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Q: can a man bring your period on? ( No Answer,   7 Comments )
Subject: can a man bring your period on?
Category: Relationships and Society
Asked by: goldiemail-ga
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Posted: 02 Dec 2005 16:42 PST
Expires: 01 Jan 2006 16:42 PST
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can a man bring on your period? i have met a guy and spent time with
him and he has brought my period on early, twice.  he just loves me so
much and i love him so much that i melt inside.  can this be?  have
you ever heard of love bringing on a period before? i know that lots
of sex can make your insides happy and relaxed and being it on and
that kind of makes sense to me, but this is purely a soul connection. 
I have searched the net but not found anything at all.
There is no answer at this time.

Subject: Re: can a man bring your period on?
From: markvmd-ga on 02 Dec 2005 19:07 PST
Love, schmove-- it's chemicals.

The last thing I want to do is describe the complicated process
involved in menstruation except to say that in healthy females menses
is caused by decreased progesterone and estrogen secretion by the

Can external stimuli trigger this? In 1956, W.K. Whitten (et al)
described an experiment that concluded that exposure of anestrous
female mice to male mice initiates the estrous cycle. This isn't
exactly the same as what you are asking, but it appears that there can
be external trips to an internal switch.

Related experiments show that menarche (look it up!) can be delayed by
sexual segregation, and advanced by commingling of sexes. Median ages
of menarche during Victorian times compared to now seem to prove this
hypothesis. And you conspiracy theorist thought it was the BGH in

Be sensible and responsible, don't be overly trustful of him until
you've known each other for, say, 15 or so years, and enjoy your young

I've left more than enough room for an Answerer to respond, I hope.
Subject: Re: can a man bring your period on?
From: omnivorous-ga on 03 Dec 2005 06:55 PST
Goldie --

Actually, it's long been known that WOMEN tend to bring on menstrual
cycles (and they end up being synchronized in large groups).  The
phenomenon is known as "synchronous menstruation".  It is a phenomenon
that can be exacerbated under stress, as well.

But the great Cecil Adams (of Chicago Reader and "Straight Dope" book
fame) wrote about the phenomenon almost 20 years ago, noting:
"Women who associate with males frequently find that their periods
become shorter and more regular. One woman told McClintock that she
had a six-month cycle length until she began hanging out with guys, at
which point her periods began occurring every 4.5 weeks. When she
resumed her solitary ways, her cycle lengthened again."

The Straight Dope
"Do the menstrual cycles of women living together tend to
synchronize?" (Adams, May 9, 1986)

Some good Google search strategies for you:
""synchronous menstruation"
"synchronized periods" women

Best regards,

Subject: Re: can a man bring your period on?
From: markvmd-ga on 03 Dec 2005 09:34 PST
Omnivorous, the synchronization of menstruation was shown in the
Lee-Boot experiments with mice in the 1950s, long before Martha
McLintock came along. This is different from the attenuation of
anestrus shown by the Whitten experiments. Lee-Boot states cycles will
slow and/or stop (among other things), not be brought on.

Comparing estrus in mice to menses in people is a little dicey. If you
think of the menstrual cycle of humans and the estrus cycle of mice as
a sexual cycle, you can envision more of a comparison.

Now I had best go buy flowers for my little mouse.
Subject: Re: can a man bring your period on?
From: elids-ga on 04 Dec 2005 16:35 PST
I would suggest the possibility that he may be using the wrong
cologne. There is no data to back this up, but companies are selling
colognes for men and women laced with pheromones that are meant to
'attract' the opposite sex and supposedly increase your chances of
intercourse with your partner.

"The idea was that men produce androstadienone and that's a sex
attractant to women, and women produce estratetraenol and that's a sex
attractant to men,"

"McClintock and Kathleen Stern, PhD, to show that fluids collected
from a donor woman's underarms, when applied to the upper lip of a
female recipient, could hasten or delay the recipient's menstrual

it occurs to me that if he is using the cologne meant to be used by
women it may be acting as something that is accelerating your
menstrual cycle.  Keep in mind I'm not a scientist, but I think it's
worth exploring....

Subject: Re: can a man bring your period on?
From: ariesangel-ga on 24 Dec 2005 07:06 PST
I have very very irregular period 
before I met my first boyfriend at the ripe old age of 28.
After we started dating, my period cycle became regular. 
Please note that there has been NO (vgn) penetration in the first 2
year or so(almost)! [Only heavy petting and oralsex.]

I think when male and female are really close together, 
the physical thing do help to make a woman healthier!
Subject: Re: can a man bring your period on?
From: babygirl26-ga on 29 Dec 2005 13:31 PST
To make it simple. Do not confuss love with sex.
Sex is great. 
It has happen to me too.  Guys have made my period come early too.  I
really think it depends on the intensity of the intercourse.
It also happen to me when I was pregnant, i thought I was having a
miscarriage and then the dr. asked if had sex. Of course I had, and
she said that from time to time this will happen if you have intense
Now that I am with a women I have not had a period for three months.
Everyone says it is stress but I think if I had sex with a man I would bleed.
hope this helps. Just tone down the intercourse don't be so rough.
Subject: Re: can a man bring your period on?
From: victorm-ga on 05 Jan 2006 12:11 PST
Technically, not the man. But how your body gets affected. However,
once you meet him more often that surge of "energy" will subside and
you'll probably go back to normal.

Excitment, such as school tests, job interviews, vacations... all have
can impact you.

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