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Q: Books -- Interviews ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   10 Comments )
Subject: Books -- Interviews
Category: Arts and Entertainment > Books and Literature
Asked by: nronronronro-ga
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Posted: 27 Nov 2005 16:32 PST
Expires: 27 Dec 2005 16:32 PST
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Hi there!

1.  I'm interested in books containing interviews with different people.

2.  Examples include:

Future Talk:  Conversations About Tomorrow  by Larry King
World of Ideas:  Conversations With Thoughtful Men and Woman  by Bill Moyers

3.  The ideal books would include one or more interviewers using a
question-and-answer format with multiple interviewees.  Could be on
one subject, or different subjects.  I'm especially interested in
business, politics, history, philosophy----any subject would be fine. 
Exceptions:  interviews on specialized fields like sub-atomic physics, etc.
I'm hoping to find differing viewpoints on general knowledge---not
specialized knowledge.

4.  Please note I'm interested in differing viewpoints by various people,
but not much interested in one person's essays on different subjects.  (If
I want to read one person's boring opinion on different subjects,
then I'll read my own journal.  heh  heh  heh)

5.  A 5-star answer would be 15 books that use a Q&A format.

All comments greatly appreciated!

Subject: Re: Books -- Interviews
Answered By: czh-ga on 28 Nov 2005 01:11 PST
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hello nronronronro-ga,

Nice to see you again. I?ve listed 16 books of interviews that seem to
fit your requirements. I believe they all use ?a Q&A format? but it?s
difficult to be sure from some of the descriptions.

I searched Amazon by Subject for < interviews > and most of the books
I?ve listed come from these search results. You may want to repeat
this search to locate additional books focused on interviews in
specific professions or industries. I did not include all of these
because I wanted to cover a broader spectrum of topics and interview

I trust that the books I?ve found will give you interviews
representing a wide variety of opinions and topics.


~ czh ~

Stars of David : Prominent Jews Talk About Being Jewish 
by Abigail Pogrebin 

From Publishers Weekly
Consistently engaging, these 60 interviews conducted by journalist
Pogrebin explore the thoughts of well-known artists, politicians and
others in the public eye on the complexities of Jewish identity;and
the emotions they engender. The issues touched on range from the
legacy of the Holocaust to the Middle East, Jewish traditions,
intermarriage and much more.


Culinary Artistry (Paperback)
by Andrew Dornenburg, Karen Page

The book is divided into sections that discuss and reach out to chefs
to join in that discussion of such ideas as the chef as artist,
dealing with sensory perception in food, composing with flavors,
putting a dish together, putting together an entire menu, and standing
back to admire the growth of a personal cuisine. This is thoughtful
material. It is not how-to material. These guided conversations are
made practical for the home cook by charts such as which foods are in
season and when, the basic flavors of foods (bananas are sweet;
anchovies are salty), food matches made in heaven (lamb chops with
aioli or ginger or shallots), seasoning matches made in heaven (dill
and salmon), flavors of the world (Armenia means parsley and yogurt),
common accompaniments to entrées (beef and potatoes), and, most fun of
all, the desert-island lists of many of the chefs quoted so
extensively throughout the text. Many recipes accompany the text.


And They All Sang: Adventures of an Eclectic Disc Jockey 
by Studs Terkel

From Publishers Weekly
In this enjoyable, informative collection of 40 interviews,
Pulitzer-winning oral historian Terkel recalls his venerable radio
program, The Wax Museum, which premiered shortly after the end of WWII
in 1945, profiling composers, entertainers and impresarios of nearly
every type of music. In a stirring introduction, Terkel explains his
love affair with music, which began when he was a boy and culminated
with this daily radio show, where Terkel used a diverse playlist to
spark dynamic chats with opera divas Edith Mason and Rosa Raisa,
rockers Bob Dylan and Janis Joplin, world musicians Ravi Shankar and
Andres Segovia, jazz greats Dizzy Gillespie and Louis Armstrong, folk
singers Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger, and others. Insightful and
daring, Terkel always asks the right questions, whether culturally or
musically. Most scintillating are the occasions when Terkel provokes
his subjects to weigh in on controversial topics (as when composer
Leonard Bernstein comments, "What would American music or culture be
like if there were no black people here?").


The 101 Habits of Highly Successful Screenwriters: Insider's Secrets
from Hollywood's Top Writers
by Karl Iglesias

Aspiring screenwriters don't need another book on how to write a
screenplay, says Karl Iglesias. What they need is a book on how to be
a screenwriter. Voilà: The 101 Habits of Highly Successful
Screenwriters, featuring interviews with 14 screenwriters, arranged by
subject. The result reads like a panel discussion, touching on such
subjects as collaboration, schmoozing, discipline, Hollywood, and
story pitching.


Stock Market Wizards : Interviews with America's Top Stock Traders 
by Jack D. Schwager

Newcomers to Jack Schwager's series on top traders, as well as fervent
fans of his first two entries Market Wizards and The New Market
Wizards, will find that Stock Market Wizards offers another revealing
look at a wide spectrum of trading styles through the eyes of 15
extraordinarily successful individuals. Transcripts of incisive Q&A
sessions between Schwager and traders--including Michael Lauer, Dana
Galante, Alphonse "Buddy" Fletcher Jr., and Claudio Guazzoni--examine
the ways each approaches their specialty, whether it be value stocks,
mutual funds, short selling, options trading, or other market niches.
After brief but interesting introductions that place the subjects'
trading practices into perspective, Schwager coaxes from them
penetrating observations on setting goals, finding opportunities,
learning from mistakes, and operating on a day-to-day basis.


The New New Journalism : Conversations with America's Best Nonfiction
Writers on Their Craft (Vintage Original)
by Robert Boynton

From Publishers Weekly
Boynton uses the clunky moniker "new new journalism" to describe a
group of reporters today who write article- and book-length
examinations of their subjects, often pioneering new reporting
techniques (such as Adrian Nicole Leblanc's trick of leaving her tape
recorder with her subjects when she went home as a way of getting them
to open up without her around--a method that worked to wonderful
effect in her Random Family). Yet, Boynton points out, these writers
also stay true to strict journalistic standards, unlike Tom Wolfe and
the New Journalists, whose creative narrative methods broke all the
rules. Many of the reporters Boynton highlights are also motivated by
an activist impulse that informs but never overpowers their work.
Boynton, the director of New York University's magazine journalism
program, offers a nuts-and-bolts approach to understanding the way
these reporters write, interviewing them on the smallest of details,
such as how they organize their notes, what color pens they use and
how they set ground rules with sources who aren't media savvy.
Featuring lengthy discussions with star scribes such as William
Langewiesche (American Ground) and Michael Lewis (Moneyball), this
batch of discussions is a gold mine of technique, approach and
philosophy for journalists, writers and close readers alike. (Mar.)


Paul Starr On Beauty : Conversations with Thirty Celebrated Women 
by Paul Starr

Paul Starr on Women and Beauty pairs original and revealing interviews
with stunning photographs of Starr's makeup on thirty of today's most
distinctive sirens. Starr's subjects-including Cameron Diaz, Iman,
Jennifer Garner, Diane Lane, Salma Hayek, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jada
Pinkett Smith, and Renée Zellweger-represent varied ages, ethnicities,
and professions. The women speak candidly about their views on beauty
and makeup; the dazzling photographs reveal how Starr's technique
brings out his subjects' inner beauty; and comments from Starr explain
how each look was created.


Firefighters: Their Lives in Their Own Words 
by Dennis Smith

From Publishers Weekly
Smith, author of Report from Engine Co. 82 and editor of Firehouse
magazine, has interviewed firefighters around the country,
professional and volunteer, male and female, in big cities and in
small towns, and here reports their observations about their careers.
What shines through most consistently is their altruism: they love
their work and not the least of the reasons for that affection is the
opportunity they have to save lives, or at least to do good.


Composers' Voices from Ives to Ellington : An Oral History of American
Music (An Oral History of American Music)
by Vivian Perlis, Libby Van Cleve

"In this book Vivian Perlis and Libby Van Cleve have assembled an
amazing range of composers that reflects the diversity of American
music. This publication offers lively interviews with giants of
American music giving the reader an inside look at ragtime, `new'music
and early jazz. The actual sound of the composers' voices on CD is a
unique element that gives us a glimpse into the era and the musical
personalities who created it."-Dave Brubeck, composer


A Sense of Place : Great Travel Writers Talk About Their Craft, Lives,
and Inspiration (Travelers' Tales) (Paperback)
by Michael Shapiro

From Publishers Weekly
Journalist Shapiro (Internet Travel Planner) says that he embarked on
this collection of illuminating interviews with the desire to learn
more about his favorite authors, about "their lives, their hopes,
their aspirations, and their thoughts about the world."  ? By
combining brief profiles with lengthy Q&As for each author, he
provides a comprehensive look at the process these and other writers
often go through, making the volume a good choice for both armchair
travelers and aspiring writers.


The Book That Changed My Life : Interviews with National Book Award
Winners and Finalists (Modern Library Paperbacks)
by Diane Osen (Editor),

From Library Journal
Osen, an editor and freelance writer with long-standing ties to the
National Book Foundation, here gathers together 15 interviews with
National Book Award winners and finalists, exploring how their reading
has helped shape their lives and their art. Interviewees include James
Carroll, Don DeLillo, E.L. Doctorow, Charles Johnson, Diane Johnson,
Philip Levine, David Levering Lewis, Barry Lopez, David McCullough,
Alice McDermott, Cynthia Ozick, Grace Paley, Linda Pastan, Katherine
Paterson, and Robert Stone. A primary bibliography and a list of works
influencing the author follow each interview.


Conversations on the Edge of the Apocalypse : Contemplating the Future
with Noam Chomsky, George Carlin, Deepak Chopra, Rupert Sheldrake, and
by David Jay Brown

Science fiction author (Brainchild; Virus) and journalist David Jay
Brown is keenly interested in the future and what it forebodes for
humanity in terms of our ability to navigate through our current world
of uncertainties and its ongoing conflicts. To get a better idea of
where we are going, he interviewed over 20 visionary and provocative
thinkers, ranging from Deepak Chopra, Noam Chomsky, Edgar Mitchell,
Ram Dass, and Rupert Sheldrake, to Douglas Rushkoff, Robert Anton
Wilson, Peter Russell, and iconoclastic comedian George Carlin.
Conversations on the Edge of the Apocalypse is the result. Instead of
a predictable roadmap to the future, Brown and his interview subjects
paint a provocative picture of possibilities both perilous and


Booknotes : America's Finest Authors on Reading, Writing, and the Power of Ideas
by Brian Lamb

Brian Lamb is the most self-effacing man on television. So, all the
questions he asks on his C-SPAN history, politics, and public policy
author-interview show, Booknotes, are focused on the book and author
at hand. What a concept! As a result, this collection of the show's
interviews since its inception in 1989 (divided into "Storytellers,"
"Reporters," and "Leaders"--the latter including Bill Clinton, Mikhail
Gorbachev and Margaret Thatcher) is a treasure trove.


Talking Philosophy: Dialogues With Fifteen Leading Philosophers 
by Bryan Magee (Editor)

Customer Review
This book is the transcript of Bryan Magee's BBC Television series
where he interviews various modern thinkers about their philosophies.
15 of the interviews are included in this book. Many outstanding
people are here, including Noam Chomsky, John Searle, W.V. Quine,
Herbert Marcuse, William Barrett, and Ronald Dworkin. Subjects covered
include Marxism, Heidegger/Existentialism, linguistics (Chomsky,
Searle, Bernard Williams, and Anthony Quinton talking about
Wittgenstien) as well as science, politics and literature. This book
makes some very complicated ideas accessable and is quite easy to


The Verse Book of Interviews : 27 Poets on Language, Craft & Culture 
by Brian Henry (Editor), Andrew Zawacki (Editor)

In-depth interviews with poets have been a popular feature of Verse
magazine-and this volume collects many favorites, along with new
interviews commissioned for this collection. The poets represent a
wide range of aesthetics, ethnicities and politics. Although a
particular focus of the book is emerging and innovative American
poets, the collection also features interviews with Australian,
Scottish, Irish, Czech, Slovenian and Kashmiri poets, as well as
established American poets such as Hayden Carruth and Charles Wright.
A vital record of contemporary poetry and an engaging read.


The Norton Book of Interviews: An Anthology from 1859 to the Present Day
by Christopher Silvester (Editor)

From Library Journal
This is an absorbing look at some of the world's most prominent and
interesting people, as seen by some of journalism's best interviewers.
Editor Silvester has chosen interviews that illuminate both the
interviewee and the journalist conducting the interview. Horace
Greeley's talk with Brigham Young in 1859, often considered the first
interview ever published, spells out the Mormon leader's views of
women, and an interview by one literary giant, Rudyard Kipling, of
another, Mark Twain, shows Twain's jaundiced view of copyright law.
Silvester has also written an informative introduction, discussing
interviewing in general; and he has supplied a brief preface to each
interview that identifies the players. Many of these interviews were
conducted without the aid of the tape recorder used by most
interviewers today.


Searched Amazon by Subject: < interviews >
"book of interviews"
book of interviews
book "* interviewed" OR "of interviews"
nronronronro-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars

This is terrific work, as always.  I plan to start with "The Book That
Changed My Life : Interviews with National Book Award Winners and
Finalists."  After that, I'll work my way through the rest of your

Thanks again!

Subject: Re: Books -- Interviews
From: bobbie7-ga on 27 Nov 2005 20:51 PST
Hi Ron!

Here's one.

Life Photographers: What They Saw (Hardcover)
by John Loengard 

"John Loengard, himself a Life veteran, has done us all a service by
interviewing 43 of Life's best-known photojournalists (and including a
CBS interview with himself) about the how, who, what, where and when
of their most famous pictures."

Best regards, 
Subject: Re: Books -- Interviews
From: nronronronro-ga on 27 Nov 2005 22:51 PST
Bobbie7----this is grrreat!  Exactly what I'm looking for.

Thanks a million!
Subject: Re: Books -- Interviews
From: rainbow-ga on 27 Nov 2005 23:50 PST
Hi Ron,

Here are more: 

Spymasters: Ten CIA Officers in Their Own Words
by Ralph Edward Weber

"Spymasters: Ten CIA Officers in Their Own Words is a collection of
interviews revealing enlightening perspectives on the covert
operations of this powerful, secretive arm of the U.S. government.
Here former topranking CIA officials shed light on some of the most
sensitive issues and practices in American foreign intelligence to
date. These accounts disclose information about President Harry S.
Truman's demands for a centralized intelligence agency and the
stubborn resistance of James F. Byrnes, J. Edgar Hoover, and the
military services; the tumultuous early stages of the National
Security Council: the failed Bay of Pigs invasion; the confusion
surrounding the Kennedy assassination; Khrushchev's ousting; Operation
Mongoose; and the Gulf of Tonkin incident. The CIA's successes and
failures are recounted and carefully evaluated by the men who were
there, often times issuing the orders. Compiled by Ralph E. Weber,
former CIA and National Security Agency Scholar in Residence,
Spymasters is an illuminating volume about the inner workings of the
CIA and intelligence operations."


Great Comedians Talk About Comedy 
by Larry Wilde 

Chicago Tribune 
"...has extracted the cream of comedy concepts from the top comedians
and turned them into a classic collection of interviews."

"... a 1968 question & answer style interview book, reprinted in 2000.
Wilde's book contains insightful interviews with late 20th century top
comedians and Ajaye hoped his own Comic Insights would be along the
same lines."


Comic Insights: The Art of Stand-up Comedy 
by Franklyn Ajaye 

"If you want to build a stand-up comedy career, this book is a must
read. If you want to write comedy, this book is a must read. If you
simply enjoy comedy, well . . . this book is a must read. Part One
offers essential advice about understanding the fundamentals of
stand-up, studying other comedians, finding your own style, writing
your material, working the live performance and appearing on
television. Fascinating, candid, insightful interviews with today's
top comedians, who discuss at length why and how they do what they do,
comprise Part Two, the bulk of the book."

Best wishes,
Subject: Re: Books -- Interviews
From: easterangel-ga on 28 Nov 2005 00:02 PST

Lee Strobel's books are in the question and answer format.

Case for Christ

Case for Faith

Case for a Creator
Subject: Re: Books -- Interviews
From: nronronronro-ga on 28 Nov 2005 00:43 PST
Thanks, Rainbow!

I just ordered "Spymasters" and "Great Comedians Talk About Comedy"

Thanks again for these terrific leads!
Subject: Re: Books -- Interviews
From: nronronronro-ga on 28 Nov 2005 00:53 PST
Hi EasterAngel!

I've read "Case for Christ" and "Case for Faith"----found both to be
tremendous.  But I didn't even know "Case For A Creator" existed until
you mentioned it.  I just ordered this last book through

Thank you!

P.S.  Two of my other favorites in "rational" apologetics:  

The Physics of Immortality by Dr. Frank Tipler
Beyond Perception by Chuck Missler

These are not Q&A books, but they are excellent.

Thanks again, EasterAngel...ron
Subject: Re: Books -- Interviews
From: easterangel-ga on 28 Nov 2005 01:17 PST
Hi again nronronronro-ga!

We'll it seems we will be holding the same book for the next few days. 

I just started reading the "Case for a Creator" last week.

God Bless!
Subject: Re: Books -- Interviews
From: nronronronro-ga on 28 Nov 2005 10:12 PST
Thanks, bobbie7!

I saw this book at Borders a year ago, and was very impressed.
Should have bought it then, but did not.  

Thanks for reminding me!  I'll get it now.

Subject: Re: Books -- Interviews
From: nronronronro-ga on 28 Nov 2005 10:16 PST

You are a sweet heart!

Subject: Re: Books -- Interviews
From: czh-ga on 28 Nov 2005 11:41 PST
Thanks, Ron, for the affirmation and five stars. I'm glad you liked
the selections. I'm going to request some of these books from my

~ czh ~

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