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Q: Human Physiology ( No Answer,   0 Comments )
Subject: Human Physiology
Category: Miscellaneous
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Posted: 27 Sep 2002 20:07 PDT
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Given the following data: multiple choice questions

Plasma Creatinine		0.07 mg/ml		Plasma X 0.1 mg/ml
Urine Creatinine		9 mg/ml		Urine X 3 mg/ml
Plasma PAH			0.03 mg/ml		Plasma Y 0.04
Urine PAH			17 mg/ml		Urine Y 12 mg/ml	
Urine Flow			1 ml/min		Hematocrit 0.53

1. ??		Effective Renal Plasma Flow is:

A.	427	ml/min
B.	524	ml/min
C.	567	ml/min
D.	604	ml/min
E.	728	ml/min

2. ??		Effective Renal Blood Flow is:

A.	 998	ml/min
B.	1115	ml/min
C.	1206	ml/min
D.	1285	ml/min
E.	1549	ml/min

3. ??		Glomerular Filtration Rate is:

A.	113	ml/min
B.	119	ml/min
C.	122	ml/min
D.	129	ml/min
E.	133	ml/min

4. ??		The filtration fraction is:

A.	0.23
B.	0.21
C.	0.19
D.	0.17
E.	0.14

5. ??		Substance X is filtered at a rate of:

A.	12.9	mg/min
B.	13.4	mg/min
C.	15.8	mg/min
D.	16.7	mg/min
E.	Insufficient data

6. ??		Substance X is excreted at a rate of:

A.	1	mg/min
B.	2	mg/min
C.	3	mg/min
D.	4	mg/min
E.	Insufficient data

7. ??		Substance X is probably:

A.	Filtered only
B.	Filtered and reabsorbed
C.	Filtered and secreted
D.	Synthesized by the kidney
E.	Insufficient data

8. ??		Substance Y is filtered at a rate of:

A.	3	mg/min
B.	4	mg/min
C.	5	mg/min
D.	6	mg/min
E.	7	mg/min

9. ??		Substance Y is excreted at a rate of:

A.	8	mg/min
B.	9	mg/min
C.	10	mg/min
D.	11	mg/min
E.	12	mg/min

10. ??		Substance Y is probably:

A.	Filtered only
B.	Filtered and reabsorbed
C.	Filtered and secreted
D.	Synthesized by the kidney
E.	Insufficient data

Questions 11 through 18

Given the following data:
Total Body Water (TBW) - 41 L.
Intracellular Volume (ICV) - 28 L.
Extracellular Volume (ECV) - 13 L.
Body fluid osmotic concentration 273 m0sm/L.
The patient was given 2 liters of 1.8-% NaC1 solution
(isotonic NaC1 = 0.9%).  Assuming no losses, at equilibrium.

11. ??		Total body water is:

A.	41 L
B.	42 L
C.	43 L
D.	44 L
E.	45 L

12. ??		Body fluid osmolarity is:

A.	273 m0sm/L
B.	281 m0sm/L
C.	288 m0sm/L
D.	297 m0sm/L
E.	302 m0sm/L

13. ??		The extracellular volume is:

A.	13 L
B.	14.5 L
C.	15.0 L
D.	16.5 L
E.	17.0 L

14. ??		The intracellular volume is:

A.	28 L
B.	27 L
C.	26.5 L
D.	25.5 L
E.	24.3 L 

15. ??		A patient has a plasma pH 7.15, bicarbonate of 10, an arterial
PC02 of 30 mm-Hg 0.9 mM.
	He most likely has:

A.	Respiratory acidosis
B.	Respiratory alkalosis
C.	Metabolic acidosis
D.	Metabolic alkalosis
E.	Insufficient data

16. ??		The dead space volume (VD):

A.	Equals tidal volume (VT) divided by respiratory rate
B.	Is the volume of air remaining in the lung after a maximal
C.	Is normally approximately equal to tidal volume (VT)
D.	Cannot be measured in human subjects
E.	None of the above are correct

17. ??		Air entering the pleural cavity due to a perforation of the
chest wall or lung causes:

A.	Pneumonia
B.	Pleurisy
C.	Pneumothorax
D.	Tachypnea
E.	Pneumotachegraph

18. ??		Diffusing capacity for /02 in the lung is measured in units

A.	mmHg pressure difference per ml of 02 transferred
B.	ml of 02 per minute per 100 ml of blood
C.	ml 02  transferred per minute per mmHg pressure difference for 02
D.	ml of 02 per 100 ml of alveolar air per minute
E.	mg of hemoglobin per 100 ml of blood
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