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Q: Images of different angels ( No Answer,   5 Comments )
Subject: Images of different angels
Category: Relationships and Society > Religion
Asked by: manuel_00-ga
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Posted: 23 Nov 2005 07:52 PST
Expires: 23 Dec 2005 07:52 PST
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I'm studying angels based on christian teology.  According to this
knowledge, angels have 9 different hierarchies:

I've been able to find images of seraphims, archangels, and angels.  I
want to find images of the rest of them: Cherubim, thrones, powers,
virtues, dominions and principalities.

The answer should include One are many: web links or books.

Thanks in advance,

There is no answer at this time.

Subject: Re: Images of different angels
From: slakemoth-ga on 23 Nov 2005 09:25 PST
Hello, I know this isn't exactly what you asked for, but I love this
subject matter, and did quite a bit of research on this for a Sunday
school class. I can sympathize with your search for images. I think
what you will find is that some of these are easier said than
"captured in images". You will also find certain famous pictures
labeled as "thrones" in one instance and a "powers" in another. What
fascinated me most about the angels stuff is of course its history,
and as you mentioned the "hierarchies" or more specifically the Thomas
Aquinas "Christian version". Below is a link to a simply amazing
article on the "Straight Dope" website titled "What's the deal with
Angels?". It gives a awesome history of the angels, looks at both the
Hebrew and Christian hierarchies, describes each category, and talks
about 4 of the most famous angels. For your research you will
absolutely love this article!! Start here to get a good idea of what
you are looking for, and the various ways the angels can be presented.

Now, on to images and pictures. First, remember that these images
change over time....The fierce ancient Hebrew version of  the
"Cherubim" is quite different than the fat little winged babies that
we think of today ( thanks to Raphael). These images change to reflect
current theology, interpretation, and merging of cultures, so you will
want to try to find many "versions" of pictures. A good place to start
is of course Google's image search, but I realize that will only take
you so far, and searching for "Thrones" will probably hit more toilets
than angels...But a quick search of "Virtues" had quite a few good
hits. Below are several links I use frequently to put together slide
shows for Sunday School classes I teach some times.. They are
basically large collections of biblically based art from throughout
time. A good trick when searching these things is to look for pictures
about the biblical stories the angels are mentioned, not just the
angel type. For example to see an "interpretation" of "Thrones" look
for pictures of "Ezekiel's vision", instead of searching for simply
"thrones". Paintings or woodcuts of "Revelation' will give some cool
images as well. Personally I try to stay away from the more "new agey"
type pictures, although from a cultural standpoint they are probably
just as valid as Durer......

anyway here you go...

Biblical Art on the WWW.   Awesome site with links to lots of high quality images

Religions Art Gallery   The mother lode of links to artwork of all
kinds of Biblical subjects

Bible Art. A catholic study resource web page... Again search for the
biblical story or book where the particular angel is mentioned i.e.
Jacobs ladder etc.

Bible Art gallery ( Not sure where I got this link from, but there are
some good images of various angels to be found here, don't let the
cheesy web page design throw you).

I could have sworn I had a few more links, but I can't find them right
now...... anyway, hope this helps.
Subject: Re: Images of different angels
From: slakemoth-ga on 23 Nov 2005 09:29 PST
if you want, I can try to make an online gallery of a bunch of the
images I collected over time to use for classes.... let me know
Subject: Re: Images of different angels
From: ansel001-ga on 26 Nov 2005 18:19 PST
The images generally depicted of angels are not the same as what is
described in the Bible.

Seraphim (seraph is the singular form) are mentioned by name in the
Bible only in Isaiah 6.  They are described as six winged creatures
and are involved in proclaiming the holiness of God.

Cherubim (cherub is the singular form) are mentioned by name in a
number of different places in scripture but are best described in
Ezekiel 1 (Ezekeil 10:15 makes it clear that chapter one is describing
cherubim).  Cherubim have four faces and four wings.  Their faces are
the face of a man, lion, ox, and eagle.  They each are accompanied by
a wheel full of eyes.  The spirit of the living beings is in the
wheels.  They do not turn as they move - presumably because whatever
direction they choose to go, they already have a face looking in that
direction.  Before he fell, Satan was the annointed cherub who covers
(Ezekiel 28).

Angels sometimes take the form of men (Genesis 18).  Sometimes we may
entertain angels without knowing it (Hebrews 13:2).

The appearance of angels often terrifies humans when they see them. 
Hence, their greeting may include "Fear not" (Luke 2:10).

Other orders of angels are not described sufficiently in the Bible to
give a description of their appearance here.

I hope this helps.
Subject: Re: Images of different angels
From: manuel_00-ga on 26 Nov 2005 22:35 PST
Hello ansel001-ga,
I'm fully aware of what are you saying, and I appreciate your interest
in my question, I'm looking for images, artistic representations of
this beings.

Subject: Re: Images of different angels
From: ansel001-ga on 28 Nov 2005 17:23 PST
Hi Manuel,

I've taken a look around for images of the various classes of angels,
and I haven't found any images I like that are biblically accurate. 
Good luck in your search, you are going to need it.

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