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Q: Best way to meet people ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   3 Comments )
Subject: Best way to meet people
Category: Miscellaneous
Asked by: cmecklen-ga
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Posted: 23 Sep 2002 21:06 PDT
Expires: 23 Oct 2002 21:06 PDT
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I am getting ready to move to Denver Colorado and need some ideas on
how to meet people.  My problem is I am a 22 year old guy that has a
home based business which makes it difficult to meet people.  I would
like 3 or 4 ideas on what I could do that would help meet people
especialy women perferably in the age range of 20 to 25.  Any and all
comments are appreciated by any one with ideas.
Subject: Re: Best way to meet people
Answered By: wayga-ga on 24 Sep 2002 01:16 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hi cmecklen,

As this is one of those questions that don't need an expert I'm going
to take a chance at answering it. Feel free to request more info or a
clarification if you are unsatisfied with the answer.

1. I read in Dear Abby years ago, and it's stuck in my mind all these
years, a young man asking where he could meet a nice girl and she
replied, "At church." I alsways thought this was pretty good advice
although I have never met any of my girlfriends there. Still, if you
are a churchgoer, it's a great place to start. Many churches have
groups for young singles and have various social activites for them.

2.Volunteer. For a cause, a politician or an organization that you
support. Put your talents and time to work for a charitable group and
you are bound to meet many people with common interests.

3. Join a club or team. Think bowling, square dancing, softball,
darts, birdwatching, orienteering, book club, etc.

4. Take a class. Local community colleges offer a wide range of
adult/community ed classes. Learn to speak French or Spanish, grow and
train bonsai, make wine, arrange flowers, tour local historic sites,
make pottery.

The key to all this, really, is to get out there and meet people. Lots
of people! Even if nobody in the groups you join is a possible match,
someone may have a friend or relative who is.

Another advantage to this approach is that you start out in a low
pressure social situation and have time to get to know people before
having to ask someone out.

Search strategy...Well, actually I just pulled it all out of my head.

Good luck with your move!


Request for Answer Clarification by cmecklen-ga on 24 Sep 2002 11:03 PDT
I am looking for something a little more specific.  Where is someplace
where the odds will be in my favor meaning there will be more women
than guys.  I only have to work about 25 hours a week so I have a
pretty open schedule.  I would even be willing to take on a part time
job if that would help.  I just want a few more specific ideas please.

Clarification of Answer by wayga-ga on 25 Sep 2002 03:14 PDT
Ok cmecklen, you're a cut to the chase kind of guy. Let's go with

1. First off, The Snake Pit!

Rated 9 out of ten on Citysearch, you can check out the reviews at...

2. Next we move to, Polly Esthers Culture Club! A quiet little place
that bills itself as..."Bachelorette Party Headquarters!"

Rated a 7.6, most critical comments related to heat and sweat, which
may be a plus with winter coming on!

For some reason I'll never understand, karaoke is a big chick-magnet,
and guy's who get up and sing get noticed.

Another resource is "Digital City: Denver," which has a chat board
with up to date rants and raves about various clubs. Go to the places
the chicks rave about.

I still stick by most of my original answer, but lets see how we can
increase the babe-ratio in some of those suggestions.

1. Church. Can't think of how to tweak this one without messing up my
karma so we'll skip it.

Planned Parenthood. Lot's of idealistic college chicks.

Humane Society, although in this case it's the Denver Animal
Foundation. More idealistic college chicks. Lot's of dogs though
(sorry, I couldn't resist).

3. Join a club or team. 
Darts. Definitly a chick game.

Gun club. You'd be surprised.

Enter pistol range in the category field.

Health club. Not the one in the basement of some warehouse, the one at
the mall with the ferns.

4. Take a class.
Community College of Denver

Female Sexuality. Or what?
Modern Dance. If you've got any kind of grace they will be glad to
have you as it adds alot to the gestalt. You will probably not be the
only guy, but you may be the only straight one.I'm not joking, I took
MD for two years and it was great. For your purposes let me say one
word, "leotards."
Pottery. Always seems to be lots of babes in pottery class.

You mentioned a part-time job, which never occured to me, but if you
have to mix business with pleasure here's the want ads for the Denver
Post. Maybe work part-time in one of those bars, or if you're buff,
the health club! Running an espresso machine (barrista) seems like
another good chick-meeting job.

I hope this is more specific and therefore more useful to you. Thanks
for asking for clarification before rating my answer.

cmecklen-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars
For the mere price of $3.50 I got what I would consider to be a good
answer.  None of the answers stuck out to me as the one that will
really help me out but the answers got me thinking and heading in the
write direction.  Thank you for taking the time to for adding more
info on my question! Good $3.50 investment I must say.

Subject: Re: Best way to meet people
From: probonopublico-ga on 23 Sep 2002 23:21 PDT
Chat them up.

There are probably dozens of women out there who would welcome an
approach. So, just say 'Hello' to anyone you fancy ... You will soon
find out if they fancy you.
Subject: Re: Best way to meet people
From: claudietta-ga on 11 Nov 2002 13:57 PST

and if you learn to take rejections comically, you'll be the man!

Subject: Re: Best way to meet people
From: zorg-ga on 06 Jan 2005 07:29 PST
Well, this post is a little on the late, but here goes:

I have heard somewhere that one technique that works when trying to
meet women in public places is to have a "wing" person with you - A
female friend, in this case, who will act the way a "wing man" would
in air battle, that is as a support and defend role.

She makes the initial, friendly contact with other women in the
restaurant/bar/club, then she introduces you to the group - "Hey
girls, meet Charlie good childhood friend" ...

You are a team in there, right? So you can point to any individual or
group that interest you, she will let you know if you have any shot...

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