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Q: How to make $300+ a month ( Answered,   0 Comments )
Subject: How to make $300+ a month
Category: Business and Money > eCommerce
Asked by: sherlockcz-ga
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Posted: 08 Sep 2005 10:06 PDT
Expires: 08 Oct 2005 10:06 PDT
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Hi, I'm looking for legit ways to make about $300+ a month. I have
about $20,000 to spend but of course I would prefer to spend less. I
have read other Google Q&A related to this, but found nothing really
concrete. Ideally the income would be related to online activities.
I've considered many options (eBay, Adsense, online shops etc..), but
I either don't know what to sell or I don't know how to make money
from websites. Points to consider are: I live in the Czech Republic.
I'm IT literate. I'm not SEO literate. I'm a registered seller on eBay
 Thanks Dean

Request for Question Clarification by hedgie-ga on 22 Sep 2005 10:03 PDT
Hi Dean

 I can provide some information about options and trade-offs, 
  but I cannot guarantee that the business plan will be a success.

 However, I would have to know quite a bit more about what you know,
 and what you have tried and how it worked.
 Things like your language abilities (spoken as well as written),
 what you have tried to sell on ebay and how it went (It is OK to give the URL
 of your shop(s) etc. 

 BTW, I do not think much of the comment which says:
"Setting up a subscription based web site is not
too difficult. If you don't mind learning a little HTML ..."

 Since you say you are IT literate I assume you do know HTML and PHP etc.
 The problem is not building a website but how to monetise it.

Unlike commenter, I think that you should concentrate not on info 
but  physical goods and ebay. There are many goods which are 'cheap'
in the C.R. (I am familiar with country) and of interest to the world.
 The task is to analyse your target audience. Do your sales
concentrate on Europe, the US, or everywhere? The tourist trade is a
possibility - but very crowded already. Better to aim for a path less
beaten. Do you have PayPal (or other payment provider)?
 What  are you an expert in, other than IT? And- what kinds of tasks
do you actually enjoy doing? You don't want to get into something you
find tedious, for example.
The more you can tell me, the better I can provide you with
suggestions and leads which will help you to evaluate the market.


Clarification of Question by sherlockcz-ga on 23 Sep 2005 02:56 PDT
Thanks for your comments. Yes HTML isn't a problem. PHP though for me
is quite new. I've tried and installed a couple of scripts related to
MySQL but programming isn't for me now. Most of my experience is email
and networking related. I'm specifically interested in imaging and
design. I live in CZ so I can only use PayPal to purchase something. I
use MoneyBookers to receive payments. I just tried selling stuff
around my house first, without much success. Glass is the main product
of CZ but I don't think it's practical to send worldwide. Also, many
people seem to be doing this. I will try anything, that has a good
chance. I usually watch which czech products sell on ebay and most
seem to be old military equipment and antique ceramic and glass. Beads
too. I speak and write czech at an intermediate level. I can usually
say what I want and to be understood. Regards, Dean
Subject: Re: How to make $300+ a month
Answered By: hedgie-ga on 23 Sep 2005 08:45 PDT
Thank you for the clarification. I will  accept that as an invitation
to answer your question with the caveats I mentioned.

 The main problem with the comment (just as an example) which I see,is that it
focuses on  the means (how to build a website) rather than on goals.

To establish a business, particularly an on-line business, you need 
to do two things:

1) Identify a need (find something  which people need, and are not getting,
                   or  which you can provide better, cheaper, ...
     Building a website may be one of the means, once you have selected the goal
     and only THEN you decide to learn PHP, or hire someone to do it
ot use something like Ebay shop ..

     This, to identify the need, is the market analysis part of
business plan preparation.

2)  Identify what  YOU like doing, and what you do or can do well -
the self-realization part
     This second part, is well discussed in the book
     "Do what you love, the money will follow"

There are actually two books by Marsha:
]  and I suggest you read both. 
The first understated 1) and assumed you 'Love to serve other people'
and are able to do it.
The second is balancing  the two imperatives 1) and 2).

BTW: We do put VERY LONG URLs into [ brackets] since they often get
broken by line breaks.
 Brackets [ ] mean:  paste all between [] but not brackets themself
into the  location bar. OK?

To run a business means 'to devote a big part of you life, thoughts,
energy .. to it'
(Not all of your life, please).

If you just want income, rather than occupation, do not buy a website.
 Rather, buy some CDs (certificates of deposit)  or income stocks.

To operate a website which generates an income, you need to decide who
will pay and why:

Example :
Right now the big three (ebay, amazon, google) are neglecting Eastern
Europe (what Rumsfeld calls New Europe)
It is hard for a person in CR, Poland, .. to buy stuff on eBay as half
the listings ship 'to US only'
or on (which is extremely uptight and pricey about shipping
to EE; They ship to HongKong for less)

You can serve those people in the C.R. or EE, by establishing a proxy
service, which will collect funds the CR way (bank transfer)
 and order (and perhaps check) the stuff in the  US (or UK) and ship
economically to CR and other EE countries.
You would need a partner in US, UK ...  but if you have some
high-school buddies .. it may  be possible.

 you can serve the  outside marke using CR resources: offering call
center services, programming services,
 or some physical products to the global market.

Examples of what not to do.
 'Bohemian glass' exports are 'an obvious' and many people have tried
and lost money on it.
 It looks like people who buy glass do not buy on-line. It's also
costly to pack and ship
and insure, etc. such a fragile product, especially to individual buyers.
 Make a search and you will see many websites located in US which try
to sell Bohemian Glass:

So you need to move beyond the obvious and do some market research and
offer what is not well offered.

Examples of quality products that are not well-represented abroad:
Furniture.  Look for good new designers
  One award-winning designer/firm which still has a very small
footprint even in Prague:
  One crystal firm has high quality but is struggling to market in the U.S.
     Many of their products are similar to Swarovski
     If you are good at marketing, this would be the big time.

Or, team up with a designer/manufacturer and design a product of your
own using Czech talent.
    e.g. the Czech Republic produces very few beautiful glass table
lamps. Venice, in contrast,
    produces some fantastic lamps known worldwide. 
    Interview graduates of the glass/crystal trade schools, pick several who would
    want to have a business with you. Produce some, network with a
local shop to sell
    them at first, then broaden the market.  Or follow the Artel model:
    Karen Feldman did something like this, starting her own firm her
producing her own
    glassware patterns.  She started marekting abroad in very high end
shops before she sold
    in Prague, I believe -- building a very exclusive reputation.
As a native English speaker who can communicate with the 'locals' you
have a jump on competition.
 Marketing (particularly for EE products) is an issue of trust and image building.
If done well, it can work.

Good luck

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