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Q: Training dogs to poop where you want them to. ( No Answer,   4 Comments )
Subject: Training dogs to poop where you want them to.
Category: Family and Home > Pets
Asked by: johnprose-ga
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Posted: 02 Oct 2005 07:23 PDT
Expires: 11 Oct 2005 12:14 PDT
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I have several dogs in my household. Two retrievers are my own and
three wiener dogs are my companions. (So actually, it's more like 3
full size dogs)The problem is that the three wiener dogs insist on
pooping outside in the most inconvenient areas where we all wish to
walk. I have 6 acres of rural land and these three wieners will only
poop on the stone driveway where the most foot traffic exists.
To this point, I've  tried 10 boxes of Repel. This stuff smells nice
and is supposed to keep the pups from pooping. It doesn't work and
with over 1000 square feet of driveway to cover, its' rather
expensive. How do I coax the wieners to poop in the grass with the
retrievers and not on the driveway? I use invisible fence collars to
keep all dogs on the property and due to the layout of the land,
fencing off the driveway would most likely not be practical. The other
suggestion that I have had is to take each dog on a leash to the grass
and wait till they poop, then praise. Again, this would not be
practical. (Two poops / pup / day  )

Request for Question Clarification by tutuzdad-ga on 11 Oct 2005 06:39 PDT
Would you like me to provide you with some safe and effective chemical
solutions such as this one?

Repel Away by Farnam
"Use Repal Away in outdoor areas that pets aren't allowed, including
gardens, flower beds, shrubs and garbage cans. The gel crystals
contain a scent that pets don't like and won't go near. Effective in
most weather conditions -- works rain or shine."


PS:  I trained dogs professionally law enforcement for many years.


Clarification of Question by johnprose-ga on 11 Oct 2005 09:29 PDT
As I stated in the original post, Repel has been ineffective. They
ignored it and pooped on it anyways. I am thinking that a chemical
solution is the only viable option, unfortunatly, Repel just isn't it.
There is no answer at this time.

Subject: Re: Training dogs to poop where you want them to.
From: cynthia-ga on 10 Oct 2005 21:22 PDT
I had 2 retired racing greyhounds, they were easliy trained to go in
one corner of the yard. I trained them as the rescue place
recommended, took them on a leash to the area repeatedly, --but you
have no time for that.

Not to disuade you, but without human intervention: guiding them,
showing them what you DO want, and Praising for good behavior at the
excat moment it happens, it is unlikely they will go anywhere except
where they want. Other methods of "attempting to train them" will only
be confusing to them, since they get no feedback.

In my opinion, it is unfair to the dogs to expect anything, when you
are not willing to interact with them, they can't connect the action
with a DESIRE on your part for them to do something, they are getting
no feedback... And feedback after the fact is toooo late.
Subject: Re: Training dogs to poop where you want them to.
From: johnprose-ga on 11 Oct 2005 05:40 PDT
I believe that this is a forum for answers, not for opinionated
commentary. Ms Cynthia's comment does nothing to solve the issue.
Let me clarify further. These dogs have lots of human interaction and
are able to have a life that is what most dogs desire. During daylight
hours, they are outside if they wish and inside when they wish.
Mostly, they spending their days outside roaming freely over 6 acres
doing what dogs love most. They are very happy and very well cared
I will state the problem again: These dogs have 6 acres to poop on,
but choose only to poop on my driveway. I need a workable solution
that prevents them from pooping on the 1 percent of property that I
don't want them to.
Please, no more commentary, just answers.
Subject: Re: Training dogs to poop where you want them to.
From: tlspiegel-ga on 11 Oct 2005 09:59 PDT
The bottom line:  Remove all traces of feces odor on the driveway. 
Because you say it's a stone driveway, I'm going to assume it's not
just plain old cement.

Cement 'could' be treated.  Stone probably couldn't be treated effectively.  

Then... after it's treated, it will be up to you to monitor the dogs
so they go to the bathroom in a VERY small area of grass where you
feel it's appropriate.  Most desirable would be far away from the
stone driveway, of course.  However, you want them to go where you can
comfortably take them on a leash and proceed to encourage them to do
their business, praise, stay a while and then come back to your house.
 You'll do this several times a day.  In less than a few weeks, with
proper training by you with the dogs interacting with them on each and
every visit - you'll have solved your problem.

If they have an accident in the house, on the stone driveway, etc.,
you don't react - you clean it up and ignore the incident.

There's more to this than the brief comment I made, but in essence
this is what needs to be accomplished by you with the dogs.
Subject: Re: Training dogs to poop where you want them to.
From: tlspiegel-ga on 11 Oct 2005 10:02 PDT
Hi again,

I answered a 'similar' question at:

Pertinent information:
One of the first things you'll want to do is effectively remove all
odors from areas where she has had an accident.  A dog may be
triggered to urinate indoors by the smell of the spot where he
previously went.  A dog's sense of smell is 200 times greater than a
human nose!

Two well known products that are good odor neutralizers are Nature's
Miracle Stain & Odor Remover, and Un-Duz-It.  Vets can also recommend
efficient products.

When cleaning up accidents in your home, Do not use ammonia-based
products, as their odor resembles urine and may draw your dog back to
urinate in the same spot again.

When outside choose the spot were you want her to do her business
carefully and she should be taken out on leash to the same designated
spot each time.

This is not walk time or play time; stand in approximately the same
spot and wait for your dog to eliminate. If she does, praise her
enthusiastically. Don?t immediately rush back into the house with her.
 Because she will learn to hold on and not eliminate so that she can
get more time outdoors. Instead walk a few minutes or give her a
minute or two of playtime.

When she has successfully peed and pooped outside, don?t fully clean
up the spot, but leave a trace of urine or feces to provide a scent
that will remind her what she is supposed to do there.

There may be an occasional accident in the house. If there is one
don?t hit, don't yell, and don't rub her nose in it.

Dogs cannot make a connection between your punishment and earlier behavior.

The result of hitting, yelling and punishment will eventually lead to
her being afraid of you.  Just clean up the mess without making a
fuss, and apply one of the odor eliminators/neutralizers.

If you actually catch your dog in the act of eliminating inside the
house, interrupt her and take her outside to the proper place (without
harsh words or punishment). If she eliminates outside, praise her.
Remember to be patient, some dogs take longer than others to

Learn to use the same simple words for accidents and for praise. 

"Nah nah" or "No", for accidents.  

"GOOD GIRL" or "GOOD DOG" or "GOOD (name)"  Praise with joy and
enthusiasm in your voice.  Smile!

Eventually you can get her to go on demand, by teaching her simple
words for elimination. "Go Potty", "Go Poop", "Make Pee".

If you are consistent, watchful, and use the crate, a dog can usually
be housebroken in couple of weeks.

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