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Q: Desperately seeking physicians to treat parasitc disease ( Answered,   3 Comments )
Subject: Desperately seeking physicians to treat parasitc disease
Category: Health > Conditions and Diseases
Asked by: oldbuzzard-ga
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Posted: 22 Apr 2006 22:47 PDT
Expires: 22 May 2006 22:47 PDT
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I am desperately seeking the names of physicians who can treat a
parasitic disease which has settled in my mouth, throat, larynx, sinus
cavities and now moving into my ears and eyes. For 5 years now, the
pain is getting progressively worse.  Currently, I have excruciating
pain in my mouth, I am having increasing difficulty breathing and
swallowing and this is getting critical since I am wheezing with each
breath.  I have very serious underlying health problems that include
multiple congenital heart problems and Hepatitis C contracted via a
blood transfusion.

I cannot eat without being in almost unbearable pain.  This pain is
NOT caused by my teeth but by the ?strands? of slimey, writhing things
that have ?hooks? that pierce my upper palette, lips and tongue. These
?strands? come up my throat into my mouth and nose.

I have been to many infectious disease doctors and dentists who
diagnosed everything from ?in my head? to dry mouth (Sjorgren?s
syndrome).  These conditions, along with neuralgia, were subsequently
ruled out and I told the by the doctors that they did not know the
cause of my complaints.  The only treatment that ?worked? was when I
treated for the giardia lamblia parasite.  The anti-parasitic medicine
for that did start to affect this parasite. But it was not the correct

I fear that this situation is out of control and I am desperate for a
physician/medical center who is an expert in parasitic infections,
diagnosing and treating them.  A research scientist is not the answer
? I need a doctor who actively does more lab testing than fecal
samples and can treat this problem.

Request for Question Clarification by politicalguru-ga on 23 Apr 2006 00:45 PDT
Dear Oldbuzzard, 

Where are you located (country, or if you'd like to search in your
region, what region)?

Request for Question Clarification by politicalguru-ga on 23 Apr 2006 04:00 PDT
What I've found: 
- A couple of US based physicians that are mentioned as parasite
specialists and accept patients;
- An internist, that also practices "integrated" medicine, that claims
to be able to solve unexplained/undiagnosed symptoms and to deal with

Would you like these names as an answer?
Subject: Re: Desperately seeking physicians to treat parasitc disease
Answered By: hummer-ga on 23 Apr 2006 08:37 PDT
Hi oldbuzzard,

What you have described sounds awful and I sincerely hope that my
research will eventually help to bring you some relief. You can search
for a parasitologist by state on the American Society of Tropical
Medicine and Hygiene (ASTMH) website. It is a matter of browsing
through the list for your state and choosing clinics which mention
diagnosis rather than just immunization for travel, and if possible,
finding the ones associated with major, well-known medical centers. If
you let me know which state you live in, I'll be happy to make a list
for that state for you.

ACCTMTH Search Form


Additional Links of Interest:

This is just a thought but since you have a compromised immune system,
I would think that your physicians have tested for the fungal
infections oropharyngeal candidiasis and esophageal candidiasis, but
if not, they are something to consider (cultures will identify the
species of yeast present).

  5. "Candidiasis often know as oral thrush is a fungal infection that
occurs when they yeast Candida albicans reproduce in large numbers. It
can also be called angularchelitis. It results in red and cream or
while colored, slightly raised patches on the mucous membrane of the
tongue, mouth and throat that form on the mouth's moist surfaces. The
mucous membrane beneath the patches is usually raw and bleeding. The
overgrowth of  this fungus results when the balance in the normal oral
microbe population is disturbed by antibiotic therapy or disease. 
Tissues under the patch can be painful  It can cause difficult in
swallowing and diminish the sense of taste.  It occurs most frequently
in infants, in adults suffering from chronic illnesses, in the
debilitated, in the immunosuppressed."

Search DermAtlas for "candidiasis":

Because the Candida fungus naturally lives in or on our bodies, it is
impossible to avoid it. However, there are several ways to help keep
it under control.
 * The best way to reduce the risk of getting esophageal candidiasis
is to keep your immune system strong. Effective antiretroviral therapy
(drug cocktails) can keep HIV under control and prevent it from
destroying CD4+ cells.
 * Cutting down on sugars and starchy food has been suggested as a way
of helping to control candidiasis.
 * Eating 8 ounces of unsweetened yogurt with "live" bacterial culture
(Lactobacillus acidophilus) every day may keep the Candida fungus
under control. Lactobacillus acidophilus is also available at health
food stores, either in capsules or as a powder to be taken with meals.

Merck Manual: Infections: Parasitic Infections
"A doctor who suspects that a person may have a parasitic infection
may take samples of blood, stool, or urine for laboratory analysis.
The doctor may also take a sample of tissue that may contain the
parasite. Repeated sample collections and examinations may be
necessary to find the parasite."

Parasites and Parasitogical Resources
"This site contains over 550 images of more than 180 species of
parasites, as well as information about the "biology" of many of these
parasitic species."

Atlas of Medical Parasitology

Parasitic Disease Information Alphabetical Listing

General Information
Diagnosis of Parasitic Diseases

I sincerely hope that I've been able to help. If you have any
questions or if you'd like me to go through the list of
parasitologists specific to your state of residence for you, please
post a clarification request and wait for me to respond before
closing/rating my answer.

Thank you,

Some Google search terms used: parasitology parasitologists oral parasites
Subject: Re: Desperately seeking physicians to treat parasitc disease
From: probonopublico-ga on 22 Apr 2006 23:05 PDT
This must be awful!

I'm sorry that I can't help but I sincerely hope that someone can make
some helpful suggestions.

All the Best

Subject: Re: Desperately seeking physicians to treat parasitc disease
From: clack-ga on 13 May 2006 03:31 PDT
Consider the possibility of pentastomiasis.
From Tropical Medicine by  Strickland, published by Saunders, 8th
edition, 2000, pp. 908-910:

A few millimeters to  more than 15 cm long, adult pentastomes may have
a corkscrew, string-of-beads, or tongue appearance.  They may exist in
the respiratory tract, including the nasopharynx, "where they attach
themselves by means of their hooks...."  Also, the eggs and larva may
also become established in the human.  Ocular involvement has been

Pentastomiasis is an ancient parasite possibly from the Cambrian
Period and may have parasitized dinosaurs.  The method of infection is
usually "the eating of uncooked exotic meats..."  The great majority
of infections are asymptomatic or self-limited.

Diagnosis is made by demonstrating the parasite by biopsy or autopsy. 
Small opacities may be seen on x-rays of the liver or hila (in the
chest).  An ELISA blood test may be available, but it may have
uncertain reliability.

If treatment is needed, surgery may be used for removal, and there can
be drug treatment for hypersensivity reactions.  It is speculated that
treatment with diethylcarbamazine or ivermectin might be helpful.

Unfortunately, most of the American practicing tropical medicine
community is not familiar with this disease.  I suggest you contact a
tropical medicine physician at a nearby university medical center. 
You could also try to contact Dr. Joseph J. Drabick who wrote the the
section from which my information is taken.  At the time of the book's
publication, he was listed as Associate Professor of Medicine,
Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, Bethesda, MD.

Additional information is available in Manson's Tropical Diseases,
Cook and Zumla eds, published by Saunders (Elsevier), 21st edition,
2003, pp. 1726-1727.

Selected websites:

Or, perhaps you are not parasitized, but instead have a parasitic
delusion (especially if you have read all of this).  However, this
stuff is so good that I did not make any of it up.

Good luck.
Subject: Re: Desperately seeking physicians to treat parasitc disease
From: clack-ga on 13 May 2006 04:15 PDT

Dr. Drabick apparently now is at the Penn State Hershey Medical Center.

Also, you can contract this parasite from the secretions of an
infected (sneezing) dog.


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