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Q: tree sap removal ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   1 Comment )
Subject: tree sap removal
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Asked by: aaronsama-ga
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Posted: 08 Sep 2005 08:54 PDT
Expires: 08 Oct 2005 08:54 PDT
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I've got a pine tree that's been attacked by borers and has dripped
sap all over my garage roof, backyard deck, and patio. How can I
remove the same from (1) the roof shingles, (2) the finished wooden
deck, and (3) the patio brick?
Subject: Re: tree sap removal
Answered By: crabcakes-ga on 08 Sep 2005 10:15 PDT
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Hello Aaronsama,

   It sounds like you've got some work ahead of you, after you go to
the home improvement store for some supplies!

Roof Shingles

Before treating/painting/staining wood:
??after removing excess sap by treating with a heat gun and scraping.
Allow new masonry and concrete to cure at least 30 days before

?The next step is to prepare the work area and gather the tools and
supplies you will need for cleaning the roof. Here's a helpful tip:
securely tie garbage bags around the end of every downspout. This will
keep the cleaning solution from getting on your lawn, and on plants,
shrubs, and trees nearby. Next, you will need either a low - pressure
power spray washer or a garden hose with a screw - on soft brush and a
sprayer bottle; a garden hose for obtaining rinse water; a two -
gallon bucket; one gallon of hot water; one cup of household bleach;
one - fourth of a cup of laundry detergent; one fourth of a cup of
TriSodium Phosphate. Here's another helpful tip: make sure that you
have plenty of garden hose so you can reach all areas of your roof
with the water.

The third step is to put on your eye protection and a pair of heavy
rubber gloves. Then, mix up the cleaning solution in the two - gallon
bucket. Pour enough of the cleaner into either your power spray washer
reservoir, or, into the sprayer bottle on your garden hose. Carefully
climb up on your roof and spray the solution onto the dirtiest areas
of the shingles or tiles first. Then, spray the rest of the roof,
making sure to cover every square inch. Refill the sprayer as
necessary, and respray the dirtiest areas a second time. Allow the
cleaner to soak for twenty to thirty minutes.

The fourth step is to use either the low - pressure power spray washer
or the garden hose with a screw - on soft brush to clean the stained
areas of your roof. Then, move on to the rest of the roof and scrub or
spray it clean. Finally, use the garden hose to rinse your roof off
well. Here's a helpful tip: Always spray either the power spray washer
or the garden hose from the top of your roof downwards. Never spray
from the eaves up, or you could get the cleaning solution or the water
up underneath the shingles.

Here's a final tip you should know: Be sure to rinse off the
downspouts and the gutters in order to remove the corrosive cleaning
solution from the metal.
After you have finished, your roof should look brand new! Don't forget
to remove the garbage bags off the ends of the downspouts.?

?Remove tree sap with an abrasive pad and mineral spirits.? (page 7)

Finished Wooden Deck

?Q. Our deck sits under pine trees, and dropped needles and sap lodge
between the deck boards. This crud looks bad and holds onto moisture
that makes the deck slippery. What is the best way to remove this
Use a dull saw -- any size coarse-tooth saw will do -- to either push
or pull the crud out from between the boards. You'll help your deck
breathe better and last longer by getting rid of this rot-promoting
gunk. You can remove any sap that has fallen onto the deck with a
heavy-duty stain remover available at home centers and paint stores.
Some stain/finish removers are formulated to remove oil-base clear and
semi-transparent finishes, as well as buildup from repeated
applications of deck sealer. Others are specially formulated to work
on tough stains and dirt such as sap. You apply the stain remover with
a mop or just pour it onto the surface. Wait 15 minutes, scrub it with
a brush, then rinse it off. Because sap is similar to oil-base
finishes, it should come off easily.?

?To Remove Pitch 
Remove excess pitch with a heat gun or hair dryer and a paint scraper.
Scrub the wood with a stiff bristle brush and a bleach solution as
directed below. Rinse with clear water, allow the wood to dry, and
refinish with WR-2. Do not attempt to remove pitch with solvents
because this only redistributes it within the wood. See note #2.?

Note # 2 ?Note 2: Do not use a wire brush to clean wood surfaces. The
metal will cause a permanent stain wherever a wire brush has been

?Do not use chlorine bleach (sodium hypochlorite) alone to clean /
restore outdoor wood. It will interfere with a coating?s adhesion and
penetration, and will not completely remove ground-in dirt or the
weathered gray surface fibers that make the surface look aged and
soiled. Products specifically formulated to a) loosen and lift
degraded surface fibers and other surface contaminates, and b) remove
stains from wood extractives and fungal growth are recommended for
optimal surface restoration.

Pitch stains, or crystallized sap, found mainly around the knots of
pressure-treated wood, can be removed with turpentine or simply
scraped away. Turpentine will not harm an existing coating. Pitch is a
non-water soluble, organic wood extractive material found in species
such as Ponderosa, Southern and White Pine.?

?Tip: Tree Sap Removal from Wood DeckFirst, check your deck for any
loose boards or nails that might need hammering back into place.
Then clean the tree sap off using mineral spirits. Rinse very well,
then follow with an all-purpose cleaner and water. Rinse well.?

?Cleaning a wood surface prior to sealing is very important. The
cleaning will remove any dirt, tree sap, algae or mildew. It also will
remove the decaying wood fibers destroyed by the UV rays. All of these
things prevent the wood sealer from adhering or penetrating into the

Patio Brick

?Q. I have a freshly painted stucco wall that has pinesap that has
dripped on it. How do I remove the pine resin without damaging the
paint job?
A. Pine sap is easily removed with solvent cleaner, but solvent is
likely to remove paint, especially if latex. I have read that peanut
oil or peanut butter removes pinesap, but I've never tried it. Orange
concentrate cleaner reportedly removes pinesap, too. Whatever you try,
test first in inconspicuous area.?

?Q.  Pine trees have left a sticky mess on our deck.  Will Concrete Degreaser help?
A.  Concrete Degreaser also lifts off tree sap and resins from
concrete, masonry, etc.?

Removing sap from clothes:
?First take an ice cube and freeze the sap till it's good and hard.
You should be able to remove chunks of it that way. Then if it's not
all gone, try good ole WD40. That should remove the rest. Rinse the
WD40 off with a vinegar and water solution and don't wash the pants
with anything else until they have been laundered once. The WD40 can
transfer to other clothes.?

?How to clean pine sap stains 
For a pine sap stain, sponge with dry-cleaning solvent, all-purpose
spot remover, or spray spot-remover containing a grease solvent such
as petroleum naphtha or trichlorethylene. If the stain is not removed,
use a solution of liquid laundry detergent and ammonia. After using
chemicals, rinse with cool water until the entire residue of the
cleaning materials are gone. Blot up the excess moisture.?

?How to Remove Pitch aka Pine Tar/SapDirt sure don't work!
Here is what I think is the best.
Get a bottle of isopropyl alcohol and wet a rag. Blot if on clothes,
if on hands pour alcohol in a bowl and vigorously scrub. Pitch will
come right off and hands are clean again. Ladies, you may want to
follow up with lotion as the alcohol will dry out your skin.?

I hope this has helped you out! Please request an Answer
Clarification, before rating, if any part of this answer is unclear.

Regards, Crabcakes

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aaronsama-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars
A lot of detail, multiple sources for each answer, relevant
information. Very pleased with answer.

Subject: Re: tree sap removal
From: gaorenst-ga on 11 Oct 2005 19:33 PDT
I dont think you can fix it only prevent it in the future.

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