which gave fee simple title to
Hawaii's residential and agricultural lands, and signed the Kuleana
Act which extended this fee simple ownership of land.?

Kamehameha III rules

LADISLAS: KING OF NAPLES (from 1386), claimant to the throne of
Hungary (from 1390), and prince of Taranto (from 1406) KING OF NAPLES

born Feb. 11, 1377, Naples [Italy]
died Aug. 6, 1414

Succeeding his father, Charles III, in 1386, Ladislas was king at age nine.  




King Ferdinand IV of Naples: at age 9 inherited the throne left by his
father Charles III.

b. January 12, 1751 
d. January 4, 1825

?Charles III ?left the throne of Naples to his third son Ferdinand,
but being only nine years old, the Regency was entrusted to a Council
chaired by Tanucci. The reign of Ferdinand IV was a long one, lasting
from 1759 to 1825.?

The Reign of Ferdinand

Ferdinand I of the Two Sicilies


PETER JENNINGS ? NEW ANCHOR: hosted his first television show at age 9

Peter Jennings Dies at Age 67


EDWIN BLACK: The youngest to ever enlist in the military at nine years
old.  He served as drummer boy in the Civil War.

Top Ten Hoosiers


PJ SPILLMAN: At age 9 was the youngest gymnast ever to qualify to the
(US) National Championship.

THE FISHBOWL: My Passion for Gymnastics

Arfa Karim Randhawa: Youngest person to become Microsoft Certified
Professional at age 9.

?Arfa Karim Randhawa of Faisalabad, Pakistan, is one of the youngest
MCPs in the world. She recently received her credentials from Emre
Berkin, chairman of Microsoft's Europe, Middle East and Africa region,
and Jawwad Rehman, Microsoft's country manager for Pakistan.?

At Age 9, Girl in Pakistan Is a Microsoft Certified Professional


RACHEL CARTER: At age 9 became the 'youngest pilot' to fly across the
country and back from California.  She was the last youngster listed
by Guinness, which has ceased recognizing the "youngest pilot"
category for fear of encouraging unsafe flights.


BEYONC╔ GISELLE KNOWLES: At age 9 (1990) formed the group Destiny?s
Child which went on to sell 33 million albums worldwide by 2002 and
earned numerous Grammys and additional music awards. Knowles became
the first African-American female artist and second woman ever to win
the annual ASCAP Pop Songwriter of the Year Award.



KERRI CHANDLER:  ?A DJ who debuted at age 9, Kerri Chandler is widely
viewed as one of the best house producers and remixers to emerge in
the ?90s.?



CLARA SCHUMANN: Piano virtuoso.
?Clara Schumann was a piano prodigy who debuted at age nine and toured
the world at twelve. After her marriage to composer Robert Schumann
and the birth of their eight children, Clara faced many
responsibilities and family tragedies, yet her skill as a musician
never faltered. She is remembered as one of the finest concert
pianists of all time.?


CYNTHIA ANN PARKER ? in 1833 was taken captive by a band of Comanches
at age 9. She lived with them, grew up, married a Chief, and bore
children before being ?rescued? by Texas Rangers in 1869.
OUTLAW WOMEN: Cynthia Ann Parker

----------------------   PART TWO   -----------------------------
----------------------  EXCELLENCE   ----------------------------

?Earth's biggest selection?

? stands as the ultimate e-tailer, a company that has
blazed a trail in business-to-consumer e-commerce with a successful
mix of innovative technology and business practices that many study
and attempt to emulate.?

?Industry experts point to several key factors, including an obsessive
focus on customer satisfaction, constant improvements to the Web
site's design, an emphasis on personalizing the shopping experience,
and solid back-end technology.?

[see details below]

Amazon Turns 10; How did the company grow from a simple online to
bookstore into an e-commerce giant?,aid,121844,00.asp


?Amazon doesn?t turn up its nose at traditional retailers. Sadowski
said that the actually partners with these retailers to offer
more incentive to buy. ?We?ve partnered with literally hundreds of
retailers,? he said. ?Toys ?R Us was one of our first.? These days,
Amazon counts Circuit City, Office Depot, Target and J&R Music and
Computer World as professional friends.?

?Said Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of,?These retailers can
grow their online businesses faster and less expensively by taking
advantage of what we?ve learned and built over the past eight years,
while still preserving 100 percent of their own branded look and

Excellence Awards: Sees a CE Forest Through the Dot.Com Trees


?Samsung earned top honors in the 2003 VARBusiness Annual Report Card
study in the display technology category, sweeping every subcategory
(product innovation, support, partnership and loyalty) en route to
victory. ? it wound up with the single-highest partner-satisfaction
scores of any of the 75 vendor programs in the survey. And, in winning
the category, Samsung blew past some of the study's most competitive
vendors. One in particular, ViewSonic, is a former five-time winner.?

"Our message to the channel is, just give us one shot. That's all,"
says Rey Roque, vice president of marketing of Samsung America's
Digital Information Technology Division.

See this article for 4 steps Samsung took in order to achieve excellence.
Samsung: The Best In Class
Remarkable ways in which Samsung wins VARs' praise

?Always Low Prices? ===========================================================

For a brief description of Wal-Mart?s cost cutting strategies, see this paper: 
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. [PDF]


?A typical Walmart distribution center is more than one million square
feet, or the equivalent of 10 Wal-Mart retail stores. More than two
hundred and fifty dock doors serve the fleet of Walmart distribution
center trucks that wait in the vast parking lots surrounding the
buildings. The aforementioned LaGrange distribution center, which
serves stores in Georgia and Alabama, loads and ships over five
hundred tractor-trailers of merchandise a day from the one Walmart
distribution center alone.


?Wal-Mart is many Consumer Products (CP) manufacturers? largest
customer, accounting for 20% to 40% of a CP company?s sales. For most,
the relationship is defined by the interaction of the customer team
through Retail Link--an extranet for Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI)
that is built and operated by Wal-Mart. The system lets customer teams
develop orders for the replenishment of some, if not all, of the 108
Wal-Mart Distribution Centers (DCs)?

?..Wal-Mart should be used as a benchmark for creating an effective
VMI extranet. The documentation and training of users and the sharing
of demographic data by store clusters has helped manufacturers to make
a demand-driven response.?

Suppliers: Use Wal-Mart?s VMI To Become Demand Driven


?Those distribution centers are at the heart of Wal-Mart's remarkable
success. By strategically placing retail outlets near distribution
centers, the company can resupply its stores directly?often on a daily
basis. "We follow what the stores sell, and orders are customized for
the stores," says Tom Williams, a company spokesman. "For us, tracking
inventory is extremely important."

Wal-Mart presents its vendors with an offer they can't refuse.


This four-part series for Morning Edition, NPR News explores the rise
of Wal-Mart, examining the company's low-cost philosophy

NPR: Wal-Mart's Social and Economic Impact
Four-Part Series Examines Influence of Largest U.S. Employer

?Build to Order? 

?Dell is the world's number-one computer systems company and a premier
provider of products and services required for customers to build
their information-technology and Internet infrastructures??

??Dell never assembles a computer system until it has received an
actual order, so every system the company makes already has a waiting
customer. That, in turn, means ultra-low inventory levels (one-tenth
that of many competitors) as well as a favorable cash-conversion cycle
(minus 20 days in the most recent quarter)??

?..Dell has completely automated its ability to take thousands of
orders, translate them into millions of component requirements and
work directly with its suppliers to build and deliver products to meet
customer requirements. In fact, more than 90 percent of Dell's
component purchases now are handled online..?

?Explains Dick Hunter, vice president, supply-chain management: ?We
now schedule every line in every factory around the world every two
hours, and we only bring into the factory two hours' worth of
materials. We typically run a factory with about five or six hours'
worth of inventory on hand, including work in progress??

[see full multipart article below]

Dell: Build-to-Order Manufacturing


?Analysts agree that Dell's build-to-order model for selling PCs and
servers not only works well for current market conditions, but also is
likely to keep rivals chasing the company for the foreseeable future.?

Does Dell's Build-to-Order Model Still Work?

?Less is more?

?Mac mini and the iPod shuffle took first place gold in this year's
Industrial Design Excellence Awards (IDEAS) with the Airport Express
receiving a second place silver recognition.
..Judges said the Mac mini's "streamlined aesthetics ... perfectly
complement Apple's existing product line." IDSA judge Tucker
Viemeister called Apple the leading producer designer in the world,
"continuing to hammer away at both bad design and fluffy design. Their
design philosophy is getting close to the ultimate 'less is more.'"

IDSA judge Pierre-Yves Panis said the shuffle's simplicity "comes from
drastically narrowing our choices (or making them for us). We get to
give up the responsibility of having to navigate and choose and with
that comes freedom and lightness. Calm."?

Mac Mini, Shuffle Take Gold in Product Design Awards


?[Steve Jobs] helped Apple return to its original design philosophy of
simplicity, seen in the generations of iMacs that followed, including
the current iMac G5.?

Finally, Apple's "Less is More" design philosophy is acknowledged and
awarded. Depressed Windows users should take note.


?[Jonathan] Ive, the 36-year-old, British-born designer who heads up
Apple's industrial design team, is a quiet-spoken, somewhat shy man.
In spite of all his awards and plaudits -- he was recently named
Designer of the Year by London's prestigious Design Museum -- he is
accessible and friendly, almost egoless.?

"It's really much more potent when you don't put on a veneer
pretending to be powerful," [Ive] said. "I see (the G5) as a tool.
It's an extremely powerful tool. There's not a plastic fašade that
adds to the fact that it's a really powerful tool. It's very, very
obvious that it is what it is."

He continued, "From a designer's point of view, it's not an appearance
game we're playing. It is very utilitarian. It's the use of material
in a very minimalist way."

Design According to Ive,1294,59381,00.html


?The articulation of Apple's beliefs through the physical design of
its products, as much as its business strategy or reports of its
corporate culture, has maintained a cult-like following that has
already endured a contradictory neglect for the consumer in the
pursuit of profit; the message of the objects seems to prevail.?

Apple and the History of Personal Computer Design; CONCLUSION

?For the masses?  =========================================================

America Online, or AOL for short, is by far the most successful
proprietary online service, with (at one time) more than 32 million
subscribers world-wide.

?Case drove AOL as the online service for people unfamiliar with
computers,?AOL was the first service with a graphical user interface
(GUI) instead of command lines, and was well ahead of the competition
in emphasizing communication among members as a feature..?

?AOL has long maintained a massive marketing push, mailing sign-up
diskettes and CD-ROMs to over 100 million households, which fueled a
massive growth and helped them dominate the online field.?



?Today, the walls come tumbling down at America Online, as the
nation's leading consumer Internet service starts giving away most of
its popular online services free of charge on its website?

?..AOL made its name as a simple, cheap way for millions of Americans
to get onto the Internet by dialing in over standard telephone

You've got freebies as AOL opens up
No. 1 Internet provider starts giving away most of its popular services

?Never settle for the best?

?Google has persistently pursued innovation and pushed the limits of
existing technology to provide a fast, accurate and easy-to-use search
service that can be accessed from anywhere. To fully understand
Google, it's helpful to understand all the ways in which the company
has helped to redefine how individuals, businesses and technologists
view the Internet.?

?10. Great just isn't good enough.

Always deliver more than expected. Google does not accept being the
best as an endpoint, but a starting point. Through innovation and
iteration, Google takes something that works well and improves upon it
in unexpected ways.  ? Google's point of distinction however, is
anticipating needs not yet articulated by our global audience, then
meeting them with products and services that set new standards. This
constant dissatisfaction with the way things are is ultimately the
driving force behind the world's best search engine.?

GOOGLE CORPORATE PHILOSOPHY: Ten things Google has found to be true


?Google is known for its relaxed corporate culture, reminiscent of the
Dot-com boom. Google's corporate philosophy is based on many casual
principles including: "You can make money without doing evil", "You
can be serious without a suit" and "Work should be challenging and the
challenge should be fun?"

?Every Google engineer is encouraged to spend 20 percent of their work
time on projects that interest them. Some of these end up as Google
services (notably Gmail and Google News)??

?The Googleplex's lobby (Google headquarters) is decorated with a
piano, lava lamps and a real time projection of current search
queries. The hallways are full of exercise balls and bicycles.
..Recreational amenities ?include a workout room with weights and
rowing machines, locker rooms, washers and dryers, a massage room,
assorted video games, Foosball, a baby grand piano, a pool table, and
ping pong. In addition to the rec room, there are snack rooms stocked
with various cereals, gummy bears, M&Ms, toffee, licorice, cashews,
yogurt, carrots, fresh fruit, and dozens of different drinks including
fresh juice, soda, and make-your-own cappuccino??


"The Power of All of Us."

?Ebay has positioned itself as a "community." Its mission has been to
"develop a strong and positive environment where people with common
interests come together"?

?Another interesting aspect of the firm?s competitive position is that
people from all over the world can say "Ebay"?

?Ebay has grown from a company started out as individuals doing
business with one another, to individuals becoming "small dealers."
These small dealers include many merchants with "storefronts" who also
use Ebay as a distribution channel to sell their merchandise.?

The Business Model of

?eBay is the undisputed master of gathering customer feedback ?

??In 1999, [CEO, Meg] Whitman launched the "Voice of the Customer"
program. Every few months, a dozen loyal customers are flown to
company headquarters. While there, Whitman and members of her team
meet with the group and discover what's working and what needs more

?The eBay community lives online and offline: eBaysians have planned
vacations together, chipped in and bought a special item for another
member, planned picnics and even spent vacation time doing home
repairs for an eBay member in need. After September 11, 2001, eBay
community members raised $10 million by donating and bidding on tens
of thousands of items in Auction for America, with proceeds going to
the families and communities affected.

Meg Whitman has her hands full growing the eBay village into something
approaching an entire universe. Her two primary secrets for getting
this far:

1. She religiously listens to her customers
2. She constantly encourages community?

How Meg Whitman and eBay rule the world


?EBay hangs up the song-and-dance act from its "Do It eBay" ad
campaign with new work starting Monday that celebrates the worldwide
community of 115 million eBay shoppers?  the latest ads use an
emotional tone to try to encourage existing eBay users to shop more.
The slogan is "The Power of All of Us."

?Director of marketing Kevin McSpadden says the soft-sell approach was
created to recognize the hundreds of connections that people make by
shopping at eBay. The common link: trust.?

Ads pump up eBay community with good feelings


So, that should give you plenty of options for your 9th Anniversary
Excellence Presentation.

Let me know if anything isn?t clear and I?ll be happy to clarify for you. 

Thanks for your question, 




king "when he was 9" OR "when he was nine years"
emperor  "when he was 9" OR "when he was nine years"
king ?at age 9? OR ?at age nine? 

(also searched above quotes with Queen)

"king at age 9" OR "king at age nine"

youngest  "at nine years old"
youngest  "at age 9"

?debuted at age 9?
"debuted at age nine?


For Part Two I combined company names with terms such as:

Excellence, leader, philosophy, ?know for?, ?recognized as?,
?benchmark, ?best in class? and more.

Also searched: ?top companies?, ?top 10 companies? ?leaders in
innovation? and similar queries.
simrangambhir-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars
Very very impressed with the quality and depth of the answer. 

Thank you very much.

Subject: Re: 9th Birthday/Age Special Achievements && Examples of Excelence
From: nproctor-ga on 18 Aug 2005 16:43 PDT
A few more notable nines which may be useful:

Mozart wrote his first symphony aged nine.

Samuel Johnson finished the first English language dictionary after
nine years of writing.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge was completed after nine years of construction.
Subject: Re: 9th Birthday/Age Special Achievements && Examples of Excelence
From: pinkfreud-ga on 18 Aug 2005 17:49 PDT
What a wonderful answer! It was a pleasure to read. 

Thanks, knowledge_seeker. :-)
Subject: Re: 9th Birthday/Age Special Achievements && Examples of Excelence
From: knowledge_seeker-ga on 19 Aug 2005 03:54 PDT
You're welcome Simran. It was a fun project. 

And thank you Pink! 


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