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Q: metoric rise of Elivis Presley ( No Answer,   1 Comment )
Subject: metoric rise of Elivis Presley
Category: Arts and Entertainment > Celebrities
Asked by: proffesor-ga
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Posted: 09 Nov 2005 03:36 PST
Expires: 09 Dec 2005 03:36 PST
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I am looking for material, andecdotes, stories, that demontstate the
extermly unexpected rise to stardom of Elivis Presely. It almost seems
as if he was chosen by "the stars" to become a legend.

For instance quotes that I remember such as, I never dreamt of
beomcing this popular or brief piece showing how he went from
obsucirty to superstardom...

Request for Question Clarification by pafalafa-ga on 09 Nov 2005 05:02 PST
Here's a pretty good overview of The King's life and rise to fame:

Beyond that -- and the zillions of books written about Elvis -- your
best source material would probably be old newspapers from the 1950's.
 Many of these are available online, but we can't reproduce them here,
since they are copyright protected.

For instance, a search for Elvis Presley in old newspapers found:

8 articles in 1955 and 2,724 articles in 1956!

That's meteoric, all right.

Are you familiar with newspaper searching?


Clarification of Question by proffesor-ga on 11 Nov 2005 03:15 PST
I don't know much about on line newspaper searching, if you could send
me some info about it, I would be appreiciative.

In regards to this question, however, I don't have the time right not
to research it, as I need this info for a lecture that I am giving
this coming Monday night. If you could find anything else on line that
gives a sense of this I would be appreciative.

As a second point that I am tring to focus on, I would greatly
appreiaciate any illustrations of the social upheaval and changes that
came about during the 60's. Part of my thesis is that rock stars in
particular were a major social force that brought about the
counterculture revolution. Anything that either illustrates the extent
of the social unrest or rock stars involvement in that would be

If you find that you need more time to research this, I dont' mind
upping the bid amount. - just let me know


Clarification of Question by proffesor-ga on 30 Nov 2005 03:47 PST
I didn't speak about Elivis at that lecture. So we have a little more
time. If I could get the info by this coming Sunday it would be fine.

Request for Question Clarification by pafalafa-ga on 30 Nov 2005 04:21 PST

Hello. I hope a researcher will get you the answer you're looking for.
 I am not currently working on the question, though, and I saw your
other question about techniques for asking questions.

If I may make a few friendly observations:

--this question is very open-ended, unlike some of your earlier
questions that were quite specific and, hence, more readily

--you didn't provide any feedback on the Wikipedia article I linked
to, and I thus had no guidance as to how closely (or not) that met
your needs, or what other similar sorts of materials would best suit

--your clarification, rather than focusing the question, actually
expanded it quite a bit by adding in a request for a very different
topic, the social upheaval of the 60's.

None of these things make it impossible to answer a question, but they
do make it difficult for a researcher to know quite how to proceed,
and what to best provide as an answer.

I hope that helps provide some context, and I hope we'll continue to
see you here at Google Answers.

All the best for the holiday season!


Clarification of Question by proffesor-ga on 04 Dec 2005 02:46 PST
Thank you for the tips. 

The winipedika article was helpful. Specificly, I am looking for
illustrations that demonstate how remarkable and unexpect was the
"King's", becoming a super star and legend. The example of the amount
of newspaper articles written in '55 vs. 56 was good. Anything like
that would be fine. This is one thesis that I am looking for
supporting material for.

My second (or more accuratly, overview thesis) is that priror to
Elvis, muscians were not cultural icons and shapers of culture, they
were entertainers or at best respected artists. I content that the
counter culture revolution of the sixties was at least partially
fueled by rock stars taking on an unprecedented almost diety status to
youth, that allowed them to be the moving force of, behavior, ie dress
and hairstyles, belives, and norms of the young generation.

I am looking for supporting material for either one of these thesis.
If it is helpful, I dont mind paying for them as sepearate issues. let
me know.

There is no answer at this time.

Subject: Re: metoric rise of Elivis Presley
From: myoarin-ga on 30 Nov 2005 07:26 PST
It is incorrect to suggest that most popular music stars rise very
fast after the first couple of years on the fringe?  When they are
"discovered" by a producer and get nationwide exposure, they take off.
 I don't think his rise was so surprising, rather the remarkable fact
that he stayed popular so long, expanding his style and stage
performance, being good looking and enough of an actor to make films. 
He also had a naturally excellent voice  - something many pop singers
don't have.

The Wikipedia site provides a lot of information.

By the way, Proffesor, your other question is locked because G-A
automatically locks questions including the word "google".  It will
probably be unlocked, however.

Good luck, Myoarin

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