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Q: Speakers manufacturers ( Answered 1 out of 5 stars,   0 Comments )
Subject: Speakers manufacturers
Category: Family and Home
Asked by: tebet-ga
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Posted: 22 Sep 2002 11:40 PDT
Expires: 22 Oct 2002 11:40 PDT
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What is the market size for Home theater speakers based on numbers of unit?
Who are the major speakers producers?
Global number would be appreciated.

Request for Question Clarification by claudietta-ga on 28 Sep 2002 16:27 PDT
Dear Tebet,

I've been able to find the market size, share (top 10 brands, $,
Units) for the 'Home Theater Audio Systems'.  I don't know if this is
only for speakers.  If you are familiar with the market, then perhaps
you could tell me if this would satisfy your request.

Subject: Re: Speakers manufacturers
Answered By: pkp-ga on 09 Oct 2002 20:16 PDT
Rated:1 out of 5 stars

Let me start by letting you know that by far the best and most
complete market research in this category comes from the Consumer
Electronics Association (CES). You need to be a member of CES to
access their complete reports - this costs a fee. However, many of
their statistics are cited in other publications and they occasionally
include some of their stats in press releases.

From these freely available sources and several others listed below I
am able to provide you with info on U.S. market size in $ (but not
units) and also the major speakers producers in the U.S. market.  You
indicated global numbers would be appreciated, but didn't indicate
they were required, so I hope that the statistics below as well as the
links to more detailed statistics available for purchase will provide
a satisfactory answer to your question.

I happened upon an article "Many May Soon Turn a Deaf Ear Toward Bulky
Stereo Speakers" in today's (10/9/2002) Wall Street Journal that gave
figures for both home-theater-in-a-box speaker systems as well as
stand-alone speakers.

"Manufacturers shipped $495 million of stand-alone speakers to US
retailers in 2001, up 12% from the $442 million shipped in 2000,
according to the Consumer Electronics Association.

These figures excluded speakers shipped with home-theater in a box
systems, whose sales more than doubled to $794 million in 2001."

According to a CES press release from last October detailing holiday
2001 buying trends (”8th Annual Holiday Purchase Patterns”)

"Also interesting is the appearance of home theater systems as the
number five expected audio purchase, indicating the continuing trend
towards surround sound systems in the home driven by digital A/V
receivers and DVD players."

see full article at:

All of the CES reports cost a fee to download, or are free to members.
However, some of the stats can be gleaned for free from their press
releases. For example at
you can see a breakdown of home theater component sales (including
speakers) for 2000 as well as the first half of 2001.

Here are the figures that may interest you:

Factory Sales of Home Theater Products in Millions
2nd Q                        year to date
                                                             2001 2000
%chg      2001   2000  %chg
Speaker Separates & Packages    61    	42	    46%	         111    
	82	   35%
Home Theater in a Box                    135   	67   	101%	       264	
  122 	116%

Note: In reference to  claudietta-ga's clarification, you should also
be aware that when overall figures are cited for "Home Theater Audio
Systems" receivers are usually included in this category, so the real
numbers to look for are speaker separates and packages as well as
home-theater-in-a-box numbers.

If you are interested in delving deeper into market research in the
home theater speaker market, be sure to check out th CES's Home
Theater Audio home page at:

The six specific articles that will be of interest to you are:

Home Theater-in-a-Box 
Factory sales of home theater-in-a-box systems 
Home Speakers - Surround Sound Packages 
Home stereo speakers marketed for use with a home theater system.
Includes speaker sets of three speakers or more sold in a single
Home Speakers - Total 
Home stereo speakers. Includes shelf, wallmount, floor, home theater,
satellite, and combination packages

Home Speakers - Total Home Theater 
Home stereo speakers marketed for use with a home theater system.
Includes subwoofers, front, rear, center channel.
Home Speakers - Surround Sound 
Home stereo speakers marketed for use with a home theater system.
Includes center channel, front and rear surround, and satellite
Home Theater In-a-Box Systems 
Systems includes at least three home theater speakers and surround
sound processor with or without an integrated home stereo receiver

As far as the major speaker producers, I found an outline of a
detailed home Theater market report "The U.S. Home Theater Market"
published by "Packaged Facts" from 5 years ago (Oct 1997) at:

Their top brands were:

Bose Corporation	
Boston Acoustics, Inc.	
Cambridge Soundworks, Inc.	
Emerson Radio Corp.	(big in the low end)
Kenwood Corporation	
Mitsubishi Electric Corp.	
Philips Electronics, N.V.	
Pioneer Electronic Corp.	
Polk Audio, Inc.	
Sony Corp.	
Thomson Consumer Electronics, Inc.
Zenith Electronics Corporation	

Perusing the popular Home Theater stores online appear to confirm that
the major players have not changed much over the past 5 years. But I
would also add:

Accoustic Research

And as a final notes, the WSJ article, "Many May Soon Turn a Deaf Ear
Toward Bulky Stereo Speakers" that I mentioned at the top of this
answer provides soem interesting peeks into the future of speakers,
including home theater speakers.  New thin speaker developments allow
for flat speakers made of transparent materials that can be imbedded
in a television screen!

Based upon this article, in the future (2 - 7  years) you should keep
an eye out for companies licensing Menlo-Park based SRI
international's transparent electrode-coated silicone technology. In
the next year or two keep an eye out for London-based NXT PLC's thin
transparent speaker technology. According to the WSJ article, NXT has
already licensed their technology to over 250 different manufacturers.

You can also find detailed reviews (for a fee) of a wide range of
current Home Theater Audio Speakers from at:

"This Buyer's Guide compares loudspeakers priced at $2,500 per pair
and under."

Thanks for using Google Answers. 

- pkp-ga

Search Terms Used:
  Home-Theater audio systems
  Home-Theater market size
  Home-Theater market research
  Home-Theater CES

Request for Answer Clarification by tebet-ga on 13 Oct 2002 15:47 PDT
I tried twice to write an answer to the question and could not do so,
your process for the user to provide clarification is realy not
The information presented do not meet address my a questions, also the
quality of the data presented is not very accurate, for example I aske
producers and your anwered Brands which is totaly different (Harman,
for example holds more than a 12 different brands, somo of the are
leader in the segmant such as JBL, Infinity and others which are not
I am not interested on home teather business, I am interested on
Speakers business.

Pls, consider it not satisfatory and as so pls provide the return of
the payment.

Have a great day.

Clarification of Answer by pkp-ga on 13 Oct 2002 22:54 PDT
Hi Tebet,

I'm sorry that you were not satisfied with the answer and associated
research.  Here are my responses to the points you bring up in your
rating & clarification request.

I would also like to mention that it is the usual Google Answers
procedure to request an answer clarification before giving an answer a
low rating, and if you are not satisfied with the answer and/or
clarification, you may reject the answer. I've tried in good faith to
research and answer your question and hope these clarifications are

Home-Theater vs. Speaker Market
To clarify, I did break out the data to cover only the Home Theater
speaker market - not the entire Home Theater or even Home Theater
Audio Market, although those search terms were useful in finding the
speaker-specific data.  I did explicitly note this in the answer; the
total numbers for the home theater audio market do include receivers
but those figures were subtracted out of the stats that I provided to

Those stats were acording to the CES, in the first half of 2000 the
market for stand-alone Home Theater Speakers was $88 million, in the
first half of 2001that market was $111 million.

for full details see:
as cited in my initial answer.

Brands Vs. Producers
I did provide you with a top 12 list of producers from the 1997 "The
U.S. Home Theater Market" published by "Packaged Facts".

I apologize that two of the additional more recent names that I added
were indeed brands of Harmon International, and not producers. Here is
a corrected mapping of those 5 additional listing to their respective

Klipsch -> Klipsch Audio Technologies
JBL -> Harman International Corporation ->
Jamo -> Jamo
(in 2001 The Norwegian venture fund Audio Holding purchases more than
90% of all Jamo shares.)
Infinity  -> Harman International Corporation ->
Accoustic Research -> Accoustic Research

In addition, if you are interested in a more complete list of "Home
Theater and Surround Sound Speaker" suppliers, has a
world-wide listing for 73 surrond-sound and home theater suppliers at:

$$$ Size of Market vs. Units
You are correst that all of the figures I did provide were in dollars
rather than units. I did provide links to several reports available
from (for sale) that detail the Home Theater Speaker market on
a unit as well as $$$ basis. The one that appears to answer your
question in detail is:
Speakers - Total Home Theater
Home stereo speakers marketed for use with a home theater system.
Includes subwoofers, front, rear, center channel.

global vs. USA figures
You had indicated that Global numbers were appreciated, not specified
as a requirement. I'm sorry my research was only able to yield figures
for the US market.

I hope this clarification helps, and please don't hesitate to post
further clarifications should you feel they are needed.

Sincerely, pkp-ga
tebet-ga rated this answer:1 out of 5 stars
The outcome did not address my questions, it was answered about Home
Teather market and not speaker, it was provided numbers in $ and not
Units, no data was provideb globally just USA. Pls, return the payment
since the answer is useless and do not address my questiions.

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