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Q: Addresses and Team Doctors of the 32 FIFA World Cup soccer/ football teams ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   3 Comments )
Subject: Addresses and Team Doctors of the 32 FIFA World Cup soccer/ football teams
Category: Sports and Recreation > Team Sports
Asked by: jnb_research-ga
List Price: $200.00
Posted: 23 Mar 2006 05:49 PST
Expires: 22 Apr 2006 06:49 PDT
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We need:

- The addresses of the national football/soccer associations of the 32
participating football/soccer teams in the FIFA World Cup 2006.

- The names of the team doctors of the 32 participating
football/soccer teams in the FIFA World Cup 2006.

It would be highly appreciated if you could provide us with the URLs  
of the pages where you found the above information.

Request for Question Clarification by cynthia-ga on 25 Mar 2006 03:35 PST
I have 17 of the "Team Doctors" (including source links)--however it's
getting very difficult to find more, and there are 15 left. I have put
in about 9-10 hours. I also picked up 11 other (non World Cup 2006)
teams as I went along, not that you need them but I wasn't letting a
single one get past me.

I can put together the associations list but I have plans Saturday so
I can't get back right away. What do you want me to do?  I will be
unable to give a complete answer because of the remaining team

I can very close, in my mind anyway, to finding the "joint document
that all 32 doctors signed, even found a picture of it, but it's not
posted online..,1369,115388,00.html
The medical slogan for the forthcoming FIFA World Cup is "An injury-
and doping-free football festival for 2006". During the workshop,
every team doctor signed a joint declaration, pledging to support
FIFA's anti-doping strategy. The specially trained FIFA doping doctors
will be conducting random tests in matches leading up to the World Cup
from March to June as well as in FIFA World Cup? training camps. Four
players from each team will be tested under this initiative.

Below: There's a picture of all the signatures, but I can't read them!

National team doctors united against doping
The picture is near the bottom of the article.

I will await your instructions.


Clarification of Question by jnb_research-ga on 25 Mar 2006 11:22 PST
hi Cynthia

thank you for the effort you put in. I know it is quiet a tricky
request and I have searched for a while myself and have come up with a
couple of team doctors. I believe the key to finding all of them is
via the FIFA medical committee which must have the list of
participants of the conference of all the team doctors that took place
in duesseldorf. I have come across the picture before, but i think
even if we could read it this would only partly solve our problem, for
there are less than 32 names on the list.

I suggest the following for really do appreciate the effort and i know
it is not an easy request: you will get $100 for the names of the 17
team doctors that you found so far and  the complete list of the
addresses of the 32 participating associations. Also I would like to
encourage you  to keep searching and I´m confident we can agree on a 
satisfcatory financial compensation if you find more or, and this
would be perfect, all of them.

thank you and kind regards


Request for Question Clarification by politicalguru-ga on 27 Mar 2006 05:09 PST
Dear JNB, 

I have 31... How frustrating! Togo's missing, and believe me, I tried
everything. If you want me to, I will also contact FIFA and the
Togolese federations. Another problem with the list I've compiled is
that, when not mentioned on the national federation's site, I base my
information on news reports. Although I've made my best to be
accurate, there is always the chance that the person mentioned on
those news clips has been recently replaced. A third (and last)
problem is with spellings of some of the names, as there are different
transliterations to the names.

What is your suggestion?

Clarification of Question by jnb_research-ga on 28 Mar 2006 00:37 PST

we are very impressed and i´m confident that you have answered the
question to our full satisfaction. Congratulations! We are aware of
the issues that you have mentioned concerning the spelling and the
possible changes within the last months, however i believe that this
is something that can not be completely you have answered
the question and you will receive the $200.looking forward to the
names, great job! thanks

Subject: Re: Addresses and Team Doctors of the 32 FIFA World Cup soccer/ football teams
Answered By: politicalguru-ga on 28 Mar 2006 09:37 PST
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Dear Nils, 

Federaçao Angolana de Futebol (F.A.F.)
Compl. da Cidadela Desportiva
Tel:+244-22/264 948
Fax:+244-22/260 566

Dr. António Emanuel 
(See on the Federation?s web page. My search: [ medico] 

Asociación del Fútbol Argentino (AFA)
Viamonte 1366/76
Tel:+54-11/4372 7900
Fax:+54-11/4375 4410

Dr. Donato Villani 
(See on the Association?s Webpage: My search: [ médico
de la Selección]

Football Federation Australia Limited (FFA) 
Level 7, 26 College Street
Locked bag A4071 (Sydney South NSW 1235)
Tel:+61-2/8354 5555
Fax:+61-2/8354 5590

Dr. Andrew Jowett 

Confederaçao Brasileira de Futebol (CBF)
Rua Victor Civita 66
Bloco 1 - Edifício 5 - 5 Andar
Barra da Tijuca
RIO DE JANEIRO 22775-040
Tel:+55-21/3535 9610
Fax:+55-21/3535 9611 

Dr. José-Luiz Runco 
(See: the federation?s website. My search: [
medico da seleção]

Costa Rica 
Federación Costarricense de Fútbol (FEDEFUTBOL) 
Costado Norte Estatua León Cortés
Sabana Este
SAN JOSÉ 670-1000
Tel:+506/222 1544
Fax:+506/255 2674

Dr. Gerardo ARTAVIA
(see: the federation?s website: My search: [ medico seleccion] 

Cote D?Ivoire
Fédération Ivoirienne de Football (FIF) 
Case postale 1202
Tel:+225/2124 0027
Fax:+225/2125 9552
Dr. Claude Samecken
(The only search terms that helped were: ["Médecin de l?équipe" "cote
d'ivoire"] ://,
so I cannot say for sure that the information is up to date). No
mention of the team doctor on the federation?s website.

Croatian Football Federation (HNS) 
Rusanova 13
ZAGREB 10 000
Tel:+385-1/236 1555
Fax:+385-1/244 1500

Dr. Boris Nemec and Dr. Zoran Bahtijarevi? 
(See: the federation?s website. Especially . I searched for
[ lije?nik],

Czech Republic 
Football Association of Czech Republic (CMFS)
Diskarska 100
P.O. Box 11
PRAGUE 6 16017
Tel:+420-2/3302 9111
Fax:+420-2/3335 3107

Dr. Petr Krejci and Dr. Ji?í Fousek

Federación Ecuatoriana de Fútbol (F.E.F.) 
Avenida las Aguas y Alianzia
P.O. Box 09-01-7447
Tel:+593-42/880 610
Fax:+593-42/880 615

Dr. Patricio Maldonado 

The Football Association (The FA) 
25 Soho Square
Tel:+44-207/745 4545
Fax:+44-207/745 4546

Dr. Leif Sward 

Fédération Française de Football (FFF) 
60 bis, Avenue d'Iéna
PARIS 75116
Tel:+33-1/4431 7300
Fax:+33-1/4720 8296 

Dr. Jean-Pierre Paclet

Deutscher Fussball-Bund (DFB) 
Otto-Fleck-Schneise 6
Postfach 71 02 65
Tel:+49-69/678 80
Fax:+49-69/678 8266 

Dr. Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt

Ghana Football Association (GFA) 
General Secretariat
National Sports Council
P.O. Box 1272
Tel:+233-21/910 170
Fax:+233-21/668 590 

Dr. Martin Engmann 
(See: The Association?s Webpage. My search: [ team
doctor], ://

IR Iran Football Federation (IRIFF) (be careful, they attack you with sound). 
No. 2/2 Third St.
Seoul Ave.
TEHRAN 19958-73591
Tel:+98-21/8821 3308
Fax:+98-21/8821 3302

Dr. Parhan Khanlari
(Again, for this search I have found only new clippings. See general
search terms at the bottom of this answer).

Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio (FIGC)
Via Gregorio Allegri 14
ROMA 00198
Tel:+39-06/84 911
Fax:+39-06/84 912 526

Dr. Andrea Ferretti 

Japan Football Association (JFA) 
Football Ave.
TOKYO 113-8311
Tel:+81-3/3830 2004
Fax:+81-3/3830 2005

Dr. Tsuguo Morikawa
(based on new clippings found online. Nothing on the official site, at
least not in English),

Republic of Korea (S. Korea)
Korea Football Association (KFA) 
1-131 Sinmunno, 2-ga
SEOUL 110-062
Tel:+82-2/733 6764
Fax:+82-2/735 2755

Dr. Kim Hyun-chul (or: Hyon-Chul) 
(Does not appear on the English site; see search term on the bottom). 

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabian Football Federation (SAFF) 
Al Mather Quarter
Prince Faisal Bin Fahad Street
P.O. Box 5844
RIYADH 11432
Tel:+966-1/482 2240
Fax:+966-1/482 1215 

Dr. Jamel Benkhelifa 
(see list of search terms on the bottom). 

Federación Mexicana de Fútbol Asociación, A.C. (FMF) 
Colima No. 373
Colonia Roma
MEXICO, D.F. 06700
Tel:+52-55/5241 0166
Fax:+52-55/5241 0191 

Dr.  Jose Luis Serrano
(see a list of search terms on the bottom)

Koninklijke Nederlandse Voetbalbond (KNVB)
Woudenbergseweg 56-58
P.O. Box 515
Tel:+31-343/499 201
Fax:+31-343/499 189 

Dr. Gertjan Goudszwaard 

Asociación Paraguaya de Fútbol (APF) 
Estadio de los Defensores del Chaco
Calle Mayor Martinez 1393
Tel:+595-21/480 120
Fax:+595-21/480 124 

Dr. Osvaldo Pangrazio
(see: the association?s website. My search terms: [
medico seleccion] ://

Polish Football Association (PZPN) 
Miodowa 1
WARSAW 00-080
Tel:+48-22/551 2315
Fax:+48-22/551 2240 

Dr. Jerzy Grzywocz 

Federaçao Portuguesa de Futebol (FPF) 
Rua Alexandre Herculano, no.58
Apartado 24013
LISBON 1250-012
Tel:+351-21/325 2700
Fax:+351-21/325 2780 

Dr. Henrique Jones , Dr. Joao Resende 
(see: search in the federation?s website, my terms: [
Médico da Selecção],

Serbia and Montenegro
Football Association of Serbia and Montenegro (FSSCG) 
Terazije 35
P.O. Box 263
Tel:+381-11/323 4253
Fax:+381-11/323 3433

Dr. Ilija A?anin
(see search terms at the bottom of the page) 

Real Federación Española de Fútbol (RFEF) 
Ramon y Cajal, s/n
Apartado postal 385
Tel:+34-91/495 9800
Fax:+34-91/495 9801

Dr. Genaro Borrás
(see search terms at the bottom of the page) 

Svenska Fotbollförbundet (SVFF)
P.O. Box 1216
SOLNA 17 123
Tel:+46-8/735 0900
Fax:+46-8/735 0901 

Dr. Anders Valentin 
Dr. Magnus Forssblad 

Schweizerischer Fussballverband (SFV/ASF) 
Worbstrasse 48
BERN 15 3000
Tel:+41-31/950 8111
Fax:+41-31/950 8181

Dr. Roland Grossen 

Fédération Togolaise de Football (FTF) 
Case postale 5
Tel:+228/221 2698
Fax:+228/222 1413

Uknown, letter written

Trinidad and Tobago
Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation (TTFF) (again, music attacks
you. Nice one, though) 
24-26 Dundonald Street
P.O. Box 400
Tel:+1-868/623 7312
Fax:+1-868/623 8109

Dr Terrence Babwah

Fédération Tunisienne de Football (FTF)
Maison des Fédérations Sportives
Cité Olympique
TUNIS 1003
Tel:+216-71/233 303
Fax:+216-71/767 929

Dr. Hamed Kamoun 

Football Federation of Ukraine (FFU)
Laboratorna Str. 1
P.O. Box 293
KIEV 03150
Tel:+380-44/522 8498
Fax:+380-44/252 8513

Dr. Vladimir Pavlenko
(see search terms bellow)

US Soccer Federation (USSF)
US Soccer House
1801 S. Prairie Avenue
Tel:+1-312/808 1300
Fax:+1-312/808 1301

Doctors Bert Mandelbaum, MD Los Angeles   Dan Kalbac, MD Miami  
William Garrett, Jr., MD Chapel Hill, N.C.   George Billauer, DC Los
Angeles   Jason Scopp, MD Baltimore   Mike Gehrhardt, MD Los Angeles  
Emilio Canal, DDS Reston, Va.   Mike Messina, DDS Reston, Va.   Ray
Padillia, DDS Los Angeles   Howard Liebeskind, DPM Los Angeles  
Nicholas Romanski, DPM Philadelphia 

I hope this answers your question. Please contact me if you need any
clarification  before you rate it. Search terms (yes. There are many,
I worked on it almost for three days?): medecin, medecin, magnus, medico, Borrás , Genaro Borrás
, Genaro Borrás, doktor,
lektar, Médico da Selecção, medico, medico seleccion, medico
seleccion, rashid tunisi, Jamel Benkhelifa , saudi "team doctor",
"saudi team doctor", dr, team
doctor, "kim hyun chul" fifa, "kim hyun chul", dr, doctor, "Kim Hyon-Chul" fpootball, "Kim Hyon-Chul", Kim Hyon-Chul , team doctor, team physician, team doctor, Gianluca Melegati , italy "team doctor" ,
medico , Mario Brozzi, Mario Brozzi, "team
doctor", Parhan Khanlari, "Prahran Khanlari", "Parhan Khanlari", Khanlari, Parhan, Parhan
Khanlari , team doctor, team doctor, mannschaftarzt, teamarzt,
medico , Zoran Bahtijarevi?, lije?nik , "Médecin de
l?équipe" "cote d'ivoire", "médecin de l?équipe" cote, "médecin de
l?équipe" d'ivoire, "médecin de l?équipe" , "médecin de l?équipe" cote
d'ivoire, médecin de l?équipe, Claude Samecken,
médecin, Claude Samecken, medecine, medecin, Claude Samecken,
medecine, medecin, medico
seleccion, medico, medico
da seleção, medico, "Andrew Jowett"
socceroos, "Andrew Jowett" physician,
socceroos doctor, socceroos , team doctor, SOCCEROOS "team doctor",
SOCCEROOS doctor, SOCCEROOS, médico de la Selección, médico, médico, , "médico da
seleção" angola, médico da seleção, José-Luiz Runco , "Antonio Emanuel
" angola, "Antonio Emanuel ", "Vladimir Pavlenko" fifa, "Vladimir
Pavlenko", "Volodimir Pavlenko", Vladimir Pavlenko, Volodimir
Pavlenko, doctor, national team of Ukraine "team
doctor", "team doctor" ukraine football, ukraine "team doctor OR
physician" "fifa OR football", Oleg Blokhin, national team of Ukraine,
"ukrainian football team doctor", "ukrainian team doctor", ukraine
"team doctor OR physician" "fifa OR football OR soccer", ukraine "team
doctor OR physician" , Fallou Cissé, médecin de l?équipe, "médecin de
l?équipe togolaise", La Suisse ? On va la battre, on voit tous ses
matches à la tél ..., Médecin équipe "togo", Médecin équipe "togo", médecin de l?équipe
togolaise, "Olivier Assamba" fifa, "Olivier Assamba", "Stephen Keshi"
"team doctor, Debashish Chowdhury, "Stephan Keshi" "team doctor, "Otto
Pfister" equipe medecin, "Otto Pfister" team doctor, "Otto Pfister,
"Otto Pfister" "team doctor", Olivier Assamba, Eperviers togo "team
doctor", "Stephan Keshi" team doctor, medecin, medicin, Stephan Keshi, Otto Pfister, Mickem
Pierre fifa, "l'équipe nationale" du Togo medicin, "équipe nationale"
du Togo medicin, l'équipe nationale du Togo medicin l'équipe nationale
du Togo medicin, site:tg site ..., site:tg Méde ..., TOGBEY (Kwami Félix, KOFFI (Dr), site:tg Médecin équipe, TOGBEY (Dr) (Kwami
Félix, site:tg Médecin équipe, site:tg Médecin équipe,
togo "team doctor", "togo team doctor, "togo team" doctor, "togo's
team doctor, "togo's team" doctor, Médecin équipe "togoe", Jean-Pierre
Paclet , "médico de la selección" +togo, "médico de la selección"
togo, "Genaro Borrás" 2006, doctor, médico,
"médico de la selección" espana, "spain" "team doctor OR physician"
fifa, "Genaro Borrás" fifa, médico de la selección, Médico selección
espana fifa, Médico selección espana, Médico selección, medico
seleccion , medico selection , Genaro Borras, site:yu "lekar OR
doktor" fifa, doktor, lekar, "serbia OR
serb" "team doctor OR physician" fifa, Valentyn Movchan, "Goran
Stevanovi?" "team doctor", "Goran Stevanovi?" , "Ilija Petkovi?" "team
doctor", Goran Stevanovi?, Ilija Petkovi?, "Milan Aran?elovi?" fifa,
"Petar Pe?i?" fifa, "Petar Pe?i?", team doctor "Milan Aran?elovi?",
Milan Aran?elovi?, "team doctor" "Dragoslav Jevri?", Dragoslav Jevri?,
fifa lije?nik, lije?nik, lije?nik, "serbia OR serb"
"football federation", Sasa Jankovic, SCG yugoslavia, SCG, "Zbigniew Jastrz?bski" fifa, "Zbigniew Jastrz?bski"
fifa, "Zbigniew Jastrz?bski", "poland OR polish" "team doctor OR
physician" fifa, Jerzy Grzywocz, "polish OR poland" "team doctor OR
physician" football, Zbigniew Jastrz?bski,
"dutch OR netherlands" "team doctor OR physician" football, "dutch OR
netherlands" "team doctor OR physician" fifa, dutch "team doctor OR
physician" fifa, BENKHELIFA Djamael, "Jamel Benkhelifa", Jamel
Benkhelifa, saudi "team doctor OR physician" fifa,
saudi "team doctor OR physician" fifa, Rashid Basheer Al-Tunisi, saudi
"team doctor OR physician" "football OR soccer", Ahmed Maged

korea "médecin de l'équipe", "El médico de la selección" de Corea del
Sur, korea "team doctor OR physician" fifa, korea "team doctor OR
physician" "football OR soccer", coreana "médico de la selección",
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medico dello staff sanitario coreano, "Kim Hyon-Chul" fifa, "Kim
Hyon-Chul", "Dick Advocaat" "team doctor" korea, korea "médico de la
selección", Kim Hyon-Chul,, korea medico seleccion, korea medico
seleccon, "Dick Advocaat" "team doctor" "Afshin Ghotbi", "Dick
Advocaat" "team doctor" "Hong Myung-Bo", "Dick Advocaat" "team doctor"
, Dick Advocaat, japan "team doctor OR physician" "football OR
soccer", Astrid Junge, Tsuguo Morikawa, japan "team doctor OR
physician", Bert Mandelbaum, japan "team doctor OR physician" fifa,
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Khanlari , Dr. Khanlari fifa, iran "team doctor OR physician", iran
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fifa, khanlari fifa, khanleri fifa, Dr. Khanlari, Dr. Khanleri,
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Habibinia", "Abazar Habibi'nia", "Abazar Habibi'nia" fifa, "Abazar
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"M'Hamed Fakhir", M'Hamed Fakhir", Abazar Habibi-nia, M'Hamed Fakhir,
Abazar Habibi-nia, M'Hamed Fakhir, iranian football federation,
iranian football association, iranian "team doctor OR physician",
Jean-Pierre Paclet, Médecin équipe "france", Médecin équipe "cote
d'ivoire" fifa, Médecin équipe "cote d'ivoire", "Médecine de l?équipe"
"france", "Médecin de l?équipe" "france", "Médecin de l?équipe" "cote
divoire", france "team doctor OR physician" fifa

france "football association" fifa, "Petr Krejci" fifa, england "team
doctor OR physician" fifa, Petr Krejci, czech "team doctor OR
physician" fifa, American Journal of Sports Medicine, fifa "Boris
Nemec", croatia "team doctor OR physician" fifa, Andrea Ferretti,
Boris Nemec, croatia "team doctor OR physician", "Achu Guillaume",
fifa "Joseph Ndaba", fifa "Simon Kemp", "Claude Samecken" fifa,
"Boujemâa Zahi" fifa, "Boujemâa Zahi", "team doctor" "cote d'ivoire",
Achu Guillaume, Joseph Ndaba, Simon Kemp, "Cyrille DAH " fifa, "DAH
Cyrille" fifa, DAH Cyrille, "Médecin de l?équipe" "cote divoire",
Fallou Cissé, Claude Samecken, Boujemâa Zahi, Michel Gaillaud" fifa,
"Médecin de l?équipe" "cote d'ivoire", "Médecin de l?équipe", Michel
Gaillaud, "team PHYsician" "cote d'ivoire", Médecin de l?équipe "team
doctor" "cote d'ivoire", cote d'ivoire, cote divoire, "team PHYsician"
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fifa, "Víctor Hugo Méndez" fufa, "Víctor Hugo Méndez", Carlos
Palavicini, "team doctor", "médico del seleccionado" -villani, site:cr
médico fifa, Gerardo Artavia, "Joao Resende" fifa, Héctor Fabio Cruz,
Olivier Assamba, Juan Aliaga, Víctor Hugo Méndez, Rafael Robles" fifa, Rafael Robles" fifa, team
doctor, costa rica, costa ricca, Joao Resende, Horacio Pila,,
"Hyon-Chul Kim" fifa, "MEDICO DE LA SELECCION" -villani, Rafael
Robles,, Genaro Borrás, Carlos Voituret" futbol, /Delfín Galiano"
futbol, Hyon-Chul Kim, "Guillermo Botto", Carlos Voituret, Delfín
"MEDICO DE LA SELECCION" -villani, "médico del seleccionado" -villani,
MEDICO DE LA SELECCION, "Donato Villani", Ramón Aparicio,, "costa
rica" "team doctor OR physician" "soccer OR football OR f ..., Antonio
Castro Soto del Valle, "Peter Gregory" football team doctor, "médico
del seleccionado", "Peter Gregory" football, Patricio Maldonado"
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"Andrew Jowett", "MEDICO DE LA SELECCION" "costa rica", Selección
doctor "costa rica" futbol, Selección doctor "costa rica", Selección
doctor, "medico selection", medico selection

"costa rica" "team doctor OR physician" "soccer OR football", "costa
rica" "team doctor", "Andrew Jowett" physician, Andrew Jowett,
Socceroos "team doctor", Socceroos, australia fnational football team,
Trefor James, Peter Fricker, Hugh Hazard, "australian team doctor"
fifa, "australian team doctor" fufa, "australian team doctor",
Australia's national team doctor, Australian team doctor, "médico da
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N. Mehalik", John N. Mehalik, Hans-Wilhelm Mueller-Wohlfahrt, "Antonio
Emanuel", médico nacional , médico, angola "team
doctor" fifa, Magnus Forssblad, médico da seleção, José-Luiz Runco,
"Donato Villani", Donato Villani, Hans-Willhelm Mueller-Wohlfahrt,
Antonio Emanuel, angola "team doctor", angola "team doctor" fifa,
angola "team physician" fifa, angola "team physician", "STELLA
Christiano", Martin Engmann, Luis Seveso, Jiri Dvorak., STELLA
jnb_research-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $20.00
Great service, great answer. Very impressed by your excellent research!


Subject: Re: Addresses and Team Doctors of the 32 FIFA World Cup soccer/ football teams
From: figureitout-ga on 24 Mar 2006 17:19 PST will show you all the teams participating. will
show you the confederations and from each one of those pages you can
see the national teams and their addresses.  If I was a researcher I
would take the time to put it all together for you, but......
Subject: Re: Addresses and Team Doctors of the 32 FIFA World Cup soccer/ football teams
From: jnb_research-ga on 25 Mar 2006 11:25 PST
yes, i have tried via the fifa page, but the tricky part is the names
of the team doctors, which are not always mentioned on the websites of
the national associations. thank you for your comment though
Subject: Re: Addresses and Team Doctors of the 32 FIFA World Cup soccer/ football teams
From: politicalguru-ga on 30 Mar 2006 00:28 PST

Thank you for the rating and the tip. 

Actually, it was fun. It also helped me to decide whom to support (me?
supporting Germany?) - the Trinidad and Tobago team is THE team for
anyone with a bit of joy of football in their heart.

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