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Q: Powder Polymers Market ( Answered 4 out of 5 stars,   0 Comments )
Subject: Powder Polymers Market
Category: Miscellaneous
Asked by: blucken-ga
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Posted: 01 Mar 2006 08:35 PST
Expires: 31 Mar 2006 08:35 PST
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I am looking for info on the Powder Polymer Market specifically in the
cement additives
Key Suppliers include National Starch and Wacker - info on them would be great
Market Size/ Growth
Any other General Info

Clarification of Question by blucken-ga on 09 Mar 2006 06:14 PST
This is also referred to as redispersable powders
Subject: Re: Powder Polymers Market
Answered By: umiat-ga on 10 Mar 2006 12:04 PST
Rated:4 out of 5 stars
Hello, blucken!

 I have compiled what useful information I could find on the
redispersible powder/powder polymer market. Wacker and National Starch
(through its Elotex Division) are indeed two of the primary suppliers
of redispersible powders for the cement industry. Dow Chemical and
BASF are also major suppliers.


Companies involved in the redispersible powder market may be found on
the following link:


A growing worldwide construction industry is pushing up demand:

From "Elotex Raises Prices in U.S. on Construction Products." Special
Chem. Jan. 30, 2006

"The Elotex business unit of National Starch and Chemical Company has
announced a price increase on all its redispersible powders and
specialty additives sold into the U.S. construction industry,
effective immediately, or as contracts allow. Prices will increase by
7 to 12 percent, depending upon product, and will affect all ELOTEX(R)
redispersible polymer powders and ELOSET(R) rheology modifiers sold
into the building market.

"This price increase is the result of the continuing, unprecedented
rise in raw material, energy and transportation costs, according to
Elotex officials."

Elotex is a unit of National Starch and Chemical Company, which had
sales of $3.3 billion in 2004. National Starch, a worldwide
manufacturer of adhesives, specialty polymers, electronic materials
and natural polymers, is headquartered in Bridgewater, N.J., and is a
member of the ICI Group.

Elotex website:

History of Elotex:


Eletex also raised it's prices on this product in 2004:

"Effective December 1, 2004, WACKER SPECIALTIES will raise prices for
VINNAPAS® redispersible powders worldwide. Prices will increase by 10
EUR per 100 kg. The company is responding to the sharp rise in
raw-material prices over recent months, to higher costs for
transportation, energy and environmental protection as well as to
overall cost increases.


From "Dow Increases Prices for Latex Powders in all Regions." October 17, 2005

"Given the continued upward movement in raw materials and energy
costs, Dow will increase selling prices for all Dow Latex
Redispersable Polymer Powders by 5% in all regions of the world,
effective December 1, 2005, or as contract terms allows."

 Dow Latex Powders


From "Environmental regulations drive emulsion polymers. Nov. 2004

"Among the various end-user industries, the building and construction
industry offers the highest potential for growth. This is mainly due
to the increased use of emulsions and redispersible powders in mortar
modification and similar applications."


BASF saw increasing sales in the functional polymers division in 2005 as well.

From "Facts and Figures 2005.' (must download PDF file)

"In the Asia, Pacific Area, Africa region, we increased sales by 19.8
percent to $5,157 million - especially in China, Korea, ASEAN and
India - in spite of negative currency effects. In local currency
terms, sales by location of company rose by 28.0 percent. This sale
growth was due in particular to the Plastics and Chemicals segments
and the Functional Polymers division, which posted double-digit growth



A pie chart depicting National Starch's involvement in the
construction specialty polymer market can be found on the following


China is currently at the center of demand for redispersible powders
as evidenced by recent investments by Wacker and National Starch and
Chemical in that country.

Wacker in China

From "Wacker lays out long-term China strategy." 2005-01-19 

"The company will also start building a spray drying facility for the
production of redispersible powders for construction applications at
Zhangjiang High-tech Park in Shanghai."
"The facility will cost around 10 million euros (US$13.1 million) and
"as China will remain one of the fastest growing markets in this field
with a yearly growth of around 20 per cent, we are considering an
expansion of our investment," said Wacker."


Further information about Wacker's China investments can be found below:

See "WACKER Starts Production of Redispersible Powders in China." August 31, 2005

"The Munich-based WACKER Group has inaugurated a spray drying facility
for the production of VINNAPAS® redispersible powders in China. The
new facility, located in the chemical park of Zhangjiagang (Jiangsu
Province) offers world-class technology and capacity. The new site's
investment costs, including all infrastructural measures, are
estimated at EUR 10 million."

"WACKER President and CEO Dr. Peter-Alexander Wacker said: "The
investment is WACKER's response to a rise in Chinese demand for
VINNAPAS® redispersible powders that enhance cementitious dry mortars.
The new spray dryer in China will reinforce and further expand
WACKER's leading position in this important growth market."

"China's growing demand for VINNAPAS® redispersible powders is chiefly
due to the need for dependable, lightweight and energy-efficient
building materials. More and more Chinese houses are being lined with
exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS). Studies conducted by
WACKER in China have shown, that exterior insulation systems enable
energy savings of up to 50 percent. VINNAPAS® is a major component of
the specialty mortars used in these systems. The redispersible powder
is responsible for ensuring that the individual layers which make up
such systems are bonded together permanently. Inside the mortar
itself, VINNAPAS® forms a polymeric film that not only improves the
adhesion of the mortar, but also makes it more flexible and resistant
to impact."

"Through its subsidiaries in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Hong
Kong, WACKER POLYMERS has now established a presence in all of China's
key economic centers. This ensures optimum levels of collaboration
with local customers. A key role in all this is played by WACKER's
Shanghai technical center. It provides all the applied technology
services that WACKER POLYMERS Asian and, above all, Chinese customers
need for their growth. The technical center especially renders
invaluable assistance in the formulation of dry-mortar blends. WACKER
is conducting research into country-specific construction applications
and testing local raw materials. It is also collaborating closely with
universities, scientific institutes, standards committees and
authorities, and thereby making an important contribution to the
formulation of standards and guidelines for the use of dry mortars in


From an April 2005 Wacker Press Release:

"WACKER POLYMERS? sales totaled EUR 424 million (2003:EUR 389
million), representing a year-on-year increase of 9 percent. Once
again, sales of redispersible powders hit historic highs in terms of
volumes and revenues. Polymer products for construction chemicals were
not the only area to grow. Sales of solid resins were substantially
higher, too. Year on year, the division was able to further improve
its already high EBIT in 2004.
WACKER POLYMERS boosted its presence in China, too, by starting
construction of a spray dryer for the production of VINNAPAS®"
redispersible powders."

"The new facility, which is also in Zhangjiagang, is expected to come
on stream before the year is out. In late 2004, the division acquired
the polymer business of Wuxi Xinda Fine Chemical, a Chinese producer
of polyvinyl acetate. Solid polyvinyl acetate resins are used in many
industrial applications and  are needed for the production of chewing
gum base. The acquisition will enable WACKER POLYMERS to expand its
market share in China even faster than would otherwise be possible
through organic growth alone."


***  See the following 28 page brochure highlighting Wacker's
construction segment interests in China:

2005. Lars Nordblom, Sales Director Asia Pacific, Construction

National Starch - Elotex in China

From "Specialty Polymers." National Starch and Chemical.

"Elotex technology started improving concrete construction methods and
standards in Europe more than 35 years ago with its innovative
redispersible powder polymers, emulsions and performance additives for
cement mortars, adhesives, floor coatings, stucco and tape joint
compounds. When water is added to an Elotex powder, the product is
restored to its polymer emulsion state, providing functional adhesion,
flexibility, crack resistance, self-leveling and anti-slump

"Today, Elotex is working closely with government and industry experts
to introduce these valuable, cost-saving polymer construction methods
and standards in the world?s largest concrete construction market -
China. By some estimates, China?s booming economy now claims half of
the global concrete construction market. Elotex started building an
extensive sales force and technical service team in China and the rest
of Asia in 2002, and established a technical service center in

"One of the most critical issues in China today is energy
conservation, so the Elotex technical team started working with
China?s exterior thermal insulation building code committee three
years ago to establish polymer concrete construction standards
suitable to Chinese concrete buildings and climate conditions. A new
standard was adopted in 2003, and last year the new method for
adhering insulation to the exterior of concrete buildings witnessed
widespread adoption."

"The Elotex technical team worked closely with another Chinese
building code committee to establish new construction standards for
ceramic wall and floor tiles using redispersible polymer technology,
which should become effective in mid-2005. China is the world?s
largest market for construction tiles, and the new standard provides
Chinese construction firms with a new technique that offers
significantly faster application and improved durability."


Wacker Vinnapas redispersible powders work well in the Middle Eastern cimate:

From "Cutting Edge Technology." Gulf Construction Worldwide.

"Wacker set up its first sales office in the Middle East in 2000.
Located in Jebel Ali Free Zone, the company?s Middle East office
serves the entire Arab world as well as India, Pakistan, Iran and
Africa. Covering an area of over 350 sq m, the Dubai Technical Center
is a unique laboratory for testing construction materials, focusing on
the different applications of dry mix mortars."

"Being the first and only equipped technical centre specialised in dry
mix mortars technology in the region, Wacker Chemicals Middle East has
been in close contact with Dubai Municipality in its continuous

"The centre provides technical services for the use of Wacker?s
Vinnapas redispersible powders in the production of dry mix mortar. It
gives technical advice and training to producers of dry mix mortars in
the related areas of application."

"A team of highly-trained specialists provides solutions to problems
customers face, offering formulations for new applications and
materials suitable for the needs, style and climatic conditions in
different countries."

"Wacker?s Vinnapas redispersible powders are used in EIFS, which have
found wide application in Europe and Asia."

* "These systems have been modified to meet the harsh climate
conditions and also to effectively insulate buildings against the hot
weather prevalent in the Middle East and the Gulf region," says Wolf."

"With insulation of residential as well as commercial buildings having
been made mandatory by the Dubai Municipality two years ago, EIFS can
play a wider role in conserving energy in the UAE, he adds.
Elaborating on this thermal insulation system, Wolf says: "The EIFS is
a composite thermal insulation and finishing system with special
characteristics and high thermal insulation capability, which helps
cut down energy used for air-conditioning thereby resulting in energy
savings of up to 40 per cent."


 I hope this information is helpful. I scoured all the major search
engines,  industry publications and company websites for any
references or press releases concerning growing trends and
applications for redispersible powders in the cement and construction
industries. Unfortunately, there is not much out there! If I have
missed anything, or you can think of some further search terms which I
overlooked, let me know and I will gladly see what else I might find
by looking in another direction!



Search Strategy

redispersible powders
powder polymers
"redispersible powders"  CHINA
"redispersible powders"  cement
redispersible polymer powders in construction
powder polymer OR redispersible powder AND market growth OR industry
new trends in cement construction
growth in cement additives
National Starch
Rohm and Haas

Request for Answer Clarification by blucken-ga on 15 Mar 2006 07:55 PST
There was some helpful info in here but I didnt see any evidence of
any market size data
could you reduce the cost to $100 or check back


Clarification of Answer by umiat-ga on 15 Mar 2006 09:14 PST
Hello, blucken!

 Unfortunately, there is no way to change the price of a question once
it is answered. I took your original question parameters for
"size/growth" to be an either/or type of request - basically, an
understanding that there might be limited information on this market.
And, the information is, indeed, very limited! After researching your
question for most of two days, I was unable to find much more for you
than I eventually compiled into my answer. Even the Wacker and
National Starch sites have no hard numbers on market or dollar size,
and very limited specific references to powder polymers used in the
cement industry. The company financial data does not even break out
the numbers for powder polymers.

 I tried to address the "size/growth" portion of your question by
finding references that indicate the trend for a "growing market" due
to increased cement construction demand. Price increases for polymer
powders are another testimony to "industry growth," as are new
construction of redispersible powder plants. But, as for the dollar
size of the market, I have not even found market research reports
indicating market size or dollar size (a rarity for most specialty
industries.) I take this to mean that this segment is still relatively
new and growing with no market research data in regard to size or
dollar amount.

 One example of a current research report is the following, but I
don't see that it offers much more in the way of dollar or size date:

 Let me know if I have been searching too broadly OR too narrowly, or
whether you can specify a very specific type of redispersible powder
used in the cement industry. I will be happy to look further but I
don't know that I can promise much more than what I have originally
found. Nevertheless, I will certainly try!


blucken-ga rated this answer:4 out of 5 stars

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