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Q: How to sell real estate services to Medical Technology Companies ( Answered,   3 Comments )
Subject: How to sell real estate services to Medical Technology Companies
Category: Business and Money
Asked by: dono1420-ga
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Posted: 16 Oct 2005 12:15 PDT
Expires: 15 Nov 2005 11:15 PST
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I provide tenant representation services and want to market my real
estate services to Medical Technology companies.  I need specific
advice on the pertinent real estate issues for Med. Tech. companies -
especially organizations between $20 and $50M in sales.  The ultimate
goal is getting hired for to provide tenant representation services.

Deliverables would be - how to get a meeting with the CEO, how to
differentiate yourself from the compeitition, how to get hired, how to
add critical value to the company, templates, questionairres,
analytical tools, key lease language, typical tenant improvement
allowances, how to finance improvements, how to allay landlord
concerns for credit enhancements, key facility terminology (classes of
clean rooms, security, etc.)

Request for Question Clarification by czh-ga on 19 Oct 2005 17:36 PDT
Hello dono1420-ga,

I?ve had your question locked for the past couple of days. I think
I?ve finally found some productive searches and I should have the
information you need shortly. I know customers sometimes wonder if a
question is locked for a long stretch without getting an answer.

Please expand for me on what you mean by ?pertinent real estate issues
for Med. Tech. companies?? What are the issues you?re already aware
of? Also, are you interested in any particular field of medical
technology? Do you offer special capabilities? Where are you located
and what are the geographic limits of the market you hope to serve?
What is your background in the industry and what attracts you to
serving the medical technology market?

If you have already done some research in this area it would be
helpful to find out what you already know and at what point you gave
up the search. The more you can tell me about the background and
context of your question, the more likely I will be able to get you
the information you need.

I look forward to your clarification.

~ czh ~

Clarification of Question by dono1420-ga on 24 Oct 2005 14:50 PDT
I am located in Minneapolis and focusing on smallish medical device
companies ($20M - $100M) that want to grow and then be bought out by
Medtronic, Boston Sci. and Guidant.  Pertinent real estate issues are
- illustrating how good real estate solutions enhance shareholder
value, key ways real estate negotiations can enhance shareholder
value, how to build flexibility in a lease in case they sell, how to
finance improvements, how to create cost effective critical
environments (i.e. clean rooms).

My background is financial and I work in the real estate industry
Subject: Re: How to sell real estate services to Medical Technology Companies
Answered By: czh-ga on 31 Oct 2005 16:20 PST
Hello again dono1420-ga,

You?re in a very tough business as a tenant representative in
commercial real estate specializing in medical technologies. The niche
is hard to find and resources directed at this niche are limited.
Identifying specific companies in the financial bracket you defined is
also difficult.

You posed a spectrum of questions dealing with how to position
yourself to be attractive to the decision makers who deal with real
estate issues in your target companies. I?ve done extensive research
to see if anyone has collected this information in a book, directory
or portal but I haven?t been able to find such a comprehensive
resource. Instead, I found segmented sources that you will have to
interpret and sort and then collate the information for your purposes.

I?ve collected information about the current state of the real estate
market for medical technologies and the related fields of biotech and
life sciences. I?ve also identified the regional biotech clusters. In
addition, I?ve identified leading players in tenant representation in
this field and associations, organizations and publications that
specialize in monitoring the industry.

I believe that the information I?ve collected will answers most of the
questions you asked about how to do business development in your
specialty area.

Best wishes for tremendous success.

~ czh ~

Colliers International Property Consultants, Inc.
Commercial Real Estate Consultants
Annual Review and Analysis of Real Estate Trends in the Life Sciences
Industry (The Alchemy Report)
Summer 2004

***** This is a 75-page report that gives a comprehensive review of
the real estate industry in the regional life sciences clusters and
emerging markets in the US and world wide.

Who's Behind Biotech? - industry growth, office space demand
National Real Estate Investor,  June 1, 2003 

Assessing the Fundamentals
How much demand is there for real estate product built for biotech
tenants? Cambridge, Mass., the epicenter of biotech space on the East
Coast, offers a clue. David Clem, managing partner of Lyme Properties
LLC in Cambridge, one of the leading developers of wet-lab space in
the Boston area, says that over the past 10 years the Cambridge market
absorbed an average of 400,000 to 500,000 sq. ft. of biotech space
annually. Clem believes that in certain underserved markets, such as
greater Philadelphia, Baltimore and New York, similar demand exists.

***** This is a long article that discusses the complex issues
involved in the biotech real estate market.

Washington Biotechnology & Biomedical Association

In our "Facilities" section you can access local supporting resources,
and information about available biotechnology and medical device
facilities available for sale, lease or sublease within Washington, by
region or nationwide.

***** Check out the related real estate links on this page that might
help you with identifying leads and opportunities.

Industry Directory -- Public Access

Welcome to the Industry Directory, an informational resource
for biotechnology, medical device companies, and research
organizations in the state of Washington. The directory
includes "MEMBERS" of the Washington Biotechnology & Biomedical
Association (WBBA) and ALL non-member biotechnology and medical device
companies, and non-profit research organizations located in the state
of Washington.

Please note that you are accessing a "LIMITED CONTENT PUBLIC" version
of the Industry Directory. Access to the "COMPLETE" industry
directory is an WBBA Membership Benefit.
WBBA Members

Company Name:
Year Established:
Company Description 

***** The directory lists 200+ companies with a profile of each as
shown. Unfortunately you have to click on each one by one to access
the profile. Most of the companies are very small but there are some
that are within your specified range. There are some real estate
companies included as well.

Real Estate

2nd Annual Houston Life Sciences Real Estate & Facilities Conference

The 2nd Annual Houston Life Sciences Real Estate & Facilities
Conference offers participants insight into all aspects of research
facilities.  Changes in Houston's lab real estate landscape will be
discussed by industry leaders.  Participants will learn about planned
and on-going projects in the area, capital financing approaches and
the latest design and construction methods for functional, flexible
labs.  Attendees will engage in a dialogue with a range of experts
from academic research institutions, community development and
industry, and get practical advice to better understand and resolve
their facility challenges.

Biotech real estate needs are highly specialized

***** This is a fairly long article that discusses the challenges and
opportunities in the biotech real estate market.

Metro Atlanta Bioscience Industry - Real Estate


Growth of Biotech Industry Drives Commercial Real Estate Developers to
Invest Over $1.5 Billion, an Advisory from
8/31/2005 4:45:00 AM EST

Moving far beyond the more traditional inventory of standard
commercial office space, real estate firms across the country have
begun amassing millions of square of feet of mixed-use space targeting
biotech and life science companies.

National Association of Industrial And Office Properties
Understanding Corporate Real Estate ? Biotech

 -- What Do Companies Want in Biotech Space?
 -- Biotech: How Specialized is the Space?
 -- Biotech: What Does It Cost?
 -- Lease Flexibility Tops Concern of Corporate Real Estate Execs Today
 -- Making Your Case to City Planners
 -- Biotech: How Specialized is the Space?

Minnesota Bioscience Initiative
Minnesota?s Bioscience Industry

***** Browse through the resources offered here that provide you with
a good overview of what is going on with bioscience and medical
technology in Minnesota.

Medtech Insight provides business information and intelligence on new
trends, technologies, and companies in the medical device,
diagnostics, and biotech marketplace.  We offer a broad range of
products and services for medical technology executives, including:

 -- The Medtech Insight Newsletter
 -- Medical Technology Investment & Partnering Conferences
 -- Market & Technology Reports

Advanced Medical Technology Association
The Medical Technology Industry at a Glance ? 2004

***** This is a 68-page report that gives an excellent overview of the industry.


BioSpace is globally recognized as the leading provider of web-based
resources and information to the life science industry. For 20 years
BioSpace has helped to accelerate communication and discovery among
business and scientific leaders in the biopharmaceutical market. With
a well-established site infrastructure and loyal online audience of
over 1 million unique monthly visitors, offers an
unparalleled distribution channel for recruitment, investment,
product, event and other life science industry messages.

Hotbed Communities
BioSpace's world-renowned Hotbed Communities highlight clusters of
life science industry. As regions compete for resources, these
marketing and branding campaigns help to attract capital, talent and
other resources to specific geographic areas.

***** This is an immense portal that provides a broad spectrum of
background information about biotech and life sciences and includes
some relevant resources for medical technologies as well. Exploring
the wealth of resources offered here could enhance your business
development activities.

Signs of Life: The Growth of Biotechnology Centers in the U.S.

by Joseph Cortright and Heike Mayer
June 2002 

Irving Levin Associates, Inc. ? Publications

The Medical Technology Acquisition Record
NEW! The way to stay up-to-date on transactions in the active biotech,
medical device, pharmaceutical and e-health M&A markets. While other
segments lag in deals, the medical technology segments are still going
strong. Get quarterly updates on all publicly announced transactions
in these segments--fully verified and accurate--delivered to your
desk. You get all the available details--not just the ?who bought
what? that you get with other services. You control the length of your
subscription. Just pay one annual bill or credit card charge. Cancel
at any time.

Life Science Market Research Reports: Healthcare Market Research &
Life Science Industry Reports

Healthcare market research reports provide strategic insight into the
products and technologies driving industry growth. Choose a category
below to find reports in biotechnology, diagnostics, medical devices,
pharmaceuticals, and the life science industry.

MX: Business Strategies for Medical Technology Executives features
market analysis, business development strategies, and public policy
updates. MX is a valuable resource for finding proven ways to fund
company growth, streamline company operations, and compete better in
global markets.

Real Estate

Tenant Representation 
A tenant representation agent, commonly known as a "tenant rep,"
represents companies and other corporate clients looking to lease or
buy either a portion of a property or an entire real estate asset. A
large part of this job involves business development. Since tenant
reps are often responsible for building their own book of business,
prospecting for new clients is a big part of the job. Like residential
agents, tenant reps are left to their own devices to find prospects.
Although there's some direction by the broker and senior tenant reps
in the office, for the most part you're cold-calling tenants or
companies. First, you need to give the person on the other end of the
phone a compelling reason to meet with you, then you must pitch the
business. It's a tough sell.

Tenant representation is very competitive, even cutthroat. You're not
only competing against outside reps but those inside your office. In
fact, some tenant rep brokers think the competition inside is worse
than outside the shops. Often there are disputes about who is entitled
to chase what business. Ultimately, the senior brokers tend to win.
Deal protocol is important to consider when you're selecting brokers
because often there are disputes are common among tenant reps.

All Tenants All the Time 
Tenant representatives offer a different view of the corner office.

Regardless of market cycles, an estimated 3 percent to 10 percent of
brokers focus exclusively on representing tenants. While maintaining
good landlord relationships and following win-win negotiation
strategies, their bias is strictly in favor of their clients. In
addition, these specialized commercial real estate brokers utilize
market nuances and work in conjunction with tenants? legal advisers to
structure lease clauses and terms that best meet their clients? needs.

Analyze This 
Count on These Investment-Analysis Programs to Help You Crunch the Numbers.

In an informal e-mail survey, respondents mentioned almost all the
products listed here. Many rated simplicity and user-friendliness as
features they value in a product, as well as flexibility ? such as the
ability to profile different property types in one analysis.

The following list of investment-analysis programs is for
informational purposes only. Contact companies directly for more
specific information. Most companies have demonstration or trial
versions on their Web sites that users can download for free.

Products of Realm Business Solutions, Inc.
3050 Post Oak Blvd, Suite 900
Houston, TX 77056

Phone: (866) MyRealm
International: (713) 621-4343
Fax: (713) 621-2787

The Financial Analysis Suite

As a Realm Solution, ARGUS, is part of a suite of financial analysis
product specifically designed to automate and empower commercial real
estate professionals. Other products in this suite include:

Investit Software Inc.

Contact Information:
Investit Software Inc.
1323 Greenbriar Way,
North Vancouver, B.C.   V7R 1M1
Telephone:   	(604) 878-1828
Fax:   	(604) 980-5509
Investit  real estate  software consists of six programs for real
estate investment analysis.  The following is a brief overview of each
program.  For more information and to view the entry screens, click on
the program name in the table below, or select from the following

Income Analysis Software
Telephone 412-606-9000
Toll Free in U.S. 1-800-444-9558
E-Mail to:
Investment Analyst

Our Income Analysis software enables real estate professionals to
analyze and value commercial property, applying advanced mathematical
techniques. Determine the value of income producing real estate, based
upon the yield requirements and projections of the analyst. Financing
(up to 3 loans), closing costs, selling expenses, income growth and
property appreciation are among the many factors considered. Holding
periods can range between 1 and 50 years. Reports can be printed,
pasted or saved to an Excel spreadsheet, PDF file, or RTF file.


Lease Cost Solutions® Inc.
150 West Iowa Ave., Suite 102
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
Tel: 408.253.4067
Toll Free: 1.866.757.3663
Fax: 408.253.4147
Products & Services 

We offer a variety of products for Lease vs. Lease analysis, Lease vs.
Buy, and Space Programming. We also offer services including
consulting, training, and outsourcing your analysis to us.

Most clients use either LseMod Tenant Rep or one of the three Gold
Series Lease vs. Lease programs (LseMod Corporate, International, or
Pro). Features are similar in each program - see Features and
Comparisons. Additionally, use the Advice section for a recommendation
based on your needs.

Analytic Associates
4817 Browndeer Lane 
Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90275
Voice: 800-959-3273 
Fax: 310-541-1152
planEASe Products 
(Commercial Investment Real Estate Software)

SS&C Technologies, Inc. 

Corporate Headquarters
Mail: 	80 Lamberton Road, Windsor, CT 06095 
Phone: 	+1-800-234-0556, +1-860-298-4500 
Fax: 	+1-860-298-4900
SKYLINE Commercial
One solution meeting all commercial property management needs


Investment Real Estate Analysis and Valuation Software for the
Investor, Broker, Agent, Consultant, Accountant, Appraiser and Lender.

TVC Enterprises, Inc. 
P.O. Box 1266 
Traverse City, Michigan 49685-1266 
Tel: (231) 946-0088 
Fax: (231) 946-3409

RealData, Inc.
P.O. Box 691
Southport, CT 06890

Real Estate Software


CCIM Institute
Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM)

Commercial Investment Real Estate Magazine

Conley Realty expands tenant representation business

Unlike traditional commercial brokerage services in which the broker
represents the property owner, tenant and buyer representation focuses
on the other side of the transaction.

The average company needs to make a major real estate decision only
every five or 10 years--where to locate a store, how much space to
take for a growing division, and when and where to move, Conley said.

Those decisions are crucial to a company's bottom line. CGS will do a
needs-assessment and can provide a wide variety of services on a
consulting basis.

About $80 million, or 90 percent of the company's business last year,
was tenant- representation work. Conley said regional demand for those
services will continue to grow.

The Total Facilities Solution, or The Perfect Wet Lab And How To Get It

Recently, LCS Constructors conducted a survey of life sciences
companies in and around Houston to assess both the current inventory
of laboratory and technical space, as well as the anticipated need for
such facilities. One result of the study was to identify the
facilities challenges these companies most commonly face.

Mr. Marc Scott ? Vice President, Construction: LCS Constructors, Inc.
is a general contractor and construction manager specializing in the
planning, construction and maintenance of laboratory and technical
Learn more about LCS at

Mr. Joe Siff: Lyme Properties is the third largest developer of life
sciences property in the United States.

Jay Tatum, AIA ? Vice President, Science & Technology: Hellmuth, Obata
+ Kassabaum is the largest U.S.-based architecture and engineering
firm. HOK's Science + Technology group (HOK S+T) programs, plans, and
designs all types of laboratories for academic, corporate, and
government clients.

Mr. Chris Klein ? Vice President, Life Sciences: Colliers
International is the leading commercial real estate services firm
serving the life sciences industry, providing owner and tenant
representation in leasing, acquisition, sale and financing for office,
laboratory and production/distribution properties.

Colliers International/Biotech Biomed Facilities

Company Description 
Colliers International, the largest real estate company in the world,
provides commercial real estate services including tenant
representation, facility relocation, consultation services, property
management and investment expertise. Specializing in the growing
biotech/biomedical industry, Colliers has proven to be the strong
force in representing many biotech/biomedical companies throughout the
country and the Puget Sound region.
Search for medical: 890 Results

Real Estate Report Showcases Biotech Hubs
Bio-IT World, 2004-07-01
by Shabnam Sigman 
Boston , Massachusetts

At Bio 2004, commercial real estate services firm Colliers
International and its partner Spaulding & Slye Colliers announced the
release of Alchemy, a global life science real estate report that
includes in-depth information about nine major life science
"clusters," as well as emerging markets.

According to Nancy Kelley, senior vice president and managing director
of life sciences for Spaulding & Slye and Colliers, the newness of the
life science real estate industry means that little information has
been available until now.  The Alchemy report "is the first review and
analysis of real estate trends," she said.

The 80-page report discusses the drivers and challenges in the life
science real estate industry, and explains the "geographic clustering"
effect.  It also details the features of life science real estate,
including design criteria and building services, and how to redesign
facilities for pharmaceutical manufacturing in order to reduce the
cost of drug discovery and development.

The Brookings Institution in 2002 identified nine economically strong
and growing life science biotech centers in the United States. 
Alchemy features overall characteristics, supply and demand dynamics,
and key trends for each of these major clusters.  Each section lists
major institutions and companies, the amount of available lab space,
and rental prices for that particular geographic area.

Corporate Real Estate Service Advisors


The Palo Alto and San Jose offices of CRESA Partners comprise the
Bay-Area's largest corporate real estate advisory firm focusing on
tenant representation and corporate services. CRESA Partners is one of
the nation's largest corporate real estate advisory firms focusing on
corporate services and tenant representation, with offices in 22 metro
centers throughout the nation. All offices are members of the CRESA
Alliance (Corporate Real Estate Service Advisors), which provides
access to more than 200 markets worldwide through its corporate
alliances in Europe and Asia.

The Burnham Life Sciences Group provides dedicated real estate
services to Southern California's growing biomedical and scientific
research industries.

The Burnham Life Sciences Group leads companies through complicated
approval processes and provides effective solutions to complex
floor-plate, wet lab and building system requirements.


tenant representation "medical technology"
tenant representation jobs
commercial real estate biotech OR biomed OR "med tech" OR "medical technology"
medical technology real estate
"tenant representation" "med tech" OR "medical technology" OR biotech
"medical technology"  real estate
"medical technology" OR biotech OR "life sciences" real estate
"medical technology"  mergers & acquisitions

Request for Answer Clarification by dono1420-ga on 02 Nov 2005 12:14 PST
I will be reviewing the info. in the coming two weeks and respond at
that time with a rating, etc.

Clarification of Answer by czh-ga on 02 Nov 2005 12:28 PST
Hello dono1420-ga,

Thank you for the update. It's a complex subject and the Information
you're looking for has not been collected in one place. Please don't
hesitate to ask for clarification as you review the materials I've

~ czh ~
Subject: Re: How to sell real estate services to Medical Technology Companies
From: roxrox-ga on 16 Oct 2005 13:14 PDT
I am not familiar with your field, "tenant representation services"
can you please give a description and summary of what these services
Subject: Re: How to sell real estate services to Medical Technology Companies
From: dono1420-ga on 17 Oct 2005 09:24 PDT
Tenant Representation services helps tenants with the leasing of
commercial real estate.  It includes finding the proper location,
negotiating lease terms and assisting with the construction/build-out
of the space.
Subject: Re: How to sell real estate services to Medical Technology Companies
From: roxrox-ga on 18 Oct 2005 12:34 PDT
hmmm, my guess is that nobody will provide an answer. It appears to me
that you are searching for information to develope a sub specialty of
your current field. I doubt that there is a source for the information
you are seeking. I's like asking someone to reply to "How do I become
an accountant & describe everything an accountant knows and does so I
can do it" See how broad your question is? Now that I think about it,
it is both broad and at the same time very narrow. You want a lot of
information about a very narrow type of service.

But you might get lucky and a peson who just happens to do this same
work for the last 20 years decides to look at Google Answers, finds
your question  and helps you out. Good Luck to you, I do hope you get

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