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Q: "Barakat Royal Family" ( Answered 4 out of 5 stars,   1 Comment )
Subject: "Barakat Royal Family"
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Asked by: antoniobarakat-ga
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Posted: 03 Dec 2005 02:38 PST
Expires: 02 Jan 2006 02:38 PST
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We are fully well aware of the Barakat Family whom is of Jordanian
Royalaty. But please show me a lineage of the Lebanese Barakat family
to whom Royalty is decendant from. I am not sure where the Barakat
family in Lebanon is decendant from but I believe the royalty link is
with french royalty when they occupied the territory. The Jordanian
Royal Barakat family is supposed to be decendant from Muhammmed the
great prophet/messiah.
Subject: Re: "Barakat Royal Family"
Answered By: politicalguru-ga on 03 Dec 2005 07:51 PST
Rated:4 out of 5 stars
Dear Mr. Barakat, 

I'm afraid that my findings are probably not what you were looking
for. "Barakat" is an almost common Lebanese name - it means "Blessing"
or "Grace" in Arabic. There is no indication whatsoever linking it to
the French monarchy.

The royal Jordanian family is called "Hashamite" (descendants of
Hashem) and not "Barakat". Barakat I and Barakar II the Emirs of Mecca
were indeed part of the lineage.
Prince Hamzah Official Homepage - The Hashemite Lineage

This is the only reference to "Barakat" as a family related to royalty
- Middle Eastern or European.

The Almanach of Bruxelles, for example, shows only this reference: 
<> (search for "Barakat")

Barakat I - Emir of Mecca

Barakat II = Emir of Mecca

So do other sources, mentioning only the two Emirs of Mecca. - Royalty Message Board - French Nobility

There is a lot of information on the name Barakat, which is a pretty
common name in the area, but none indicates that the family has any
connections to the French royalty, before or after the revolution. The
family name could be found in all of the areas in Lebanon - North
(Tripoli), Centre (Beirut) and South (e.g., Ein Abel), and among
Christians as well as Muslims.

GenForum, Lebanon, [search for "Barakat"] 

GenForum - Barakat

The Barakat family from Ein Ebel in South Lebanon
" Barakat Barakat was also instrumental in arranging logistical
support to the French army in it's war against the Germans during the
Second World War. He offered his home and generous hospitality to
several French Generals and their cadres as they passed through the
The site, belongs to one of the prominent Barakat families in Lebanon,
mentions no other "French connection".
Barakat on the Lebanese Diaspora "White Pages"

I hope this answers your question. Please contact me if you need any
further clarifications on this answer before you rate it. My search
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Request for Answer Clarification by antoniobarakat-ga on 05 Dec 2005 07:48 PST
Unfortuantely, you have no provided me with any solid link to the
Barakat family in lebanon being of any royal decent. Lets break down
what u have offered me:

This link shows me nothing other than a URL pointing to JORDAN (which
i stated in my question i do not CARE FOR)
<> (search for "Barakat")  

Barakat I - Emir of Mecca / Barakat II = Emir of Mecca

... and the rest of you links tell about the name of the BARAKAT
family, which again is not part of my question.

I specifically asked for nothing of JORDAN, which you gave me, and I
did not ask what the BARAKAT name means nor anyone of that name.

Now to aid you, I able to pull out from GOOGLE Search, that there is
indeed a linkage of 1 particular family of BARAKAT in a city called
Amioun (one of the spellings) in Lebanon that was own by the french
and governed by them as well. This town was in fact run by a gentlemen
with the last name of Affif or Afif whose family was wed into the
Barakat family giving it Royal lineage. This is what I am looking for,
but I can not find exact detail. Everything you have provided for me,
is quite informational but nothing of what i asked for. This question
is not answered. I will in that manner give 3 (72 hours) from now to
correctly answer my question, if not I will retract the payment that
you so kindly already charged me.

Clarification of Answer by politicalguru-ga on 05 Dec 2005 08:55 PST
Dear Mr. Barakat, 

I am sorry that you are disappointed. You seem to have misunderstood
my answer. The reference to the Hashemite "Barakat" connection, was to
demonstrate, that no royal almanach links any other "Barakat" with any
other royal family, French or otherwise. The only Barakat connection
to royalty, according to those almanachs, is the Jordanian one.

Lebanon, for the record, experienced a brief rench involvement in
1860, and then again from 1917, but these were periods after the
Revolution and the Bourbon were not part of the regime.

In addition, I have stated that there are *many* Barakat families in
Lebanon, some Christian and some Muslim, which indicates that at least
not all Barakats in Lebanon are from the same lineage. So, even if
there has been a royal connection (see my previous paragraph on my
search through royal almanachs), it wouldn't have been for all
Lebanese Barakat.

In your original question you haven't mentioned that you're looking
for a specific website, mentioning Mr. Affif from Amioun. There is one
website and discussion that could be helpful:

Sawaya's Family possible ancestors
<'s Family possible ancestors> 
Affif, Amioun and a member of the Barakat family are also mentioned on
the same page. It states that there is a myth among the Sawaya family,
that they're descendants from the Italian house of Savoy.
antoniobarakat-ga rated this answer:4 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $5.00
Well clarified. although give me a couple day and I will show you the
website that clearly stated the house of Affif joining with a
Christian family house of Barakat in Amioun. Seems as though as the
build of St George (i think thats the church name in Amioun) by the
French Govern it was overseen by a Lord Affif who then married into
the Barakat House. Taking the last name Affif-Barakat.

Subject: Re: "Barakat Royal Family"
From: politicalguru-ga on 08 Dec 2005 02:11 PST
Thank you for the tip. I hope you'll find more information.

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