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Q: Pressure sensitive tape market study ( Answered,   0 Comments )
Subject: Pressure sensitive tape market study
Category: Business and Money
Asked by: ck12-ga
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Posted: 27 Aug 2002 12:23 PDT
Expires: 26 Sep 2002 12:23 PDT
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How large is the US pressure sensitive tape market, and what
percentage are made with radiation curable materials?

Request for Question Clarification by seedy-ga on 27 Aug 2002 18:41 PDT

Radiation Curable coatings used in the pressure sensitive adhesive
tape market are, to my knowledge, confined mainly to silicone release
coatings and prime coats rather than the adhesive coating itself.

There is a site which offers quite a bit of information about
Radiation curable coatings but the reports are seriously expensive. 
You may wish to purchase there reports if your focus in mainly in this

Does your definition of the USA market includes export?? The market
size information is available if that portion of your question will be
a satisfactory answer to you.


Request for Question Clarification by bobbie7-ga on 27 Aug 2002 19:00 PDT

I located a number of U.S. Adhesive Industry statistics published in a
recent report. This report includes charts such as
Non-Pressure-Sensitive Versus Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives in Dollars,
the U.S. Adhesives Major Market Sectors where the tape sector is
included, and the U.S. Adhesives Formulative Technologies where
Radiation Cured is included as well. Is this what you’re looking for?


Request for Question Clarification by seedy-ga on 01 Sep 2002 09:48 PDT

We are waiting on your clarification of this question before
proceeding to an answer.  The pressure sensitive tape market in the
USA is still dominated by 3M. They are clearly #1 by a wide margin
participating in stongly in retail, electrical/electornic, medical,
and industrial.  The only market they leave to others almost
exclusively is duct tape which they advertise as having but their
presence in the HVAC/plumbing and retail duct tape markets is almost
non-existent.   The best way to understand this market is to examine
the overall statistics, and the dominant player in the market
segments.  This information can be supplied.

The percentage of radiation curable coatings used in the pressure
sensitive market is still quite negligible to my knowledge of over 30
years experience in the industry.

We hope to satisfy your request....

Subject: Re: Pressure sensitive tape market study
Answered By: seedy-ga on 05 Sep 2002 21:57 PDT

The answer to your question regarding the pressure sensitive tape
market is as follows:

3M dominates the world market for pressure sensitive tapes.  Although
they are carefully guarded in the breakout of their tape sales versus
other products, I have made the following assumptions:

3M's overall sales volume for 2001 was $16 billion of which $8.5
billion was considered "International" leaving $7.5 billion for the

The company reports its sales into four product/market groups which
     1.  Transportation, Graphics, & Safety Market   $3.5 billion
     2.  Health Care Markets                         $3.4 billion
     3.  Industrial Markets                          $3.2 billion
     4.  Consumer & Office Products                  $2.7 billion
     5.  Electro & Communication Markets             $2.1 billion
     6.  Specialty Products                          $1.0 billion

The big markets for pressure sensitive tape, I would assume, are
Industrial, and Consumer and to a lesser degree in Heath Care.  I
would estimate that 3M's industrial domestic market is a higher
percentage USA based since they will find strong competition in Europe
and Japan in Tesa and Nitto which they don't find in the USA and the
film packaging tapes in Europe and Asia find strong local competitors.
 So therefore I'd think the Industrial market would be 65% domestic
and, of that, it would be 55% pressure sensitive tape for a total of
$1.1 billion.  The Consumer & Office Products market would be 40%
pressure sensitive tape (you have to take into account the strong
market for "post-it" products in this market segment. and of that 60%
is USA for a total of $0.65 billion.  Health Care would be about 20%
pressure sensitive tape and about 45% domestic for a total of $0.30
billion while the Electro & Communication would be 15% pressure
sensitive tape and 50% domestic for a total of $0.16 billion. 
Therefore, my estimate of their volume in pressure sensitive tapes in
the USA would be $2.21 billion.

Let's look at the competitors using the Pressure Sensitive Tape
Council site to identify the competitors.
This site, which is very inclusive of tape manufacturers, lists 26
competitors to 3M.  It is easy to identify the sales of some of them
since they are public companies but the vast majority of them are
private companies.  I will summarize groups of the private companies
where I estimate the total sales are correct but may be spread
differently than I have done it for this analysis.

     1.   Intertape  (strong in packaging tape with a good general
line as well)       $0.50 billion
     2.  Tyco (formerly Polyken, Nashua, etc...good medical products) 
                $0.25 billion
     3.   Shurtape  (stong general line with good penetration into
duct tape)           $0.10 billion
     4.  General lines (tesa, venture, cantech, sekisui, permacel,
lepages)               $0.65 billion
     5.  Protective tapes (ABL, Main, with some general lines)        
                      $0.18 billion
     6.  Double coated tapes (Adchem, Adhesive Research, etc)         
                    $0.07 billion
    7.  Others (mactac, Avery dennison, Compac, etc heavily discounted
since their main business           is not in pressure sensitive tape)
$0.15 billion

Total of companies other than 3M                                      
                       $1.75 billion

Total USA pressure sensitive tape market estimated as   $3.96

The 3M portion may be overstated while the competitors could be
slightly understated.  The lower part of the range would be   $3.0
billion while the upper part of the range would be $4.25 billion.

With regard to the percentage of production that utilizes radiation
curing, my estimate is that it is negligible.  3M makes their own
release liners where the technology should be ideally suited but there
is no direct evidence of its being used.  There are several articles
about radiation curing on the web. The following one from Adhesive
Magazine attributes specialty adhesives as using radiation technology:,2101,63825,00.html

A shorlified link to the above reference is as follows:

Also, the following link give background on radiation curing.

An article suggesting modifications of acrylic/isoprene pressure
sensitive adhesives benefitting from radiation curing is listed as

shorlified to:

Academic paper:

It is possible that I am underestimating radiation curing but my
considered opinion, even after reading the papers, is that it
represents less than $10 million of finished product at this time in
the USA.

If I can clarify any of the data supplied, please don't hesitate to

Thank you for asking GA for this information

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