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Q: Looking for information on a painting by deceased hungarian artist - Imre Knopp ( No Answer,   4 Comments )
Subject: Looking for information on a painting by deceased hungarian artist - Imre Knopp
Category: Arts and Entertainment > Visual Arts
Asked by: g_dana-ga
List Price: $50.00
Posted: 14 Dec 2005 14:06 PST
Expires: 13 Jan 2006 14:06 PST
Question ID: 605895
Several years ago, I purchased an old oil painting at an estate
auction.   After purchasing the painting, I tried to discover more
about the artist, Imre Knopp, but could not find much information.

Recently, I decided to "google" the name once again, and discovered
some limited information. Much to my surprise, I actually found a
picture of my painting.  It is titled "Varakoza" or "Wait" (English
translation).  I found it on the Fine Arts in Hungary Website

I have been able to find some information about the artist, but very
little on the painting itself.  For example, how many duplicates of
the painting are there? Did the artist, and Hungarian artist in
general habitually make many duplicates. How do I authenticate my
painting. Is it necessary too? Do I need to worry about its value for
insurance purposes - What is its value?  What is the origin of the
painting? Any additional information on the artist or painting would
be wonderful.

I tried emailing to all of the museums in Hungary, as well as a few
auction houses - and never received a reply (except from one private
dealer interested in selling the painting).

Request for Question Clarification by pafalafa-ga on 14 Dec 2005 19:04 PST
I assume you've seen this page on Knopp already, at the same site you mentioned:

Beyond that, it would be helpful to know a bit more about what you've
found already.  The information would help in our searching, and would
save us reinventing the wheel, so to speak.



Clarification of Question by g_dana-ga on 14 Dec 2005 19:30 PST
I have spent over 20 hours searching on the internet - several search
engines with many key words. If I spoke the Hungarian language I may
have discovered more.

I found some brief biographical information on a couple of sites, as
well as the auction results of some of his work over the past 8-10

I have discovered nothing about my painting itself. Perhaps if you
could find an contact the owner of the same painting that is on the
website I posted, they would have some information and answers to my

The only research I have done is on the web. If you type Knopp, Imre
into google images you will see several of his other paintings.

Request for Question Clarification by scriptor-ga on 15 Dec 2005 09:12 PST
Dear g_dana,

Although I have not been able to find information about this
particular painting, my research produced other results: In an old
German art encyclopedia, I discovered a biography of Imre Knopp. This
might help you to get a general impression of the painter's
significance. Would that information be useful for you?


Request for Question Clarification by pafalafa-ga on 15 Dec 2005 09:37 PST
Like my colleague, scriptor-ga, I haven't found much on the painting
either, at least not in English.

I did come across a museum in Hungary that has some black and white
images of your painting on its site, and it appears that the painting
was in the museum's collection at one time -- though I can't be sure,
as I don't read Hungarian.

I've also found auction results for other Knopp paintings that include
the prices at which they sold, and the auction houses that handled the

From what I can see of Knopp's other paintings, there don't appear to
be duplicates of the same image, so your copy of "Wait" may be the
only one -- but again, it's hard to know for certain without knowledge
of Hungarian.

Given the limits of what's out there, let us know how (or whether)
you'd like us to proceed at this point.


Clarification of Question by g_dana-ga on 15 Dec 2005 10:37 PST
I seemed to have found most of the information you have so far on my
own. I have limited knowledge of the art world, and I do not know what
your backgrounds are.

What type of additional information could you provide me if I
increased the $$ amount? I assume $50 really only buys internet

The original link I provided you shows a colored photogragh of my
painting, and says that it is in a private collection. I purchased my
painting about 9 years ago and did not provide the image to the site.
Therefore, I assume there is more than one painting. However,
different fine art discussion groups I have posted to replied that it
was not common practice for Hungrian painters to make duplicates.

Request for Question Clarification by pafalafa-ga on 15 Dec 2005 10:51 PST
Raising the question price certainly helps get the attention of the
researchers here, but -- speaking for myself -- I really don't think
changing the price would make much difference.

There simply seems to be an absence of information in English on this
particular painting.  I have access -- as do many other researchers --
to considerable non-internet resources, but they haven't helped, in
this case.

I don't know where you are located, but you might want to consider
finding a gallery in your area that deals in Hungarian fine art, as
they would likely have the language skills as well as the background
to best assist you.

Perhaps we can locate such a gallery for you, if that would meet your needs.


Clarification of Question by g_dana-ga on 16 Dec 2005 11:00 PST
If you could locate a gallery in the Boston area that you know could
help. Alternatively, if you could locate an Art History professor who
specialized in Hungarian Art ,that would help. I am open to any other
ideas as well.
There is no answer at this time.

Subject: Re: Looking for information on a painting by deceased hungarian artist - Imre Knopp
From: geof-ga on 15 Dec 2005 11:28 PST
1. I think it would be unusual for a reputable painter in modern times
to paint identical versions of a painting - espcially one as
impersonal as your picture "Wait". (It would be more likely with a
commissioned portrait.)

2. You seem to be assuming that the reproduction in the website is not
yours; but it could well be a copy taken from another reproduction in
an earlier exhibition or auction catalogue. (Remember, copyright in a
painting does not belong to the owner; and in any case Knopp's work is
presumably out of copyright.)

3. The sale prices you have found should give you an indication of the
value of yours; also significant, of course, would be what you paid,
adjusted for inflation. Also, bear in mind that Knopp's work is likely
to be worth more in Hungary where he is better known, than elsewhere.

3. Having the painting valued and authenticated outside Hungary may be
difficult and possibly expensive; it is probably unnecessary unless
you consider it to be worth some thousands of pounds/dollars.
Subject: Re: Looking for information on a painting by deceased hungarian artist - Imre Kn
From: myoarin-ga on 15 Dec 2005 16:43 PST
I  - no expert -  agree with Geof.  A close comparison of your
painting with the full screen image from that website (click on
painting) should allow a fairly confident opinion of whether they are
identical.  The "loose" style/technique of the painting would not be
appropriate for a copy so exact that differences could not be
It is interesting that the site happened to choose that picture to
represent Knopp's work.
You could also write the museum (with or without a photo of your
painting) and ask for information.
Good luck, Myoarin
Subject: Re: Looking for information on a painting by deceased hungarian artist - Imre Knopp
From: g_dana-ga on 16 Dec 2005 10:57 PST
Thank you both for your insight - I feel like I am on a wild goose
chase, but I enjoy trying to solve the mystery.  The auction range of
other paintings of Knopp's over the past 10 years is from several
hundred dollars (converted from other currencies) to around $US18,000.

I have contacted several museums in Hungary by email, and none have
replied back.  I think the surprise of finding my actual painting on
the web is what is focusing me on the actual painting. Perhaps I
should learn more about the artist instead.
Subject: Re: Looking for information on a painting by deceased hungarian artist - Imre Kn
From: myoarin-ga on 16 Dec 2005 14:34 PST
I assume that you have checked the dimensions of your painting with
those on the website (Size without the frame, of course).
If I were you, I would start by contacting the Boston Museum of Fine
Arts.  Assuming that there is nothing that obviously questions that
your painting and the photo are not identical, an art curator would
usually be interested in helping, either by looking at the painting,
by guiding you to books in the museum's library, or by suggesting a
more knowledgeable person to ask, something to ask.  In the Boston
university community there should certainly be a few such persons, but
maybe the curator or one of them can send you further afield.

You could also contact the universities directly, of course, no need
to be shy.  With the museum photo, you have support for the assumption
that your painting is authentic.  Call the graduate schools of arts
and ask who knows about European painters of the period.

Even if you are not interested in selling the painting, you can also
take it to auction houses.  This site lists several in the Boston
area:  ://,+MA&sa=X&oi=localr

Skinner's, Sotheby's and Parke Bernet are probably the most knowledgeable.

Good luck, Myoarin

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