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Q: Can the File &Settings transfer Wizard in XP xfer my outlok settings to a W2k PC ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   2 Comments )
Subject: Can the File &Settings transfer Wizard in XP xfer my outlok settings to a W2k PC
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Asked by: sherpaj-ga
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Posted: 21 Sep 2002 05:52 PDT
Expires: 21 Oct 2002 05:52 PDT
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I used the File & Settings transfer Wizard iwhen migrating from W2000
to XP.   Now I have changed my sttings alot, and want to clone these
settings and emails to a Win 2000 PC.    Can that wizard do it.   If
not, what will.

I am doing the xfer via a file server.  Other xfer options are not an

I purchased PCSync, but tat seems to only migrate when using a USB,
serial, or other type connection, not when dumping the settings to a
server for reloading at any time to the new PC.
Subject: Re: Can the File &Settings transfer Wizard in XP xfer my outlok settings to a W2k PC
Answered By: vinods-ga on 28 Sep 2002 05:58 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
hi sherpaj-ga, 

1. Files and settings wizard works for transferring from 

WIN95, 98, 98ME, NT 4.0, WIN2000 AND WINXP (32 bit)

The second page of the wizard states this at the bottom. This is for
the 'old computer' meaning the computer you are taking the files and
settings from.

2. If you want to maintain these files and settings and store them so
you can use them later, the best method would be to use a removable
media, OR, you can also store them in a folder on your machine. Since
you seem to be on a network, this folder can easily be transferred to
any other computer. it is a simple copy function that will be

3. I personally went through the process on my PC running WinXP
professional. The size of the folder came to be 32MB, although a lot
will depend on the contents you want to transfer. I chose the
'settings only' option since it was just a test. You can manually
choose any specific files or settings you want to transfer.

4. The wizard gives you the option of using a direct serial cable
between two computers, a home network, removable media or a specific
location (folder) on your machine. Since you want to keep these files
and settings for later use, it is best to burn a CD, or store them on
the main computer on your network.

I hope this answers your question. However, if it is inadequate or you
may need more clarifications, please don't hesitate to ask for it!

warm regards

Request for Answer Clarification by sherpaj-ga on 28 Sep 2002 17:59 PDT
so can I go from an XP system (the oldm computer) to a W2k system (the new pc)?

Clarification of Answer by vinods-ga on 29 Sep 2002 01:41 PDT
hi sherpaj,

ok, let me start by explaining to you how the F&S (Files and
Settings)wizard is meant to be used. Using your case as an example, we
need to do a transfer of some files and settings from your Win XP
computer to another computer. The first step is easy - you use the F&S
wizard in your XP desktop StartMenu>Programs>SystemTools>F&S Wizard.
The wizard simply transfers these files and settings to either a
folder on your computer, or a set of floppies, or a CD (you can burn a

Now step II is to get these files to your new computer. It IS the new
computer in so far as it does not have those files and settings you
had been using on your WinXP computer. However it may be using an
OLDER version of Windows - Win2000 in your case. The procedure for
this is very simple.

The F&S wizard is a feature of the new XP operating system. This is
not found on any earlier version or flavour of Windows. How then will
the files and settings you have extracted from your WinXP computer
will get transferred to your other machine?

1. The F&S wizard offers to make a Floppy with the Wizard on it. 
2. You can run the wizard from the WinXP installation CD.

Any which way uyou may have stored the files and settings from your
WinXP computer, you need to access them THROUGH the F&S wizard on your
new computer (running an earlier version of Windows, maybe)

So you boot up your machine running say WIN2000 pop in the Win XP CD.
If your CD-ROM drive is set up to 'auto-run', the WinXP installation
page will emerge on your screen. (Otherwise you will have to access
the contents of your WinXP CD and run the file 'setup' from the CD.)

The page says "What do you want to do?" and gives various options: Set
up remote desktop, Set up home/office network, Transfer files and
settings and some other options... If you click on the 'Transfer files
and settings' option, viola! The F&S wizard begins to run on your
WIN2000 machine!!

Then all you have to do is instruct the wizard that this is your 'new'
computer and point to the location of your files and settings you have
saved from your 'old' computer (the WinXP machine in your case) and
follow the wizard as it accesses the specified location, transfers the
files and settings onto your 'new' machine.

The only problem I envisage in this whole procedure is if you try to
transfer files and settings of i.) programs that do not exist on your
new machine but were present on your 'old' machine and ii) files and
settings of programs that do not have backward compatibility with
older versions of the same programs that ay be running on your 'new'

I quote from microsoft support


Some settings may not be restored to your Windows XP-based computer.
If the computer from which the files and settings have been
transferred contained settings for devices that are either not
available on, or incompatible with Windows XP, these settings will not
be transferred. A list of files or folders that could not be restored
to their original locations appears on the Completing the Files and
Settings Transfer Wizard screen of the Files and Settings Transfer

The following list includes types of items that may not be
Third-party driver files for devices that are not installed on the
Windows XP-based computer.
Network printers that are not available on the Windows XP-based

The issue we have on hand is not discussed here. It is assumed here
that you will be transferring files from an 'old' computer running an
earlier version of Windows to a 'new' computer running a flavour of
Win XP, the new operating system.

I hope this clarification helps you through the process.... 

warm regards,

Request for Answer Clarification by sherpaj-ga on 30 Sep 2002 02:21 PDT
I tried it tonight.   

I went to the new PC (W2k)and put in the widows XP CD to run the F&S
wizard.  It never did that thing where it asks you if it is the new pc
or the old one.  It just assumed it was the new one, and that I wanted
to gather, not restore settings.  I was hoping I could find a way to
install it into my start menu, but couldn't figure out how to do it.

Clarification of Answer by vinods-ga on 30 Sep 2002 04:34 PDT
hello sherpaj,

i went through the entire process as i had envisaged it. the problem
you are facing is because the F&S wizard has no backward
compatibility. So what I had written will not work for a backward
transfer from XP to Win2000.

There are some other possibilities. If it is the mail and address book
from Outlook, you can use the 'export' function to export the mail and
address book to a set of files. These files can be imported into
another Outlook. You may have to use a generic file format like 'Text
file (comma separated values) to allow reading of the file by an
earlier version of Outlook.

Even  if you use the Wizard on a floppy and try the same process, it
does not work. The wizard assumes that your Win2000 machine is the one
you are trying to take the files and settings from! I tried it out
completely myself.

I apologise for misleading you, in fact I was mislead into believing
this too! But I will find you a solution other than the F&S wizard if
it does exist. However I must also inform you that many settings in
WinXP may be for programs that may not run in the same programs on
Win2000 because of earlier version non-compatibility. So, if you can
tell me exactly what files and settings from your WINXP computer you
want to maintain, I can help you figure if it is at all possible.

With OFFICE XP however there is a way. It has a "save my settings
wizard" that will save your settings of OFFICE and you can transfer
these settings back to another installation of OFFICE on another

warm regards


Clarification of Answer by vinods-ga on 30 Sep 2002 05:25 PDT
hi sherpaj,

i wanted to address one important issue - compatibility between XP and
WIN2000. Many programs that are a part of windows like outlook, etc
are upgraded from versions that are a part of WIN2000. sure, outlook
should be able to import from an earlier version to a newer version,
but the reverse? it may be possible with outlook, but other programs,
and settings, it is not a sure shot. the same thing goes with office.
if you are using officeXP there is a 'save settings wizard' but it
will work only with the same version of office, not an earlier
version. in this case you may have to upgrade the office in your old
computer running WIN2000 to the latest version of office or at least
to a version you have saved settings from.

in your question, you say "Now I have changed my sttings alot, and
want to clone these settings and emails to a Win 2000 PC." Mails are
possible to get transferred and stored. settings - even outlook does
not have a way to save its settings.

a quick and easy way to backup and store your messages is to find the
message store. to find it, open outlook, find options under the
'tools' menu and go to 'maintenance' here you will find a button
'store folder'. it is actually meant to help you change the place
where your messages are stored. but you can just identify the location
from this. then you copy the entire contents of this location into a
CDROM or some other media.

when you want to include these messages in another outlook
installation, you have to just 'import' (under the 'file' menu) the

please let me know what other material (settings or files) you need to
copy out of your winXP for future use co i can figure out for you
whether it is possible...

warm regards

sherpaj-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars

Subject: Re: Can the File &Settings transfer Wizard in XP xfer my outlok settings to a W2k PC
From: vinods-ga on 29 Sep 2002 14:28 PDT
hi sherpaj-ga

i thank you for your rating of my answer. i wish you good luck on your

if you need more help or have any problems, please don't hesitate to
post a comment here.

warm regards,

Subject: Re: Can the File &Settings transfer Wizard in XP xfer my outlok settings to a W2k PC
From: vinods-ga on 30 Sep 2002 03:37 PDT
hi sherpaj

do you mean that the option which says 'new' computer is not being
made available? i am not too sure what you mean.

please let me know....

warm regards

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