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Q: Why discard Advair after one month? ( Answered 4 out of 5 stars,   1 Comment )
Subject: Why discard Advair after one month?
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Asked by: lab14-ga
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Posted: 04 Oct 2005 22:03 PDT
Expires: 03 Nov 2005 21:03 PST
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Why do you have to discard Advair after one month, even if all the
capsules have not been used?
Subject: Re: Why discard Advair after one month?
Answered By: crabcakes-ga on 05 Oct 2005 00:02 PDT
Rated:4 out of 5 stars
Hello Lab14,


   One reason for discarding the Advair Diskus after one month, is to
keep you current on doses. If taking the Advair as directed, you
should not have any doses left after a month. Advair is a controller
medication, and not to be used as a rescue inhaler, such as Ventolin.

The primary reason for using a fresh Discus each month is for
freshness! Once the sealed pouch is open, the discus can dry out, and
the meedicine can lose potency.

"Always keep the DISKUS in a dry place.

 Discard 1 month after removal from the moisture-protective foil
overwrap pouch or after  every blister has been used (when the dose
indicator reads ?0?), whichever comes first."

"The inhaler contents should be used within 1 month after opening the
moisture-protective foil wrap or before the expiration date, whichever
comes first."

Advair Diskus is a green product, that is, environmentally friendly,
using no chlor-fluro-carbons!
"Packagers are now routinely printing with water-based inks, more
environmentally friendly than solvent-based inks. When possible, firms
are even looking into environmentally friendly packaging designs. For
instance, GlaxoSmith-Kline introduced a new packaging design for its
Serevent and new Advair inhaled products called Diskus that does not
use CFCs."

I hope this has helped! 

Regards, Crabcakes

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Request for Answer Clarification by lab14-ga on 05 Oct 2005 09:16 PDT
Would it ever be harmful to take Advair that is more than one month
(but less than 2 months) old?
Thank you!

Clarification of Answer by crabcakes-ga on 05 Oct 2005 09:47 PDT
Hi Lab14,

   "Medications are categorized into two general classes: long-term
control medications used to achieve and maintain control of persistent
asthma and quick-relief (rescue) medications used to treat acute
symptoms and exacerbations. The most effective medications for
long-term therapy are those that have anti-inflammatory effects.
Clients with persistent asthma require both classes of medication."

"# Long-acting beta2-agonists such as salmeterol (Serevent) enhance
the effectiveness of inhaled corticosteroid therapy, especially in
controlling EIB and nighttime symptoms (Greening et al., 1994;
Woolcock et al., 1996). Daily use of long-acting beta2-agonists
generally should not exceed 84 mcg (salmeterol=four puffs).
# Salmeterol is not to be used for treatment of acute symptoms or exacerbations.
# Client education regarding correct use of salmeterol is critical.
# Clients should be instructed not to stop anti-inflammatory therapy
while taking salmeterol even though their symptoms may significantly

"Salmeterol is also contained in the asthma drugs Serevent Diskus and
Advair Diskus. Manufacturer Glaxo-Wellcome sent a Safety Alert letter
to health professionals advising them of these findings. More
information on this study is available at (U.S. Food and Drug
Administration, 2003)."

"In order for this medicine to help prevent asthma attacks, it must be
used every day in regularly spaced doses, as ordered by your doctor.

Rinsing your mouth with water after each dose may help prevent
hoarseness, throat irritation, and infection in the mouth. However, do
not swallow the water after rinsing."

"# Store at room temperature.
# Do not store in the bathroom, near the kitchen sink, or in other
damp places. Heat or moisture may cause the medicine to break down."

Using a Diskus that is older than one month, but less than two months
old will not *hurt* you, however, you will not be getting the proper
dose as each day goes by. Exposure of the Diskus to heat and humidity
can affect the potency of the medicine contained inside. Obviously the
medicine does not lose potency at the stroke of midnight on the last
day of the month. Thepotency will decrease a bit each day.

If your asthme is not of a level and grade that keeping it under
control is an issue, then a few days of a month old plus Diskus would
not harm you. Keep in mind any more than that will cause the
controlling and cumulative effect of Advair to be weakened.

Your best bet, for the best preventative effect, is to use a fresh
Advair Diskus each month.

The expiration date on an Advair Diskus box is intended for an
UNOPENED Diskus. Once the foil pouch is open, the Diskus expires in 31

With all due respect, the comment by Brady173 is inaccurate, is an
opinion, and is not backed up by any supporting evidence.

Regards, Crabcakes

Clarification of Answer by crabcakes-ga on 05 Oct 2005 15:07 PDT
Hello again...

  I mispoke when I said the Discus could dry out. I meant to say they
should be kept DRY. Moisture and humidity are to avoided to maintain
the medication at full strength.

  Regards, Crabcakes
lab14-ga rated this answer:4 out of 5 stars
Thanks for your help!

Subject: Re: Why discard Advair after one month?
From: crabcakes-ga on 05 Oct 2005 09:19 PDT
Please disregard the comment above. Advair is NOT to be used as
needed. The effects of Advair are cumulative, and it will NOT work as
a rescue inhaler, or a preventative if not used regularly.

The commenter must be thinking of Ventolin or other rescue inhalers.

Regards, Crabcakes

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