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Q: Fat distribution control-- how the body works and how to manipulate it. ( No Answer,   2 Comments )
Subject: Fat distribution control-- how the body works and how to manipulate it.
Category: Health > Fitness and Nutrition
Asked by: seriouslyplease-ga
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Posted: 05 Mar 2006 14:04 PST
Expires: 15 Mar 2006 02:20 PST
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i have a problem-- a lifelong battle really.
it's a terrible, terrible problem.
i can get any girl with my dashing good looks, unless my face is gaunt.  
i walk down the street and the prettiest girls all sneak stares--well,
when i look healthy... but i'm a worm to them when i'm skinny.

i'm a 24 year old male whom everyone thinks is lean, by the way.  i
don't have trouble controlling my weight.  i have trouble controlling
my two weights.  two weights, one for the stomach, one for the face,
so to say.
  you see, my lifelong battle is between my stomach fat and my face
fat: when i have a healthy looking face, i must put on weight in the
stomach or be in the process of putting on weight.  if i want a lean
stomach, i have to lose all my fat, including from my pretty face,
with terrible-looking consequences.  my nose appears to stick out,
cheeks are flat against my skull.  it's not the type of skinny a
person can think is not awkward and unrespectable-looking.
  i have most currently decided that if i have to choose then i'd
choose face and sacrifice my hot, hot body.  when i'm skinny my
stomach looks like a greek statue or the perfect male form, so i'm
told, but now i look like a 40 year old, out-of-shape man.
  i hate this.  you know, i took a whole class at berkeley, Nutrition
10, ONLY to find out how to get around this problem, but the
professors couldn't tell me what to do or exactly what was going on.
  As i say, I don't have a problem with controlling my weight--i can
get skinny or fat at will, and i have very little appetite.  i'm
frequently surprised every time i ask someone if they would rather
have to eat to live or have to never eat to stay healthy, and they'd
choose to have to eat because they like it, even with all its expense
and time.  but i digress, the point is, i'm not a stupid animal who
can't control his eating.

  What i want to know is how the body works and what will work for me,
and i'm going to ask about Cortisol and Relacore and also the way i
eat.  i want someone to finally provide definitive answers.

  so the reason i'm writing is because i suspect that it's not an
insurmountable tradeoff.  i think this because i noticed something
peculiar about a class of people.  about whom? ...  cripples. 
paraplegics in particular.  i've noticed that most paraplegics have
very large guts, like big big bowling balls, and their wrists are
skinny as hell and their faces tend not to be fat at all.
--maybe i should describe myself now.  my wrists are skinny--skinnier
than most women's wrists, with no fat at all on them.  my arms and
upper shoulders are quite fatless, and the same goes with the knees
down.  the problem is the stomach, lovehandles and all that.  --what i
began thinking was perhaps there was some mutual causation behind this
correlational similarity.  i am rather sedentary and don't usually
work out or jog or have a gym membership, but i'm not a potato.  i try
to eat well but sometimes have only two large meals in a day.  i've
tried to figure out if these two things were contributing but i
haven't been scientific enough.  that's where you come in.
  what i've been hypothesizing ever since my observation was that
there is a chemical in the body that controls fat distribution
according to some specific type of exercise, and that young
paraplegics are growing fat in unusual ways because their inactivity
causes their bodies to release or not release that chemical.
  But i'm wondering if that chemical has been found out already. 
Relacore makers claim that it reduces Cortisol in the body, which
contributes to stomach fat.  I don't want to waste money experimenting
with some medication, especially since it appears that the main way
cortisol contributes to stomach fat is by compelling a person to binge
eat or to gain stomach fat in conjunction with stress.  i'm not
stressed out in the first place-- in fact people sometimes say that
i'm unstressed to a fault.  What i am interested to know is if
lowering Cortisol in my body will make that critical amount of
difference so that i don't have to keep gaining weight for my face to
get the girls.
my body fat isn't a horrendous problem now but it seems that in order
to keep the face nice, i have to be constantly gaining and i reckon
i've got 8 or 10 pounds too many on my mid-place-a-ma-jig.  about an
inch thick on top of my perfectly cut abs.
  So i guess i've stated it all. i'd like to know if lowering cortisol
will have an effect on me even though i don't really binge eat, am not
stressed and I feel happy and have energy.  If that's the case then
will Relecore be a good try for it?  I'd like to know, (if that's not
going to help) then, is there a known chemical in the body that can
explain the paraplegic correlation?  probably not.  is there some
other mechanism that can explain body fat distribution such as mine or
that of paraplegics?  can you tell me that long distance running or
just cardiovascular exercise or something will definitively cause a
more healthy distribution or will it definitely not do anything more
than reduce overall fat in keeping with the way my body is programmed
to store fat?

I beg you!  beautiful, brilliant girls (--for me!--) are on the line!

Clarification of Question by seriouslyplease-ga on 08 Mar 2006 17:02 PST
thank you pinkfreud, i heard something about that and that's why i'm skeptical.  
thanks frankcorrao but i skimmed that article and didn't see anything
about fat distribution, only fat body mass, which is not what i'm
interested in.  i only want to know about distribution.  i will
continue to look into linoleic acid though.
There is no answer at this time.

Subject: Re: Fat distribution control-- how the body works and how to manipulate it.
From: pinkfreud-ga on 05 Mar 2006 15:03 PST
Please don't waste your money on cortisol reducing scams. The people
peddling these quack nostrums have made all kinds of extravagant
claims which are unproven. The Federal Trade Commission even stepped
Subject: Re: Fat distribution control-- how the body works and how to manipulate it.
From: frankcorrao-ga on 06 Mar 2006 13:53 PST
I don't know anything about relacore but there is some emerging
research that shows that CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) reduced
abdominal fat. There are probably more claims about it from supplement
companies than research currently warrants, but this is not total
quackery. will show you the true way. For instance:

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