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Q: Model Angela Devi dead? ( No Answer,   14 Comments )
Subject: Model Angela Devi dead?
Category: Arts and Entertainment > Celebrities
Asked by: driver99-ga
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Posted: 09 Apr 2006 18:25 PDT
Expires: 09 May 2006 18:25 PDT
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There is a rumor that Angela Devi passed away.  Did she really die?
There is no answer at this time.

Subject: Re: Model Angela Devi dead?
From: pinkfreud-ga on 09 Apr 2006 18:37 PDT
"Rumors on various message boards suggest that Devi has died, although
there seems to be a great deal of confusion as to when and how. The
rumors have as of the time of writing been neither confirmed nor
Subject: Re: Model Angela Devi dead?
From: bowler-ga on 10 Apr 2006 10:24 PDT
From a cached version of her website:

"From Angela's photographer and webmaster: To all of Angela's fans and
Internet friends. I am so very sad to say that Angela has passed away.
I don't wish to go into details at this time..."

"...Please ignore any rumors you might see on other web sites about
Angela. I have not posted anything on any web site other than here. If
you see posts by individuals claiming to be Angela, agents of Angela,
and etc., these posts are very likely posts of sick people wishing
some kind of attention. Our good friend, Angela Devi, has passed away
-- may she rest in peace"
Subject: Re: Model Angela Devi dead?
From: tr1234-ga on 10 Apr 2006 14:00 PDT
Well, if this person died in the U.S.; and if the name that would
appear on her death certificate is known; and if the timing of her
death is such that it would appear in the database; it might be
helpful to search the Social Security Death Index at

(Those are a lot of IFs, though, so the SSDI might not be a conclusive
place to disprove her passing...)
Subject: Re: Model Angela Devi dead?
From: cynthia-ga on 10 Apr 2006 15:35 PDT
Angela Devi Dead?

A source writes:

..."I dated and lived with Angela for many years. Don?t believe the
hype. Her webmaster has probably come up with this PR campaign, sick
as that may be. Yes, Angela Devi (the ficticious character) is
probably dead, since she is getting married, and wanted her image
removed from the internet. Her real name is not Angela Devi, it is
Shanali Dhingra, and I bet you can?t find anything about her death
anywhere. She has duped everyone once again, gotta give her props.

Correction ? My friend spoke to her mother the other day.( the mother
actually called him back I know this as detectives were listening and
he was informed as such.) She indeed is not with us.any longer. Sudden
for them as they are just coming to light and terms with just how much
there was to know about their daughter and just how many people around
the world were interested in her, now even more. Out of respect for
the family and likely their wishes I won?t discuss details only that
that they like millions of her fans and many friends or acquaintances
are SHOCKED. Angela was good people?.and I hope she has found the
sense of peace of happiness she sooooooooo desired while here with us.

OM3 writes:

I just read your story about Angela Devi on your site. There is
currently a lot of confusion about her fate: The Internet Movie
Database (IMDb) has no info on her demise. Wikipedia has dimissed her
"death" as rumour. And last Friday, a Yahoo! group [post] stated she's
fine and well. Just how credible is your source, who alleged that she
had sadly passed away? ..."
Subject: Re: Model Angela Devi dead?
From: rep435-ga on 21 Apr 2006 06:49 PDT
I would simply like to know if the rumors are true or not! This whole
episode in her life is beginning to remind me of the Stephen King
novel "The Dark Half". Angela while not a real "porn" actress, was a
true Internet Model, and it is kinda frustrating not to know what the
real story is. "Angela" truly has the right to send her life into any
direction she chose's to, but after being so "visable" for so many
years, one would think that it's unfair to all of her fans to turn
this decision (if thats truly what it is) in her career into a
Subject: Re: Model Angela Devi dead?
From: theliongod-ga on 28 Apr 2006 12:58 PDT
I think she did
Subject: Re: Model Angela Devi dead?
From: redimperator-ga on 08 May 2006 22:36 PDT
I don't have any hard information, but here's the evidence so far:

Evidence it's fake:

1. There had been, as far as I can remember, no updates to in 2006.  Or if there were, it was only a few and they
came early in the year.  Prior to that, there had never been a period
where the site went that long without an update.
Counter: She's had slow periods before, other models have gone months
between updates, and Softwood was in the process of launching other
websites.  It may have just been a coincidence.  I could also be
misremembering this, making the entire point moot, though I'm almost
positive she didn't update in at least  March.

2. While there was a death announcement posted on Angela's site, there
was no word on, where Angela was their star model for years.
 None of the other Softwood girls have any kind of tribute to her or
even mention her supposed death, which seems pretty damn strange
considering they all knew each other and had worked together for
years, a few times on camera.
Counter: This one's tough, though it should be noted most of the
personal sites haven't been updated for May yet.  It's also possible
Softwood has decided that its customers are coming to see naked women,
not tributes to dead models, and they made a business decision.

3. No obituary or death certificate has shown up.
Counter: Angela Devi was not her real name, and other than Shanali
Dhingra, the sole source for this being an earlier post in this
thread, we don't have any leads on her real name.  It's completely
possible an obituary did show up, and nobody knew who it really was.

4. Someone claiming to be her posted after her alleged death in at
least two separate places, at least one of which she was known to be a
Counter: It's easy to pretend to be anyone on the Internet.  The Yahoo
posting could easily have been an imposter.  As for,
where we know she really did post, and allegedly posted after 1 April,
another post under the same account retracted all of it, claiming to
be her friend who knew her password and that Angela's photographer had
posted the previous messages.

5. It is not unknown for adult models to, when they quit the business,
take their portfolios with them.  Softwood itself has taken models off
its website, presumably over contractual issues.
Counter: When Softwood took down other models, they simply announced
they were taking down the models.  They didn't make a fake death

6. Angela had plenty of possible motives for wanting to get out of the
business and abandon her stage persona, not least of which being if
she decided to start a career outside the adult entertainment
business, a website full of naked pictures of her would almost
certainly be a liability.  They're all still out there, of course, but
they're not all in one place, for sale, in public anymore.
Counter: Why the death announcement instead of just a retirement
announcement?  She could have easily had the website taken down along
with her pictures, announced she was leaving the adult industry, and
dropped off the face of the Web.  And if the idea was to totally
disappear from the Internet, why the posts on Freeones?

7. The death announcement came on April Fool's day.
Counter: Listed only for completeness.  Softwood really did shut down
the site, which, fake death or not, precludes this from being just a
prank that went on for way too long.  And that's assuming you believe
Softwood and Angela are (were?) capable of pulling a stunt like that
as a prank, and willing to piss off who knows how many customers.

8. No mention in the trade magazines or websites, which unlike a
newspaper obituary or death certificate, would mention her stage name
as well as her real one.
Counter: I can't think of one.  This is pretty damning, though I admit
to not knowing enough about the trade to say for sure this means one
thing or another.  Maybe she just wasn't big enough to merit a

Evidence it's real:

1. Angela loved her customers and wouldn't jerk them around with a
fake death announcement.  She was just too nice.
Counter: Nobody really knows what she thought of her customers or what
her real persona was like.  She may well have been capable of doing
just that, especially if she felt she had to in order to get out of
the business permanantly and make sure nobody went looking for "Angela

2. Softwood wouldn't participate in a hoax on its customers,
especially with a popular, high-profile model.  If she was just
retiring, or even if they'd had a falling out, they'd be professional
and announce she was leaving the business and they were closing the
site for contractual reasons.
Counter: The porn industry is not known for its exemplary business
ethics.  And we don't know Woody Williams or the rest of the Softwood
brass any better than we do Angela--maybe they had a really terrible
falling out and they actually are spiteful enough to play a fake death
prank.  Or maybe Angela wanted to bury the Angela Devi persona
completely, and make sure nobody online or in real life tried to find
her, and they went along with it.

3. The final "Angela Devi" post on Freeones claims the "Angela" which
posted after she supposedly died was actually her photographer, and
the reason he did so was 1) to obfuscate the issue, so only her family
and close friends really know she died, and 2) create a story of a
"last hurrah" for her, walking out on Softwood like a diva instead of
dying young.
Counter: This whole Freeones account really muddies up the entire
issue.  Has the account been hacked?  Is it someone at Softwood?  A
friend?  Angela herself?  Why would this "really good friend" go ahead
and confirm her death if Softwood was trying to keep it quiet to
protect her family?

This whole thing is just weird.  Softwood has been acting bizarre,
there's hardly any solid information anywhere, everybody who claims to
know something can't or won't support it, and anyone who could
unambiguously confirm or deny isn't saying anything.  I tend to
believe, given the lack of evidence and possible motives for Angela to
drop off the Internet, that she's alive and has retired from adult
modeling, but I wouldn't be shocked to find out she's actually dead.
Subject: Re: Model Angela Devi dead?
From: cynthia-ga on 08 Jul 2006 13:57 PDT

Too bad your comment reads like a porn novel, it's very likely the
editors will remove it as this is a "G rated" web site. If and when it
is removed, you can post again without the graphic descriptions of sex
Subject: Re: Model Angela Devi dead?
From: siamus-ga on 09 Jul 2006 05:39 PDT
I can't say for sure that she is dead of not. But I'm leaning towards
no, especially today since i found out that now
redirects to leads me to believe that they own the
name "Angela Devi", and therefore the name is dead..not the actress
playing her.
Subject: Re: Model Angela Devi dead?
From: redimperator-ga on 04 Aug 2006 14:38 PDT
I find myself curious about two things, Cynthia: first, where exactly
do you see graphic descriptions of sex acts in my post?  In fact,
where do you see sex acts mentioned or even alluded to at all?  I can
only assume that you either A) skimmed the post, ASSUMED I wrote
explicit descriptions of sex, and decided to make empty threats about
it, or B) your definition of both "graphic descriptions" and "sex
acts" are wildly divergent from the ones used by everbody else on

Second, what exactly drove you to comment about my post three months
after I made it?  I had pretty much forgotten I ever even posted in
this thread; I discovered your baseless little snipe in a dead thread
totally by accident.
Subject: Re: Model Angela Devi dead?
From: darkheineken-ga on 10 Aug 2006 23:32 PDT
As most of you must know, Angela's complete name was Angela S. Dhingra.

This info is from a link I lost:

"Angela S. Dhingra (aka "Angela Devi"), 30 years of age, hanged
herself at the 7498 E. Christmas Cholla Dr. property that she had
occupied since January of this year. Her body was discovered by the
Scottsdale Police at approximately 10:15 A.M. The last known time
anyone spoke with her was the night before.

"The presence of rigor mortis in the body indicates that she likely
committed suicide between four and twelve hours prior to its
discovery. This places the actual suicide some time between 10:00 P.M.
and 6:00 A.M. or thereabouts. The fact that the heater was on in the
home (in Arizona in the spring) seems strongly indicative that the
suicide occurred in the late evening or very early morning hours.

"Angela left a very brief suicide note to her parents and family in
which she apologized for the embarrassment she had caused her family
the previous week (a note which apparently perplexed her brother when
the police questioned him about it).

"She hanged herself in the living room, which is directly adjacent to
the stairwell of the two story house. She used a belt from a robe,
tied tightly around her neck. The belt was attached to two hooks
mounted in the ceiling, one of which was completely pulled out of the
ceiling in the process. There was a footstool lying on its side near
her body, which she likely pushed over in her suicide.

"The police discovered her lifeless body lying on its side in a fetal
position in the corner of the living room. There was a small, likely
post mortem wound to her thigh, which was most likely caused by
hitting the carpeted landing for the stairs as she fell. Lividity was
consistent with the position of the body when the police discovered
it. Petichial hemorrhaging of the eyes also indicates asphyxiation as
the most likely cause of death.

"Further investigation of the home revealed that she had also taken a
large quantity of Xanax (possibly as many as 115 individual 0.5mg

As it may be seen on the Police Report, found at the following links...  (Report - Page 1) (Narrative - Page 1) (Narrative - Page 2) (Narrative - Page 3) (Kind of Conclusion) (Diagram of Scene)

...she IS indeed dead.

As an additional bonus, you may also see the message displayed in the
Angela's official page at the following link:

I hope this clear any doubts and that the answer may be finally added
to the question.
Subject: Re: Model Angela Devi dead?
From: deathalloy74-ga on 03 Sep 2006 06:40 PDT
okay, heres the thing...
i recently saw the topic and read the report, the whole scotsdalle
report from
i dunno if u have read the whole report, but i found some contradictory content....
(quoting from the report - Bibianas narrative)
"on 3/31/06 at approximately 0845 hours, Bibiana tried to call angela,
like she does at that time everyday. She called both Angela's cell
phone and home phone. Angela did not answer either phone and Bibiana
left messages on both phones. She then called Euan to see if angela
was with him. When Euan told Bibiana angela was not with him and he
was told angela was at work....."

(quoting from the report - Euans narrative)
"On 3/31/06 at an unknown time in the morning, Euan went to work. he
tried to call Angela a couple of times but was unable to reach her. He
thought she may be with Bibiana.
On 3/31/06 at approximately 0915 hours, Euan called Bibiana to see if
angela was with her. She was not and Bibiana thought Angela was with

So, as u all can see, according to Bibiana, Euan thought Angela was at
work, whereas Euan said he thought Angela was with Bibiana. Secondly,
who called who? Bibiana says she called Euan at 0845, whereas Euan
says he called Bibiana at 0915.
I have no idea what to think. Is this report fake? highly unlikely i
think. Were the contradictory allibis followed up by the authorities?
we may never know.

Your comments???
Subject: Re: Model Angela Devi dead?
From: mentality-ga on 06 Sep 2006 18:31 PDT
I did several searches on death certificate websites and no mates were
found on any site. I searced using her real and fake name.
Possible hoax??
Subject: Re: Model Angela Devi dead?
From: redimperator-ga on 20 Sep 2006 19:58 PDT
Arizona is a closed records state.  Police reports are available to
the public (the relevant statute is ARS 39-121.010), but "vital
records" such as birth and death certificates and marriage licenses
are not.  I have no idea how those "find a record" sites work (and I'm
not willing to pay to find out), but I would imagine they'd have a
much harder time getting a death certificate from Arizona than from an
open records state.

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