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Q: advertising for prostitution on the web ( Answered,   4 Comments )
Subject: advertising for prostitution on the web
Category: Family and Home
Asked by: halfpint50-ga
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Posted: 19 Oct 2005 21:04 PDT
Expires: 18 Nov 2005 20:04 PST
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I would like to know if sites like are legal in the state of Florida.
These women and girls are offering themselves on the internet for
sexual encounters with whomever is stupid enough to take them up on
it.  I am sure they are not offering it for free.  I believe this is
called prostitution. Again is this legal.  Where are the internet
police? My husband and his friend got involved in this and it has
caused many problems. I have email addresses of some of these women
that I pulled off my husbands email and some telephone numbers for
some of them. Why is this allowed when prostitution is illegal in this
state. These women live in Florida.
Subject: Re: advertising for prostitution on the web
Answered By: cynthia-ga on 20 Oct 2005 07:41 PDT
Hi halfpint50,

Actually, many women, --hundreds of thousands in fact, do offer sex
for free on the Internet, but online prostitution is a huge problem
that the Law Enforcement Community is slowly addressing. That is the
problem I will address for you.

The bad news: Sites like are legal, because most porn is
legal, but policing the sites for illegal activity is very difficult.
The good news: There are Florida --and Federal Agencies that will look
into the problem for you.

First, I want to arm you with the facts. This is a very large and
widespread problem.  Take a look at this article, it is talking mainly
about CA, but Florida has the same problem:

How the Internet is bringing the world?s oldest profession to a
neighborhood near you.
..."?I was shocked to see what was regularly posted on the Internet,?
Parodi says. ?I learned to my utter surprise that prostitution is no
longer that ?seedy? element mostly associated with the ?ghetto? or
large cities. It is everywhere...?  ....Anyone seeking a prostitute in
his neighborhood can Google a few obvious search terms and mouse-click
his way to upward of 50 different purveyors of sex......These
businesses range from strip-mall storefronts disguised as
massage-therapy studios to independent $300-an-hour prostitutes
advertising ?in call? in their hotel rooms or in their apartments..."

One more article:

Streetwalkers in cyberspace
..."Peter Gulotta, head of the FBI?s Innocent Images task force in
Baltimore, told MSNBC that the bureau is currently pursuing several
cases involving online prostitution rings that extend across state
lines, a prerequisite for federal involvement. Similar cases have been
brought in Dallas, Miami and Boston over the past several years, he

Indeed, prostitution is illegal in Florida.  Here's the statutes:

The 2005 Florida Statutes - CHAPTER 796 - PROSTITUTION

And --the state of Florida does care, and take action, however that
action may very well be 'long in coming' because the investigations
cross state lines, involve multiple states (and sometimes countries).


..."The mission of the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation (MBI) to
remove narcotics, organized crime and illegal vice organizations from
Central Florida continued in 2002 through teamwork by the thirteen
(13) member agencies that contribute to the MBI Task Force.  In
addition, during 2002, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
federally deputized the local and state agents assigned to the MBI
Narcotics Section in order to facilitate additional prosecutions in
the federal judicial system..."

[Very Relevant information for you below]

..."Other extensive efforts for MBI vice agents included
investigations of the escort prostitution services that were being
advertised and promoted on the internet by the web site
that led to 10 arrests and the closing of 12 escort internet
prostitution services, the investigation of Liberty Adult Video and
Thee Playhouse Topless Go Go that led to the permanent removal of the
adult entertainment licenses for the businesses, and the continuing
series of interviews, depositions, and court testimony and litigation
involving the Rachel?s Men?s Clubs and the arrests and convictions of
both general managers, four top managers, two supervisors, and more
than a dozen other employees of Rachel?s Men?s Clubs.  Testimony and
evidence obtained after those arrests of managers and employees
additionally led to the arrest, and pending trial, of a primary owner
of the business..."

It's possible that if it's not an organized Prostitution "Ring", just
women advertising and meeting men to trade sex for money, the local
vice squad would help you, but I would start at one of the links below
to be directed to the right place for your area.

Because the web site you mention is registered in Chicago, involving
at a minimum of two states, I suspect many more, this agency will be
able to assist you in starting:

Internet Crime Complaint Center
..."The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) is a partnership between
the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National White
Collar Crime Center (NW3C)..."

..."IC3's mission is to serve as a vehicle to receive, develop, and
refer criminal complaints regarding the rapidly expanding arena of
cyber crime. The IC3 gives the victims of cyber crime a convenient and
easy-to-use reporting mechanism that alerts authorities of suspected
criminal or civil violations. For law enforcement and regulatory
agencies at the federal, state, and local level, IC3 provides a
central referral mechanism for complaints involving Internet related

The above agency appears to focus mainly on fraud but offers
assistance in referrals to the proper agency.

Here's another excellent place to start:

Florida Internet Crime Center
..."If you have been a victim of a computer crime, there are several
avenues you can follow for investigative assistance [more at the
link].....please feel free to contact the Florida Computer Crime
Center by phone at 850-410-7052, or you may contact us via e-mail at ..."

There may be more information here:

Reporting Internet Crime: The United States of America

Here's another Florida example:

Internet prostitution ring linked to people in Tampa
..."TAMPA -- Law enforcement officials have accused eight people of
being involved in an Internet prostitution ring based in Tampa and
North Carolina..."

FBI - Investigative Programs - Cyber Investigations

Miami FBI Office:
Community Outreach Page:
Miami FBI
16320 Northwest 2nd Avenue
North Miami Beach, FL 33169
(305) 944-9101

Another Florida Resource:

Contact The Problem Solvers Team

Florida  Office of the Attorney General

Charges Filed in Prostitution Web-Site Operator Case - Corporation
Ordered to Shut Web-Site Down,internet,prostitution,internet,prostitution
..."The Office of Statewide Prosecution, working with the Hillsborough
County Sheriff's Office and other state and federal law enforcement
agencies in the investigation dubbed "Operation Flea Collar,"
announces the filing of fifty-seven counts on July 3, 2002, in
Hillsborough County Circuit Court against fourteen defendants
regarding the worldwide Internet prostitution ring web site based out
of Tampa, Florida, ..."

Some states are trying to introduce specific Internet Prostitution
legislation, reference:

Article III: Sexual Crimes
This is Ohio, but Florida is mentioned.

Law enforcement is training it's own in this area:

A Law Enforcement Conference on Sept 28, 2005 in Jacksonville Beach,
Florida for included this topic:
Internet Prostitution: A New Challenge For Law Enforcement.

More articles:

Law lags as underworld goes online

Online prostitution difficult to police

From the other side, this is interesting:

h t t p: / /ww w. stripperweb .com/forum/showthread.php?t=40479
Poke around in this site, but I thought this page might come in
handy...  Note: I purposely broke the link several times so it won't
be clickable, no sense in advertising them here...

Although may seem like a problem, when you enter "Florida
Escorts" into Google, there are 180,000 results. Also, some thinly
veiled "dating" sites, and massage parlour web sites turn a blind eye
to this illegal activity.

I hope I have empowered you --at least to start hunting down a
resource that will assist you.

If I can be of further assistance in regards to online prostitution,
please don't hesitate to ask via the "request for clarification"


Search terms used at Google:
"Internet OR Online Prostitution" Florida
"Internet Crime" Florida solicitation OR prostitution -child -fraud
Subject: Re: advertising for prostitution on the web
From: margi723-ga on 19 Oct 2005 22:51 PDT
This does not answer your question about legality, but it might help
with the problems you have. Go to

Check it out, it may be what you really need to deal with the effects
of what your husband is doing.
Subject: Re: advertising for prostitution on the web
From: nelson-ga on 20 Oct 2005 03:51 PDT
There is no "internet police".  This would be handled by local
authorities.  Are they advertising sex?  Or do they phrase it

Anyway, prostitution in illegal in most of the U.S. because our
country was founded by a bunch of prudes, continues to be run largely
by their descendents, and has been greatly influinced throughout
history by Christian fanatics.
Subject: Re: advertising for prostitution on the web
From: politicalguru-ga on 20 Oct 2005 04:56 PDT
This might not be allowed, and if you have any proof that these women
engage in prostitution, report them to the police. The site itself is
listed in another state and therefore may not be subjected to Florida
Subject: Re: advertising for prostitution on the web
From: evangelica-ga on 10 Nov 2005 08:27 PST
I have no idea what the following comment in Cynthia's answer has to
do with prostitution: "From the other side, this is interesting:

StripperWeb offers discussion among professional exotic dancers and
customers; it's not a site that promotes illegal activity. There are
side discussions about the sex industry in general, about what's legal
and what's not, and about illegal activities that can occur in poorly
managed clubs. Thus, if you want to get a sense of such things, it can
be useful information. However, many different opinions are
represented, and quite frequently the regular participants point out
that they don't want prostitution occurring in strip clubs.

The discussion thread that was referenced started with a post that the
author admits later was not to be taken seriously and drifted around
from there. If the point of the link was to point to some general
rambling discussion about illegal escort services and related
acronyms, that citation does not carry much relevance to the question
here at hand, and if it was intended to imply StripperWeb endorses and
facilitates prostitution, that's simply wrong.

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