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Q: F-16 Fighter Bases in the world ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   7 Comments )
Subject: F-16 Fighter Bases in the world
Category: Relationships and Society > Government
Asked by: g2realtor-ga
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Posted: 03 Mar 2006 18:08 PST
Expires: 02 Apr 2006 19:08 PDT
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I am looking for links to every F-16 Fighter base in the world.
I would also like to have links to every F-16 Squadron on each base.
I am retired US Air Force, RED HORSE and want to try and find some of my buddies.

Request for Question Clarification by techtor-ga on 03 Mar 2006 20:28 PST
Since you're looking for buddies, are you looking only for US F-16
fighter bases? Meaning, I'll exclude bases of F-16s owned by Israel
and other countries. You might say it's obvious, I guess.

Request for Question Clarification by techtor-ga on 04 Mar 2006 03:46 PST
Just an update. I suppose US bases are all that's needed. I've a list
of them, and can determine which carries F-16s, and what squadrons
carry them. But not all bases nor squadrons have a website. Would you
be satisfied with a list of the bases and squadrons, even if they all
have a website? Or do you need contact info for each F-16 unit?

Clarification of Question by g2realtor-ga on 04 Mar 2006 10:08 PST
Hello techtor-ga.  I think... for the moment... we would only be
interested in F-16 fighter bases and squadrons owned and operated by
the US. That said... if you have a thought that we might have US
Pilots deployed in foregin country F-16 fighter bases, it wouldn't
hurt to add them to the list.

As for your question about squadron links, while that is the optimum
preference, if some of the bases do not post their individual
squadrons on their web sites, I can get by with just the base web

Now... all that said... if you can post for me, email or web site
points of contacts for any of the F-16 fighter sqadrons, that is a
plus... but not an absolute need.

Thanks for your help.

SSgt Retired USAF, RED HORSE 820th CES

Request for Question Clarification by techtor-ga on 05 Mar 2006 03:16 PST
Hello again G2realtor,
Thanks for the reply. I'll see what I could come up with on contact
info. By the way, I like your tag line! Very appropriate for an F-16
pilot, makes a statement.

Clarification of Question by g2realtor-ga on 05 Mar 2006 03:22 PST
Hi again Techtor,  thanks for the response... BTW... I'm going to up
your payment to $100.  I really appreciate your help... bye for now...
and look forward to hearing from you soon.

SSgt Retired USAF, RED HORSE 820th CES

Request for Question Clarification by techtor-ga on 05 Mar 2006 08:50 PST
Hi G2realtor,
Hey, very generous of you to raise the "ante." With that though, it
raises doubts if the answer I prepared will be up to that. I listed
the bases in the US and out-of-US permanent deployements that carry
only F-16 units. Unfortunately, not all of them have a working website
to provide contact info of the base. I also listed the F-16 units,
some have websites at Wing level, though none at squadron level
(usually part of the base info as well). Also, only more than half
have contact info for the units, which is usually the contact info for
the base itself. Would this be acceptable to you already as an answer?

Clarification of Question by g2realtor-ga on 05 Mar 2006 12:15 PST
Hello again Techtor,

This is a good beginning.  Let's try to work on some particular bases,
but the data you have for now... will help me get started.  In the
mean time... and if you're up to it... let's try to borrough down into
bases in Germany, Korea, Italy, Guam, America of course, Egypt, Saudi
if any, and Japan... whatchya think?  And... no worries on the fee. 
When you feel that I have worn out my contribution, we can talk more
about additional $$s... ;o)

SSgt Retired USAF, RED HORSE 820th CES

Request for Question Clarification by techtor-ga on 05 Mar 2006 19:19 PST
Hi G2realtor,
I have the out-of-US bases websites too, including Korea, Japan, Italy
and Germany. As for other bases on the American continents (like South
America), that's where information is sparse, as mere detachments are
assigned there, I believe. In the middle East, I see Kuwait as the
only location where F-16s have been assigned for the long term, though
they may have been moved. Let me know if we're getting there.

Oh, yes, as a Red Horse member, you were assigned to Nellis AFB, is it
right? So that's where the nice tagline came from...

Request for Question Clarification by techtor-ga on 06 Mar 2006 06:45 PST
Thanks for the bit of trivia. That is interesting history. 
Since you're looking for buddies from the Red Horse Squadron, perhaps
this Red Horse Association website may be of help, if you haven't
found it already.

Red Horse Association website:

Perhaps the Red Horse Squadron is contacted via Nellis AFB, maybe you
should try that avenue.

Request for Question Clarification by techtor-ga on 08 Mar 2006 08:25 PST
Hello G2realtor,
In case you haven't seen it, please take note of my last Comment below, thanks.
Subject: Re: F-16 Fighter Bases in the world
Answered By: techtor-ga on 09 Mar 2006 00:02 PST
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hello G2realtor,
Thanks for letting me post the answer. I have this list of US bases
and F-16 units assigned to those bases. I got the web site links of
each base and the Fighter wings, rather than squadrons, as that are
what have websites. Sometimes the fighter wing info can be found in
the main website itself. Unfortunately for a few bases, like Luke and
Hill AFBs, the website info and even contact info were hard to find.
They might need to be contacted using an official Air Force personnel
locator service. The information or website might have been taken down
for security reasons.

I got these listings from this unofficial Military Deployments website:
United States Air Force - Scramble website

Montgomery RAP/ Dannely Field (KMGM)
Rwy 03/21, 10/28
32° 18' 2.318N 86° 23' 38.310W
Elev: 221 ft.
160th FS

187th Fighter Wing website

Eielson AFB (PAEI)
Rwy 13/31
64° 39' 56.002N 147° 6' 5.000W
Elev: 144 ft. 
18th FS (Contact info for squadron found on the base website)

Rwy 03L/21R, 03R/21L
33° 32' 6.000N 112° 22' 59.002W
Elev: 1090 ft. (website not responding at my time of access)
Try this website instead:
61st FS, 62nd FS, 63rd FS, 308th FS, 309th FS, 310th FS, 425th FS,
301st FS, 302nd FS

Tucson IAP (KTUS)
Rwy 11L/29R, 11R/29L, 03/21
32° 6' 58.000N 110° 56' 29.000W
Elev: 2641 ft.
(162nd FW/162nd OG(AZ ANG))
148th FS
152nd FS
195th FS

162nd FW website

Fresno Yosemite IAP (KFAT)
Rwy 11L/29R, 11R/29L
36° 46' 34.000N 119° 43' 5.002W
Elev: 333 ft.
194th FS 

Edwards AFB (KEDW)
Rwy 04/22, 06/24
34° 54' 20.002N 117° 53' 1.000W
Elev: 2302 ft. (contact info can be found for base)
416th FLTS

March ARB (KRIV)
Rwy 12/30, 14/32
33° 52' 50.002N 117° 15' 33.998W
Elev: 1538 ft.
194th FS Det. 1

Buckley AFB (KBKF)
Rwy 14/32
39° 42' 6.001N 104° 45' 6.001W
Elev: 5662 ft.
120th FS (no home page for squadron)

Eglin AFB (KVPS)
Rwy 01/19, 12/30
30° 28' 59.700N 86° 31' 31.440W
Elev: 85 ft. 
85th TES, 40th FLTS
Eglin base cotact info page

Tyndall AFB (KPAM)
Rwy 13L/31R, 13R/31L
30° 4' 12.112N 85° 34' 34.021W
Elev: 18 ft. (website not responding at my time of access)
179th FS Det. 1

Homestead ARS (KHST)
Rwy 05/23
25° 29' 18.398N 80° 23' 1.201W
Elev: 7 ft. 
93rd FS (no homepage for squadron)

Mountain Home AFB (KMUO)
Rwy 12/30
43° 02' 36.617N 115° 52' 21.326W
Elev: 2996 ft.
389th FS 

Capital AP Springfield (KSPI)
Rwy 04/11, 13/31, 18/36
39° 50' 38.227N 89° 40' 39.427W
Elev: 597 ft.
170th FS

Fort Wayne IAP (KFWA)
Rwy 05/23, 09/27, 14/32
40° 58' 42.481N 85° 11' 42.529W
Elev: 815 ft. 
163rd FS
Webmaster Contact Info
3005 Ferguson Road
Fort Wayne IAP IN 46809-0122
Base Operator Telephone Number:  260-478-3210
Base Operator DSN:  786-1210
E-Mail Information:

Des Moines IAP (DSM)
Rwy 13/31, 17/35
42° 24' 9.000N 96° 23' 3.998W
Elev: 1098 ft.
124th FS
External site about 124th FS/132nd FW

Andrews AFB (KADW)
Rwy 01L/36R, 01R/36L
38° 48' 39.398N 76° 52' 0.901W
Elev: 281 ft.
121st FS

Selfridge ANGB (KMTC)
Rwy 10/28, 01/19
42° 36' 46.001N 82° 49' 54.001W
Elev: 580 ft. 
107th FS

Look at this part of the Selfridge website for phone numbers:

Duluth IAP (KDLH)
Rwy 09/27, 03/21
46° 50' 31.999N 92° 11' 37.000W
Elev: 1428 ft. 
179th FS (no contact info found)
148th Fighter Wing website

Great Falls IAP (KGTF)
Rwy 16/34, 07/25, 03/21
47° 28' 55.200N 111° 22' 14.480W
Elev: 3677 ft. 
186th FS (no website nor contact info found)
Great Falls IAP Contact 120th Fighter Wing
TOLL FREE: 1-800-874-7763 ? 406-791-0287

Nellis AFB (KLSV)
Rwy 03L/21R, 03R/21L
36° 14' 8.999N 115° 2' 3.998W
Elev: 1868 ft. 
422nd TES, 16th WS, 64th WS, Thunderbirds
Look for contact info here:

Atlantic City IAP (KACY)
Rwy 04/22, 13/31
39° 27' 27.000N 74° 34' 37.999W
Elev: 76 ft. (contact info found on website)
119th FS

Kirtland AFB (KIKR)
Rwy 03/21, 08/26, 12/30, 17/35
35° 2' 25.001N 106° 36' 33.998W
Elev: 5352 ft. 
188th FS, 150th DSE
Operator: 505-853-0011 or 505-846-0011
DSN: 263-0011 or 246-0011
Public Affairs - Community Relations: 505-846-5991

Cannon AFB (KCVS)
Rwy 04/22, 13/31, 17/35
34° 22' 58.001N 103° 19' 19.700W
Elev: 4295 ft. 
522nd FS, 523rd FS, 524rd FS

Contact Info
For technical problems, or Web Mail questions, please contact the 27th
Communications Squadron, at 505-784-2666, DSN 681-2666 or email
For Directory Assistance call (505) 784-1110, DSN 681-1110
For information about Cannon, contact the 27th Fighter Wing Public
Affairs Office at (505) 784-4131, DSN 681-4131 or write to: 27th
FW/PA, 110 E. Sextant, Suite 1098A, Cannon AFB, NM 88103

Syracuse / Hancock IAP (KSYR)
Rwy 06/24, 10/28, 14/32
43° 6' 40.000N 76° 6' 23.000W
Elev: 421 ft. 
138th FS
Hancock Field Contact Listing
Community Manager: (315) 233-2139
Family Readiness: (315) 233-2577
Public Affairs: (315) 233-2651
After Hours: (315) 233-2199
Recruiting: (800) 883-4484

Fargo, Hector IAP (KFAR)
Rwy 08/26, 13/31, 17/35
46° 55' 9.700N 96° 48' 54.000W
Elev: 900 ft. 
178th FS

Springfield / Beckley MAP (KSGH)
Rwy 06/24, 15/33
39° 50' 25.001N 83° 50' 25.001W
Elev: 1052 ft.
162nd FS
178th FW Info on Ohio National Air Guard Website

Toledo Express AP (KTOL)
Rwy 07/25, 16/34
41° 35' 12.001N 83° 48' 28.001W
Elev: 684 ft. 
112th FS
Phone contact: (419) 868-4219 
Phone: DSN 580-4219

Tulsa IAP (KTUL)
Rwy 08/26, 18L/36R, 18R/36L
36° 11' 54.139N 95° 53' 17.671W
Elev: 677 ft. 
125th FS
(No contact info found)

Rwy 4L/22R, 4R/22L
33° 58' 23.002N 80° 28' 22.001W
Elev: 242 ft. (Contact info on website)
55th FS, 77th FS, 79th FS

McEntire ANGS (MMT)
Rwy 14/32
33° 55' 5.999N 80° 47' 58.999W
Elev: 252 ft. (Contact info on website)
157th FS

Joe Foss Field, Sioux Falls (KFSD)
Rwy 09/27, 15/33, 03/21
43° 34' 53.000N 96° 44' 30.001W
Elev: 1429 ft.
114th FW / 175th FS
Commercial: (605) 988-5700
DSN: 798-7700
Family Readiness Point of Contact: (605) 988-5644

NAS Fort Worth JRB / Carswell Field (KFWH)
Rwy 17/35
32° 46' 9.001N 97° 26' 30.001W
Elev: 650 ft. (contact info for base available)
457th FS
301st Fighter Wing website
Phone number (817) 782-7181 or DSN 739-7181
Members contact your unit @ 1-800-796-2620 

Lackland AFB 
Some Kelly AFB units are supposed to have moved here.
149th FW contacts page

Ellington ANGB (KEFD)
Rwy 04/22, 17L/35R, 17R/35L
29° 36' 25.999N 95° 9' 32.000W
Elev: 32 ft. (website not responding at my time of access)
111th FS

Texas National Air Guard Portal page

Rwy 14/32
41° 7' 36.001N 111° 58' 18.001W
Elev: 4789 ft. 
4th FS, 34th FS, 421st FS, 466th FS, Ogden ALC
(For some reason, Hill AFB contact info is hard to get)

Burlington IAP (KBTV)
Rwy 15/33
44° 28' 22.811N 73° 9' 1.120W
Elev: 334 ft.
134th FS
158th Fighter Wing website
Point of Contact:
Phone:  802-660-5220  

Richmond IAP / Richard E. Byrd Field (KRIC)
Rwy 02/20, 07/25, 16/34
37° 30' 18.641N 77° 19' 10.841W
Elev: 168 ft. 
149th FS
Virginia National Air Guard contact page:
Base Operator DSN 864-6000 or 804-236-6000

Langley AFB (KLFI)
Rwy 08/26
37° 4' 38.372N 76° 21' 37.969W
Elev: 11 ft.
178th FS Det.1
(While mainly an F-15 wing, it appears that some F-16s may be detached
to this base)

Dane County RAP / Truax Field (KMSN)
Rwy 18/36, 03/21, 13/31, 08/26, 04/22
43° 8' 23.489N 89° 20' 15.050W
Elev: 862 ft. 
176th FS

Spangdahlem AB, Germany (ETAD)
Rwy 05/23
49° 58' 35.602N 6° 41' 54.899E
Elev: 1196 ft.
22nd FS,  23rd FS

Aviano AB, Italy (LIPA)
Rwy 05/23
46° 1' 51.899N 12° 35' 47.260E
Elev: 413 ft.
510th FS, 555th FS

Contact info for Aviano base:
Via E-mail:
Via DSN: 632-7555
Via commercial telephone: 011-39-0434-667-5555

Via snail mail:
Headquarters 31st Fighter Wing
Public Affairs Office
Unit 6140, Box 100
Aviano AB, Italy
APO, AE 09604

Misawa AB, Japan (RJSM)
Rwy 10/28
40° 42' 11.999N 141° 22' 5.999E
Elev: 119 ft.
13th FS, 14th FS

Base Contact info:
Base Locator
DSN: 315.226.4590
Comm: 011.81.3117.66.4590
Base Operator
DSN: 315.226.1110
Public Affairs
DSN: 315.226.3075
Comm: 011.81.3117.66.3075

Osan AB, Korea (RKSO)
Rwy 09/27
37° 5' 26.099N 127° 1' 46.999E
Elev: 38 ft.
36th FS

Kunsan AB, Korea (RKJK)
Rwy 18/36
35° 54' 13.601N 126° 36' 57.499E
Elev: 29 ft.
35th FS, 80th FS

Other World Detachments:
Ahmed Al Jaber AB, Kuwait
28°56'05"N 47°47'31"E
332nd EFS (F16C)

According to this Global Security website though, aircraft based here
may have been moved:

Curaçao, Hato, South America
(various F16 deployments with 24th wing)

Other Lists of Units United States Air Force - AETC United States Air Force - PACAF (Pacific) United States Air Force - USAFE United States Navy Units United States Air Force - AFMC United States Air Force - ANG United States Air Force - AFRC United States Air Force - ACC

In case this might help, I included online military locator services to help you.

GlobeMaster - Military Personnel Locator - Air Force Military Locator- Choose your Location

Google Search terms used:
f-16 us air force deployments
us air force f-16 current deployment

If there's anymore info you need, you may ask me to search for more,
though I admit there is no perfect guarantee I'll be able to get

I hope this was a helpful answer. If you need something clarified, or
have a problem with the answer, do please post a Request for
Clarification before rating and I'll come back to you as soon as I
can. Thank you.

Clarification of Answer by techtor-ga on 09 Mar 2006 00:13 PST
Hello again G2realtor,
I tested some links, and they seem to be mixed up with the characters
in the next line. I'll repost some links so that they can be more
correctly accessed:

Luke AFB link:  

Fresno Yosemite 

March AFB  

Buckley AFB  

Mountain Home AFB  

Capital AP Springfield

Andrews AFB  

Joe Foss Field, Sioux Falls  

Burlington IAP   

Langley AFB      

Spangdahlem AB, Germany   

Aviano AB, Italy    

Misawa AB, Japan     

Osan AB, Korea   

Kunsan AB, Korea     

Click here since the former links in the above list may not work
properly. Sorry about this.
g2realtor-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $25.00
Techtor did a supurb job.  If you ever have an opportunity to use his
services... DO IT!!!... you will not be disapointed.  GREAT JOB
Techtor... Watch Google Answers for more tasks from us in the
future... ;o)

Subject: Re: F-16 Fighter Bases in the world
From: myoarin-ga on 05 Mar 2006 16:20 PST
Greetings Sir,
You also might find your buddies  - or someone who knows them -  on an
Air Force blog:

Good luck!
Subject: Re: F-16 Fighter Bases in the world
From: g2realtor-ga on 06 Mar 2006 05:23 PST
Hi again Techtor,  You're absolutly on the right track.  I know that
RED HORSE was, and may still be, in Kuwait.  I know they're in Iraq
and Afganistan along with some Prime Beef.

As for my tag line... The RED HORSE moto has always been:
"CAN DO - WILL DO - HAVE DONE"  Our emblem patch, a RED HORSE driving
a D5-CAT with an M-16 over his shoulder (but to be politicaly
correct... the HORSE could be a girl too... LOL) has been the same
emblem patch for as long as I can remember.  A smaller logo-icon is
the chess piece looking HORSE that looks much like the logo on the
calling card of "Paladin", an old west character played by Richard
Boon in the 1950.  Paladin was a gun slinging vigalanti (good guy) who
offered up a business card, sporting the slogan "Have Gun Will Travel"
and the icon/logo of the Knight Chess piece, the same icon/log we have
on our cards and our rings.

Now... the second part of our tag is actuall a paraphrase of an old
Marine phrase, "... if you can't lead, get the hell ouf of the
way...".  I'm not sure, but I think Brig Gen Tom Meredith USAF,
fabricated the tag phrase LEAD, FOLLOW, OR GET THE HELL OUT OF THE

Just a bit of trivia for you... ;o)

Thanks again for your help.

And... to MyOarin... thanks for the heads up about the Blog site...
I'll check that out too... later...

bye again to both of you.

SSgt Retired USAF, RED HORSE 820th CES
Subject: Re: F-16 Fighter Bases in the world
From: g2realtor-ga on 06 Mar 2006 22:12 PST
Hi again techtor.  Thanks for the RED HORSE web site... but... you are
correct... I already know about that site.  I am already in touch with
RED HORSE to find some of my old RED HORSE buddies... but... I am also
looking for F-16 Fighter Pilot pals as well... present and past.  It's
a two pronged search... your continued assistance is greatly

bye for now,

SSgt Retired USAF, RED HORSE 820th CES
Subject: Re: F-16 Fighter Bases in the world
From: techtor-ga on 07 Mar 2006 02:05 PST
Well G-II, I have that list of US bases and websites, and other
airbases in foreign countries. As for the Kuwait site, Ahmed Al Jaber
airbase, it's probable that all Red Horse members have come home
already from that site, which is the indication on the Red Horse
Association home page. Maybe a few F-16 pilots have been left. No
website with contact info on the base could be found though. So in
essence, are you giving the go signal for me to post the list I've
gathered? Or is there anything else you need?
Subject: Re: F-16 Fighter Bases in the world
From: g2realtor-ga on 08 Mar 2006 21:23 PST
Hi Techtor... sorry for the slow response... had a very busy day.  

Yep... let's see what you've got.  And... thanks for your help.  I'll
have more projects soon... good luck at grabbing the next one too. 
It's been a pleasure chatting with you...

Let'er rip my friend...

SSgt Retired USAF, RED HORSE 820th CES
Subject: Re: F-16 Fighter Bases in the world
From: techtor-ga on 10 Mar 2006 21:47 PST
Hey G2realtor, glad to know that despite the wait, what I delivered
pleased you. Thanks for the rating and the tip too... and the
Subject: Re: F-16 Fighter Bases in the world
From: indistinguishable-ga on 12 Mar 2006 04:14 PST
attributed to General Patton by

Lead me, follow me, or get out of my way. 
- General George Patton Jr 

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