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Q: Fitness Plan ( No Answer,   2 Comments )
Subject: Fitness Plan
Category: Health > Men's Health
Asked by: static01254-ga
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Posted: 03 Dec 2005 15:44 PST
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I would like to know how to use Creatine and Whey Protein.  I bought
the stuff but im not clear on how to use it.  I weigh 140lbs.  I am
starting working out now.  Give me a plan and when to take the
supplements. I would also like to know how much to take in a day. The
protein is 20g per scoop and Creatine is 38g of carbs per scoop.

Clarification of Question by static01254-ga on 03 Dec 2005 18:55 PST
I liked your response but im looking more for a plan and workout plan.
Like recommend plan. How much to take, when to take, and such.


Clarification of Question by static01254-ga on 19 Dec 2005 14:03 PST
I liked your answer! Why cant I pay you for this?
There is no answer at this time.

Subject: Re: Fitness Plan
From: macexpert-ga on 03 Dec 2005 17:08 PST

I understand where you are coming from and I know it might be
difficult to believe but the process of consuming these products is
quite simple.

Protein Intake:  0 .5 gram of protein for each 1/lb of body weight
Carbohydrate Intake: 1 gram of carbs for every 1/lb of body weight. 

Most of the nutrition books will tell you that the human body cannot
digest more than 35g of protein every two hours.  This will vary from
person to person because of genetics.  This is why many professional
body builders choose to eat 6 times a day.   So you will max out your
protein intake at about 210grams/day.

Whey Protein WORKS!  As long as you are consuming protein shakes from
well know brand names like GNC, MetRX, EAS, etc.  Don't be fooled by
brand names that you don't know, because you might not get the right
amount of protein.  So what do you take...  As stated by the MetRX and
EAS websites, the consumption of protein is as follows...

Based on the program you want to use, you should be consuming 140 to
224 grams of protein a day and about 240 to 448 grams of carbs.

The range depends on you.  You want to make sure you don't consume any
fat in your diet.  This isn't a fat free plan; it's just a fat-less
plan.  Most of the foods you will eat will contain fat, so you don't
have to worry about eating fat, what you have to worry about is eating
no fat...

Don?t only consume the shakes, because that will be unhealthy.  It
will be best for you to eat 3 meals a day and have three shakes a day.
 Make sure that your meals follow the 35g-45g of Protein and 70-90g of
carbs you need to consume.
The variation in grams depends on your weight gain.  If you see that
you are getting fat to quickly then lower you average.

You can consume the Creatine according to the label on the product you
purchased.  Some people believe that by consuming more than the 5g
Creatine that they will get stronger faster, this is not true.  Also
some people believe that they will get bigger by consuming creatine,
this still hasn't been proven.  Regardless, it doesn't hurt to take
Creatine, especially if you feel that it is working.
Subject: Re: Fitness Plan
From: guru88-ga on 14 Dec 2005 17:11 PST
Typical Creatine loading and maintenance cycle:
Week 1: Creatine loading phase (20g/day for 4 days)(take 5g dosages 4
times a day like, breakfast, lunch, evening snack, and dinner)
Weeks 2 to 4: Creatine maintenance (5 - 10g daily)
Week 5: Load (20g/day for 4 days)
Weeks 6 to 8: No Creatine.
Repeat Cycle.
**Take creatine with natural carbohydrates/glucose like grape juice,
cranberry juice, etc. for better results.**

Protein shake usage:
Drink your whey protein with water instead of milk so that it will get
absorbed by your system faster (about 30 mins.)
In the beginning I would just drink it immediately after workout. As,
you progress after, let's say 2 months. Take a your prtein shake in
the morning as soon as you get up and after workout.

Just make sure you're eating, you can afford to because you're still
really (I'm assuming your young, and there is no way for me to tell
your stats like age, weigh, height to recommend you what to do
additionally) So, I would just say to start eating some serious food,
but do some research on what foods you need to be eating to make the
most out of your muscular gains. For a split, it doesn't really matter
what days you want to train a given muscle as long as it is not
fatigued directly/indirectly the day before. I can recommend a split
for you and definitely tailor it to your liking and goals. My advice
however is to train as often as you can to reap the benefits of the
growth most beginners experience, plus I like to train only 1 or 2
muscles a day, which will of course widen out your split.

3 Day Split
Day 1 

Day 2

Day 3

4 Day Split
Day 1          			

Day 2				

Day 3				

Day 4				

*For each muscle group I am going to recommend higher volume training
because you're a beginner....I would do 20 sets for larger body parts
(Chest/Back/Legs/Delts) and 10-15 sets for smaller muscle groups
(Biceps/Triceps.....etc) with a rep range between 8-12, this will give
you more hypertrophy
Hope that helps, I don't have much time and I'm not getting paid for this.

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