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Q: Request for title\information for old genie cartoon ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   0 Comments )
Subject: Request for title\information for old genie cartoon
Category: Arts and Entertainment > Comics and Animation
Asked by: taeshilh-ga
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Posted: 13 Mar 2006 04:49 PST
Expires: 12 Apr 2006 05:49 PDT
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I am looking for the title of a cartoon series I saw as a child
growing up in Ecuador, and anything I could read pertaining to it. It
was on the TV possibly around 1991-94, however it might be much older
than that. It was a cartoon with a little boy who owned two genies,
one being a fat, oafish man and the other being his smarter daughter.
The boy was particularly young and the girl served to help everyone
get out of trouble. I don't remember a lot of about it, besides that
they shared adventures together and one episode involved the genies
being taken away\captured and the boy had to retrieve them.

The art style could possibly be like that of an anime cartoon,
although I'm not entirely sure if it had a Japanese origin. It was
obviously shown in Spanish however this may have been a dub. The fat
genie's apperance sticks out in my mind - he wore clothes that exposed
his belly, which had a distinctive belly button in the shape of an X
or some sort of squiggle, and he seemed to have big lips. The younger
girl genie was very small and tended to wear pink things.

This is about all I can offer from my memory, I hope it's enough to
work this one out. I appreciate the effort anyone might be going to to
help me out with this even if they yield no results. I have done some
preliminary research of my own on Wikipedia and found nothing that
matches, however I did come up with the Hanna Barbera show "Jeannie",
which similarly has a boy and a fat genie, but he is a high school boy
and the genie does not look the same as I remember - I am quite
certain it is not this series. A page showing the characters is here:


Request for Question Clarification by jackburton-ga on 13 Mar 2006 11:13 PST
Does this look familiar?

Clarification of Question by taeshilh-ga on 13 Mar 2006 12:26 PST
Wow, that's exactly it! Thank you very much! Do you have the name of
it, or any websites that seem informative?
Subject: Re: Request for title\information for old genie cartoon
Answered By: jackburton-ga on 13 Mar 2006 13:24 PST
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
I'm glad I was able to identify your cartoon.
The cartoon series is called "Hakushon daima˘", and has appeared in
English as The Genie Family, Hakushon the Genie, The Wonderful Genie
Family, Bob In The Bottle, and in Germany as Bob der Flaschengeist
(Bob the bottle spirit). The series was produced by Tatsunoko
Productions, and aired on Fuji TV from 1969-1970.
Information: An old bottle has found it's way to a modern family. A
Genie and his daughter, Akubi reside inside the bottle. It is owned by
a child named Kan. What he is unaware of when he finds the bottle is
that whenever anyone sneezes, the Genie is borught out and must grant
the wishes of whoever sneezed. Whenever anyone yawns, his daughter
must do likewise. Getting these wishes granted may not be a good thing
though, the Genie is extremely clumsy and usually bungles whatever
wish he grants. Akubi is mischievous and likes to twist the words of
anyone's wishes so that something bad usually comes of it. All of this
results in hilarious adventures for the poor family who owns the
THE GENIE FAMILY 104 fifteen-minute episodes. 
Meet THE GENIE FAMILY: An old jar which has found its way to modern
residential neighborhood just happens to be the home of three Arabian
genies. There's Hasshoo, the husband; Eppah, his wife; and their
little daughter, Ya-ahn. They can only emerge from the jar if somebody
standing by it happens to sneeze, hiccup or yawn. A sneeze brings
forth Hasshoo; a hiccup calls out Eppah, and a yawn summons Ya-ahn.
While they are out they must grant the wishes of whoever released
them, until another inadvertent sneeze, etc., sends them back again.
But it's not an unmixed blessing for their new master! Hasshoo is so
clumsy that his attempts to obey wishes result in hilarious disaster.
And mischievous Ya-ahn always finds a way to humorously twist the wish
in a way her master never thought of. THE GENIE FAMILY is cartoon
series of comedy misadventures filled with fantasy, action, and
DVD's you can order:
Hakushon Daimao selection 1
Hakushon Daimao Selection 2,with_comments,simple)/detailview.html?KEY=PIBA-7158
Hakushon Daimao DVD Box (8 disk set)
Search terms used:
"two genies"  cartoon
"the genie family" cartoon 
"Hakushon daima˘" 
I hope this information is useful.
Best regards,

Clarification of Answer by jackburton-ga on 13 Mar 2006 13:29 PST
You may have a problem with the first two links.
These links should work fine:
Sorry about that.
taeshilh-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars
I am very impressed and very grateful for all the work you did -
thanks a lot for a great first experience here, I think I might ask
again if I have any silly nostalgic queries! I'll be sure to look
through all the links and information.

Thanks once more!

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