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Q: Celebrity Suicides (1960-2006) ( Answered 4 out of 5 stars,   3 Comments )
Subject: Celebrity Suicides (1960-2006)
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Asked by: freakfarm-ga
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Posted: 01 Mar 2006 13:07 PST
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Looking for a comprehensive list of all famous people
(musicians/actors/etc) who have committed suicide (or died
accidentally from drugs..stuff like that) since 1960 through to the
current day.

Request for Question Clarification by pinkfreud-ga on 01 Mar 2006 13:19 PST
Wikipedia has an extensive, alphabetical list of well-known people who
committed suicide, and a separate list of people whose deaths were
caused by accidental drug overdose:

I'll be glad to go through these lists and post out only the deaths
that occurred from 1960 to the present. Would that provide a fully
satisfactory answer to your question?
Subject: Re: Celebrity Suicides (1960-2006)
Answered By: pinkfreud-ga on 03 Mar 2006 16:59 PST
Rated:4 out of 5 stars
I've combined material from several online sources, and have compiled
two lists for you. It should be noted that, in some cases, there is
uncertainty regarding the matter of whether a death was or was not a
suicide. This is particularly true in cases of drug overdose.



Stuart Adamson, (2001), lead singer of the Scottish bands Big Country
and the Skids
Chris Adkisson a.k.a. Chris von Erich, (1991), professional wrestler 
Kerry Adkisson a.k.a Kerry von Erich, (1993), professional wrestler 
Mike Adkisson a.k.a. Mike von Erich, (1987), professional wrestler,
overdosed on the tranquilizer placidyl.
Neil Aggett, (1982), South African worker's union leader; hanged in
prison, murder is suspected by some
General Sergei Akhromeev, (1991), Soviet military commander who led an
unsuccessful coup against Mikhail Gorbachev
Salvador Allende, (1973), democratically elected president of Chile
(elected 1970), and uncle of renowned author Isabel Allende - shot
himself after he was ousted from office by the military regime of
dictator Augusto Pinochet. It was later revealed that Pinochet had
plans to execute Allende after the coup and Allende may have taken his
own life to avoid the public disgrace.
Jason Altom, (1998), Ph.D. student 
Jean Améry, (1978), Austrian writer 
Jack Z. Anderson, (1981), U.S. Representative from California 
Aman Andom, (1974), military ruler of Ethiopia; committed suicide to
avoid his execution in an internal purge
Pier Angeli, (1971) (on the same day that Bella Darvi also took her own life) 
Roger Angleton, (1998), brother of imprisoned Texas extortionist who
admitted in his suicide note to killing his sister-in-law, socialite
Doris Angleton.
Marshall Applewhite, 1997, leader of the Heaven's Gate cult 
Hubert Aquin, (1977), author 
Diane Arbus, (1971), art photographer 
Reinaldo Arenas, (1990), Cuban-American artist and writer
Andreas Baader, (1977), German criminal, founder of Baader-Meinhof gang 
Mary Bacon, (1991), thoroughbred race horse jockey 
Isobel Barnett, (1980), British TV personality 
Diana Barrymore, (1960), US actress, writer ('Too Much, Too Soon') 
Uwe Barschel, (1987), German politician 
Gert Bastian, (1992) 
Gameel Al-Batouti, (1999), pilot who deliberately crashed Egyptair
Flight 990 into the Atlantic Ocean
J. Clifford Baxter, (2002), Enron vice-chairman 
Scotty Beckett, (1968), child actor, Our Gang films 
Peter Bellamy, (1991), English folk singer 
Jill Bennett, (1990), British film actress 
Pierre Bérégovoy, (1993), French Prime Minister, killed himself a
month after losing a general election
Mary Kay Bergman (1999), American voice actress 
Alain Bernardin, (1994), founder/owner of "Le Crazy Horse Saloon" - Paris 
Ricky Berry, (1989), American NBA Basketball player (Sacramento Kings) 
John Berryman, (1972), American poet, jumped from the Washington
Avenue Bridge after waving to passers-by
Bruno Bettelheim, (1990), child psychologist 
Ward Beysen, (2005), Belgian politician 
Robert Bishop, (1991), fetish artist 
Jens Bjørneboe, (1976), Norwegian author 
Clara Blandick, (1962), played Auntie Em in The Wizard of Oz 
Jeremy Michael Boorda, (1996), 4-star Admiral, 25th Chief of Naval
Operations in the U.S. Navy
Ricardo Bordallo, (1990), two-time Governor of Guam 
Adrian Borland, (1999), British musician 
Ernest Borneman, (1995), German sexologist 
Tommy Boyce, (1994), with Bobby Hart, songwriter for The Monkees 
Charles Boyer, (1978), French actor 
Jonathan Brandis, (2003), American actor 
Richard Brautigan, (1984), American writer 
Herman Brood, (2001), Dutch musician and painter 
Barry Brown, (1978), actor and writer 
Oskar Brüsewitz, (1976) 
Bernard Buffet, (1999), French painter ('The Crucifixion') 
Dan Burros, (1965), Jewish Neo-Nazi 
Andres Caicedo, (1977), Colombian novelist 
Wallace Hume Carothers, World renowned chemist, sufferred chronic
depression; killed himself in a hotel in 1937.
Don Carpenter (1995), American novelist, friend of Richard Brautigan 
Kevin Carter, (1994), award-winning South African photographer and
member of the Bang-Bang Club
Capucine, (1990), French actress 
Joseph Daniel 'Danny' Casolaro, (1991), journalist 
Adolphe Mouron Cassandre (1968), painter 
Paul Celan, (1970), Romanian poet 
Valerie Chacon, (1982), wife of Bobby Chacon 
Iris Chang, (2004), Chinese-American author 
Leslie Cheung, (2003), Hong Kong movie star and singer 
Vern Christie, (1991), Australian businessman, General Manager of the
Commonwealth Bank
Christine Chubbuck, (1974), US newsreader, shot herself in the head on
live TV after reading the news
Chung Mong-hun, (2003), Korean businessman, chairman of Hyundai Asan 
Diana Churchill, (1963), UK social worker, eldest daughter of Sir
Winston Churchill
Charmian Clift, (1969), Australian writer, wife of George Johnston;
her namesake, Cleopatra's maid Charmian also committed suicide
Kurt Cobain, (1994), American musician, founder of grunge band
Nirvana, shot self in head with shotgun (disputed)
Billy Collins Jr., (1984), young boxer 
Ray Combs, (1996), former host of popular American game show Family Feud 
Pamela Courson, (1974), long time girlfriend of Jim Morrison 
F. W. S. Craig, (1989), UK election expert 
Darby Crash, (1980), American songwriter, singer of the Germs 
Kevin Crier, (2006), French Singer, toothpaste overdose 
Andrew Cunanan, (1997), killer of Gianni Versace and four others 
Ian Curtis, (1980), English singer and songwritter (Joy Division) 
Dalida, (1987), French singer 
Dorothy Dandridge, (1965), American singer and actress, first black
woman nominated for Academy Award as Lead Actress for "Carmen Jones" ,
death ruled suicide by overdose
Monika Dannemann, (1996), Girlfriend of Jimi Hendrix 
Bella Darvi, (1971), Polish-US actress (on the same day that Pier
Angeli also took her own life)
Guy Debord, (1994), French philosopher, member of Situationist International 
Jeanine Deckers, (1985), Belgian religious, known as The Singing Nun 
Gilles Deleuze, (1995), French philosopher 
Patrick Dewaere, (1982), French actor 
Dipendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev, (2001), young King of Nepal, committed
suicide after assassinating his father, King Birendra, and other
members of the royal family
Desmond Donnelly, (1974), British politician who fitted into none of
the parties he tried
Terence Donovan, (1996), English celebrity photographer 
Osvaldo Dorticós Torrado (1983), former president of Cuba 
Chris Doty (2006), Canadian filmmaker and playwright 
Nick Drake (1974), British singer-songwriter, overdose (possibly
accidental though officially ruled a suicide) of the anti-depressant,
Dr. Jonathan Drummond-Webb (2004), American heart surgeon 
Pete Duel, (1971), American actor 
K. Sello Duiker, (2005), South African author 
James Dungy, (2005), son of Indianapolis Colts head coach Tony Dungy 
Budd Dwyer, (1987), American politician, shot himself on live television 
John P. East, (1986), U.S. Senator from North Carolina 
Ronnie Edwards, (1994), British Great Train robber and flower seller 
Tristan Egolf, (2005), writer, musician and campaigner 
Tom Evans, (1983), Bass guitarist for Badfinger 
Richard Farnsworth, (2000), US actor, Oscar nominee 
Justin Fashanu, (1998), British footballer 
Rainer Werner Fassbinder, (1982), German film director (often listed
as a drug overdose)
René Favaloro, (2000), creator of the coronary artery bypass surgery 
Andrea Feldman, (1972) Actor, Warhol superstar 
Lolo Ferrari, (2000), actress, singer 
Daniel Fielden, (2006), mentally challenged vicar, dies of anti
depressent overdose
Ed Flanders, (1995), US actor 
Luca Flores, (1995), Italian pianist 
Bernard Floud, (1967), British politician 
Vincent Foster, (1993), Deputy White House Counsel 
Wade Frankum, (1991), Spree shooter of Strathfield Massacre 
John Friedrich, (1991), Australian businessman and fraudster 
Mike Furber, (1973), Australian singer 
Zviad Gamsakhurdia, (1993), former president of Georgia 
Dave Garroway, (1982), television host 
Romain Gary, (1980), Russian-French novelist, film director and diplomat 
Danny Gatton, (1994), American guitarist 
Michel Gauquelin, (1991), French psychologist and astrology researcher 
Gregor Glenn, (2006), Student 
Fritha Goodey (2004), British actress 
Kurt Gödel, (1978), German logician and mathematician (refused to eat any food) 
Eddie Graham, (1985), American professional wrestler 
Spalding Gray, (2004), American playwright. Drowned in Atlantic after
jumping off Staten Island Ferry
Richard Greene, (1983), boxing referee 
Anton Gustafsson, (2003), Swedish singer (Anton Maiden) 
Antonio Guzmán Fernández, (1982), serving president of the Dominican Republic 
Kenneth Halliwell, (1967), English writer, lover of Joe Orton whom he
killed before killing himself
Mitch Halpern, (2000), boxing referee 
Peter Ham, (1975), rock musician (Badfinger) 
Rusty Hamer, (1990), former child actor (The Danny Thomas Show) 
Lois Hamilton, (1943-1999), actress, model, author, aviatrix 
Tony Hancock, (1968), British comedian 
Mary Hardy, (1985), Australian TV personality (found dead in the bath
and was presumed to have committed suicide)
Larry James Harper, (2001), member of the Texas 7 
Eric Harris, (1999), Columbine High shooter 
Brynn Hartman, (1998), wife of actor Phil Hartman whom she killed
before turning the gun on herself
Elizabeth Hartman, (1987), US actress who emulated a character in her
film 'The Group' who jumped from a window
Donny Hathaway, (1979), singer, best known for his duets with Roberta Flack 
Phyllis Haver, (1960), American actress of the silent film era 
Ernest Hemingway, (1961), American novelist 
Margaux Hemingway, (1996), American actress and model; Ernest
Hemingway's granddaughter
Jimi Hendrix, (1970), American musician; drowned in vomit after
overdosing on Vesperax sleeping pills.
James Leo Herlihy, (1993), US novelist ('Midnight Cowboy') 
Eric Harris, (1999) US Mass Murderer, Famous for the Columbine High
School Massacre shootings with Dylan Klebold
John Heddle, (1989), British politician 
Rudolf Hess, (1987) Nazi leader 
Paul Hester, (2005) Australian musician
Joel Henry Hinrichs III, (2005), detonated suicide bomb at the
University of Oklahoma
Abbie Hoffman, (1989), US political activist and political demonstrator 
Frederick Holliday, (1985), Cleveland, OH school board president 
Shannon Hoon, (1995), Lead singer of the band Blind Melon 
Doug Hopkins, (1993), musician, founding member of rock group The Gin
Blossoms. Killed himself with a .38 pistol December 5
Elmyr de Hory, (1976), Hungarian art forger 
Francis Hughes (1981), IRA activist starved himself. 
Chuck Humphrey, (1998), Heaven's Gate cult member 
Michael Hutchence, (1997), Australian lead singer of rock group INXS,
hanged himself in hotel room. Speculated to be autoerotic asphyxiation
gone bad.
Phyllis Hyman, (1995), singer 
William Inge, (1973), US playwright (Picnic, Come Back, Little Sheba,
Bus Stop, Splendor in the Grass)
Wafa Idis, (2002), first Palestinian female suicide bomber 
Vittorio Jano, (1965), automobile design engineer 
Randall Jarrell (1965), US writer and poet 
Rick Jason, (2000), US actor best known in 'Combat' 
Jiang Qing, (1991), 3rd wife of Mao Zedong, leader of the Gang of Four 
David Johnson, (1995), Episcopal Bishop of Massachusetts 
Jim Jones, (1978), reverend, leader of the "Peoples Temple" cult. Died
during mass suicide that cost the lives of more than 900 in Guyana.
Nafisa Joseph, (2004), Miss India 1997, killed herself four weeks
before being married.
Sarah Kane, (1999), British playwright 
Yasunari Kawabata (1972), Japanese writer and Nobel Prize for
Literature laurate, gassed himself.
Terry Kath, (1978), guitarist, Chicago (Died of an accidental
self-inflicted gunshot wound. He pointed a gun to his head thinking it
wasn't loaded and pulled the trigger.)
Brian Keith, (1997), American actor (Family Affair) 
Dr. David Kelly, (2003), British scientist, source of BBC story about
the September Dossier
Douglas Kenney, (1980), Writer, producer, actor of National Lampoon
Magazine and Animal House. Fell or was pushed off cliff in Hawaii.
Composed note "These are the best days I've chosen to ignore" in hotel
Dylan Klebold, (1999), Columbine High shooter 
Fletcher Knebel, (1993), US novelist ('Seven Days in May') 
William F. Knowland, (1974), former Senate Majority Leader, self inflicted gunshot 
Sándor Kocsis, (1979), Hungarian football (soccer) player, killed
himself in Barcelona after diagnosis of cancer
Arthur Koestler, (1983), journalist, novelist, political activist, and
social philosopher
Hannelore Kohl, (2001), wife of ex-chancellor of Germany Helmut Kohl 
Nestor Kombot-Naguemon 2004 diplomat and politician from the Central
African Republic, jumped out of a window in Paris while serving as
ambassador to France
Jerzy Kosinski, (1991), Polish-American author 
Philip Taylor Kramer, (1995), Rock musician and physicist 
Alan Ladd, (1964), U.S. film star, overdose of alcohol and pills,
highly disputed for many years
Karen Lancaume, (2005), French adult film star. 
Katherine Lawrence, (2004), writer 
Lee Kyung Hae, (2003), South Korean activist 
Marshall Ledbetter Jr., (2003), lone man of non-violent protest within
an office in Tallahassee,FL capitol building in 1991
Primo Levi, (1987), Italian author and Auschwitz survivor 
Peter Llewelyn-Davies, (1960), UK publisher who as a boy was the
inspiration for J M Barrie's Peter Pan
Mark Lombardi, (2000), US artist whose art described international
white-collar crime networks; hanged himself in his Williamsburg, New
York studio
Terry Long, (2005), Former NFL player 
Noah Lottick, (1991), Scientology follower. 
Gherasim Luca, (1994), Romanian surrealist 
Ron Luciano, (1995), baseball umpire 
J. Anthony Lukas, (1997), US author and journalist 
Roman Lyashenko, (2003), professional hockey player 
Richard Manuel, (1986), singer, multi-instrumentalist, member of The
Band hung himself while on tour in Fla.
Billy Mackenzie, (1996), lead singer of 1980s pop group The Associates 
Gordon McMaster, (1997), British politician 
Sándor Márai, (1989), Hungarian writer and journalist 
Hideto Matsumoto, (1998), Japanese rock musician 
Denis Matthews, (1988), UK pianist 
Robert Maxwell, (1991), Czech-born UK newspaper magnate who, some
believe, jumped overboard in the Atlantic leaving a financial disaster
in his wake - the official inquest ruled it was 'accidental drowning'.
Jacques Mayol (2001), French free-diver 
Joe Meek (1967), Record producer 
Niklaus Meienberg, (1993), Swiss author 
James Miller, fan man, (2003), parachutist 
Walter M. Miller, Jr., (1996), science-fiction writer 
Freddie Mills, (1965), world champion boxer 
Yukio Mishima, (1970), Japanese novelist; committed public ritual seppuku 
Scott Mody , (2005) , Convicted Felon 
Moses Taiwa Molelekwa, (2001), South African jazz pianist 
Jürgen W. Möllemann, (2003), German politician 
Henry de Montherlant, (1972), French writer 
Donnie Moore, (1989), relief pitcher for the California Angels 
Florencio Morales Ramos, 1989, Ramito, trova singer 
Ted Moult, (1986), British television personality 
David Munrow, (1976), UK early music specialist, founder of the Early
Music Consort
Joachim Nielsen, (2000), Norwegian singer in the band Jokke Og
Valentinerne, overdosed on heroin.
Robert Leon Nichols, (1997), Roadie with the Grateful Dead in an
apparent copy of the Heaven's Gate cult suicides.
Luis Ocaña, (1994), Spanish cyclist, Tour de France winner 
Phil Ochs, (1976), American singer, hanged himself in sister's
apartment, Far Rockaway, New York.
John O'Brien, (1994), author of Leaving Las Vegas (on which the film was based) 
Per Yngve Ohlin, (1991), vocalist for Mayhem, shot himself with a
shotgun after having slashed his wrist and cut his throat
Christina Onassis, (1988), Greek tycoon, 
Hugh O'Connor, (1995), actor 
Johnny O'Keefe, (1978), Australian rock legend known as The Wild One;
drug overdose
Jan Palach, (1969), protesting Soviet crushing of the Prague Spring 
Violeta Parra (1967), famous Chilean folk singer 
John Patrick, (1995), US playwright and screenwriter; placed a plastic
bag over his head
H. Beam Piper, (1964), American science fiction writer 
Sylvia Plath, (1963), American poet, author and essayist 
Dana Plato, (1999), American actress 
Derrick Plourde, (2005) Musician, drummer of the Ataris, Lagwagon, Bad
Astronaut, RKL and Mad Caddies shot himself on March 30th
Stevie Plunder, (1995), Australian guitarist, The Whitlams 
Ben Pollack, (1971), Drummer and big-band leader from the mid 20s to the Swing era 
Marc Potvin, (2006), Hockey coach, hanged himself 
Nicos Poulantzas,(1979),Greco-French Marxist political sociologist 
Freddie Prinze, (1977), Puerto Rican American comedian and actor, best
known for television show Chico and the Man, died of self inflicted
gunshot wound.
Carlos Prío Socarrás, (1977), former president of Cuba. 
Boris Pugo, (1991), serving minister of the Interior of the USSR 
Jack Purvis, (1962), American jazz trumpeter 
Richard Quine, (1989), US film director 
Robert Quine, (2004), guitar player of Richard Hell & the Voidoids 
Glenn Quinn, (2002), Actor, famous for his role in the TV Shows
Beverly Hills, 90210 and Angel. Drug overdose.
Dalia Rabikovich, (2005), Israeli poet 
Kuljeet Randhawa, (2006), Indian television actress, hanging [1] 
Danny Rapp, (1983), frontman for Danny & the Juniors 
David Rappaport, (1990), actor 
Matt Rasberry, (2005), 
Jan-Carl Raspe, (1977), German criminal in Baader-Meinhof gang 
David Reimer, (2004), Canadian advocate/the "John/Joan" case 
René Rivkin, (2005), Australian stockbroker and entrepreneur 
Carlos Roberto Reina, (2003), former president of Honduras 
John Robarts, (1982) former Premier of the Canadian province of
Ontario, 1961 - 1971; committed suicide with shotgun
Rachel Roberts, (1980)), Welsh-born British actress 
Bill Robinzine, (1982), American basketball player 
Charles Rocket, (2005), American comedian 
Iris von Roten-Meyer, (1990), artist and jurist 
Mark Rothko, (1970), Russian-American painter 
Irv Rubin, (2002), leader of the Jewish Defense League 
Michael Ryan, (1987), mass murderer at Hungerford; shot himself as
police closed in on him
Albert Salmi, (1990), American actor 
George Sanders, (1972), English actor 
Bobby Sands (1981), IRA activist who starved himself as a result of a
hunger strike
Bruce Sarver , (2005), NHRA driver 
Savannah, (1994), pornographic actress 
Gia Scala, (1972), actress 
Romy Schneider, (1982), Austrian actress (officially cardiac arrest,
but may have been self-induced)
Margie Schoedinger, (2003), Filed lawsuit against George W. Bush
claiming she had been raped
Conrad Schumann, (1998), GDR refugee 
'Screaming Lord Sutch', (1999), UK eccentric singer and politician 
Jean Seberg, (1979), American actress 
Anne Sexton, (1974), American poet 
Del Shannon, (1990), American singer 
Elizabeth Shin, (2000), MIT student 
Harold Shipman, (2004), imprisoned British doctor found to have killed
250+ of his patients
Eli Siegel, (1978), founded Aesthetic Realism 
Varnado Simpson, (1997), Pfc jointly responsible for the My Lai Massacre 
Walter Slezak, (1983), U.S. actor 
Everett Sloane, (1965) U.S. actor, part of Orson Welles' Mercury Theater 
Elliott Smith, (2003), American musician (reported as suicide but
still under investigation)
James Leonard Brierley Smith, 1968, South African paleoanatomist 
Layne Staley, (2002), singer of Alice in Chains 
Gary Stewart, (2003), country singer 
Rory Storm, (1972), singer of the Hurricanes (the band Ringo Starr was
in before he joined the Beatles), in a pact with his mother
David Strickland, (1999), actor 
Arthur Teele Jr., (2005), former Miami city commissioner; in the lobby
of the Miami Herald.
Luigi Tenco, (1967), Italian singer-songwriter 
Jason Thirsk, (1996), bassist for Pennywise 
Hunter S. Thompson, (2005), American author 
Ric Throssell, (1999), Australian diplomat, writer 
Georg Tintner, (1999), Austrian-born conductor active in Canada and
Australia; jumped 11 stories when he was no longer able to conduct due
to illness
John Kennedy Toole, (1969), American novelist 
John Walker Turnbull, (1999), British Soldier 
Randy Turpin, (1966), British world champion boxer 
Amy Vanderbilt, (1974), etiquette writer 
George Washington Vanderbilt III, (1961), American yachtsman and a
scientific explorer
Peter Van Eyck, (1969), Dutch-UK film actor 
Tudor Vianu, (1964), Romanian writer 
Sid Vicious, (1979), bass player of the Sex Pistols. Drug overdose. 
Hervé Villechaize, (1993), French actor 
Petri Walli, (1995), Finnish rock musician 
Jeremy Michael Ward, (2003), musician in The Mars Volta 
Stephen Ward, (1963), UK osteopath who was caught up in the Profumo affair 
Doodles Weaver, (1983), US comedian, member of Spike Jones' City Slickers 
Gary Webb, (2004), US investigative reporter; death ruled as suicide
from two gunshots
George Weldon, (1963), UK conductor, died in South Africa 
Fred West, (1995), husband of convicted British killer Rosemary West.
Hanged himself in prison whilst awaiting trial on the same crimes.
Kenneth Williams (1988), camp comedian, UK TV personality and diarist
Larry Williams - had hit songs with "Dizzy Miss Lizzy" and "Bony
Maronie", was found dead on January 7th, 1980 at his Los Angeles home
of a gunshot wound to the head. The medical examiner called the death
a suicide, but rumours persisted for years after his death that he was
murdered because of his involvement in drugs and crime
Paul Williams, (1973), singer (Temptations) 
Percy Williams (1982), athlete 
Rozz Williams, (1998), Musician, "Christian Death" 
Wendy O. Williams, (1998), musician, The Plasmatics
Al Wilson - vocalist and harmonica player for Canned Heat on their
hits "On The Road Again" and "Going Up The Country", committed suicide
on September 3rd, 1970, in Topanga Canyon, California, when it turned
out that he couldn't save a redwood forest from being cut by a timber
Greg Wilton, (2000), the only Australian Federal politician who has
ever successfully attempted suicide
Wally Wood, (1981), cartoonist 
Paula Yates, (2000), British television personality 
Alfredo Yabrán, (1998), Argentine businessman 
Haile Yimenu, (1991), former prime minister of Ethiopia
Faron Young - who reached number 12 on the US pop chart in 1961 with
the country cross-over hit "Hello Walls", died of a self-inflicted
gunshot wound on December 10th, 1996, at the age of 64
Gig Young, (1978), US actor 
Bernd Alois Zimmermann, (1970) 
Mahmoud Zuabi, (2000), Syrian prime minister shot himself on May 21,
two months after resigning over corruption charges



Matthew Ansara, actor, son of Michael Ansara and Barbara Eden 
Bridget Andersen, child actress, Savannah Smiles 
John Belushi, comedian/actor 
Len Bias, college basketball star
Mike Bloomfield - lead guitarist for The Electric Flag  
Tommy Bolin, Deep Purple musician 
John Bonham, Led Zeppelin singer/musician 
Elisa Bridges, Playboy Playmate 
Lenny Bruce, comedian 
Robert Buck, 10,000 Maniacs Musician 
Tim Buckley, musician 
Ken Caminiti, baseball player 
Steve Clark, Def Leppard musician 
Montgomery Cliff, actor 
Dorothy Dandridge, actress 
Nick Drake, musician 
Bobby Duncum, Jr., professional wrestler 
John Entwistle, musician 
Brian Epstein, Beatles manager 
Chris Farley, comedian/actor 
W.C. Fields, actor/comedian 
Rainer Werner Fassbinder, film director 
Keith Ferguson, Fabulous Thunderbirds, musician 
Jerry Garcia, singer/musician, cardiac arrest induced by longtime heroine use 
Judy Garland, musician/actress 
Trevor Goddard, actor 
Tim Hardin, musician 
Bobby Hatfield, musician (fatal heart attack was triggered by a cocaine overdose) 
Margaux Hemingway, model/actress 
Jimi Hendrix, musician 
Curt Hennig, professional wrestler 
Shannon Hoon, musician 
Anissa Jones, actress 
Janis Joplin, musician 
John Kordic,hockey player 
Eugene (Big Daddy) Lipscomb, American football player 
Sonny Liston, world champion boxer (possible) 
Bela Lugosi, actor 
Phil Lynott, musician 
Frankie Lymon, musician 
Aimee Semple McPherson, evangelist 
Keith Moon, musician 
Marilyn Monroe, actress (death of a barbituate overdose has still not been proven) 
Jim Morrison, musician (fatal heart attack triggered by a heroin overdose) 
Brad Nowell, musican 
Hugh O'Connor, actor, In the Heat of the Night, son to actor Carroll O'Connor 
Lani O'Grady, actress, Eight Is Enough 
Brian O'Leary, actor 
Marco Pantani, cyclist 
Gram Parsons, musician 
Robert Pastorelli, actor 
Christopher Pettiet, actor 
Christopher Penn, actor 
Kristen Pfaff, musician 
River Phoenix, actor 
Rob Pilatus, acting singer Milli Vanilli 
Dana Plato, actress 
Edgar Allan Poe, author (possible) 
Elvis Presley, musician 
Freddie Prinze, comic, actor Chico and the Man, self-inflicted gunshot
wound while under the influence of Quaaludes
Glenn Quinn, actor 
Dee Dee Ramone, musician 
Elis Regina, Brazilian singer 
Don Rogers, American football player 
Bon Scott, singer AC/DC, Aspiration brought on by alcohol intoxication 
Edie Sedgwick, model/actress 
Bobby Sheehan singer/musician, Blues Traveler 
Eric Show baseball player 
Layne Staley, musician 
Sid Vicious, musician 
Flemming Williams - lead singer for The Hues Corporation
Andrew Wood, musician and singer 
Paula Yates, TV personality 
Hillel Slovak, musician 
Enrique Urquijo, Spanish musician 


My sources:

Wikipedia: List of Suicides

Wikipedia: Famous Deaths by Accidental Drug Overdose Famous Suicides

Google Directory - Society > Death > Suicide > Incidents

Corsinet Bizarre Celebrity Suicides

Classic Bands: Rock and Roll Heaven

My Google search strategy:

Google Web Search: famous OR celebrity suicides

Many thanks to my friend and colleague Voila, who suggested the
Classic Bands site in a comment below.

I hope this is helpful. If you need additional information about any
of these people, please let me know. I'll be glad to offer further
assistance before you rate my answer.

Regarding the GA system's failure to notify you of a clarification
request in a timely manner, I suggest that you email the Google
Answers Editors at so that they can pass
the information along to the folks who troubleshoot the site to keep
everything running smoothly.

Very best regards,

Clarification of Answer by pinkfreud-ga on 04 Mar 2006 12:08 PST
I've learned that there is a list of celebrities who've committed
suicide in a book called "Hollywood Babylon II," by Kenneth Anger. I
haven't found the full list online, but used copies of the book are

Amazon: Kenneth Anger's Hollywood Babylon II


Request for Answer Clarification by freakfarm-ga on 14 Mar 2006 12:12 PST
You list Kevin Crier (french singer) as dying from a toothpast
overdose.  I do not see this person at wikipedia and wonder where you
got this info?


Clarification of Answer by pinkfreud-ga on 14 Mar 2006 12:23 PST
Although Kevin Crier is not listed on the current Wikipedia page, he
did appear in a previous listing, as archived here:

Since I haven't found any other mentions of this alleged suicide, it
seems entirely possible that the inclusion of Kevin Crier's name was a
mistake, or a prank of some sort which has been detected and edited
freakfarm-ga rated this answer:4 out of 5 stars
Would have preferred the list you created was in year order, not
alphabetical.  But overall, nice job.


Subject: Re: Celebrity Suicides (1960-2006)
From: voila-ga on 01 Mar 2006 22:06 PST
a few more musicians:
Subject: Re: Celebrity Suicides (1960-2006)
From: freakfarm-ga on 03 Mar 2006 15:33 PST
if these are the most extensive lists, yes.

(Google doesn't send the notifications out like normal when these
questions need attention.  It's getting to be quite annoying.  And
then I'll get an e-mail weeks later with 4 different notifications all
at once for old questions).
Subject: Re: Celebrity Suicides (1960-2006)
From: voila-ga on 25 Mar 2006 10:57 PST
I was working on another Q and came across this "thou shalt not rock"
link.  Might be a few extras here but can't vouch for its veracity.

Off to pray now....

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