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Q: Best TROPICAL BEACHES to visit by time of year, along with flight/lodging info ( Answered 4 out of 5 stars,   1 Comment )
Subject: Best TROPICAL BEACHES to visit by time of year, along with flight/lodging info
Category: Sports and Recreation > Travel
Asked by: bmxracer1-ga
List Price: $200.00
Posted: 10 Sep 2005 16:18 PDT
Expires: 10 Oct 2005 16:18 PDT
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My spouse and I want to go on vacation to a beautiful tropical beach destination.

Here's what we like (highest priority first):

1. NICE BEACHES:  Stunning, pristine, unspoiled, peaceful beautiful
beaches.   Mainly we want to relax on the beach in beautiful peaceful

2. GOOD WEATHER:  We'd like to be able to count on sun for most of the
days we're there.

3. NICE RESORT: Beautiful peaceful non-corporate high end resort that
isn't super expensive.   We'd like to stay at a place that's really
beautiful but doesn't feel like it's just a standard big American
hotel on the beach.  That doesn't mean we want a small boutique place
(well, possibly we might) -- we like the resorts that do a great job
of creating tranquil beautiful surroundings that don't feel corporate,
although big is OK.  The place should consistently get great reviews
on service.  Preferably not a place that feels like someone's
grandmother's apartment (e.g. a Ritz Carlton) -- instead modern,
sparse and sleek are better.

4. AFFORDABLE.  It would be great if it's somewhere in the world that
the dollar goes a long way.  Beautiful hotel rooms for under US$200
and good meals for two under US$50.  However, it would be great if you
could include some high-end resorts that are more expensive, if they
fit the bill in every other way.  For example, the whole AmanResorts
chain looks amazing; we would consider splurging and going to one of
those -- at least for a few days, possibly followed by a week in a
more affordable place.

5. GOOD FOOD.  Being in a part of the world known for good food
(especially Asia) would be a plus.  (For this reason, the Carribbean
is probably a minus, although I wouldn't rule it out.)

6. TRAVEL: Ability to fly there on American Airlines, United, or one
of their codeshare partners.  (Not essential but definitely a plus.)

7. EXOTIC DESTINATION.  This is not a requirement, but being in a cool
interesting part of the world would be a plus.

8. GOOD SCUBA.  This is the lowest priority.  We're not huge into
Scuba, and we are relative beginners, but it would be great if there
is beautiful blue water and a nice shallow coral reef to explore...

To give you an idea of what we like...

-- The Hotel Nikko Bali in Nusa Dua, Bali, is pretty much ideal. 
Beautiful and peaceful, with great food and service.  Super nice
people.  We would go back in a second, except the affordable flights
appear to be all booked for the rest of the dry season.

-- The Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach in Cancun is super nice.  
Although it's in a party town (and we're more after peace and quiet),
we still really enjoy going there, because the place is so nice and

-- As examples of the kinds of hotels we like... in NYC we'd stay at
the W Times Square or the Tribeca Grand -- nice sleek places that
place an emphasis on design, comfort and unintrusive service.

Here's what I'm hoping for in your answer:

1. A list of suggested destinations.

2. For each destination:

   - The best time period to visit.  (We are mainly interested in
October-November-early-December, although please include a few others
outside of this time of year.)

   - A description of the destination.

   - Some suggested hotels, with some information on each, including
an overview of the reviews (e.g. on TripAdvisor) that the places get.

   - Other information that addresses the items in our wish list above
(including whether United/American or their partners fly there).

I'm hoping for an answer that includes a fair amount of detail,
addressing the 8 "what we like" points for each destination.

Ideally, you will make it easy for us to choose where to go on our
10-day vacation, which will be sometime between October 1 and December
10, 2005.

(We work super hard and save our $$ for these vacations so want to
make sure we find the best place...)


Request for Question Clarification by nenna-ga on 12 Sep 2005 13:53 PDT
How many destinations are you looking for? It would take, in my
estimate about an hour or 2 to research each destination to see if it
meets your criteria and form an answer. I would think about 3 to 4
destinations would work, but I wanted to see what you were looking


Clarification of Question by bmxracer1-ga on 12 Sep 2005 14:16 PDT
Yes, 3-4 destinations would be good - especially if they are somewhat
broad, like "Thailand" (and then you discussed various
towns/beaches/resorts in Thailand).



Request for Question Clarification by nenna-ga on 13 Sep 2005 12:57 PDT
You're still looking then at wanting multiple towns in a single
country. How many towns/areas per country? For example, if you say 3
places per country, 3 to 4 countries, that's 9 to 12 locations to
itemize out for you at an hour or 2 apiece.

You may want to raise your question price to $200.00 and review the
pricing guidelines for that type of work, or ask for 2 destinations in
3 countries (for example). (Pricing Guidelines)

That's a lot of work and time for a researcher to make $112.50 to give
you a itimized 8 criteria list for 3 or 4 countries, 3 destinations
each (for example) At 9 hours of work, that's 12.50 per hour. At 12
hours of work it's 9.37 an hour.

I'm not sure with you wanting that much information for that price, a
reseacher will be willing to take this on.
I'm just trying to show you why this question may not be getting
answered.(See you've already had this question expire once)

Good Luck, I look forward to hearing back from you. Please don't feel
you have to make any changes, I just keep coming back to this
question, interested, but hesitant.


Clarification of Question by bmxracer1-ga on 13 Sep 2005 14:48 PDT
OK, let's say a total of seven specific local destinations (e.g. Phuket or Bali).

I've raised the price to the max.

So this will be $21 per destination.

Alternatively it's cool with me if you decide to do, say, the best 4
destinations (for oct/nov/dec) in depth, and a larger number with a
cursory overview not addressing all of my questions in detail.  If
you'd like, you can go ahead and make this decision after starting.



Request for Question Clarification by nenna-ga on 13 Sep 2005 15:37 PDT

Thanks for getting back to us so soon. I'm sure I or another reseacher
will see what we can do for you.


Clarification of Question by bmxracer1-ga on 13 Sep 2005 16:05 PDT
OK thanks :-)
Subject: Re: Best TROPICAL BEACHES to visit by time of year, along with flight/lodging info
Answered By: nancylynn-ga on 19 Sep 2005 23:37 PDT
Rated:4 out of 5 stars
Hello bmxracer1-ga:

I endeavored to address as many of your high-priority concerns as
possible, including price, and I hope I?ve hit the mark.

I tried to provide you with an eclectic assortment of choices, so that
you could find a place that fit if not all ? than most of ? the bill!


Legian Beach in Kuta

?Puri Naga Seaside Cottages? along Legian Beach:
That page emphasizes the cottage?s amenities. 
To see more pictures of Legian Beach, check the photos at this site
which features several resorts, including Legian Beach Hotel, which
may also be of interest to you:
(Scroll down to see links to additional Maya Resorts.)

At the Legian Beach Hotel site, check out the  "Photo Gallery? link:
You have a variety of choices of accommodations at the hotel,
including bungalows: See ?Room Rates? (Be sure to scroll all the way
down the page, as there are about four options):

Read reviews of the Legian Beach Hotel at

Nusa Dua Beach

You mentioned you already have a favorite spot at Nusa Dua but that
the flights you?d found were very pricey. I?m going to recommend some
services that offer bargain airfares, but first, here?s another Nusa
Dua resort that may interest you:
See photos and user reviews of  ?Melia Bali, The Garden Villas? at

Check photos by clicking these links at the top of the page:
?Hotel photos:
?View candid user photos?   

At the top of the page, you?ll also see links for comparing rates for
the Villas via such services as Expedia and Octopus Travel. Or call
?Booking Information: 1-800-434-6835.? This site claims the average
price of a room is $93.


As you likely know, you?d use the same airport for both Kuta and Nusa
Dua, Bali. The code for the airport is DPS (Denpasar Airport).


At that page: check ?Flight Only.? Then enter the city or airport code
from which you?re departing and type DPS into the ?Going To? field. 
In the ?Depart? fields, choose your dates of departure and return,
then check the box for ?2 adults.?

The lowest fare I found was $2,753.56 for two people, roundtrip, for
mid-October ? early December.

I found roundtrip airfare for two people at $3,800, with JFK as the
departure city, using mid-October dates. I then tried late November
(the 22nd to the 29th) dates and got a considerably lower fare of
$1,415 per person (JFK to DPS), roundtrip.

Check for more low fares to Bali at

I found the best bargain at the popular airfare site, AirGorilla:

I entered the dates November 22 ? 29, and again used JFK as the
departure city, and brought up a fare of $1,067 roundtrip per person
to DPS.
NOTE: I suggest you keep referring back to the above sites for airfare
comparisons for the other locations I?ve listed.


Mozambique, Bazaruto Island

Benguerra Lodge:

The above URL says ?Rates From: USD 125.00,? but when I click on 
?Detailed Rates: Benguerra Lodge? to bring up this page:
The rates are rather confusing; however, it looks like you can book a
?Thatched Chalet? at $286.00 in November and December. That?s a little
higher than you wanted, but you may elect to stay just a few nights
there and go somewhere cheaper.

There are only two user reviews at, but there are
links to travel articles about this resort:

When researching airfare, your destination will be Maputo, Mozambique;
airport code: MPM.

Mozambique: The Quirimbas Archipelago

Quilálea Island Getaway:

This location is most certainly pristine and peaceful. However, I?m
not sure the villas are quite what you want:
That page also notes: ?The restaurant and lounge is no more than a two
minute's walk from the most distant villa. Set on a peninsula at the
north end of the island, the restaurant offers beautiful ocean views
to both the west and the east. Come and revel in the flavours and
spices of Mozambican cuisine influenced by Portugal and Goa.?
The ?double rate? is $250, but that includes meals, laundry services,
snorkeling, and use of boats and canoes, which seems to be a very
economical deal.

When researching airfare, your destination will be Pemba, Mozambique;
airport code: POL.

Cape Town

Clifton House:  

Clifton Beach is recommended by the Travel Channel, and the five-room,
boutique hotel  Clifton House appears very charming:
Inquire about rates:

There?s only a little information about Clifton House at TravelAdvisor:

Flight/Airfare Information to Cape Town Airport (code: CPT):

Or refer to the airfare sites I mentioned earlier in my answer.

Osa Peninsula

Casa Corcovado Jungle Lodge:
(Closed from September 1st through November 14th.)

?The lodge is the closest to Corcovado National Park, the last
remaining Pacific lowland rainforest of sustainable size in Central

You can go from the beach to hiking in the rainforest all at the same
location. They offer hiking, kayaking, scuba diving, and many other

Scroll down the page to see accommodations, and see rates near the
bottom of the page. (You?ll see there?s quite a fluctuation in rates
depending on the time of year, and the price varies depending on which
package you choose: e.g., horseback riding or scuba diving, etc.)

See reviews at

Playa Ocotal Beach 

Ocotal Beach Resort and Hotel

?Playa Ocotal is a calm, sandy beach, about a third of a mile long;
it's ideal for swimming, snorkeling, and other outdoor activities.
It's also a perfect place to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet.?

?Room Types and Rates?:

You?ll be going in what they call ?Green Season,? meaning you can get
big bargains on room rates. You can review the options by scrolling
down and clicking on these links:

Beachfront Standard Rooms
Panoramic View Standard Rooms
Bungalow Junior Suites

See reviews of Ocotal Beach Resort and Hotel:


Patong Beach

Baan Yin Dee Boutique-Resort:



Your best bargain will be to go by the end of October. Prices are
given in Thai Baht currency, and the site?s currency converter isn?t
working. So try XE?s converter:
So, 4,000 BHT converts to slightly over $93 ? if I?m reading this correctly.

According to Andy HoboTraveler:
?40 Baht more or less equals one dollar in Thailand, so you just
divide everything by 40 or 10 Baht is twenty-five cents U.S.?

See reviews of  Baan Yin Dee Boutique-Resort at

Another Patong Beach resort: Novotel Phuket Coralia Resort:

Rooms & Suites:
(Be sure to scroll all the way down to see your various options.)

(You?ll need to use the XE converter cited earlier.)

Read reviews at


Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort:

(The menu at left provides links to other hotels and resorts.)

See photos of the Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort:

Read reviews of the Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort at Trip Adviser:

When checking for flights, your destination will be Tahiti Faaa
Airport; code is PPT.


You?ll see a roundup of very appealing resorts.  You can check for
reviews of each at TripAdviser by simply Googling the name of each
resort like this:

[name of resort] +Tripadvisor 


Taveuni Island

Maravu Plantation and Beach Resort

At the ?Rates? page:
Scroll down to ?Specials.? You?ll see that you can get good discounts
if you book for 6-8 nights. Some package deals include meals.

See different types of rooms at:   

See reviews at

Look up flight options/airfares to Taveuni at:

Natadola Beach

Natadola Beach Resort:

The lowest rate is $245 per night. 

Here?s a roundup of various Fiji resorts, some of which are priced under $200:

Again, check each resort that interests you by Googling the name of
each resort like this:

[name of resort] +Tripadvisor 


Oasis Marigot

You?ll see a variety of accommodations, some of which fall right into
your desired price range:

The Vacation Club (houses by the sea): 

Villa St. Lucia:
You can find more information by repeating my search strings: 

Read reviews at

Flight/Airfare Information:


The Hummingbird Beach Resort:

Take a virtual tour:

Rooms & Rates:
(Scroll to bottom of the page to see rates.)

Information on ?Traveling To St. Lucia?:

Read reviews at

Search Strings:

best tropical vacations October November
[name of location] vacation resorts October November
[name of location] +pristine beach +October November
[name of location or resort]  +Tripadvisor
[name of location or resort] + quiet beach 

I hope my research is of help to you. If you have trouble navigating any of 
the above links, please post a "Request For Clarification" and I will assist 

Best Regards,
Google Answers Researcher

Request for Answer Clarification by bmxracer1-ga on 20 Sep 2005 07:39 PDT
Thanks for your answer!  I appreciate all the suggestions - lots to
look at and consider.

I kind of had hoped that you'd be able to address each of my 8 points,
specifically, one by one, for all the destinations.  That's why I was
thinking it'd take about eight hours to answer the question, and I set
the price at $200.

At this point, there are two things that would be great to have:

(1) a description of each destination -- or a link to a good overview
of the area such as

(2) information on when to visit, based on climate.  this was actually
one of the main things i was hoping to learn from your answer.  bali,
for example, has a rainy season that starts in october and gets really
wet in november/december.  for this reason, the 'high season' ends
around the end of september / beginning of october.  our plan would be
to visit these places in the 'high season' only -- not when its
pouring rain every day.  can u help with info on that?

thanks again for the answer.

Clarification of Answer by nancylynn-ga on 20 Sep 2005 18:33 PDT
Hello again bmxracer1-ga:

We realize it?s very hard for our customers to estimate the number of
hours it will take to complete a project. Just to give you an idea: it
took me ten 1/2 hours to research and write the Answer, and about 3
1/2 hours to research the information for this Clarification.

If you?re new to Google Answers, you may want to review these pricing guidelines: ($200 is recommended
for questions that will require at least four hours of research. Also,
if you?re trying to figure out compensation, bear in mind that
researchers receive 75% of the posted fee, not the full amount.)

The conversation between you and my colleague Nenna-ga seemed to make
clear you?d agreed to winnow down your original eight criteria in
order to make answering this question feasible for researchers. Your
highest priority concerns seemed to be the best beaches to visit in
fall, along with (non-corporate, i.e., "bland")resorts, and flight
information, along with links to additional information at

I thought my answer fulfilled those primary needs.
Per your request, I have found links from Frommer?s -- or other
guides/sites --for each location, along with some information on
climate. I have also provided some instructions on how you and your
wife can search for more information about specific resorts at

I hope this additional information makes it a bit easier to choose
your destination.
BALI: Kuta and Nusa Dua 

See Yahoo Travel?s guide to Bali:
Scroll down the page for a link to weather information:

Frommer?s Guide to hotels in Bali:

Also from Frommer?s, read about Kuta:

And Nusa Dua:

SOUTH AFRICA, Mozambique

Read about the climate at iExplore?s ?Mozambique Travel Guide?:;$sessionid$QOXKPIQAAJVV0P2MN5XCGWQ

?Climate varies according to area. Inland is cooler than the coast and
rainfall higher as the land rises, with most rain between January and
March. Hottest and wettest season is October to March. From April to
September the coast has warm, mainly dry weather tempered by sea

Read about Mozambique at Frommers:

SOUTH AFRICA, Cape Town: Clifton Beach

I found Clifton Beach at the Travel Channel?s guide to the ?Best
Beaches,? categorized by season:
Scroll down to the category for best beaches by ?Fall (September,
October, November).?

Then click on ?Clifton Beach? to bring up an overview of Clifton
Beach, written by Valerie Conners:

Also see information on Clifton Beach at Frommer?s:

See for information about climate:


If you choose, Costa Rica, you?ll want to go from December to April,
which is the dry season for most of the country.

Osa Peninsula:

See the Travel Channel?s site on Costa Rica for an overview:


Playa Ocotal Beach:


From 1-Costa Rica Link:
Like the Osa Peninsula, the dry season runs from December through April.  

PHUKET, Patong Beach:




September through October is the rainy season. This site recommends
that you plan your trip to Patong Beach sometime from November through

BORA BORA, Pearl Beach



Scroll down to ?Climate?:
The summer months (November - April) are hot and humid, with many
sunny days. The balance of the year is slightly cooler and drier.
Cooling trade winds buffet the island throughout the year, and the
months of June, July, August and October are widely considered to be
ideal times to visit.?


I found a recommendation for American Samoa at the Travel Channel?s
guide to the ?Best Beaches,? categorized by season, meaning weather
should be good there in the Fall:
Scroll down to the category for best beaches by ?Fall (September,
October, November).?
Click on ?Ofu Beach, American Samoa? to bring up an overview, written
by Jenn Plum, published March, 2004:
Also be sure to click on the ?Accommodations? link at that page. 

Also see the National Park of American Samoa?s official site:
which includes information about Ofu Beach.

At left, see the link to ?Climate?:
?A tropical climate prevails. Temperatures are warm or hot year-round
(high 70's to low 90's F) with high humidity.  Rain showers are
frequent.  Rain showers may last only for a few minutes, or last all
day.  The average annual rainfall in the drier portions of the island
is 125 inches and 200 inches elsewhere.  Tropical storms are more
prevalent during the rainy season (November to May).?

Also see Frommer?s resources on Samoa:


Oasis Marigot:
See the Travel Channel?s review:

?St. Lucia Weather; When to Visit St. Lucia,? from Caribbean Magazine:

?St. Lucia's climate is hot and tropical . . . Lying in the path of
the trade winds St. Lucia has year-round temperatures of 70° to 90°F.
Humidity ranges from 66 - 94%. Summer temperatures range from 75 to 95
F and in the winter from 65 to 85F. Temperature is never an issue in
St Lucia, making it a year-round destination for beach lovers. The
average daily high is always within spitting distance of a balmy 80°F
(27°C). December-May is the driest and coolest time, with day
temperatures in the 70s-80s F/23-32 C and night temperatures in the
60s-70s F/15-27 C. During the hottest time of year (June-August),
daytime temperatures can reach the 90s F/32-37 C. The rainy season is
June-November, but don't expect a constant downpour. Rather, there are
numerous short but incredibly intense showers. Trade winds provide
breezes year-round, regardless of the season.?

FIJI, Taveuni Island and Natadola Beach:


?Fiji enjoys a tropical climate, with warm and pleasant temperature
throughout the year - average 72oF in the mild, dry season of May to
October, and 78.5oF in the warm, wetter season of November to April.?

Fiji Guide: The Book:

Scroll down to ?Climate?:

?The cool, dry months - which are the best time to visit - are from
May to October. The so-called 'winter' begins in July. During July and
August the temperature may drop to between 18\*C and 20\*C, and lower
inland. Even during the winter months, however, these relatively low
temperatures are by no means constant. Spells of cloudy, cool weather
with occasional rains alternate with warm, sunny days, sometimes of
high humidity. The hot, wet season may begin as early as November; but
the conjunction of heat and humidity that most people from moderate
climates find trying occurs during the first three months of the year
. . . .?

Taveuni Island
Maravu Plantation and Beach Resort

Natadola Beach

Find more information about Fiji at Fiji Guide: The Book?s main page:

Search Strings:

Frommer's +[location] 
Travel Channel +[location] 
[location] +weather 
[location] +climate


If you want to research other locations and specific resorts and
hotels at Frommer?s, their main page is:

Go to the menu bar at the top of that page and type in the country or
city of interest. You can also type in the name of a specific resort,
such as ?Maravu Plantation and Beach Resort? or ?Ocotal Beach Resort
and Hotel.? Then choose ?Destinations? or ?Entire Site? in the
pop-menu bar at left, then click ?Go.?

Also refer to the Travel Channel?s site:
Just type the desired destination into the search box.

I hope this additional information is of help. I also sincerely hope
that you and your wife are very pleased with whichever destination you
choose, and that you have a wonderful vacation.

Best Regards,
Google Answers Researcher
bmxracer1-ga rated this answer:4 out of 5 stars
Thank you for the enormous amount of work you did to help us find a
great vacation spot.  It shows that you put a great deal of effort
into giving a throrough and complete answer.  However, for me, a big
reason to have someone else do this research is so that I don't need
to spend the time navigating through the noise of the web, and this
answer doesn't entirely avoid that noise.  There are a lot of links
here (many of the Frommers links, for example) that bring up pages
that are really just banner ads and then a list of other links that in
turn lead to more noise.   Once we (my boyfriend and I) spend the time
to click through everything here, I'm certain our answer will become
clear.  And good chance it will be one of your unexpected and
insightful choices of location.  Thanks for the good answer.

Subject: Re: Best TROPICAL BEACHES to visit by time of year, along with flight/lodging info
From: elliott_away-ga on 13 Feb 2006 07:22 PST
Koh Tao Thailand could be what you are looking for.
still good weather in early Oct.

Great food: Obviously great Thai food, but also all world cuisine can
be found here Indian, Mexican, Italian, French, Spanish, Korean,
Japanese etc.

Stunning beaches and still relatively underdeveloped, the perfect
balance of just the right amount of facilities without having big
hotels and McDonalds everywhere.

Great Value: Once you get there everything is very cheap compared to the west.

check out this place for the best boutique eco-friendly accomodation

as for scuba diving or PADI training these guys can take care of
everything as well as more info about the island


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