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Q: Successful use of affirmations ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   1 Comment )
Subject: Successful use of affirmations
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Asked by: glennjers-ga
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Posted: 21 Dec 2005 17:21 PST
Expires: 20 Jan 2006 17:21 PST
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Hello, my partner and I are selling software that flashes positive
affirmations on the screen while you work.  We would like to have a
LONG list of VERY SPECIFIC success stories from people who have used
affirmations successfully.  Details are important to us as they will
help the sales copy.  (For example, we know that the Australian Cup
was won by a team that focussed on positive affirmations, but we don't
know the names or details).  We'd like to have at least 10 good

Request for Question Clarification by welte-ga on 26 Dec 2005 16:55 PST
Hi glennjers, 

Before putting a lot of time into your question, I wanted to get a
little more information...  What sort of scale or focus are you
thinking of?  I.e., you mention the Australian Cup; are you also
interested in individuals?  You say a LONG list, but also say that 10
good stories would suffice. Would the details of 10 events such as the
Australian Cup suffice?


Clarification of Question by glennjers-ga on 26 Dec 2005 17:51 PST
I'm glad you asked the question.  

Actually, what would be ideal would NOT be sporting events, but cases
of INDIVIDUALS who have used affirmations to help them do any of the

- get out of debt
- find a mate
- lose weight
- reduce stress
- do better in school
- achieve financial freedom
- stop smoking
- greatly enhance their career

Ten STRONG cases would suffice, yes.  
(But they'd have to be good cases,
with good details and believable 
names/specifics as this will be used
to help overcome sales resistance)

Thanks for your efforts (very much)

Dr. Glenn :-)

Glenn Livingston, Ph.D.
PS - If it's permissible by Google, (and you need to)
you can call me to discuss further. (If not,
or you don't need to, then please ignore)
Subject: Re: Successful use of affirmations
Answered By: welte-ga on 27 Dec 2005 11:14 PST
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hi again Dr. Livingston,

I have found some useful success stories involving the use of
affirmations for you.  There are roughly 30, with varying levels of
detail.  As you likely know, there is a lot of stuff out there to sort
through to find the types of details you describe.   Where the
specific details are available online, I have simply summarized and
given links to the original sources, to make reading through this
answer a little more digestible.    At the bottom, I have summarized
the most successful search strategies I came across, so that you can
perform more similar searches on your own.

Carolyn Leighton
CEO, Founder, and Chairwoman of WITI

Working with various affirmation coaches, Ms. Leighton details her
subsequent achievements, including the following:

"In March of 1998, I saw an Oprah show where one of her guests, a
successful writer, shared that she found living with beautiful views
contributed to her creativity. At the time, I was living in a dark,
ugly house in Santa Clara in the Silicon Valley; it was all I could
afford. My son, Dan, encouraged me to visualize living in a house with
views. So I wrote affirmations that went something like this: "I am
living in a house surrounded by views. The views are inspiring me to
write, and being surrounded by nature is inspiring my spirituality. I
have a lot of land where my dogs can run freely without leashes."

By June of 1998 - less than three months - I had sold my house in
Santa Clara and bought a 5-acre ranch with an octagon-shaped house
with glorious views of mountains and trees on the central coast of
California. I have written more in the 5 years I have lived here than
in any previous time in my life. I even bought the ranch for less than
I sold the ugly dark house in Santa Clara!"

Although WITI is a personal growth company, Ms. Leighton states that
she was not previously aware of affirmations or their use.  She is now
a strong proponent.  She also now has a discussion forum for those who
wish to discuss the use of affirmations, which can be reached from the
bottom of the link above.



This is a woman with both a website and a blog (listed above).  On her
blog, she describes both her and her boyfriend's use of affirmations,
with success.  Her boyfriend is a salesman who, after using
affirmations did better, earning a bonus.  She gives a very believable
account of these events, about halfway down her blog page under the
heading "Affirmations."  She also describes using affirmations with
their 5-1/2 year old:

"I posted the other day about feeling like people think Logan's a
little weird, so now I feel like I need to balance out the story. He's
been wetting the bed pretty regularly and J and I were getting
frustrated with still needing to have Logan in a nighttime diaper at
5.5 years old, and we suspected that it was not a biological readiness
issue. So I gave Logan the idea to say affirmations while he was
falling asleep. I suggested that he have his mind tell his body to
stay dry at night. Every night before he goes to bed, he now thinks to
himself "I will stay dry tonight". And I'll be damned - it works. He
has stayed dry 6 nights in a row, which is something like a record. I
think that teaching him to help center himself will be really good for
him. He's doing a "Yoga Kids" video right now as I type.

J has been using affirmations on his job, and while he's still in the
lower-ranked salespeople in his office, he's doing much better. In the
past week, he's actually sold the minimum number of the two flagship
products required to get a bonus. The sales won't post until next
month because of the way it works, though, but he's already sold
enough going into June to get the bonus. I think that's pretty cool.

I'm trying to use affirmations to reach my own goals. So far it's
doing well for my writing - I picked up a few pieces for ePregnancy,
finally finished a query for Bitch, and started slowly working on a
book proposal. I'm trying to use affirmations to lose weight but I
know these two guys, Ben and Jerry, who keep seducing me away from my
goals. I suppose I could refuse to let them into my house, but that
would be rude. -------- AUTHOR: Holly Case DATE: 5:17 PM ----- BODY:
Not going to be popular, but I figure it's better to bring this here
than on a message board."


Scott Adams
Cartoonist (Dilbert)

"New View of the Future"

Scott Adams apparently wrote an essay once describing in great detail
his belief in and use of affirmations.  The link above is a cached
copy of this essay, which originally was stored on Bob January's
(purported to be a friend on at least one site), but has since
vanished.  Bob January is listed as a co-author on this essay.  I have
read other descriptions of Scott Adams' belief in affirmations, but I
am not sure if these other reports were referring solely to the essay
above.  The text of this essay has been reproduced at the second site
above as well.


Ben Seymour

Ben Seymour is a Luthier at Kudzu Patch who uses multiple daily
affirmations.  He describes a long list of affirmations that he has
found successful for various purposes.  He goes on to detail his
success with these affirmations at the first link above.  The second
link above is the general site for his Luthier shop.



Sandy is a woman battling against mesothelioma.  She details her use
of affirmations (and other self help approaches) to help her get
through surgery, radiation therapy, and the general struggle she faces
at the above site.  Here is a sample:

"The process I use combines the use of visualization (seeing, hearing,
or feeling in your mind's eye, a picture of your healthy self or the
healing process) and affirmations (positive statements of what you
want -My immune system is powerful warding off any disease or
infection that threatens my body.)

I also create visual pictures that go with each affirmation. Creating
visuals can be easy if you connect them to your own life's
experiences. Since I am a gardener, I have created an image of my
white cells as plump, healthy gardeners out pruning, nipping, and
culling possible disease off unhealthy cells. T-cells push huge mowers
which saturate all of my cells with white healing light and suck up
any diseased area. The residue is eliminated from my body through
breath ( or tears, sweat, urination, etc.) and is turned into
butterflies. I use this affirmation and visualization often during the
day or night, especially when negative thoughts begin to creep into my
mind. I use visualization and affirmations with my prayers for such
things as reframing negative thoughts, focusing on the gifts of life
that are offered in every moment, accepting and acknowledging
feelings, and changing old habits into new, healthier ones."


Terry McBride suffered from a serious, life threatening E. Coli
infection.  He wrote a book, "The Hell I Can't," detailing his
experience, which included extensive use of affirmations.  You can
read more details and an interview here:

"Yes, they're the tools I use ? the goals, the plans, affirmations and
visualizations. Just as I said, I knew these tools. When I was sick I
had to use them all the time I was in the hospital, but when I got
out, got a job, got out of college, got a house, I was too busy. Most
of us get so busy, we don't use these things. Everybody Wins is a
really simple little thing that takes less than 10 minutes a day, and
it forces the person to use these principles every day. What happens
is they start applying what they know instead of just thinking about

Here is an article written by Mr. McBride:

You can find his book here:

Weight Watchers

Although it may be somewhat of a marketing tool, the phrase "Nothing
tastes as good as thin feels," attributed to Jean Nidetch (founder of
Weight Watchers in the 1960's) is used by many of the Weight Watchers
subscribers.  You can find multiple stories mentioning this
affirmation around the web.  Here are some of the more detailed ones:

"I am now maintaining my goal weight, after losing 95 lbs. in 8 months
(see my Weight Loss Graph). I made Lifetime on October 19, 1998. I
always try and remember to ?Eat to Live, Don?t Live to Eat?. Also,
'Nothing Tastes as Good as Thin Feels!'"

Dotti has put together an extensive website with many weight loss
resources and links to others' stories, including some that include
the use of affirmations, such as this one:

Jan (lost 133 pounds)


eDiets, like Weight Watchers, uses affirmation for motivation.  Julia
Griggs Havey, in charge of motivation for eDiets, provides users with
daily motivational affirmations. Here is her bio:

Julia's own story is a testimony to the power of affirmations:

"Julia Griggs Havey is a real person, someone much like you. She lived
for many years in a morbidly obese body, topping the scale at 290
pounds. She sought every weight loss gimmick offered, trying to shed
the unwanted pounds, yet remained obese and growing increasingly
unhappy and unhealthy. Julia found the power within herself to change
and take control of her life and her weight. Now, her mission is to
help other people to do the same.

In her role as Master Motivator at eDiets, Julia Griggs Havey proves
that healthy eating and motivation can change a person?s life. She
tirelessly and enthusiastically helps the members through
her popular support group, Take it Off with Julia, writes articles for
the Monday edition of our eDiets Extra newsletter and holds monthly
online meetings. Julia Griggs Havey lost 130 pounds and has kept it
off for over 8 years. After sending her weight loss success story to
Women?s World magazine, she was inundated with queries from women
wanting to know ?how? she did it."


Gabreael (AOL Screen Name gabreaelinfo)

In her AOL journal, Gabreael details her use of affirmations and
visualization, as well as her success.

"I have personally found that when I use this technique along with
fasting it works very well. However I know many of you have health
issues and cannot fast. I used this technique to buy two of my homes
at a fraction of their market value and for my husband?s health. I
really should use it more often. Writing this post has inspired me to
actually apply this to, two current issues in my own life at this
moment. I hope this works for you as well as it has for me I the



Sharon is a single mom and another AOL Journal writer.  She posts her
daily affirmation and has some detail on her success:

"As I reflect on my life I can clearly see that I have advanced in
every area.  It is sometimes difficult to appreciate my
accomplishments when I know that there is more ?stuff? to be done,
more people to meet, more friends to help, more things to learn, more
spirituality to attain, etc, etc, etc.  It?s somehow easier to beat
myself up for not doing, preparing, finishing, the things that I still
want to be and to develop in myself.  I forget that God has put me in
the exact place that I need to be, for right now, so, I have decided
to try to not stress out and to take life a day at a time.  After all,
worrying only causes wrinkles!"


Eleanor Ruth Wagner

Eleanor is another AOL Journal writer, with a gay and lesbian focus. 
Her journal details her both her own and the general principal of
using affirmations to ease the coming out process, as well as the
stresses of being homosexual in our current society.

"When I was coming out, there wasn't a single meditation or
affirmation book for lesbians and gay men on the market that I could
find, so I decided to write one. It took me 6 years to write it and
get it published, but I'm very proud of it and hope it will be helpful
to others in their coming out process. My book is entitled "Lavender
Reflections: Affirmations for Lesbians and Gay Men""


News for the Soul

This site, founded by Anne Marie Evers, has an article detailing the
success of "James" in using affirmations to overcome alcoholism and
unemployment.  A lot of this sounds like marketing and magical
thinking (affirmations can make things happen that are beyond the
physical control of the individual using them), but I will include it
and you can make your own judgements.


Vibrant Life

This is an article hosted by LookSmart that discusses in detail how
Bill and Arlene overcome relationship difficulties, primarily
discussing general principles, such as those below:

"Good communication with others starts inside yourself. What messages
do you tell yourself about another person? How do you interpret his or
her behavior? Do you assume the worst? Do you attach evil motives to
ambiguous or annoying behavior? Is your inner conversation a dreary
recital of blame, resentment, and self-justification? All the
communication strategies in the world won't help if your self-talk
about the other person is negative.

On the other hand, when your inner monologue about the other person is
filled wit empathy, affirmation, and appreciation, your communication
with that person is likely to be positive. It will build the
relationship instead of destroy it."



This is a company that sells multiple audio and video
affirmation-based products.  They are based in Medical Lake, WA. They
have many testimonials (11 pages at last count) posted that are fairly
focused, with varying levels of detail.  Much like this company, you
could likely encourage those who purchase your book to contact an
e-mail address that you set up specifically for testimonials, from
which you could add new stories to your list.  This is likely more
effective than simply using more generic stories and testimonials from
individuals, but obviously requires some lag time before it can be
effectively used.

Some of the InnerTalk products are based on subliminal principles,
which is less relevant to your questions, so I have not listed
testimonials referring to these products when possible.  I have also
excluded claims about more dubious items, such as their Breast
Enlargement tape.  Here is the main site for their testimonials, along
with some of the more detailed, believable statements:

"I purchased the Stress in Schools for my 3 year old who was going
through astage of her hating her nursery which is attached to her
Pre-Pre School. I began to dread the journey and her crying 'i don't
want to go to school mummy' especially as i realised that i would have
that journey to that school until she was 13. I now play the Stress in
School CD on the way to school and all i know is that i now have a
calm happy little girl who according to her teachers has blossomed and
more interactive and socialable. I've since purchased many other
Innertalk CDS and my life has changed. I constantly talk about these
CDS to anyone who will listen. At first I was quite sceptical but now
a firm believer that they work.
Brideget Leary"


ADD / Stress Free / Confidence

"Our family has experienced many exciting and positive thing because
of listening to your tapes. Our son, Adam, is 9 years old and he has
been diagnosed as having ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). He has
difficulty controlling his behavior, even with the medication. We had
he and his brother read the affirmations during the day and played the
tape at night while they slept. Since he started listening, he reads
the affirmations on his own, and we have gradually cut down the amount
of medication. His attitude is more positive and he is really making
an effort to control his behavior. Our other children are also more
positive and cooperative and each is improving in school. I find the
Stress Free tape especially helpful. My husband has made a 180 degree
turn around in his life. He is a salesman and his sales have increased
$2-$300 more each pay period. He says he actually feels a compelling
force to do more. We are both setting goals personally and
professionally. It's exciting to watch our lives change to optimism
and success."

- Deanna Wilson, Salem, UT


"I am a success story. I ran across an OZO tape way back in 1993. OZO
CONFIDENCE tape# ISBN 1-55978-289-7. This tape changed my life! I'd
tried other tapes etc. and nothing worked like this one.

I was a struggling comedian back then and I began listening to the
tape a few times a week. the tape made me so confident that I became
unstoppable! I went on to work the best clubs all over America. In
1997 I ended up in Hollywood where I became a television writer. I
went on to become an award winning television comedy writer. I think
the most useful elements of the program were the parts that said I
deserved success.

Most recently I've become a T.V. Producer, selling and producing my
very own show! The OZO tape made me believe whole-heartedly that I
could do anything I wanted. And as it turns out that's what it takes
to do just that....just believe it."
Gary Wilson


"Freedom from Alcohol -"Alcohol doesn't seem the same any more, not
the way is was in my 20's. I'm 34 now, I've had problems controlling
my alcohol but now I can easily stop drinking for a week. I used to
drink 6 days a week, and then it would be too much around 10 points of
lager, on average 7-8 pints in one sitting. The next day my body was
feeling heavy and burnt out.  I knew I had to make changes. After a
month of using InnerTalk I began to see gradual changes. Firstly I
noticed that where before I felt angry I could catch myself in the
moment, I used to think 'what the hell, I'm just having a drink with
my mates,' I realized that I was deeply sad because I had been doing
this for years. I realized I was drowning my sadness in alcohol. I
realized that I could identify why I was drinking so much. Two weeks
later I had mastered working out the patterns. When the trigger
pattern starts I just think "ah forget it" When I do fancy a beer I go
to the shop and where I used to buy 4 I now buy 2. I feel in control
again and continue to use my CD's.""
B Singh


"Forgiving and Letting Go & Up From Depression - "Before I tried these
CD's I suffered from depression and had trouble forgiving and letting
go after my first baby died at only 4 days old. I could not move on
very easily or quickly. Since I have tried these CDs I have been able
to let go of difficult situations (which before I would have fought
and never given in to) I am also generally more relaxed and at ease
with myself. I don't get as stressed and have a sense of well-being
which was missing before. So thank you InnerTalk for giving me a
better quality of life and at last a future to look forward to! I have
been so impressed I have bought more CDs to try and recommended you to
various friends, family and co-workers.""
Judith Campbell


"Learning for Examinations - "I had to write to tell you about my
daughter's success. My daughter, Georgia, is dyslexic and, although we
believe in her capabilities, she was not thought sufficiently academic
by her school to pass her 11+ exam. As she dearly wanted to go to
grammar school, we decided to use every method in our power to enable
her to pass. As a family we are committed to different approaches to
learning and recognize the ability of the subconscious to promote
learning and memory. When I saw a feature on InnerTalk products in a
national newspaper I contact you immediately. It was just six weeks
before her exam, and you promised to rush your product to me, which
before you duly did. We played the CD Learning for Examinations every
night while she slept, and the result is that she has amazed everyone
by not only passing but also with above average marks. There is no
doubt in my mind that your product played a significant part in this.
I would just like to say a big thank you""
- Mrs. Karen Mannering, Kent 



"Since I have been working on myself for a year before I discovered
your tapes locally here in South Africa, it is difficult to quantify
the improvements in some areas, BUT: I wish you could see my muscles
after just 40 days of listening to the BODY BUILDING cassette. You
see, I'm a bit lazy when it comes to physical exercise but for many
months last year I worked out every day and used Creatine, with
disappointing results.

I'm still taking Creatine but the muscle growth the last month has
been SPECTACULAR. The first thing I noticed was that I got drastically
thinner around the waist. I then realised that my body must have been
drawing Glutamine and stuff like that from the stomach to the muscles.
I then started eating more and my stomach has now stabilised, but my
muscles just keep on growing. I have also now increased my Creatine

Your local distributors Dave & Mandy Swinburne are wonderful people. I
saw them on Saturday and got 4 more cassettes.

Thank you again."

Pieter Uys
Johannesburg, South Africa



"No one on the National Judo Institute's team had ever won a National
World or Pan Am medal until 1987, when the team began using a Whole
Brain audiotape as part of their training. The team's skills increased
so dramatically that this year they won 6 Pan Am medals, one World
Medal and 2 National medals. NJI members are now slated to fill half
the spots on the 1992 Olympic Team!"

- Phil Porter, Colorado Springs, CO



Subject: Mathematics is Easy
Date: Fri, Jul 23, 1999, 3:34 PM

Hello again, I have enjoyed your tapes for several years now and I
still play them. More recently I ordered"Mathematics Is Easy" for my
children. Tyler who is 9 years old now went from poor grades in math
to excellent grades. I started playing the tape for him last year, it
didn't seem like no time at all that the improvements were showing up
in his grades in math. Also his teacher made several comments about
the dramatic change. I just thought you'd like to know about the
difference you have made in my family's life.
Thank you once again. 
Sincerely, Julia Terry"


"My daughter has been using the 'Excel in Exams' and 'Genius Power'
and 'Mathematics is Easy' and I have to say that she has done very
well in her exams this year, more so than usual. She usually comes
away with the academic prize at school, which she has done again this
year, but the difference now is that four of her exam results were in
the 90's, the highest being 97% and she is in the top set for
everything so the kids around her are very bright anyway. Before we
got the maths CD she was asking to be moved down a set. She came away
with 87% in her maths exam which is the highest she has ever achieved
and now she tackles maths problems without any help from my husband
which is a first! She also tackles things he cannot do anyway now and
he had A'level maths. There is obviously a difference and we are very
pleased. My little boy has now left school, the one where he was
bullied, today in fact and he is determined and happy to move on. We
have been playing his the 'Forgiving and Letting Go' CD and also the
'Positive Interactions for Young People' as he sleeps at night and we
have definitely noticed a difference. He is happier in himself and is
definitely more chatty. He was chatting away to the sales staff the
other day as I was paying for goods in a shop and you couldn't shut
him up. I was enjoying myself just watching him. I won't tire of
playing these CD's to them because I know they make a difference. We
can only go on from strength to strength. Thank you for giving us all
the opportunity to change our lives around. The CD's have helped
- Sheila Golding 


Learning/ Exams/ Memory

"I bought the tape in the middle of midterms, I listened for
approximately four hours before studying and 15 hours while I was
studying. The results were impressive. I feel that I was able to
accomplish more in a shorter amount of time than I had ever
experienced before. My retention was better, my mind was clear and
organized. I felt prepared for my midterms. Consequently I was
confident and did very well on my tests"

- Lance Stallings, Provo, UT


Freedom from Alcohol 

"Alcohol doesn't seem the same any more, not the way is was in my
20's. I'm 34 now, I've had problems controlling my alcohol but now I
can easily stop drinking for a week. I used to drink 6 days a week,
and then it would be too much around 10 points of lager, on average
7-8 pints in one sitting. The next day my body was feeling heavy and
burnt out. I knew I had to make changes. After a month of using
InnerTalk I began to see gradual changes. Firstly I noticed that where
before I felt angry I could catch myself in the moment, I used to
think 'what the hell, I'm just having a drink with my mates,' I
realized that I was deeply sad because I had been doing this for
years. I realized I was drowning my sadness in alcohol. I realized
that I could identify why I was drinking so much. Two weeks later I
had mastered working out the patterns. When the trigger pattern starts
I just think "ah forget it" When I do fancy a beer I go to the shop
and where I used to buy 4 I now buy 2. I feel in control again and
continue to use my CD's."
- B Singh, West Midlands 


Here's a link to a newsgroup thread where an individual claims to use
affirmations to curtail asthma attacks.  I DO NOT recommend trying
this, but it is a representative example of people using affirmations
to attempt to alleviate physical ailments.  Other examples can be
found online, such as cancer remissions, etc.  I am doubtful of the
efficacy of affirmations in this context, but I include this for

Bruce - career and exams

Here is a link to a thread where one participant (Bruce) describes his
use of affirmations to do better on the GMATs and make his business
more profitable.  This is a long thread, with multiple people arguing
for and against affirmations, with several people describing their



Donny describes his use of affirmations to overcome fear of driving.

"One thing that really helped me with my driving problem was to practice 
everyday of seeing myself in my mind driving with a smile on my face and then 
affirming to myself=I love driving it relaxes me.  I'm very confident and calm 
while driving.  You can do this with any thing you fear.  I need to do more of 
this with my wide open spaces problem.  When i first started having panic 
attacks my wife had to drive me everywhere.(i used to drive 3000 miles a month 
with my job).  I felt so ashamed i could'nt even drive myself to the doctor. "

Other interesting links

A group at the University of Kentucky recently found that affirmations
helped women overcome depression.  The academic, controlled nature of
this study may help to overcome sales resistance.


Here's a recent article on affirmation-based T-shirts:


I hope this information is useful.  Best wishes to you and your
partner on your endeavor.  Please feel free to request clarification
prior to rating.



Search strategies

This required a fairly extensive and varied search across the web to
pick out some useful information, so I have provided a fairly detailed
list of searches that you can use to potentially find more
testimonials and stories.

Google searches:

"I * affirmations" "worked for me"
"I * affirmations"
"using affirmations"  weight "my journal"
"I ~use * ~affirmation"

" ~use * ~affirmation"  (debt OR weight OR career OR business OR
school OR grades OR classes OR stress)


On, search for "affirmations"  Unfortunately, their
on-site search tool seems to bring up lots of commercial sites.  Try
using Google directly instead:
This is still a low yield search.

You can also search AOL Journals.  Here's an example:

The search above yields about 200 journal pages, not all of which are relevant.


Another way to cut through some of the muck is to do a simple Google
news search.  I put in a term to eliminate "gay" simply because there
is a gay and lesbian community center and a group for gay and lesbian
Mormans, both called "Affirmations," that seemed to come up many

You can actually set up a Google News alert to receive e-mail when new
items match your News search(es).


Here's a Google Scholar search that turns up multiple research
articles and books relating to affirmations. Clicking on the book
links will show you a limited portion of each book that turns up,
which might help you decide if one is worth purchasing for more


Another suggestion would be post a request on a group such as
alt.soulmates requesting that people share their stories.  People are
usually happy to share success stories.


You may also need to add a "-smalley" to the Google searches above to
eliminate references to SNL :-)
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Thank you!

Subject: Re: Successful use of affirmations
From: ockyboy-ga on 22 Dec 2005 19:08 PST
I don't have a personal story to share with you but can point you
toward a scientific study that indirectly seems to validate the
flashing of subliminal images on a computer screen.  You will find it
mentioned in this article on Terror Management Theory:

Open the document and search for the word 'subliminal'.  That will
take you to the specific section that references the study.

Perhaps this will be of some help to you.

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