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Q: Growth of Sportscar Sales over the last 10yrs ( Answered,   2 Comments )
Subject: Growth of Sportscar Sales over the last 10yrs
Category: Business and Money
Asked by: esher-ga
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Posted: 02 Nov 2005 11:16 PST
Expires: 02 Dec 2005 11:16 PST
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HI i am looking for evidence of the obvious expansion that has
occurred in the high end sportscar market within Europe. Ideally i
would like the sales figures for last ten years for the following

Porshce 911 
Ferrari's Mid Model (i.e. 348, 355, 360, F430) 
Aston Martin's Mid Model (i.e. DB7, DB9) 
Bentley GT 
Lamborghini Gallardo

IN the highly likely absence of these the total sales for the
manufacturers with as much info acompanying as possible woudl be do as

My contention is this marketplace is directly linked to the emergence
of the "mass wealthy" class that has occured over the last 10 or so

Other vehicles that may also offer evidence to support the growth of
this sector of the automtive industry are;

Range Rover 
Audi RS2, RS4, RS6 
Maserati 4200
i.e. there all $100,000+ 

i understand that this may be difficult information to determine
(although given  many of these manufacturers are owned by public
companies, maybe not so difficult as it first appears) and so will be
flexible in what is practically available as well quick in response to
clarification requests.
Subject: Re: Growth of Sportscar Sales over the last 10yrs
Answered By: guillermo-ga on 08 Nov 2005 23:51 PST
Hello Esher-ga,

As you foresaw accurately, finding an answer for this question
required some flexibility, so the way in which you presented it,
providing different options helped me approach the subject. I think
the task has been accomplished, and that the information below will
provide you with the evidence necessary to support your contention. Of
course, please feel free to ask for clarification if you find it
necessary. By the way, it's been a very enjoyable job to do, looking
through data, photos and history of those magnificent automotive
brands. Thank you.



Porsche - Total Sales in Mill. ?

1994/95 -> 1,330; 1995/96 -> 1,435; 1996/97 -> 2,089; 1997/98 -> 2,514
1998/99 -> 3,154 -> 1999/2000; 3,640 -> 2000/01 -> 4,400 - 2001/02
4860; 2002/03 -> 5,582

Source: Porsche AG, cited by Automotive Intelligence:

The page includes another interesting indicator for those years that
is the number of company employees.


For Bentley I could only unfortunately find sales figures for the
years 1999 and 2000. The chart includes also Rolls-Royce figures, and
is broken down by country/region. I'll post here the totals for each
brand, in units sold:

Rolls-Royce: 1999 -> 442; 2000 -> 497
Bentley: 1999 -> 1007; 2000 -> 1364

However, the page includes for a longer period - 1998-2001 - another
indicator that I guess will be appropriate to your purpose, which is
the units produced per year, broken down by model, for both
Rolls-Royce and Bentley:

Rolls-Royce/Bentley Production Figures|1998| 1999| 2000| 2001
Rolls-Royce Silver Seraph             |    |  402|  234|  192
Rolls-Royce Corniche                  |    |    6|  206|  103
Other Rolls-Royce                     | 312|   31|   29|   57
Bentley Arnage                        | 261|  763|1.243|1.049
Bentley Azure                         |  68|  128|  131|  205
Bentley Continental                   |  75|  105|   93|  114
Other Bentley                         |  10|    5|    2|   61
Total                                 | 726|1.440|1.938|1.781

source: Rolls-Royce/Bentley - Volkswagen Annual Report 2001, cited by
Automotive Intelligence:


Audi - Period 1995/2004 -> Total sales for all models, in thousand
vehicles, and revenues in billion ?:


1995 -> 448; 1996 ->492 ; 1997 -> 546; 1998 -> 600; 1999 -> 635; 2000
-> 920; 2001 -> 991; 2002 -> 996; 2003 -> 1,004; 2004 -> 972

1995 -> 8.5; 1996 -> 9.6; 1997 -> 11.5; 1998 -> ; 1999 -> 13.9; 2000
-> 15.1; 2001 -> 20.0; 2002 -> 22.6; 2003 -> 23.4; 2004 -> 24.5

Source: Presentation by Rupert Stadler, member of the Board of
Management, Finance and Organization AUDI AG, London, September 27th
2005; page 4 (slide 7):

The presentation also includes interesting information on market
trends and current key figures.

Automotive Intelligence also presents figures for similar period
(1996/2004), citing "company reports". These figures do not match
exactly those of the presentation quoted above - not being hugely
different though. Please see:

There are also other key figures such as output vehicles and revenues
for the years 1996 through 2001.


BMW - Period 1997/2002

I'm posting here the totals, but the chart breaks down by model.

1997 -> 675.100; 1998 -> 699.400; 1999 -> 751.272; 2000 -> 822.181;
2001 -> 880.677; 2002 -> 913.225

source: BMW Annual Reports

Interestingly, while the totals - and some models - increase each
year, other models decrease: the 3 and the X5 series increases its
sales, while the 5 series and the Z3/Z4 decreased continuously, and
the 7 series did so since 1997 to 2001, jumping in 2002 to a position
higher than 1997. The chart is a bit complex to be posted here having
only text capabilities, so please see the webpage at Automotive

You may also want to visit this other page:
where you can also see figures for Rover (chart BMW Group Production).

You can complete you overview for BMW by checking the chart BMW Key
Figures at

It covers the period 1993/2001, with information such as production
units and revenues, among others.

Also, in a 2004 investment analysis on BMW by Alexander NEUBERGER from
Cheuvreux you can have aggregate sales figures - no model breakdown -
for years 1997 through 2003 and estimates for 2004 and 2005 (chart at
page 8), plus a deep analysis on the company.$file/BMW100804.pdf?OpenElement


Ferrari and Maserati

A case study titled "The Ferrari Renaissance" (by Professor Daniel
Denison and James Henderson published by by IMD - International
Institute for Management Development, Lausanne, Switzerland) includes
on page 13 a chart (exhibit 6) that includes sales for the whole
company covering the years 1998 through 2002, among other figures such
as operating profits and Maserati production. Sales for Ferrari, in
million dollars, are the following:

1998 -> 616; 1999 -> 757; 2000 -> 893; 2001 -> 1058; 2002 -> 1208

Of course, the article includes many interesting details about the
company. (

The following 2003 article also presents sales figures in units for
Ferrari, covering the years 1993 through 2002, some of them aggregated
with Maserati's:

1993 -> 2250; 1994 -> 2792; 1995 -> 3307; 1996 -> 3313; 1997 -> 3581;
1998* -> 4155; 1999* -> 5313; 2000* -> 6099; 2001* -> 6158; 2002*
(Prelim.) -> 7500 (approx)

(* = Ferrari and Maserati)

See article at:

Finally, maybe attributing to it a significance more qualitative than
quantitative, I found a very brief article - "Ferrari, Maserati Sales
Up" - at The Moscow Times dot com, that seemed to me quite
illustrative about your contention. Here's the excerpt:

"Ferrari-Maserati increased sales in Russia by 500 percent in the
first half of 2005 compared with the first half of 2004,
reported last week."
Subject: Re: Growth of Sportscar Sales over the last 10yrs
From: hdo123-ga on 02 Nov 2005 22:07 PST
first of all, when you talk about mass wealthy, you have to think
where did their wealth come from? because when people do become
wealthy, they ussually do it again. as in make more wealth, people who
create wealth will obviously not spend this kind of money, but... if
these cars are classic cars, then thats another story cuz money can
actually be made from those. and if suddenly alot of people obtain
huge sums of money like inheretance, but they didnt earn it. then you
can see this kind of spending...
Subject: Re: Growth of Sportscar Sales over the last 10yrs
From: esher-ga on 03 Nov 2005 02:45 PST
hdo123 thanks for your comment but i'm not quite sure what your
saying? do you want me to clarify anything? "Mass Wealthy" is a social
economic phrase broadly relating to the expansion of the upper middle
classs (to contine the SE phrasing)  persons with a set amount of
liquid assets ( i forget the amount but think it is $500k - $1m sort
of territory). hope this helps.

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