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Q: Question ID: 601390 vietnamese translation ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   0 Comments )
Subject: Question ID: 601390 vietnamese translation
Category: Miscellaneous
Asked by: charles26-ga
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Posted: 06 Dec 2005 06:30 PST
Expires: 05 Jan 2006 06:30 PST
Question ID: 602132
I would like to translate this from vietnamese to english.

thanh co khoe khong ? thanh hoi giam chuyen cho anh nhe, thi du minh
in hop thuoc la mond-light o viet nam, xong roi minh co the xuat di
campachia duoc khong, va co cang giay to gi khong vay ? va hoi tien
van chueyn tin nhu cat nao, xin cho anh biet cap vi anh phai bao gia
cho nguoi khack hang lien, co hy vong lam duoc lam.
con hien nay co gi la khong, anh thiet co phone thanh lam gi khong? va
co ai phone cho anh khong vay, neu co gi la xin phone cho anh lien
hoac dt cho anh hoa biet nhe.
con cong viec o day cung khong co on dinh lam....khi tot khi xau...
mong thanh hoi am som.
Hom qua Anh Minh co nhan duoc mail cua em khong . Anh Minh dien thoai
gap so nay :  . Trong xuong hien nay binh thuong , Anh Thiet cung co
len thuong xuyen , con ben 27/7 chua co giao hang chi in thu mau thoi
. Khi nao co gi la em se bao cho Anh Minh biet .
Anh Minh , em co hoi goi hang di campuchia roi , nguoi ta khong nhan .
Em co hoi Thanh Be thi chi phi van chuyen qua ben do cao lam , khoan
270.000VND / 1 thung . Trong xuong cung binh thuong , em co nghe Anh
Bao ve noi la Anh Thiet co nho nguoi len xuong lay cua minh 2 chau
bong hoa va dat nguoi len xuong coi de ban nhung nguoi ta chua coi .
Anh Minh tinh ky lai di neu chi phi goi hang qua campuchia cao qua thi
sao minh loi duoc , hoac la minh qua ben do lam luon thi se loi hon .
Cong viec cua anh o ben Irac on dinh chua vay ? Ngan hang co doi
5.000USD nhung em se lam don gia han khi nao anh ve thi se thanh toan
Subject: Re: Question ID: 601390 vietnamese translation
Answered By: secret901-ga on 06 Dec 2005 08:17 PST
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hello charles26-ga,

The emails are written without diacritical marks, making
interpretation fairly difficult.  Below are what I believe the authors
meant to say and its translation in English.

==============================Vietnamese text==================================
Thanh có kho? không?  Thanh h?i giùm chuy?n cho anh nhé, thí d? ḿnh
in h?p thu?c lá Mond-Light ? Vi?t Nam, xong r?i ḿnh có th? xu?t ?i
Campuchia ???c không, và có c?n gi?y t? ǵ không v?y?  Và h?i ti?n
v?n chuy?n tính nh? cách nào, xin cho anh bi?t g?p v́ anh ph?i báo giá
cho ng??i khách hàng li?n, có hy v?ng làm ???c l?m.
C̣n hi?n nay có ǵ l? không, anh Thi?t có phone Thanh làm ǵ không? Và
có ai phone cho anh không v?y, n?u có ǵ là xin phone cho anh li?n
ho?c ?t cho anh Ḥa bi?t nhé.

C̣n công vi?c ? ?ây c?ng không có ?n ??nh l?m...khi t?t khi x?u...mong
Thanh h?i âm s?m.

Hôm qua Anh Minh có nh?n ???c mail c?a em không? Anh Minh ?i?n tho?i
g?p s? này : [...] . Trong x??ng hi?n nay b́nh th??ng , Anh Thi?t
c?ng có lên th??ng xuyên , c̣n bên 27/7 ch?a có giao hàng ch? in th?
màu thôi . Khi nào có ǵ là em s? báo cho Anh Minh bi?t.

Anh Minh, em có h?i gói hàng ?i Campuchia r?i, ng??i ta không nh?n. 
Em có h?i Thanh Be th́ chi phí v?n chuy?n qua bên ?ó cao l?m, kho?ng
270.000VND/1 thùng.  Trong x??ng c?ng b́nh th??ng, em có nghe Anh B?o
v? nói là Anh Thi?t có nh? ng??i lên x??ng coi ?? bán nh?ng ng??i ta
ch?a coi.  Anh Minh tính k? l?i ?i n?u chi phí g?i hàng qua Campuchia
cao quá th́ sao ḿnh l?i ???c, ho?c là ḿnh qua bên ?ó làm luôn th́ s?
l?i h?n.  Công vi?c c?a anh ? bên Ir?c ?n ??nh ch?a v?y? Ngân hàng có
?̣i 5.000USD nh?ng em s? làm ??n gia h?n khi nào anh v? th́ s? thanh
===============================English translation==========================

How are you, Thanh?  Could you find out this for me: for example if we
print Mond-Light cigarette boxes in Vietnam, can we export it to
Cambodia, and do we need paperwork?  And what about the transportation
costs.  Let me know immediately because I have to give a quote to a
customer now, and they have a lot of potential.
Anything interesting happening?  Does Thi?t phone you to ask you do
anything? Did anyone call for me? If so, please phone me immediately
or call Ḥa and let him know.
Work here isn't very settled...sometimes it's good and sometimes it's
bad...hope to hear from you soon.

Did you receive my email yesterday? Call this number: . Everything is
normal here in the factory.  Thi?t comes up here often.  We still
haven't delivered the goods as of July 27, but only tested the color
printing.  If anything happens I will let you know.

Anh Minh, I asked about the delivery to Cambodia, they didn't
receive/accept it. I asked Thanh Be about the and found that the cost
of transportation over there is very high, about 270,000VND/box.  It's
normal here at the factory, I heard Bao said that Thiet asked somebody
to come to the factory to see and buy but they haven't seen it yet. 
You should think again because if the cost of transportation over to
Cambodia is that high, how are we going to make a profit? Or we could
work over there, there might be more profit.  Is your work in Iraq
settled?  The bank asked for 5,000USD but I will apply for an
extension and will take care of it when you get back.
====================================End translation===========================

I hope that this answers your question.  If you need clarification,
please ask for it using the request for clarification feature before
rating this answer.

charles26-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars
Quick answer, and good translation !!! Thank you!

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