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Q: Study in the USA ( Answered 4 out of 5 stars,   2 Comments )
Subject: Study in the USA
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Asked by: timothyweber-ga
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Posted: 27 Mar 2006 01:03 PST
Expires: 26 Apr 2006 02:03 PDT
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I'm from Sweden,  I want to go to the USA for studying. I want to
study business English there. Could you give me the links where I can
find business schools where I can study business English and which can
help me to get entry US visa.

As many links as possible. Better if with the prices and another
conditions (accommodation and so on).

Clarification of Question by timothyweber-ga on 27 Mar 2006 01:40 PST
No, I am not going to be an interpreter, I just want to get ready to
study in MBA or another programs in English. Maybe it is like Pre-MBA
or something like this. And I need this school to help me to get entry
US visa, because it is too difficult to get it.
Subject: Re: Study in the USA
Answered By: cynthia-ga on 27 Mar 2006 05:09 PST
Rated:4 out of 5 stars
Hi timothyweber!

There are a lot of programs that meet your needs. Please remember that
if you require more links, I can find more, easily. I'm just not sure
how many you need. I willbe gone tomorrow most of the day, but use the
clarification feature if you wish to contact me. ANy of these schools
will assist you with your visa, and all are specialized classes either
in Business English or Pre-MBA, or both. I included courses in all
price ranges and locations in the country, although I recomment the
Pacific Northwest, there is one in Oregon that sounded fabulous.

Here is what I found:

American Language Institute
The Pre-MBA Program is a specialization within the English for
Academic Purposes Program. Many ALI Pre-MBA students have successfully
entered SDSU's MBA/MSBA programs as well as many other U.S. MBA
programs. The Pre-MBA Program is designed for students and
professionals who:

? intend to pursue an MBA degree or any master's in business degree at
SDSU or other American university.

? need to master the English and academic skills needed to pass
required TOEFL and GMAT exams.

? will need to compete in the university classroom with native English speakers. 

May 30 - Aug. 11, 2006
(11 weeks)  $3,550 
Aug. 22 - Dec. 15, 2006
(17 weeks)  $4,960 

University of Chicago
Optional Pre-MBA Programs 
English Language Summer Institute:
August 15 - August 26 

This course offers an intensive learning environment for students who
do not regularly live or work in an English language environment. It
provides ten hours daily of English immersion, with classroom
programming and outside activities to introduce social and cultural
aspects of both academic and business life. Participants gain
confidence in their ability to communicate in an open forum such as a
classroom, where participation is often a graded component.

Cost: Student $1000, Partner $250, Children free 
The cost includes lunch, some dinners, all program materials, and
admission and tour fees for afternoon and evening programming.

Financial aid is not available for the course, as it is not a
requirement for the MBA degree. Students must make their own
arrangements for housing.
Seattle Pacific University 
Study Seattle - Pre-MBA Certificate Program
A.C.E. Language Institutes and Seattle Pacific University combine on
an exciting Pre-MBA Certificate Program. All credits earned are
applicable towards an MBA. This program will appeal to students with
at least 3-5 years work experience, who are either considering an
American MBA or want MBA level training without committing to the full
expense of an MBA. The average age of an MBA student is 26/27 years

Progam Package includes:
Intensive ESL at A.C.E. Language Institutes 
3 MBA level classes at SPU (receive credit at SPU!) 
Airport Pickup 

Available 6 & 9 Month Programs

Admission Requirements:
College graduate 
TOEFL 500 for 9-month program 
TOEFL 520 for 6-month program 

Total Cost: (excluding airfare & insurance; cost is subject to change)
6-month Program: $11,730
9-month Program: $16,270
University of California, Riverside
International Education Programs - Riverside, California USA 

UC Riverside is part of the 10-campus University of California system,
one of the wrold's largest and most renowned centers for higher
education. The 1200-acre tree-shaded campus is one of the most
beautiful of the university system.

The city of Riverside offers a safe, friendly, small-town atmosphere
with big-city services. The climate is warm and dry with cool nights.
The city is located 70 kilometers east of Los Angeles and within an
hour's drive of beaches, ski resorts, Disneyland, Hollywood and other
recreational centers.

***Schedule & Fees***

Intensive English Program - Improving Oral Fluency:
January 7 - March 15 -- $2000 
January 7 - February 1 -- $1000 
March 28 - June 7 -- $2000 
March 28 - April 26 -- $1000 
June 20 - August 30 -- $2000 
June 20 - August 2 -- $1500 
August 1 - 30 -- $1000 
September 26 - December 6 -- $2000 
September 26 - October 25 -- $1000 

ACADEMIC YEAR PROGRAM - (Intensive English): 
January 7 - August 30, 2002 -- $5250 
March 28 - December 6, 2002 -- $5250 
June 20, 2002 - March 14, 2003 -- $5250 
September 26, 2002 - June 6, 2003 -- $5250 

English for International Business:
January 7 - March 15 -- $2100 
January 7 - February 1 -- $1100 
March 28 - June 7 -- $2100 
March 28 - April 26 -- $1100 
June 20 - August 30 -- $2100 
August 1 - 30 -- $1100 
September 26 - December 6 -- $2100 
September 26 - October 25 -- $1100 

Design-Your-Own Program (DYO):
January 7 - March 15 -- $2300+ 
March 28 - June 7 -- $2300+ 
June 20 - August 30 -- $2300+ 
September 26 - December 6 -- $2300+ 

Conversation & American Culture: 
January 7 - 25 -- $900 
January 31 - February 22 -- $900 
February 28 ? March 22 -- $900 
April 4 - 26 -- $900 
May 2 - 24 -- $900 
June 3 - 21 -- $900 
July 5 - 26 -- $900 
August 1 - 23 -- $900 
August 29 - September 20 -- $900 
October 7 - 25 -- $900 
November 4 ? 22 -- $900 
December 2 - 20 -- $900 
(3-week program: 15 hours + 5 hours related activities per week) 

***Additional Costs*** 

The following is a list of other expenses you will incur during your
stay at UCR. These are average figures.

APPLICATION FEE (first quarter only) -- $60 (Required Fee) 

STUDENT SERVICES FEE (per session) -- $75 (Required Fee) 

LAX -- $50 /Ontario -- $25 (If reserved more than 10 days advance.) 
LAX -- $75 /Ontario -- $50 (If reserved fewer than 10 days advance.) 

HOUSING Placement fee: 
Homestay -- $100 
Dorm or Dorm-Apartment -- $50 

International Residence Center (IRC) 
Placement fee -- $50 
Short-term nightly rate: (1-7 days) -- $50 

Daily rates per person for less than 10 weeks: 
Single (limited) -- $40 
Double -- $23 
Triple -- $17 

Daily rates per person for a quarter (10 weeks): 
Single (limited) -- $36 
Double -- $19 
Triple -- $15 

Monthly rates per person for an academic year (10 month lease): 
Single (limited) -- $600 
Double -- $350 
Triple -- $275 

Optional Meal Plan: 10 -meal Block-- $40 
Optional Cleaning Service (per cleaning): --$30 

American Family Homestay (Double-occupancy only) 
Placement fee -- $100 

Long-term (10+ weeks)(per month) -- $575 
plus $19.16 per day for any portion of a week 
Short-term (1-9 weeks) (per week) -- $150 
plus $21.50 per day for any portion of a week 

On-campus International Village (IV) 
Placement fee -- $50 
Daily rates per person for less than 10 weeks: 
Single -- $48 
Double -- $25 
Daily rates per person for a quarter (10 weeks): 
Single -- $44 
Double -- $23 
Daily rates per person for an academic year (10 month lease): 
Studio -- $850 
Single -- $875 
Double -- $500 

Campus dormitories Daily fee: 
Placement Fee: --$50 
Daily fee per person in A-I and Lothian dormitories -- $42 

1-4 Weeks (minimum) -- $60 
Per Quarter -- $165 

BOOKS and SUPPLIES - $75-175 
(for all programs except Conversation and American Culture) 

Special Courses & Features Include:
English for Business 
Accent Reduction Courses 
Conversation Partner Program 
GMAT/GRE Preparation Courses 
Pre-MBA Courses or Program 
Public Speaking Courses 
Internships or Work Experience 
TOEFL Preparation Courses 
Teacher Training Courses 
Translation or Interpretation Courses 
Atlanta English Institute
HOME PAGE: (links to more information, such as housing)
Business English - English for Professionals 
Atlanta, Georgia 

Whatever your business or professional objective, results-oriented
communication is a must! If you or your organization or business
requires expert oral communications, attention-getting letters and
reports, or dazzling presentations, we will help you succeed.

Excellent Instructors (Experienced, Certified) 
Comfortable Atmosphere 
Every Resource (e.g. library and computer lab) 
On and off Campus Instruction 
Classes or Private Tutoring 
Convenient Location 
Fully Accredited (SACS/CITA) 

Programs and Courses:

Business English (Workplace Plus) 
Specially designed courses for businesses and organizations looking to
provide and better equip entry- and intermediate level workers with
skills needed to work in an English-speaking environment.

Courses are tailored to maximize communications ability and Business
English skills in specific work or organizational contexts.
Pre-Master of Business Administration (Pre-MBA) 
The Pre-MBA course is a mastery course structured to prepare learners
for university business courses. Through selected readings from
current periodicals such as Business Week, students develop reading
strategies to enhance comprehension and build a broad business
vocabulary. In addition, learners will gain practical skills needed in
the business world such as writing summaries, reports, letters, and
memos; giving oral presentations; and analyzing realistic case
studies. Students will have the option of visiting local companies and
inviting guest speakers.
Mastery English 
Courses for high-level students which provide finishing touches in all
the key areas: writing and presentations, idioms and communicative
grammar, speed reading, as well as vocabulary and North American

Can't find tuitions, write or call:

Atlanta English Institute
5455 Buford Highway Suite B-125
Atlanta, GA 30340

Phone: (770) 455 - 9226
Fax: (770) 455 - 8336
Manhattan Institute of Management ? 2 PROGRAMS


August Business English summer session:
Requirement: intermediate level in English
Fee: $1350 - contact us for lodging, $650 based on double occupancy)

Business English summer program - Register now! for July 10th
The objective of the Business English summer program is to enable
students to communicate comfortably and efficiently in the American
business environment. Students will also gain a better understanding
of American culture and values.

This program can complete the formation in English that students
receive in their home country during the course of their studies.
Today, it is very important for young professionals to be able to
communicate efficiently in English in a work environment.

- Time: The program will take place during the month of July and August,
for the whole month.
- Cost: The cost of the program in business English is $1350. It does not
include accommodations and some visits.
- Housing: MIM will help you find accommodation here for one month. Finding
an apartment for 1 month in New York can be complicated and hotels are just
so expensive. We work with a real estate agency, and they will find
apartment to share for one month for our students. (between $600 to $800)

Outlined below are topics covered during the class:

? Communication: Develop fluency and sophistication in professional
communication situations through class discussion and class

? Writing in business: The class will focus on effective organization,
appropriate tones and formats for business communication.

? Grammatical structures: Practice expressing and interpreting
differences in meaning, learn to distinguish differences in closely
related grammatical forms, and use new structures.



Six-Month Intensive Business English 
Requirement: intermediate level in English
Fee: $3,600

Six-Month Intensive Business English with Internship in New York
Come to MIM and study in our innovative Business/English Program. For
the first three months you will study English grammar and vocabulary
and improve your reading, writing, comprehension and pronunciation.
For the final three months you will integrate the business world into
your language studies by working an internship in one of the many
companies in New York City that will provide a memorable experience
and contribute to your future success.

? Communication Skills 
? Effective Business Writing 
? Grammar and Professional Communication 
? TOEIC / GMAT / TOEFL preparation 

?  Communications Skills: 
Develop fluency and sophistication in professional communication
situations through class discussion, class presentation and
simulations of meeting and negotiations. This class will include
effective telephone use, interviewing, networking.

?  Effective Business Writing:
Master the essential skills for writing in business. The class will
focus on effective organization, appropriate tones and formats for
business communication. Includes resume, business letters, memos, and
short reports.

?  Grammar in Professional  Communication:
Learn to appropriately use advanced grammatical structures both in
speaking and writing. In this class, you will practice expressing and
interpreting differences in meaning, learn to distinguish differences
in closely related grammatical forms, and use new structures. You will
use this learning immediately in a series of short writing and
speaking tasks on professional topics.

Participation in one internship at a US firm in New York is required
for the successful completion of the 6 month Intensive Business
English. The internship is an essential aspect of the program and
provides students with the practical experience and skills needed for
success in future careers. Admission Requirements: We accept students
with the following backgrounds: Students with a high school diploma or
its equivalent and who have successfully completed at least one
college course

-Students in their 2nd or 3rd year of completing their Bachelor's
degree or equivalent
-Students who have acquired or are in the process of acquiring an Associate degree 
-Students with a high school diploma or its equivalent.
77 Railroad Place
Saratoga Springs, New York 12866  USA
Tel: (518) 581-1478    Fax: (518) 581-1479

Professionally designed curriculum! 

ENGLISH CONNECTION'S curriculum emphasizes creative learning
activities designed to improve one's ability to communicate using the
English language. Our curriculum is designed to help students learn
English in the shortest possible time. ENGLISH CONNECTION uses
video-based language instruction, computer-assisted language learning
and educational excursions to add an exciting new dimension to the
learning process.

Executive Business English 

Our Executive Business English Program is for professional and
business people who come from a wide variety of backgrounds and need
to improve their knowledge of English to use in their professions.
ENGLISH CONNECTION recognizes that business executives and other
professionals need the necessary English language skills in order to
succeed in today's international environment. We provide an extensive
curriculum to meet the needs of each individual student. ENGLISH
CONNECTION also arranges private tours of American companies,
factories and government agencies as well as banks, hospitals, travel
agencies and more depending on the students' area of interest.

ENGLISH CONNECTION offers rolling admissions with sessions beginning
on every Monday for any duration students desire. We also offer
weekly, monthly and semester length sessions. All program fees are
inclusive of tuition, accommodation and meals where indicated. Our
Intensive English Language & Cultural Immersion Programs run Monday
through Friday, 4 hours daily (20 hours of classroom instruction per
week). Super Intensive English Language Programs (30 hours per week)
are also available. Private instruction only, or private instruction
in addition to classroom instruction is also available.
 May 7, 14, 21, 28 
 June 4, 11, 18, 25 
 July 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 
 August 6, 13, 20, 27 
 September 3, 10, 17, 24 
 October 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 
 November 5, 12, 19, 26 
 December 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 

The following prices are all-inclusive packages including tuition,
accommodation and meals where indicated. All instructional and
educational materials, books, workbooks and audio-visuals, placement
and progress examinations, student Identification Cards, and email
accounts are provided by ENGLISH CONNECTION at no additional cost to
the student.

 Teacher (meals included)  
 Host Family (meals included) 
 Hotel (meal plan can be arranged) 
 Dormitory (meals included) 

Northeastern University - Boston
Started in 1998, the Pre-MBA Program has enabled more than 100
students to gain acceptance to and graduate from MBA programs at
Northeastern, in Boston, across the United States and in programs in
the United Kingdom. This full-time program is jointly offered to
international students by the English Language Center (ELC) and the
College of Business Administration (CBA) at Northeastern University.
Students accepted to the program receive I-20 visas. The university is
located near the center of Boston, an historic and beautiful city,
which is the university center of America and home to many world-class
universities and MBA programs.

This is a successful program for students who want to improve their
speaking, presenting, listening and writing skills so that they can:

get into a top MBA program at a well-known university 
be a player in graduate MBA classes with American students 
participate professionally in international business settings after graduation 
This is a successful program for students who want to improve their
English skills so that they can do well with the internet-based TOEFL
test, which has a very heavy emphasis on listening, note-taking,
writing and speaking capabilities.

The Pre-MBA Program runs from September to June each year. You can
start in September or in January. You may complete the program in
April or decide to continue until the end of June.

Accommodation in dormitories at Northeastern is limited, especially in
the Fall Semester. However, if you apply early, you will very likely
obtain a room. After you have been accepted to the Pre-MBA Program and
issued a student ID number, you can contact to
request a dormitory space. If you do not want to live on campus, you
can use to make contact with apartment rental
companies to find an apartment. You can also contact the English
Language Center to get information about agencies to arrange home
stays with American families.

You can use the student health infirmary for free as a student at
Northeastern. However, if you become seriously ill and require
hospitalization, you will be responsible for hospital bills. For this
reason, the university requires that you obtain a medical insurance
policy to cover hospital costs. You may purchase an insurance policy
through the university for September?August or January?August,
depending on your date of entry. Please see Program Format for
estimated costs. You may also buy insurance in your home country. If
you obtain your own policy, you will need to bring a copy of the
policy with you when you register.

Should I Apply For the Fall Semester?
You should apply to start the Pre-MBA Program in September if you:

have a TOEFL score of 550/213/80 or lower 
have been away from the classroom for a long time 
need to improve your overall speaking, listening and writing skills in English 
have not taken many business courses before 
have not decided which MBA programs you want to apply to 
know that you will need advice in preparing your application essays 
know that you need to take a GMAT preparation course 
know that you have to increase your business vocabulary  
know that you must improve your presentation and interview skills 
realize that you could benefit greatly from foundation courses taught
by CBA professors

Should I Apply For the Spring Semester?
You can apply to start the Pre-MBA Program in January if you:

have very strong/excellent English language skills 
have a strong academic record 
have a solid work-experience background 
have TOEFL scores in the 580/237/92 and GMAT scores in the 525 range 
have already selected MBA programs for your applications 
have prepared essays, a resume and cover letter for your applications 
have confidence that you can handle the very heavy workload of the Pre-MBA Program 

For Further Information - Please call, fax or e-mail at the following
numbers and address:

Telephone 617-373-2455
Fax 617-373-8929 
Web site 

Capstone English Mastery Center
Capstone English Mastery Center is a small, private, nonprofit school.
We are dedicated to teaching English and academic business subjects to
international students. We have been under our present management
since 1961.

We have pioneered innovative instructional methods and school
management techniques such as Individualized Mastery Learning, a
multi-sensory, self-paced learning environment in which the schedule
and curriculum are adjusted to the needs of each individual student,
rather than the student fitting into the school's arbitrary schedule.

Most of our students are studying to pass the TOEFL or TOEIC, but many
also wish to improve their English simply for business or personal
reasons, or to pass GED, GRE, or GMAT tests. For information about
getting an I-20 form to apply for a student visa, Click Here

There are no terms -- no quarters or semesters of any kind. Capstone
is open 50 weeks per year, so students can enroll on any school day.
(See our school schedule). If you are already attending another school
in the U.S. on a student visa, you can easily transfer to Capstone.
Download our transfer clearance form and fax or mail it to us.

We also place a special emphasis on serving our students at a cost
they can afford. Our tuition is the lowest in the Portland
Metropolitan area.


Capstone English Ctr 
PO Box 8795
Portland, Oregon 97207-8795
United States of America

2nd & 3rd Floors
710 SW 9th Avenue
in Downtown Portland

(503) 228-6346 
(503) 228-3961 FAX

0900-1700 Pacific Time
GMT -8 
(in Summer, GMT -7) 
San Jose State University
SJSU's MBA-One Program and 
SAL's MBA-One Preparation Program 
Earn an MBA in 12 months! SAL can prepare your for the language
demands of this new program!

SJSU's MBA-One Program is a 12-month, daytime, "cohort group" MBA
program. It results in the same MBA degree offered by two-year
programs; that is, the amount of instruction is the same. The program
is accredited by the AACSB International--The Association to Advance
Collegiate Schools of Business, the premier national accrediting
agency of professional business schools.
The Studies in American Language Program at SJSU is offering an
MBA-One PREP Program, in collaboration with SJSU's College of
Business, to help you meet the conditions established by the college
for regular admission as a graduate student/MBA-One candidate. Those
two conditions are:

a 213 computer-based TOEFL score and 
a 500 on the GMAT, with balanced verbal and quantitative scores. 
Sometimes, there are additional conditions. 

Your initial I-20 will be issued by Studies in American Language, and
you will transfer to San Jose State University when the established
conditions are met. You should begin the Prep program in January. If
you meet the established conditions by May (at the end of a 17-week
program), you will not be required to continue studying during the
months of June and July. A nine-week continuation program will be
available for those who require it.
Conditional admission does not obligate you to enroll in the MBA-One
Program. If another MBA program interests you, you will be permitted
to transfer to that program. SAL academic advisors will assist you in
researching a variety of MBA programs.
What are the requirements for admission to SAL's MBA-One Prep program? 

a four-year bachelor's degree from an accredited institution 
a GPA of 3.0 in the last two years of undergraduate studies 
a TOEFL score close to 525 (197 CBT) 
If you meet these qualifications, you can be conditionally admitted to
the cohort group of SJSU's MBA-One students and begin your preparatory
studies at SAL.

If after reviewing your initial application we find that you already
meet the requierments, we may advise you to apply directly to the
College of Business for immediate admission to the MBA-One program
without additional language preparation.

To begin the admissions process, please complete and submit the
Pre-Admission Evaluation packet. Or, if you are certain that you meet
the requirements for MBA-One Preparation you may apply to SAL


SAL Mailing Address
Studies in American Language 
San Jose State University 
Industrial Studies Building, Room 227 
San Jose, CA 95192-0215 

Other Contact Information
Telephone: 408-924-2660 
Fax: 408-924-2669
Language Systems
Business English + TOEIC Package Program 
Length  ?  Cost 
4 weeks    $1175 
12 weeks   $2745 

You get everything: 
?  All tuition and registration costs 
?  Double occupancy dormitory (no meals) 
?  All books 
?  Airport pickup servce 

?  Longer stays are available, contact us for further discounts. 
?  This offer is only available at our Fullerton Center, for the
Business English + TOEIC Program. Housing is in our Fullerton
Dormitory: shared room, meals not provided. Other housing options
available at extra cost.
?  Their may be additional visa registration fees of $100, ask us for the details. 

Please email and ask for offer #0306TOEIC:

Alhambra Language Center 
Intensive English Program
100 E. Huntington Drive
Alhambra, California 91801

Tel (626)284-9852
Fax (626)284-9893
Drexel University
Global Business English (GLOBE):  A pre-MBA program for
high-intermediate to advanced level students.

GLOBE Program Prices  
(subject to change) 

                           Full term 2006          Half term 2006 
Application Fee*                 $75                     $75 
Tuition (cost of classes)*     $2880                   $1710 
D.U. Health Insurance*#         $275                    $175 
Estimated Living Expenses**    $3100                   $1750 
TOTAL                          $6330                   $3710 

*Required **Includes housing, meals, books, and personal expenses. 
#Approximate cost. Waived if student provides proof of sufficient insurance.

Three housing choices are available to ELC students: 

School has classes all year.

Drexel University English Language Center (Drexel ELC) 
229 N. 33rd Street 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104

Tel (215) 895-2022
Fax (215) 895-6775
PACE University - New York (tuition is on this page)
Pre-Graduate & Pre-MBA Program

Many international students want to study for graduate degrees in the
U.S., but are concerned about their English proficiency and cultural

Success in an American graduate school requires a special set of
skills. The Pre-Graduate Program can help you prepare for the American
graduate school experience. The Pre-Graduate Program is the only one
of its kind in New York City. Students begin to prepare for their MBA
or other graduate degrees by learning the skills for academic success.

In the Pre-Graduate Program students learn to:

? Participate actively in group discussions
? Work on team projects
? Conduct library and internet research
? Organize American-style research papers
? Apply internet skills to class projects
? Deliver sophisticated, clear, and confident presentations
? Listen effectively and take notes during an academic lecture
? Read for accuracy, meaning, and speed

Our experienced instructors use innovative, student-centered methods
to teach. Students learn the academic skills they will use in graduate
school. Students learn to become active members of an American
graduate program. The classes are small, so students are able to
receive the attention they deserve. All students in the Pre-Graduate
program can use Pace University's library and computer lab facilities.

In the multimedia lab students can practice their skills with TOEFL
and GMAT preparation software. Every student receives assistance on
their graduate application materials from the Pre-Graduate Advisor.

Student Visa Inquiries

Q #14) Is housing available for ELI students?
Yes. Housing is available for full-time ELI students (16-20 hours per
week). At the Pleasantville/Briarcliff campus in Westchester County,
there is on-campus dormitory housing. In New York City, in the Fall
and the Spring, students are placed in the St. George Residence in
Brooklyn Heights, ten minutes by subway from the New York City Campus.
(The dormitory is reserved for students in degree programs.) In the
summer, ELI students may live in the dormitory on campus or at the St.

Pace University 
English Language Institute
1 Pace Plaza
New York, New York 10038

Tel (212)346-1562
Fax (212)346-1301
Internet Activity for Intermediate Business English Students
..."This is an Internet activity for Intermediate level Business
English students. It has been designed to allow you, the user, to make
decisions regarding business strategies and appropriate usage of
English structures..."
Better-English Exercize List
...I send out free English lessons by email from time to time. There
is absolutely no charge and you can stop receiving them at any time,
just by clicking on a link in the email..."

Some topics of his online lessons are: 
Business English Grammar Exercises 
Business English Vocabulary Exercises
Business English Easier Exercises
Business English Multi Word Verbs
Business English Strong Collocations
Business English Find the Pairs Exercises
Business English Hangman 
Business English Missing Words Exercise
Business English Text Exercises
Caroline Brown's English Lessons
Caroline Brown's Listening Lessons 
Multimedia Business English Exercises 
Learn how to make presentations in English 
English Grammar Lessons
Business English
Incredible resource.

If you want more options, please don't hesitate to ask via the
"clarification" feature. I'll be happy to find more for you.  In any
event, good luck to you!


Search strategy used at Google:
"Pre-MBA" ESL "Business English"
timothyweber-ga rated this answer:4 out of 5 stars
Thank you for your answer

Subject: Re: Study in the USA
From: myoarin-ga on 27 Mar 2006 01:28 PST
"Business English"?  Could you please explain just what you mean by this.

To me, this expression suggests a course of study for a
translator/interpreter who wants to concentrate on business/economic
topics, similar to others' concentrating on medicine or biology.  This
normally would not be studied in a business school, although an MBA
degree in the States would certainly qualify one for such work.

A clarification would help someone find what you are looking for.

This is a free comment.

Regards, Myoarin
Subject: Re: Study in the USA
From: cynthia-ga on 27 Mar 2006 02:58 PST

I think the person intends to take business courses in the US, and
wishes to become more familiar with english as used in an academic
setting, particularily as pertains to business administration and the
like. I agree, it would be helpful to get some of the industry terms
and phrases down before having to buckle down and study...

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