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Q: "vcr video editing" ( Answered,   0 Comments )
Subject: "vcr video editing"
Category: Computers > Software
Asked by: nimisoere-ga
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Posted: 31 Aug 2002 15:52 PDT
Expires: 30 Sep 2002 15:52 PDT
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Where can I find software/hardware to cleanup my vcr video and convert them to dvd?

Request for Question Clarification by alienintelligence-ga on 31 Aug 2002 16:16 PDT
Hi nimisoere...

Would you mind telling us what you have so far
in the way of hardware? Are you wanting us to
provide you with info regarding an entire video
editing setup? Or do you already have a quality
VCR and a fast computer... and are looking just
for the capture hardware for the computer and
its associated software? If it is the latter,
we would need to know a little about what type
of computer you have. Maybe if you also tell
us the model # of your VCR. Do you have the DVD
burner already or is that part of our selection
for you?

Have you looked at Dazzle products?
[ ]
[ ]

Subject: Re: "vcr video editing"
Answered By: alienintelligence-ga on 01 Sep 2002 11:00 PDT
Hi nimisoere

I'm glad I got a chance to research this
topic for you. I've been considering adding
a digital archive to my PCs and I was able
to find some good products.

You asked, 'Where can I find software/hardware
to cleanup my vcr video and convert them to dvd? 

By VCR I take it you mean VHS format. A VCR or
Video Cassette Recorder can use any form of
tape for storage. VHS on the other hand is a
particular format for video storage. 

There are several discrete components in a
setup for conversion of old video to new DVD
digital. Since I do not know what you are
starting with, I will briefly highlight the
basic pieces.

Obviously a player for the cassettes is the
first item. If you do not already have a good
one, might I suggest the best you can afford.
Video Tape is very poor quality to begin with,
around 230 lines of resolution. The easiest
way to have the best digital recordings is
to start with the best output signal.

Features such as Dolby hi-fi stereo out,
4 heads, digital outputs, at least S-Video out.
Other nice features would be jog/shuttle and an
accurate remote. 

Get good quality cables. No you don't have 
to get the hundred dollar cables whose 
copper was grown in microgravity in the
vacuum of space. Just make sure they are
sturdy and look like they are shielded
properly with solid conductors.

Your computer... I don't know if you have
one, or need one. If you are thinking of
PC or Mac. Whichever it may be... the 
fastest you can afford so you won't have
to wait as long. Get a good amount of
memory. Don't be shy to have half a gig
of RAM. Hard Drive space galore! Get
a couple of hard drives maybe. DVD
burner? Have one? Need one?

Panasonic/Compaq LF-D211V 4.7/9.4GB ReWritable DVD-RAM Drive -
Internal IDE
[ ]
$214.95    <- that price makes me consider it even
The leading producer of DVD-RAM drives, Panasonic's
second-generation 4.7GB single-sided and 9.4GB
double-sided rewritable industry standard drives and
media provide superior performance and reliability. Fully
compliant with the DVD Forum's standards, the
single-sided media is capable of storing a full two-hours
of MPEG2 video.

And here we get to the nitty gritty. The stuff
that does all the tricks. We need software and
we need hardware. There are plenty of software
products out there. From downright cheap (and 
I'm sure worth every penny) to quite expensive.
These products assume you have the hardware in

Some products are bundled hardware and software.
This is what I would suggest getting. That way
you are guaranteed it will work as stated. The
products are made for each other. 

You mentioned 'to cleanup your vcr video'
I'm not sure if you meant to clean it up, as
in archive and no longer need a hundred video
tapes lying around... or to cleanup as in,
the videos aren't the best and you need to
remove static or blurs or color wash.

I will presume the latter. Unfortunately,
as I stated before, video tape is a very 
poor format. Most processing of the video
to 'clean it up' is only doing manipulations
that give a perception of a cleaner signal.
Also anything that would yield a more 
robust editing of video source will fetch
a greater price. Easily around $400 for the
likes of Adobe Premier. So basically, unless
you are going to rent Industrial Light and
Magic for a weekend, you won't be able
to render a great difference in quality.

In case you wanted to go the Mac route, I
included some info near the bottom. 


*The Following are software solutions, requires hardware*

neoDVDstandard 3.0 
[ ]
Offers a complete, real-time end-to-end software 
solution for camcorder users to easily capture, 
edit, compress, author and burn DVD files onto 
their recordable CD and DVD drives. 
- Go directly from digital or analog camcorder to DVD
- Go directly from VCR/VHS to DVD
- Create DV, DVD, or VCD files
- Automatically convert PAL to NTSC, and vice versa
- Burn DVD or VCD videos onto CD discs
- Burn DVD videos onto DVD discs
- Perform basic editing
- Add audio overlay (.wav or MP3 files)


Easily Author Home Movies to CD or DVD
[ ]
Ulead®DVD MovieFactory, with its simple 
wizard-style authoring process, makes 
burning your movies onto DVDs or CDs 
quick and simple. Works with any video 


NeoDVD Plus 3.0
[ ]
The good: Has a more intuitive interface than the previous
version did; captures video from analog sources, such as
VCRs and TV tuner cards; much cheaper than version 2.0.

The bad: Creates extremely poor-quality DVDs; doesn't burn
in real time; few output formats compared to those of the
competition; no Macintosh version.

The bottom line:  Sadly, NeoDVD Plus 3.0's feature boost
and price cut don't improve its DVD quality. For better
authoring and editing, get Ulead DVD MovieFactory instead.


Pinnacle EXPRESS
Now watching your home movies can be as 
much fun as making them! Pinnacle Express 
is the quickest and easiest way to watch 
your home movies or digital pictures on 
DVD. Simply connect your DV camcorder to 
your PC, and Pinnacle Express lets you 
capture video or digital still pictures, 
add menus and titles and burn CDs or DVDs 
that play in your set top DVD Player. 


Advancing the Art of DVD Authoring
[ ]
Ulead® DVD Workshop™ is a powerful, yet 
flexible DVD authoring software designed 
for creative video professionals and enthusiasts. 


First Look: Sonic Solutions MyDVD 3.1
by John B. Virata
[ ]
Sonic Solutions' MyDVD is a no frills DVD authoring
program that is designed primarily to get your digital
video onto a DVD-R disc for distribution. Unlike Sonic's
professional level DVD authoring tools such as DVD
Producer or DVD Fusion, MyDVD is dubbed as the 'easiest
way' to get your video onto DVD so that you can play it on
your DVD player or PC.

The application enables you to capture video from your
video camera to DVD or CD with no need to author a DVD.
It's just like transferring data from a hard drive to a
CD-R for burning. It is pretty simple. For those of you
who wish to get a bit fancier, MyDVD has templates
available to choose from to create a true DVD, complete
with menus and specialty fonts.


MyDVD Plus Version 3.5
[ ]
MyDVD Plus is a complete DVD and VCD creation 
software package that allows you to archive 
your home movies and corporate videos. Create 
professional looking DVDs and VCDs with menus 
and buttons, just like the Hollywood pros! 

MyDVD Video Suite 3.5

DVDit! SE 2.5


Adobe Premiere 6.5
[ ]
Delivering unmatched hardware support and real-time 
editing capabilities, Adobe® Premiere® 6.5 software 
is the essential tool for creating video for DVD, 
videotape, the Web, and more.   

Edit digital video with professional control 
Use powerful and precise editing tools to create 
broadcast-quality video productions.   


*The Following are software AND hardware solutions*

[ ]


                 !!! My personal pick !!!
Dazzle DVD Creation Station 200 (DCS 200) 
[ ]
The ultimate solution for creating videos and photo
slideshows for your DVD player. The DCS 200 combines the
ability to capture video from any camcorder, VCR or TV
with the ability to read photos, video or audio files from
all current flash card media. The DCS 200 hardware
converts your video into DVD quality MPEG-2 video in
real-time so there is no need to go back and convert the
video later. Converting the video to MPEG-2 in software
can take up to 5 hours for a one hour video but the DCS
200 does it all for you automatically as you capture the
video to your PC saving you valuable time. The DCS 200
also includes three powerful software solutions to edit
and share multimedia.


Matrox RT.X10 
[ ]
Matrox RT.X10 is a video editing hardware and software
bundle designed for home video enthusiasts who want
professional results fast. It lets you easily create home
movies, business videos, and school projects you can be
proud of. It's part of the new generation of Matrox
products that incorporate the Power of X - a new
architecture that leverages the scalable power of your CPU
with the explosive performance of dedicated hardware for
the ultimate realtime video editing experience.

"Realtime" editing with RT.X10 gives you unparalleled
creative freedom to experiment. There's no penalty for
changing your mind. Everything happens instantly, without
rendering, so you can quickly try out any number of
effects and combinations of effects to get just the look
you want.

Realtime color correction makes all your shots picture
perfect. Realtime broadcast-quality titles and
customizable 3D effects such as page curls, organic wipes,
and picture-in picture give your projects a high-end TV
look. Realtime adjustable slow and fast motion lets you
create dramatic or humorous effects. Multi-track audio
mixing lets you easily add soundtracks and music.


Pinnacle DV500 DVD contains everything that made the original DV500 a
We've made it even better and added even more real time
features designed to streamline the DVD creation process.
Direct import of MPEG-2 files to the timeline and hardware
accelerated MPEG-2 rendering allow you to get video in and
out of your system faster; with no need for format
Pinnacle DV500 DVD also includes our unique Intelligent
ReEditing, which allows you to revisit older projects and
only render the edits when you've completed your revisions
- no more long renders just because you wanted to change
one title or shorten one clip!

A creative powerhouse
Pinnacle DV500 DVD gives you the tools you need for
instant creativity. Enhance your productions with a vast
range of effects from simple dissolves to complex 3D
transitions, color correction and slow or fast motion.
Add Broadcast quality titles, graphics and filters, and
with the latest dual stream technology you'll see most of
your changes instantly, without waiting to render!


*The Following are hardware solutions, requires software*

ViewCast's Osprey-200 
[ ]
The Osprey-200 builds upon the award-winning capabilities
of the highly-renowned Osprey-100 video capture card by
adding audio capture capabilities.
-Multiple cards can be used simultaneously in a single system 
-Captures full frame video at 30 frames per second 
-Supports most popular video and audio APIs 
-Windows 95/98, 2000, and NT support 
-Multiple Osprey®-200's per chassis (NT and Windows 2000) 
-Closed Caption 

--Most hardware comes bundled with software--


*This is an all-in-one solution. No PC is used, no editing*

The Oxygenergy DVA-2100 VDR, DVD Recorder
[ ]
Do you have DVDs you want to record to make 
back-ups? The Oxgenergy DVA-2100 VDR, DVD 
Recorder does that for you.

Do you have family VHS tapes? They will 
lose their picture quality in a few years. 
Family events are very important and have 
sentimental value. Why not preserve them 
on CDs which lasts for centuries?

Rather than use only MPEG 1 (VHS quality) 
copying technology, the OX DVA-2100 VDR 
also uses MPEG 2 (almost SVHS quality) 
copying technology for recordings with 
much better video quality.


Apple solutions. Matrox makes cards for Apples.

Matrox RTMac and Adobe Premiere bundle
[ ]
  Realtime creativity
Realtime editing lets you experiment to your heart's 
content. There's no penalty for changing your mind. 
Try out any number of different effects and transitions. 
View them instantly on your computer and video monitors 
simultaneously, without rendering. Get exactly the look 
you want every time. 
  Enhanced productivity
Matrox RTMac complements Apple FireWire support built 
into Power Mac G4 computers with analog video capture 
and output. Using the RTMac breakout box, you can 
digitize source material from analog devices to use 
in your DV editing projects and record your finished 
projects to videotape for distribution. You also get 
full resolution viewing on an NTSC or PAL video monitor 
while editing, without connecting a DV device to your 
Power Mac G4. Dual-screen editing is an added benefit 
of Matrox RTMac. Simply connect a second computer 
monitor to increase your Adobe Premiere workspace. 

DVD Studio Pro 
[ ]
$999.95   <- maybe it comes with a computer???
The world of video is going digital.
You're shooting with high-quality DV camcorders. 
You're editing digitally with professional software 
packages such as Final Cut Pro. So why dub your 
finished projects onto low-quality analog videotape?

With DVD Studio Pro you can author your own DVD-Video 
discs so your work is digital from start to finish. 
Best of all, because it's from Apple, it's designed 
for creative professionals, not DVD technicians. 
You can create DVDs which take advantage of every 
feature outlined in the DVD-Video standard.

Adobe Premiere 6.5 is also for Mac
[ ]

I found these items as well:




*Some other helpful links*

Converting Video Tape to Digital Video
[ ]
Expert Guides Converting Video Tape to Digital Video
teaches you step by step how to digitize your video from
VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, 8 MM, Hi8, Digital 8 and Betamax using
your home PC.

If you have video tapes, converting them to Digital Video
will ensure they last a lifetime.  If you have movies on
VHS or other video tape formats, converting them to Video
CD can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars in
replacement costs.  And those home video's, don't let
them degrade away, transfer them to digital video and
preserve your memories.

This excellent how-to guide will teach you how to
transfer virtually any video tape to digital video with
professional quality results that you can view using your
DVD Player or PC DVD-R!

Enhancing Old Video

[ ]

Desktop Video: A Starter's Guide to Video Editing
[ ]

Digital Focus: Convert VHS Tapes to DVDs

Might I take this small portion of room here at the
bottom to make a suggestion that a few of my friends
echoed. Once again... VHS being a low resolution format,
it might be cheaper to make VCD's or video CDs on regular
CDroms. The quality would be exactly the same as the 
original media. If compression is a concern, you could
burn to 2 CDs and still be under a dollar for media.
It can also be quicker. Just a thought ;o)

I hope I answered what you needed even though there
were some points that were not clarified in your
question. If you would like for me to explain any
of my points in my answer further, please ask
for a clarification before you accept the answer.

thanks for choosing

Clarification of Answer by alienintelligence-ga on 01 Sep 2002 20:21 PDT
Sorry, I forgot to add my searches

-Search Techniques-

transfer "VHS to DVD" software
[ ://

convert "VHS to DVD" software
[ ://

"VHS to DVD" hardware
[ ://

DVD video hardware -adult
[ ://

VHS video editing software
[ ://

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