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Q: What is the name of this movie, and how do I get it? ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   3 Comments )
Subject: What is the name of this movie, and how do I get it?
Category: Arts and Entertainment > Comics and Animation
Asked by: 216evan-ga
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Posted: 02 Mar 2006 22:41 PST
Expires: 01 Apr 2006 22:41 PST
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I want to know the name of an anime movie I watched in the early
eighties that was about a boy in the future.  He had a hover board
type thing.  His mother is taken and killed by the villain who puts
his own girlfriend into the body of the boy's mother (this trophy-body
hunting is common in this view of the future).  The boy goes after the
villain, he meets an older well known hero in the galaxy who tells the
boy that the boy is HIS hero.  People have bionic-type implants and in
the bar where the two heros meet, a patron with implants (he is bald
and fat and shirtless with a circular implant in his stomach), makes
fun of the boy being in the barand for ordering milk.  The older hero
then forces the bald man to drink the milk...killing him because of
his robotic parts.  The boy later meets with an old man who has
information on the villain, but has been shot (or something) mulitple
times by bullets that could explode at any moment.  The boy gets the
info and the old man explodes.  I loved this movie when I was young
and have a clear memory of it, but I have searched every anime sight
and resource to no avail.
Subject: Re: What is the name of this movie, and how do I get it?
Answered By: juggler-ga on 02 Mar 2006 23:29 PST
Rated:5 out of 5 stars

It sounds like you're describing "Galaxy Express 999."

From a newsgroup message archived by Google Groups:

?This Kid/Teenager loses his mother and searches for her..
>He finds this lady who looks like his mother, but finds out that it's his
>mother's body, but not her soul.
Oh yeah. No problem there... what you describe is Galaxy Express 999,
which was both a TV series (originally running in 1979-1980) and the
subject of two movies (Galaxy Express 999 and Adieu Galaxy Express).

The part about the boy ordering milk in a bar is mentioned here:

"Bartender, a glass of milk, please"

DVDs on eBay:

search strategy:
anime "his mother's body"

I hope this helps.

Request for Answer Clarification by 216evan-ga on 03 Mar 2006 00:29 PST
Hi..thak you for your quick response...I checked out the links and it
doesn't quite look like the one I'm looking for.  I'm sure it was a
movie not an episode, and the quote about ordering milk was in the
wrong context.  I greatly appreciate the speed with which you
researched the answer.  How does one become a google researcher...Is
it something I can volunteer for...this is the first time i've ever
had to use the service and and am Constantly providing a similar
service (always starting with google) for co-workers, friens, family
and even aquaintances...thanks

Clarification of Answer by juggler-ga on 03 Mar 2006 02:39 PST

I'm sorry that you found my answer unconvincing.

As indicated above, "Galaxy Express 999" is BOTH a tv series and  a
movie.  The movie was originally released in 1979. Here is the
Internet Movie Database entry:

Here are a few more links about the movie.  I urge you to review them carefully:

The plot elements of another woman being put into the body of the
boy's mother AND the boy ordering milk in a bar are very unique.  
It's extraordinarily unlikely that two different anime movies would
use BOTH of these elements. As such, I must conclude that I have
correctly identified your movie.

Clarification of Answer by juggler-ga on 03 Mar 2006 02:53 PST
On the off-chance that you're still unconvinced, here's a review that
mentions the man shot with  bullets that could explode at any moment

"... Tetsuro asks if he's afraid that the unexploded bullets lodged in
his body will go off one day."
216evan-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $1.00
Perfect answer...I am extremely pleased, and would reccommend my
researcher to anyone!!

Subject: Re: How does one become a google researcher?
From: videoga-ga on 03 Mar 2006 02:13 PST
There are no vacancies, "temporarily" (ever!). 

See the Google Answers FAQ at the section 

"Google Answers Researchers" 
5. How do I sign up to become a Researcher? 

For discussion, see Question ID: 701289 and the others mentioned in it. 

Or you could search for questions containing "researcher"! 

Subject: Re: What is the name of this movie, and how do I get it?
From: fstokens-ga on 03 Mar 2006 15:32 PST
Just wanted to add that there are actually *two* "Galaxy Express 999"
movies.  One is a sequel to the other, but they both have pretty much
the same title (at least, when I first ran across them in a video
rental place, I couldn't tell if it was two different movies, or the
same movie in different packaging).  I'm pretty sure the one under
discussion is the first (original) movie.
Subject: Re: What is the name of this movie, and how do I get it?
From: juggler-ga on 08 Mar 2006 03:33 PST
Thank you for the tip.

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