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Q: Semen Flavor ( No Answer,   11 Comments )
Subject: Semen Flavor
Category: Family and Home > Food and Cooking
Asked by: bonnisimo-ga
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Posted: 17 Nov 2005 22:28 PST
Expires: 17 Dec 2005 22:28 PST
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How much, and in what way, does the flavor of semen change as a result
of eating various foods (celery, pineapple, etc.)  Describe the flavor
change qualitatively and also supply a biological 'how it works'
narrative.  Also please provide a list of 20 to 30 foods that (1)
taste OK and (2) alter semen flavor in a positive way.  I will pay a
$5 tip if pictures are provided to bolster your assertions.
There is no answer at this time.

Subject: Re: Semen Flavor
From: markvmd-ga on 17 Nov 2005 23:16 PST
I would think this is the type of research you might want to conduct
with a friend over a long period of time.

For the sake of science, of course.

I'm off to Whole Foods first thing tomorrow.
Subject: Re: Semen Flavor
From: nelson-ga on 18 Nov 2005 03:50 PST
I would love to see the ad for the research study that would produce such results.
Subject: Re: Semen Flavor
From: canadianhelper-ga on 18 Nov 2005 08:17 PST
It Tastes Good Enough to Swallow 
There are a lot of semen flavor enhancing products out there now, but
did you know that there's a more natural way to control the taste of
your (or your lover's) semen?

Unfortunately the path isn't easy. It seems that many of the foods we
take for granted are big flavor wreckers for cum. There is good news
for fruit lovers though, foods with high-sugar content seem to hold
the key to sweeter sperm.

Try following the guidelines below and you may find yourself turning
Spit to Swallow.

- nectarines 
- grapefruit 
- apple juice 
- plums 
- hard candies 
- green tea 
- asparagus 
- red meat 
- garlic 
- coffee 
- broccoli 
- dairy 

Asparagus seems to top most everyone's list of spew spoilers and
tobacco should also be avoided.
Subject: Re: Semen Flavor
From: canadianhelper-ga on 18 Nov 2005 08:20 PST
Regardless of's an antidepressant (Link to study included)
Does Semen Have Antidepressant Properties?
Gordon G. Jr. Gallup1 , Rebecca L. Burch1 and Steven M. Platek1

(1)  Department of Psychology, State University of New York at Albany,
Albany, New York

Abstract  In a sample of sexually active college females, condom use,
as an indirect measure of the presence of semen in the reproductive
tract, was related to scores on the Beck Depression Inventory. Not
only were females who were having sex without condoms less depressed,
but depressive symptoms and suicide attempts among females who used
condoms were proportional to the consistency of condom use. For
females who did not use condoms, depression scores went up as the
amount of time since their last sexual encounter increased. These data
are consistent with the possibility that semen may antagonize
depressive symptoms and evidence which shows that the vagina absorbs a
number of components of semen that can be detected in the bloodstream
within a few hours of administration,7,12;journal,21,53;linkingpublicationresults,1:101587,1
Subject: Re: Semen Flavor
From: myoarin-ga on 18 Nov 2005 10:00 PST
Quite interesting, but I can imagine that females who have no hangups
about not using condoms are basically less susceptible to depression,
whereas those who insist on condoms may have some hangups about what
they are doing  - and maybe about with/for whom and whether he has or
might have VD or HIV -  and could have a less stable psyche.

But maybe cum is the real snake oil; a few months ago we discovered
that it is good for the compexion, what else?
I've always assumed that it is an acquired taste, like beer and
oysters, in the right company, you learn to like it.

Subject: Re: Semen Flavor
From: cynthia-ga on 18 Nov 2005 13:15 PST
I think clinical trials are in order.... I bet the line of males
wanting to volunteer would be MILES long!
Subject: Re: Semen Flavor
From: pinkfreud-ga on 18 Nov 2005 13:20 PST
>> ...those who insist on condoms may have some hangups about 
>> what they are doing  - and maybe about with/for whom and 
>> whether he has or might have VD or HIV -  and could have 
>> a less stable psyche.

What a bizarre statement. It seems to me that someone who is concerned
about the very real possibility of contracting a serious (possibly
fatal) infection is likely to have a more stable mind than someone who
either doesn't care or won't bother to use protection.
Subject: Re: Semen Flavor
From: myoarin-ga on 18 Nov 2005 18:31 PST
Well, Pinky, I guess that is an alternative way of looking at it. 
Before I included the possibility of diseases, I was considering two
women, each in a relationship in which this was not a problem, just
with different attitudes towards oral sex.

You are right, Cynthia, but the guys are going to be a little
disappointed when they discover that the experiment is going to a ...
ah, well, ... hands-on but at arms length, and to avoid any
subjectivity, samples will be collected and analysed by scientific
methods based on aroma, etc., etc.  This will be after sorting out
smokers, inveterate garlic eaters, etc.

Of course, this study can be accompanied by a battery of voluntary
at-home experiments.  The reporting form can be accessed from the
following site.
Subject: Re: Semen Flavor
From: cynthia-ga on 22 Nov 2005 16:43 PST
I think this is a splendid idea!  Myoarin, where's 'the link' to the
form for reporting?  And where do we fax it?  hehehe...

I'm imagining interrupting "the moment" by bringing out a form for a
man to fill out...  LMAO, ya, --that'll go over well...
Subject: Re: Semen Flavor
From: myoarin-ga on 22 Nov 2005 17:38 PST
Oh, the form?  My panel of virtuous volunteers is still testing  ...
(or are they virile? ... no, only virtual).  The first recommendation
has been to have the man fill in the dietary questions while, er, ...
"preparing the sample".  After trying that, it was recognized that the
print had to be larger, and the boxes to tick made even bigger.  With
the other section we are also having to make changes; some
participants prefer a multiple choice response  - which we want for
machine reading of the forms -  while others insist on providing a
written response.  These are very interesting (!), but they seldom
provide the objectivity required for a scientific experiment like
this.  We have also recognized that we need two forms, since the
objectivity of the latter participants was impinged by their being
able to see what their corespondent had ticked off.  This was not
helping relationships; typical comment:  "BS! 'no garlic'!  There is
always garlic in French food."
So we are working to improve the form.  To satisfy some tendencies in
the written responses, we are adding multiple choice questions that
have nothing to do with the basic experiment but which we hope can be
used later for a second report that will be more about attitudes and
impressions, but this is still very much in the semenal stage, and
some participants are still scribbling comments that indicate that we
haven't provided enough choices for them to tick off.
But these could provide titles to the chapters of the second report ...  ;-D
Subject: Re: Semen Flavor
From: pphammer-ga on 18 Dec 2005 11:01 PST
One thing to avoid would be tuna, it gives it a definite fishy taste

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