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Q: ship design and building software ( Answered,   2 Comments )
Subject: ship design and building software
Category: Computers
Asked by: metronome-ga
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Posted: 15 Sep 2005 11:58 PDT
Expires: 15 Oct 2005 11:58 PDT
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how many shipyards in Russia; what are their names and what ship
design and destruction software do they use in these yards?

Clarification of Question by metronome-ga on 16 Sep 2005 10:03 PDT
what is present demand for ship design and construction software in
Russia? At present what are the various ship yards using to execute
their build contracts?  Is any one software product a leader in the
design and construction of ships in the Russian market? Received
comment but could not read; it vanished.

Request for Question Clarification by nancylynn-ga on 21 Sep 2005 21:52 PDT
Hello metronome-ga:

I have located some resources that should provide you with a good
overview of current conditions in the Russian shipbuilding industry,
which is undergoing what appears to be a fairly dramation
transformation. (That information also notes quite a few of Russia's
major shipyards.)

As for software: I haven?t been able to find a definitive marketshare
leader, but it seems two companies in particular are the predominant
sellers in Russia.

Will that be enough information for a sufficient answer? 

In the meantime, I will go ahead and e-mail both software companies to
inquire if they can provide me with any sales or market share data for
Russia that I can post here.

I'll get back to you as soon as I hear back from them.

Best Regards,
Google Answers Researcher

Request for Question Clarification by nancylynn-ga on 21 Sep 2005 21:59 PDT
I'm sorry, I meant to ask you earlier: you wrote "ship design and
destruction software."

I'm assuming you meant "construction," not "destruction"? 

Google Answers Researcher

Clarification of Question by metronome-ga on 23 Sep 2005 12:36 PDT
you asked about sufficiency of answer. If you provide complete 
information on who are the leaders in the sale of maritime design and
construction software and which of the  maritime design ( naval
architects) and construction( ship yards) companies are the most
progressive by means of some metric ( growth,number of ships under
consruction and/or ideally identifying who have adopted IT
solutions)then I think you will have completed the assignment.

Request for Question Clarification by nancylynn-ga on 23 Sep 2005 13:34 PDT
Hello metronome-ga:
No, I'm afraid there is no way I can I provide information that meets
the specific "metrics" you have laid out in your clarification.

I can provide you with resources and information on current demand and
design trends in Russia's shipbuilding industry (including how you can
order back issues of comprehensive articles -- published in industry
journals -- on Russia's shipbuilding industry, including an article
just published this month; I can spotlight several of Russia's
largest, most predominant shipyards for you; and I can list several
software programs used by those prominent shipyards, and give you some
links to some pilot software projects now being developed in Russia.

There are two software brands that *appear* to have dominant market
share in Russia. However, one of those companies has not responded to
my inquiry.

The other software maker did reply to me: they don't give out sales or
market share figures, but they did list all of their Russian clients
for me -- I was planning to post that information as part of my

I've learned the number of shipyards in Russia, but am struggling to
find a complete directory listing all of those.

But since my answer can't possibly meet the "metrics" or statistics
you need, I will release this question in the hope that one of my
colleagues can provide a satisfactory answer for you.

Best Regards,
Google Answers Researcher

P.S. As to the comment that "vanished": I did not see that comment,
but Google Answers Editors remove any posts that violate this site?s
rules and guidelines, such as inappropriate language, spam, posting
one?s real, full name, or posting one?s e-mail address.

Request for Question Clarification by nancylynn-ga on 24 Sep 2005 18:03 PDT
Hello again metronome-ga:

I did a bit more hunting and found more information.

In addition to what I mentioned in my prior clarification, I have
found what appears to be a complete list of all Russian shipbuilders.

I also have some information on prominent ship designers in Russia, I
can also give you links to demos of software being used by several of
the largest, most prominent shipyards.

I don?t believe I can get you actual statistics on ship design
software sales in Russia, but as I noted before, I can provide
information on what appear to be the two major brands (one
manufacturer has given me a complete list of all the Russian shipyards
that use their software), and some information on some other software
programs being used  by Russian shipbuilders.

Would that information, combined with the sorts of resources I listed
previously, be satisfactory?

Google Answers Researcher
Subject: Re: ship design and building software
Answered By: nancylynn-ga on 25 Sep 2005 20:10 PDT

I believe I have assembled enough resources for a satisfactory answer,
including statistics on the number, and types of, ships being built at
Russian Shipyards.

I also found what appears to be a complete list of Russia?s shipyards
(there?s approximately 40 shipyards and design bureaus in Russia; some
yards closed in the early ?00s); that list contains hyperlinks to
summaries on each shipyard and design bureau listed.

I have also found information about popular ship design software in
the Russian shipbuilding industry, including which software is used by
some of Russia?s most prominent shipbuilders.


These resources provide a good general overview of the evolution of
Russian shipbuilding during the post-Cold War/Soviet era.

As of 1998, there were 44 shipbuilding yards in Russia:
(This paper was cited earlier by rahulvaja-ga, who listed some other
very helpful resources for you.)

As of December 2001, there were 40 shipyards according to this report
in BISNIS (Business Information Service for Newly Independent States):
? ?OVERVIEW OF SHIPBUILDING INDUSTRY? Author: Irina Konstantinova,
Commercial Specialist, CS Vladivostok?:

That figure of 40 shipyards is also cited by the Federation of
American Scientists (FAS) in this December 2001 report:

See what appears to be a complete list of Russian shipyards at
The header says ?Military,? but I count 38 shipyards and design
bureaus, so this appears to be a complete list. (It?s possible that
two more shipyards closed since the previously cited 2001 data.)


At the above link you can see which kinds of ships each shipyard or
design bureau specializes in, and you can click the hyperlinks to
profiles of each shipbuilder listed.

Among the Design Bureaus cited there is Severnoye Design Bureau, which
is also mentioned by Naval Architect in an article I?ve cited for you.
(It appears farther down this answer).

From FAS:
 ?The State Owned Enterprise Severnoye Design Bureau is a leading firm
in Russia company in designing of the modern fleet. The Severnoye
Design Bureau (SDB) emerged in the shipbuilding industry in April

?The Severnoye Design Bureau has been Russia?s leading designer of
combatant surface ships of all major classes. More than 550 ships with
total displacement of about 1.5 million tons have been built in
accordance to the designs of the Bureau. These range from escort ships
with a displacement of 1,200 tons to nuclear-powered cruisers, and
include corvettes, frigates, destroyers, dry freight ships, chemical
tankers, scientific research vessels and refrigerator ships.?

Also see this article on the Institute, ?Russia is Leader in Naval
Shipbuilding Technologies,? published by Military Parade, January
(Scroll down the page to see the article, which focuses on the Central
Research Institute of Shipbuilding Technology.)

See FAS?s report on the ?Central Research Institute of Shipbuilding Technology?:

Also see Nevskoye Planning and Design Bureau: 
From GlobalSecurity.Org:
?Russia's primary designer of large surface vessels.?

STATISTICS: Military/Commercial Shipbuilding: Including Exports, Book
Order: Military and Commercial:

You should find this lengthy 2005 report from the Rand Corporation,
?Differences Between Military and Commercial Shipbuilding Implications
for the United Kingdom?s Ministry of Defence,? of great interest:

Despite the title?s reference to the UK, this report also contains
statistics on Russian military and commercial ship production and
exports, while providing some solid context on how Russia compares to
other countries.

Scroll down to page 7: ?The Soviet Union began the Cold War with a
great burst of military shipbuilding, as measured by the number of
ships in the 1950s (Figure 2.1). Comparing Figures 2.1 and 2.2 reveals
that the Soviet strategy changed in the 1960s, from large numbers of
small ships to smaller numbers of large ships. This pattern continued
through the 1970s and 1980s, but Russian shipbuilding slowed in the
1990s and virtually ceased by the end of the century.? (You?ll see the
two tables referenced.)

Scroll down to page 19 to ?Table 2.2: Projected Military Ship
Production, 2003?2012.? You?ll see Russia is expected to build 20
military ships for export; none for domestic use.

Page 56: ?Section 5.5 Germany, France, and Russia Dominate the
Projected Military Ship Export Market?

Page 57: ?Table 4.1 World Commercial Shipbuilding Order Book, January
2003.? Russia is 20th on the list.

Page 75: ?Table 5.1 Projected Military Ship Export Market, 2003?2012.?
Continuing on to pages 76 and 77, you?ll see some specifics for
Russia: including a breakdown of the specific types of ships being
built for export at two leading Russian shipyards Baltiisky Zavod and
Severnoe Design Bureau. These ships include ?Patrol boat (various), ?
?Destroyer? and ?Frigate.?

Page 78: ?Table 5.2 Projected Military Ship Production, 2003?2012.?
Russia is 3rd. On Page 79, see the pie chart which shows that Russia
is responsible for 19% of production of military shipbuilding

Page 81: ?Table 5.4 Projected Value of Military Ship Export Market,
2003?2012, by Exporter and Ship Type (in $ millions).?


Demand in the Russian ship-building industry is shifting to the civil
market: merchant ships, and the oil and other natural reserve
industries. However, Russia remains a dominant player in naval ship
production and export.

See the editorial ?Russian shipbuilding: a sleeping giant re-awakes,?
from the September 2002 edition of  The Naval Architect (which is
published by RINA, Britain?s Royal Institution of Naval Architects):

The article cites key player Severnoye Design Bureau of St.
Petersburg: ? Formerly, Severnoye's primary skills lay in naval
technology but today the company has re-structured itself much more
towards the merchant shipbuilding scene . . . .?

?Yards such as Severnaya Verf are in an ideal position to lead here,
with a possible 15-ship series of the Valday-class cargo ship project
at Severnaya Verf.?

In fact, the Valday-class cargo ship project ?are being hailed as the
first major orders by a Russian owner at a domestic shipyard since the
break-up of the Soviet Union.?

At the bottom of the page you?ll see a note that the September 2002
issue of The Naval Architect contains a special feature story on
changes in the Russian naval industry.

Also see the editorial from September 2005 issue of  The Naval
Architect. ?Oil, gas, and minerals spur Russia's marine industries?:

You can?t read the Naval Architect online, but you may order specific
issues from RINA here:  


?Russian Shipbuilders May Earn $10Bln From Export,? The Moscow News, May 20, 2004:
?The export of Russian combat vessels to such countries as China,
India, Algeria and Brazil may bring in over $10 billion in the nearest
future, says Boris Kuzyk, general director of New Programs and
Concepts (NPC) Ltd.?

?World Navies Today: Russia? from Haze Gray & Underway:

Also see the previously cited FAS report on military ship contracts

Of possible interest: You can review Russia?s fleet at this link
?Related Photo Features: Soviet & Russian Navy 1950's through 1990's?:
You can link your way to a wealth of photos of military ships and subs
built from the 1950s to the 1990s.

I can?t find a definitive market share leader, but Foran Systems and
Tribon Solution AB (sold to AVEVA in 2004), seem to be predominant.

At the previously cited 2002 Naval Architect article, ?Russian
shipbuilding: a sleeping giant re-awakes?:
?Leading design offices and yards are already using or planning to use
the latest versions of premier CAD/CAM integrated software, such as
Tribon and Foran . . . .?


AVEVA claims its Tribon software is used by 80% of the world?s leading
ship builders, and they have an impressive list of clients in Russia.

See this July 12, 2005 press release from AVEVA, posted at CIMdata:
?Product News AVEVA Announces The Launch Of VANTAGE Marine 11.6?: 
?AVEVA has released its first solution to bring together its flagship
PDMS technology with that of Tribon, the leading shipbuilding system
it acquired in 2004. VANTAGE Marine 11.6.?

? . . .The Tribon system is already used by 80% of the world's top 50
shipbuilders and is being used for the design of more than 33% of all
ship projects worldwide. It offers a complete solution from initial
design and analysis . . . .?

At its corporate site, AVEVA notes under ?Milestones? that it
?acquired Tribon Solutions AB, the world's most successful
shipbuilding solutions company . . .?

In this April 21, 2004 press release, posted at PR Newswire, Richard
King, AVEVA's Chairman, stated: "The Tribon acquisition will extend
our business into the adjacent and complementary sector of
shipbuilding. Tribon is the leading provider of engineering IT
solutions to the shipbuilding sector . . .?

Magnus Feldt, Marketing Manager Marine Solutions for AVEVA, replied to
my inquiry explaining that he cannot provide sales or market share
information. But he did list all Tribon clients in Russia:

?Admiralty Shipyards
Baltsudoservice Ltd.
Central Marine Design Bureau Almaz
CJSC ES "Concord"
Iceberg Design Bureau JSC
JSC Astrakhan Shipwright
Marine Technology Development Ltd., Branch Office
Nevskoye Design Bureau
PCB Petrobalt Ltd. Design Bureau
Proteus Training Center
Rybinsk Shipbuilding Plant
Sevmashvtuz University
St.Petersburg State Marine Technical University
Vympel Design Bureau JSC
Vympel Shipyard
Yantar Commercial Shipyard?

(The first client listed, Admiralty Shipyard, is mentioned as the one
of the most significant shipyards in Russia in my first citation, the
1999 report ?SHIPBUILDING IN NORTHWEST RUSSIA?. You can visit
Admiralty?s homepage at: ) 

Go to AVEVA?s site to check out their ?Library,? which provides an
overview of some of their programs:

At their ?Press Releases? page, scroll down to find several
Russia-related developments: 

You can also learn about AVEVA from this overview, written by Rachel
Meyer, at Hoover?s Online:

See this May 24, 2005 press release from Foran:
?Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RMRS) has issued the Approval
Certificate for FORAN naval architectural calculations.?

Here?s some press releases from Foran re: sales of licenses in Russia,
including a major sale to JSC Vyborg Shipyard

You can review a complete list of Foran System?s Russian clients at this page:

SEVERNAYA VERFT Russia Shipyard 
NOVIT Russia Design Bureau 
AKO BARSS VYBORG  Russia Shipyard? 

Admiralty Shipyards also uses Foran Systems software. See this press
SUDOSTROENIE 5 2004 /SHIPBUILDING/? at SET (Shipbuilding, Engineering,
Transport) &:
Scroll down to subheader ?INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES?:
You?ll see that Admiralty uses  CAD/CAM systems from Foran, as well as Tribon.

You can review Foran System?s various CAD/CAE/CAM software programs at this page:

Design Systems and Technologies (DS&T)

This October 1, 2003 press release announced DST?s partnership with
Marine Technologies Ltd., of Kaliningrad, Russia:
Marine Technologies Ltd.:

Marine Technologies has its own two shipyards in Russia, SEVMASH and Zvezdochka:

You can review their software page at:
That page is in Russian. For English, the site refers you back to DS&T
for information on ?CAD/CAM/CAE software.?

Marine Technologies also sells HydroComp marine software:

Baltiysky Zavod:

According to the DMOZ Open Directory, this is the largest shipyard in Russia: 

See their homepage:
? . . . Baltiysky Zavod . . . holds a monopoly among the Russian
shipyards in the construction of surface ships and ships with a
nuclear power plant.

? . . . Lately the construction of civil ships has become our prime
goal. Nowadays Baltiysky Zavod has established a reputation as a
reliable supply source of commercial ships among owners all over the
world. Chemical carriers, floating power supply units, icebreaking
ships for offshore oil/gas fields support are the priority projects
for the yard.?

Review the company?s ?CAL Technologies?: 

This ?Pilot Project,? utilizing CAD/CAM and PDM, should be of interest to you:

Also see Russoft, which according to Wikipedia:
?. . .is a multi-national association of software companies of Russia,
Ukraine and Belarus..
 ?RUSSOFT exists to enhance marketing and advocacy for the software
industry within the territories of the former Soviet Union.?

See Russoft?s homepage: 

There, I searched for shipbuilding and found only one IT firm in
Russia that develops software for ship design, NovIT Spb. There was
also a link to this article ? NovIT Spb. Company Profile. Directory of
offshore software development services providers from Russia and the
former Soviet Un [1]?

See NovIT Spb;s homepage:

Their list of clients in Russia can be found at the very bottom of this page:
?? Northern shipyard; 
? PCB "Severnoye"; 
? PCB "Almaz";
? North-Western branch of joint-stock company "MegaFon";
? "Zvezdochka"; 
? "Sevmashpredpriyatie"; 
? Chernomorsky Shipyard; 
? Joint-stock company Plant ?Krasnoe Sormovo? "

Explore their Design Department here:

Their ?Projection Department? lists types of ships under design:


These links may be of interest to you:

At the International Science & Technology Center (ISTC), Russia:
I found these resources:

Krylov Central Research Institute:

Scroll down the page to:

?ISTC Relations?   

?Throughout its more than a century-long history, the Krylov Institute
has always been the primary research institution of the national
shipbuilding industry.?

See the red numbers that are hyperlinked under ?ISTC Relations.? You
can click on those to see which projects Krylov is working on with

Scroll farther down the page to the subheader ?Description of Research
Activity, which provides a good roundup of Krylov?s current R&D

Laser Tanker-Docking System:
Board Systems for Preventing Air and Naval Accidents
This software development project is being conducted by ISTC in
conjunction with an ?Independent Inventor, Moscow, Russia.?

?In accordance with the software (to be developed and installed in a
board computer), the system analyses data from distance measuring
equipment (to be mounted aboard an aircraft or ship) and from other
board sensors, and control data from a pilot or the ground service,
and generates resulting control data (to be transferred to aircraft or
ship drives). Handling, communicating and distance measuring
equipment, board sensors and aircraft or ship drives are connected
with a board computer as standard external units.?
Search Strings:

list OR database AND "shipyards in Russia"
demand ship building design +Russia
demand AND design AND ship building AND Russia
market share AND "software for shipbuilding" AND Russia
"top-selling software for shipbuilding" AND Russia
ship building design software +Russia  
Foran + marketshare +shipbuilding +Russia
Tribon AND marketshare OR sales AND Russia
AVEVA AND shipbuilding AND sales AND Russia
"Foran Systems" AND Russia
shipbuilding and design software AND Russia
metrics +russian shipbuilding
Russia AND leading naval design firms
Russia AND leading design bureau AND ship OR naval
Russia AND shipbuilding software
CAD designed facilities +shipbuilding +Russia

I hope my research is of help to you. If you need help navigating any
of the above links, please post a ?Request For Clarification? and I
will assist you.

Best regards,
Google Answers Researcher
Subject: Re: ship design and building software
From: myoarin-ga on 17 Sep 2005 06:46 PDT
Just a guess about that deleted comment:  It might have wondered about
the word "destruction" in original question, maybe with some wild
speculation about Russian shipbuilding.
Subject: Re: ship design and building software
From: rahulvaja-ga on 21 Sep 2005 01:20 PDT
hi there,

i have search some links for you. it may help to you to getting your answer

on ship  design and building software


just look at onece on above links otherwise i dont know about shiping industry

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