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Q: Bentley Rothchild Group ( Answered,   3 Comments )
Subject: Bentley Rothchild Group
Category: Business and Money
Asked by: ibltkb-ga
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Posted: 17 Apr 2006 18:07 PDT
Expires: 17 May 2006 18:07 PDT
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I was contacted by Joshua Paled at the Bentley Rothchild Group
sometime in 2003. This company put out brochures with telephone
numbers 866-862-2744 or 212-785-9098. Fax 212-785-8377. Address 160
Pearl Street 5th Floor New York, NY 10005. I saw on a response to a
question about them that they were incorporated on March 29, 2002. It
was listed as a "domestic business corportation". It was incorporated
under the address: 2246 National Drive, Brooklyn, NY 11234. County:
Kings. Jurisdiction: New York. He had me trade in foreign currencies
with some success. I trusted him. Then I invested in a limited
partnership involving some apartments they referred to as the
BRG-Development VI. I heard nothing from them for a long time. About 6
months ago, a Eugene Todd sent out a letter to the investors claiming
that they were having trouble securing the title for the property.
When I call their number, I get an answering machine. No one returns
my calls unless I threaten legal action. I have only been able to
talk with them once or twice in the last 6 months. I sent a letter to
the Pearl Street address and it was returned. I just saw in December
2004 that Eugene Todd had to pay a fine for illegal currency trading.
Any suggestions or other information or sources for me?
Subject: Re: Bentley Rothchild Group
Answered By: czh-ga on 18 Apr 2006 14:18 PDT
Hello ibltkb-ga,

I?ve collected a variety of links for you in quest of the Bentley
Rothchild Group. I also reviewed the information provided about this
company in the previous Google Answers question you referenced.

Very little about the public record on this company adds up. I will
give you the various leads I?ve found and my conclusions as well as
suggested avenues for further research that you might pursue.


The physical address for Bentley Rothchild is consistently given as
Pearl street in the marketing materials you've cited and in various
other online references.

Bentley Rothchild Group, Inc.
160 Pearl Street 
5th Floor 
New York, NY 10005. 

866-862-2744 or 
Fax 212-785-8377. 

I checked a variety of white and yellow pages and directories and
found that the Bentley Rothchild Group is listed at this address but
it?s not shown in financial services. Rather, it?s listed under
Bottled Water and Filtering Materials and Supplies.

64 Listings for 'Water - Bottled & Bulk' near New York, NY
Bentley Rothchild Group 
New York, NY - 0.6 miles

Yellow Pages:
New York Filtering Materials & Supplies Retail

Bentley Rothchild Group 
160 Pearl, New York, NY 10005 
(212) 785-9098 
Categories: Liquid Filters 


Phonebook results for 212-785- 9098
Bentley Rothchild Group, (212) 785-9098, 160 Pearl St Fl 5, New York, NY 10005 

I also searched for Joshua Paled, the first person you mention in your
question, and Michael Barkley, who is named as ?president of sales? in
the earlier Google Answers question. I wasn?t able to find anything on
either of these names and I strongly suspect that they?re fictional.

I also conducted a comprehensive search for BRG Development VI but I
wasn?t able to come up with anything. The name seems to be a variation
on Bentley Rothchild Group, i.e., BRG.


I also checked the New York Department of State, Division of
Corporations and confirmed that the information provided in the
earlier Google Answers question is correct. The record shows the
following address:

Bentley Rothchild Group, Inc.
2246 National Drive
Brooklyn, NY 11234
Department of State Division of Corporations
Search Our Corporation and Business Entity Database


NYS Department of State Division of Corporations
Entity Information

Selected Entity Status Information
Initial DOS Filing Date: MARCH 29, 2002
County: KINGS
Jurisdiction: NEW YORK
Current Entity Status: ACTIVE

Selected Entity Address Information
DOS Process (Address to which DOS will mail process if accepted on
behalf of the entity)
Registered Agent NONE 

Map ? 2246 National Drive, Brooklyn, NY

A search for the address shows that this address is in a residential
area. I conducted a reverse directory search to try to find a phone
number for the National Drive address. My search was successful and I
found a listing for Michelle Todd. The last name matches with Eugene
Todd, the person you say contacted you. It also matches the name in
the illegal currency trading case you mentioned.
Michelle Todd
2246 National Dr
Brooklyn, NY 11234-6801
(718) 531-2174


Phonebook results for (718) 531-2174 

Michelle Todd
(718) 531-2174
2246 National Dr
Brooklyn, NY 11234 


Searching for < Bentley Rothchild Group > quickly identified the legal
case you said you read about. It names the Bentley Rotchild Group,
located at the Pearl Street address, and its Chairman and Chief
Executive Officer, Eugene Todd as dealing in fraudulent foreign
currency transactions. It states that Eugene Todd ?resides in
Brooklyn? so the National Drive address listed for Michelle Todd
matches with the information about Bentley Rothchild Group.

Further searching also brings up one mention of Bentley Rothchild
Group and Gene Todd as involved with the complaint with the Minnesota
Division of Securities in June, 2004.
December 3, 2004 
Release: #5022-04 (CFTC Docket #05-04)
For Release: December 1, 2004 
U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission Finds New Yorkers Eugene
Todd and Bentley Rothchild Group, Inc. Liable for Selling Illegal
Foreign Currency Contracts


GENE TODD  Lic# UP20453835 
Against: Unlicensed Person 

Against: Unlicensed Company 

Action: Cease & Desist/Hearing Signed: 6/9/2004 
File # SE 2401546 SGC 
Allegation: Respondent sold at lease one unregistered security to a
Minnesota resident without licensure and failed to respond to

Further searching for Bentley Rothchild Group located a court case
filed by Bay Travelgear, Inc. in a contracts case for $840,000. This
filing shows the names and contact information for the attorneys for
both parties. You might contact one or both to see if they can help
you track down Bentley Rothchild and/or Eugene Todd.,_Inc._v._Bentley_Rothchild_Group,_Inc/CS_1_0404578.html

U.S. District Court
Southern District of New York (Foley Square)
CIVIL DOCKET FOR CASE #: 1:04-cv-04578-MGC
Last Updated Feb 6 2005 4:19 PM CST
Date Filed: 6/17/2004


Next, I conducted a search for Eugene/Gene Todd and Michelle Todd of
Brooklyn and I discovered a Eugene Todd who is a professional poker
player. I don?t know if this is your Eugene Todd or not since I
haven?t found anything that unequivocally links him to Bentley
Rothchild but it seems plausible that it?s the same person. Did you
ever meet with Eugene Todd? There are photos available for the poker
player Eugene Todd.

Name: Eugene Todd AKA "Mr Brooklyn"
Location: Brooklyn, NY, United States
Cashes: 8
Total Winnings: $491,931
ProRank 1 Position: 749  [ DETAILS ]
Age: 34
Marital Status: yes
Children: boy 9 eric /girl 6 gabriella
Started Playing Poker: 16 years ago
Favorite Poker Game: no limit holdem
Hobbies: hanginjg with kids/ just hanging at home
Favorite Movie: casino
Favorite Music: billy joel
Favorite Place: las vegas
Poker Players I Respect Most: ted forrest / gabe thaler/ antonio/

Gene Todd, Brooklyn, NY (includes photo)

World Poker Tour: Season 4 Premier
Seeking to hold up the hopes of poker part-timers are newcomers Eugene
Todd, a satellite qualifier from Brooklyn, NY, and Mark Ellerbe of
Richmond, TX.

Player		        Eugene Todd
Location	 	Brooklyn, NY
Lifetime Winnings	$518,141

Saturday, March 11, 2006
World Poker Tour - Mirage Poker Showdown (Part I) 

8:07pm - Eugene Todd, the other amateur at the table, gets involved in
a monster pot with Chris Bell, getting Bell to lay down the best hand
when he re-reraises his 8-8 preflop against Bell's A-Q and then raises
AGAIN after the flop comes with three overcards (10-Q-K).

8:12pm - Bell and Todd (who is from Brooklyn and looks the part with a
giant chain laying across his chest outside of his black shirt) get
involved again in a pot, this time with Todd holding 10-10 against
Bell's K-Q suited.

8:37pm - A camera (one of the new ones, perhaps??) focuses in on the
very concerned wife of goombah Todd from Coney Island, Brooklyn. Even
if you did not see the show, the picture in your head of what she
looks like is dead on correct.




In the course of my search for information about the Bentley Rothchild
Group I also ran across a company with a similar name that was
involved with fraud charges from the SEC. Searching for Bentley
Financial Services, Robert L. Bentley and Entrust Group brings up lots
of information about the case. I have not been able to find anything
that links Bentley Rothchild Group to this case but I?m providing some
basic information in case you think that there is a connection.

BENTLEY FINANCIAL SERVICES INC. - Robert L. Bentley, Entrust Group,
Bentley Financial Services, Lynn S. Bentley

Bentley Financial Services, Inc.

On October 24, 2001, the SEC obtained temporary restraining orders and
asset freezes against Robert L. Bentley, Bentley Financial Services,
Inc., and Entrust Group, in connection with a Ponzi scheme. The SEC
alleged that the defendants purported to sell bank-issued certificates
of deposits to investors. In fact, the defendants sold $370 million
worth of privately issued notes to approximately 250 investors,
including a large number of regulated financial institutions. For more
information about the SEC's action, you can read Litigation Release
Nos. 17201 (Oct. 23, 2001), 17206 (Oct. 25, 2001), 17228 (Nov. 13,
2001), and 17298 (Jan. 9, 2002).

The Court also appointed David H. Marion as Receiver to collect and
distribute assets. For the latest information on the Receivership,
please visit the Receiver's website.


David H. Marion, Receiver

On October 24, 2001, Judge Jay C. Waldman of the United States
District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania appointed
David H. Marion as Receiver of Bentley Financial Services, Inc.,
Robert L. Bentley and The Entrust Group (collectively, the "Bentley
Receivership").    The Receiver  has established this Web site to
provide all affected by SEC v. Robert L. Bentley, et al., Docket No.
01-CV-5366, with information from the Receiver?s office, including
selected Court filings, opinions and procedures, as well as links to
government Web sites that may also be useful.




It seems that Bentley Rothchild Group and Eugene Todd do not want you
to be able to find them easily. I?ve provided some leads that might
make it possible for you to track them down. I wish you success in
making the connection.

~ czh ~
Subject: Re: Bentley Rothchild Group
From: john65-ga on 24 Apr 2006 13:52 PDT
I called the number shown for his Brooklyn address. I got a voice
mail, but he later called me back!
Gene said that he sent out letters last week ( I have not received it
yet) that indicated that the cse was in the court system and that he
expected a successful resolution within about 60 days. He has taken
out a second mortgage to pay for legal expenses, he says. There are no
employees left in Bentley Rothchild Group, but he is in daily contact
with his lawyers. Given the problems we have had with this investment,
I remain a bit cynical by his answers, but he did call back, which is
to his credit.
Subject: Re: Bentley Rothchild Group
From: dterrell-ga on 30 Apr 2006 15:46 PDT
Your story is identical to mine.  Mr Palled has been feeding me that
same "resolution any day" crap for over 2 years.  Just like you, the
only time I hear from them is when I threaten to get attorney
involved. Also like you, I have no letter from the President, and NO
communication at all for over 3 years. I've requested a copy of the
partnership in an attempt to obtain other partners names for possible
legal action - unanswered as well.  I'm willing to guess that my $20K
is long gone...

I am in the process of collecting information to send to Elliot
Spitzer - although I'm also guessing that since it's a LLP that there
is nothing I can do.  No money = no money.  I'm willing to share any
and all info I have.  Just drop me a line.

Doug Terrell
Roswell, GA
Subject: Re: Bentley Rothchild Group
From: bmiller69-ga on 03 May 2006 20:50 PDT
I was contacted my Gene Todd today and he gave the same story as
john65.  The bills mounting, taking out a 2nd mortgage, frequent
contact with lawyers, sending out letters (which I have yet to
receive), him not earning any pay for 3 years.  He gave me the
National address from above and indicated it was his home address. 
Gene also indicated the Josh doesn't come around the office much

Gene initially mentioned to have things resolved in 3 months then
later stated his lawyers feel it could drag out to 18 months. 
Evidently this court ordeal is being done through courts in NJ instead
of NY he stated.

I question the whole transaction.  I feel I've lost my $45K..  Not an
easy pill to swallow but I don't know where to turn to try to obtain
any recourse.

I'm willing to help get a group together to share info to try to obtain our money.

Here are some notes I took from a conversation with Gene in 10/2005:

10-12-05 gene todd called today to discuss the status of the property.
 Essentially he paid Phil Nueman 3 million bucks and phil won't give
up the building.  Evidently everything is on the up and up and is done
with lawyers.  The money went through chase manhattan.  There are a
lot of BRG customers in the partnership (80 was mentioned).  Said the
legal counsel is Sam Israel.  There is also local counsel in Rome NY
that are working on the case.

The office on pearl street has been vacated and moved into gene todd's
house.  All that is left of the firm is Josh and Gene.

I can be contacted at

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