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Q: Is flash player part of the standard and minimal install for internet explorer? ( Answered,   0 Comments )
Subject: Is flash player part of the standard and minimal install for internet explorer?
Category: Computers
Asked by: needresearch-ga
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Posted: 06 Sep 2002 15:21 PDT
Expires: 06 Oct 2002 15:21 PDT
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Is flash player part of the standard and minimal install for internet explorer?

Request for Question Clarification by alienintelligence-ga on 06 Sep 2002 16:15 PDT
Hi needresearch...

Which IE did you have in mind? Microsoft
and Macromedia had a love/hate relationship
there for a while and the version of IE would
be important here.


Clarification of Question by needresearch-ga on 06 Sep 2002 18:23 PDT
Well, I'm not sure. Obviously the latest version, but also version 5.0
would be good to know.

Request for Question Clarification by alienintelligence-ga on 06 Sep 2002 19:47 PDT
Ok, I'm 90% positive that IE5.0 did not
have any Macromedia stuff in it by
default. Looking for a page to confirm
that. I know that flash came with XP,
which has IE6.0. Not sure if it comes
with IE6.0 standalone

I'm trying to find a site that has the
info about all of the IE's maybe a 
comparison site.

Subject: Re: Is flash player part of the standard and minimal install for internet explorer?
Answered By: alienintelligence-ga on 06 Sep 2002 23:19 PDT
It's those 10% that will get you every time.


"Flash Is Back Microsoft to distribute Flash Player in XP"
     by David Nagel Executive Producer
"Not too long ago, I went on a bit of a tirade against 
Microsoft for failing to deliver the Flash plugin with 
the basic installation of Internet Explorer (5) for Windows. 
After all, if it could happen on the Windows platform, 
the same fate couldn't be far off for the Mac platform 
either. But now (as of last week) Microsoft and Macromedia 
say Flash Player 5 will be distributed with the Microsoft 
Windows XP operating system, which is scheduled for 
worldwide availability Oct. 25."

"Microsoft Internet Explorer, of course, has become the
dominant Web browser, and the exclusion of the Flash player
from the basic installation of IE(5) for Windows had some serious
implications. What tipped me off to it was an incident a few
months ago in which I downloaded IE 5 for the Mac, and the
Flash Player failed to load. I installed it again; same thing.

"I immediately contacted a representative at Macromedia, who
told me that Flash was indeed being distributed with the Mac
version but that it was not being distributed with the Windows
version. Odd that my installation didn't include the player.
But then on a subsequent download the Flash Player was once
again included as a component of the installation.

"Nevertheless, the Windows version continued to ship without 
the plugin."


Wait, ah-hah, this explains it


"Microsoft: Flash Back in XP" by David Nagel, Executive Producer
"Sep. 13, 2001 -- Designers and developers had been alarmed to
learn in the last month or so that the Flash plugin was not
being included in basic Internet Explorer installations on
several Windows platforms and not at all on Windows 2000. All
of that will change with the next release of the Windows
operating system, Windows XP, according to Microsoft and

"Internet Explorer has become the dominant browser for the Web,
and Flash, of course, has become an essential tool for
professional designers. It's also been the focus of development
efforts for most graphics and animation software makers. The
recent history of Flash and Internet Explorer has been a fairly
complex one. At one point (and for a very short period), the
Flash player seemed not to be included at all in the Macintosh
download version of IE 5. While Macromedia said they were
unaware of this, they did confirm that it was not being
distributed with the Windows version of IE. The Flash Player
has since returned to the Macintosh download version and seems
to be included in many versions of IE 5.x for Windows, although
not in the basic installation. With IE 6 for Windows 95, 98 and
ME, it's part of both the typical and full installs. With
Windows 2000, Flash is not included at all.

"According to Microsoft and Macromedia, the Flash 5 Player will
be a standard component of the new operating system's
installation. Since it is a part of the OS, Internet Explorer
will apparently be able to display Flash content without a
specific browser plugin."


Ok... this kinda clears up the confusion I had...
I feel better now. It seems for an undisclosed
period of time, Microsoft was not shipping Flash
with the releases of Internet Explorer 5.0 for Mac
and PC's both. Then it was returned to the versions
for the Mac and began appearing in the IE5.0 for
Windows also. But not in the 'Basic Installation'.

In Windows 95, 98 and ME, it is included in both 
the typical and full installs. Flash is not included
in Windows 2000. And it is standard on Windows XP
installs. Glad I got that cleared up. Thanks to
David Nagel.


As for other releases of Internet Explorer after
5.0 this chart from Macromedia is useful:

"Flash Player Partners" -- Macromedia website
Partners 				Macromedia Flash Player 
Microsoft Windows 95, 98, ME, XP (Home &	Default
Professional) pre-installed			
-----           -----           -----           -----     
Apple Mac OS - 8.x, 9.x, OS X, 10.1.x, and	Default
above + Hardware, IMac. PB, G3 			
-----           -----           -----           -----
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5, 6.0
(Windows) part of IEAK/OEM 			Default
-----           -----           -----           -----
Netscape 6 and Navigator/Communicator 		Default
-----           -----           -----           -----
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 (Macintosh)	CD
-----           -----           -----           -----
America Online  				Default
-----           -----           -----           -----
RealPlayer 					Default
-----           -----           -----           -----
QuickTime  					Default
-----           -----           -----           -----
Veon Player  					Default
-----           -----           -----           -----
@Home 						Default
-----           -----           -----           -----
Web TV / Liberate  				Default
-----           -----           -----           -----
NeoPlanet  					Default 
-----           -----           -----           -----
Prodigy 					CD
-----           -----           -----           -----
Corel Linux, Stromix Linux, Mandrake,		Default
Caldera Systems 				
-----           -----           -----           -----

That should also include any other installations of Flash
that you were interested in.

-search techniques- (links may need to be cut and paste)
"flash plugin" "Internet Explorer"
[ ://
"internet explorer" "includes" "flash"
[ ://
components "flash plugin" "Internet Explorer"
[ ://

thanks for using


* For the Answers.Google editors, I'm sorry but my links
were wrapping and breaking when i put [brackets] around them
so the main links were placed without them

Clarification of Answer by alienintelligence-ga on 06 Sep 2002 23:20 PDT
Sorry, it 'seemed' like the links were not wrapping
properly, apologies all ;o)

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