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Q: cbs early morning tv news crew ( Answered,   34 Comments )
Subject: cbs early morning tv news crew
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Asked by: sweetie70-ga
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Posted: 24 Apr 2006 10:50 PDT
Expires: 24 May 2006 10:50 PDT
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What happened to the early morning tv cbs news crew, Mario Vasquez,
shon gables, dave Price, vanessa alfano. they have all disappeared
from the show?
Subject: Re: cbs early morning tv news crew
Answered By: tutuzdad-ga on 24 Apr 2006 11:41 PDT
Dear sweetie70-ga;

Thank you for allowing me to answer your interesting question. At the
risk of stating the obvious, WCBS-TV (NYC) saw fit to replace Shon
Gables, Mario Bosquez, Jim Ryan, Dave Price and Vanessa Alfano ?in an
effort to boost the station's overall news ratings.?

Dave Price reportedly wanted to leave; and at last count Mario Bosquez
was expected to continue working in some capacity as one of WCBS?s
general correspondents, while Gable's and Alfano?s roles (if any) were
not defined. (It is suggestive, of course, that Gable?s WCBS bio
remains prominent on the WCBS News Team site while Alfano?s bio is now
noticeably absent ).

According to the ?New York Daily News?, ?The changes are being
executed by general manager Peter Dunn, who, since taking over late
last year, examined every aspect of the news operation in search of
ways to get more viewers.? Part of this overhaul included nixing what
the paper called ?noisy segments? as well as, in part apparently, some
of the exuberant anchors behind them.

?Anchor shakeup coming at Ch. 2?

?Ch. 2 rises and shines in the a.m.?

?New Rx for WCBS means Doctor is out?

I hope you find that my answer exceeds your expectations. If you have
any questions about my research please post a clarification request
prior to rating the answer. Otherwise I welcome your rating and your
final comments and I look forward to working with you again in the
near future. Thank you for bringing your question to us.

Best regards;
Tutuzdad-ga ? Google Answers Researcher


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Clarification of Answer by tutuzdad-ga on 27 Nov 2006 09:43 PST
***  UPDATE ***

Since this subject seems to have a perpetual shelf life and since I
have a little free time on my hands, I am revisiting this issue due to
the unprecedented level of interest in the ongoing saga. Because so
many of you have expressed a continued interest since I last posted,
here what appears to have developed since then:


Gables appears to have moved on to the movies. She played (what else)
a news reporter in the 2006 movie ?Inside Man? and was an Executive Producer on
the 2007 movie ?A Taste of Us: The Movie?

She has also had at least two guest host gigs on the chat show ?The View??
?and at that time she was ?quite? pregnant:


There are some seemingly credible news reports that Price has his eye
on ?The Price Is Right? host slot that is being vacated when Bob
Barker retires this summer. With a name like ?PRICE?, he seems right
for the job, does he not?


Bosquez is still enjoying some fame via his book ?"The Chalupa Rules:
A Latino Guide to Gringolandia" and he
writes a column, blogs a bit,
writes plays and has even tried his hand at acting (ABC?s ?Six
Degrees?) and some stand-up comedy at the club ?Caroline?s in the

Vanessa Alfano
Alfano is now a feature news reporter for New York FOX affiliate WNYW
Channel 5. She can be seen during the week on ?Good Day New York?
covering local stories and the weekend show My9 News in the roll of

I hope this helps satisfy your curiosity if nothing else. Alas it
seems the news team is forever broken up and, as far as predictions
go, never to be reunited as a whole.


Clarification of Answer by tutuzdad-ga on 29 Dec 2006 14:04 PST
Final update:

It now appears that Shon Gables and her husband Peter Klomka have had
a baby boy, Peter Dillon. Congratulations to them!
Subject: Re: cbs early morning tv news crew
From: softrain_nyc-ga on 28 Apr 2006 19:56 PDT
I must say...the show now is ever so boring..
the only reason I and so many others watched the show ,was because of
all those that Mr D seemed to get rid of..

I and so many others here in nyc have already switched..your news now
is so boring..its painful..
Subject: Re: cbs early morning tv news crew
From: sadinthebx-ga on 29 Apr 2006 16:00 PDT
mr. d how stupid can you be. the morning show was different, that is
one reason why i tuned in. love dave, and the rest of the crew. i have
now gone back to channel 7!!
Subject: Re: cbs early morning tv news crew
From: nakas-ga on 30 Apr 2006 13:00 PDT
The replacement crew lacks total personality. I had switched over from
Fox 5 when Dave Price left, and I'm back to Fox 5 now since the
original 2 crew were replaced. Sad to see them go. Hope their ratings
Subject: Re: cbs early morning tv news crew
From: cawcampbell-ga on 01 May 2006 03:41 PDT
Shon, Mario, Vanessa and Dave were the best.  Every morning I turned
to Channel 2 Direct TV, because I did not realize it was CBS.  They
always put a smile on my face.  I truly miss that team.
Subject: Re: cbs early morning tv news crew
From: aloda-ga on 02 May 2006 09:51 PDT
I must agree with the above comments.  At least you got some
entertainment with your news.  How else could you watch one news show
for two hours.
Subject: Re: cbs early morning tv news crew
From: yeolecodger-ga on 04 May 2006 13:05 PDT
The shake-up should have been getting rid of Peter Dunn and his
advisors. The CBS morning crew was just plan fun to watch, unlike the
boring hour+ I found all of last week. I've now moved to MSMBC and
watch Don Imus and Compasny. CBS is the real loser without Shon,
Mario, Jim, Vanessa and Dave. I hope someone picks them up as a
Subject: Re: cbs early morning tv news crew
From: njjovigirl-ga on 05 May 2006 07:53 PDT
I certainly agree, what better way up and "smile" at 5:45 am.  We can
be serious the rest of the day.  I laughed and I still knew the
weather, traffic,and news. I switched to Channel 7. Since, they are
getting rid of everyone..they should get rid of MaGee Hickey-she is
Subject: Re: cbs early morning tv news crew
From: danvic-ga on 05 May 2006 09:09 PDT
I am so pleased to see that there are others out there who feel the same way...
The only reason why I switched to CBS is for Dave Price...  Then I
realized what a great team Mario, Shon and Vanessa were..  They
started my day
with a smile...  I looked forward each morn. at 5 am to crack up and enjoy
at least an hour before my commute to NYC...  Now I see a boring Maurice D
who may I add would be perfect at noon time when no one watches..  And the new
female anchor, not attractive to look at.. GIVE ME A BREAK.. I switched to 
NBC, which may I add is not a great show either..  but its not as SERIOUS
and BORING as CBS.  Lets face it the news can be depressing enough....
Why not bring alittle light to your viewers each and every morning....
Can you believe that instead of discussing Sopranos at the water cooler...
the topic is what happened to CBS 2 morning crew????  
Thank you for your time......
Subject: Re: cbs early morning tv news crew
From: highway026-ga on 08 May 2006 04:47 PDT
CBS had it's reasons for dumping the morning crew. The viewers have
their reasons for no longer tuning in. Shon, Mario, Jim, and
Vanessa...good luck. CBS early show....good-bye.

Bayonne, New Jersey
Subject: Re: cbs early morning tv news crew
From: sandyarrow-ga on 09 May 2006 05:03 PDT
here's an email i just sent to that stupid Daily News TV editor:

Sorry to be blunt, but you're an idiot. the early show was the only
watchable news show at that time. It was noticeably different, unique,
human, sometimes unscripted, the women were attractive in a real way,
the group actually appeared to really like each other. I haven't
watched network news in many, many years and that was the only show I
cold bear viewing. Unfortunately Jim Ryan was a regrettable and
unnecessary, awkward addition, clearly also the responsibility of this
moron, Peter Dunn.

And since this team was so human, and one had an affection for them,
to have them all just disappear one day seems quite cruel and unusual.
If that wasn't enough to alienate their viewers, you quote Maurice
DuBois saying "how excited" he is to have the spot. What an asshole,
doesn't he realize how many people had to be shunted aside for him to
be there? That seals it, I hate him, and I'll never watch the early
show on CBS again. Sound childish? In the modern world, morning news
is the first thing we allow into our heads when we wake up. We get
attached, emotional, it means a lot to let something share that time
with you, that special time before you go out and face the cruel
world. For God's sakes, since NBC replaced Jane Pauley with Deborah
Norville, I have not watched their morning show ever again. Remember
how that little shake-up turned out?

I can't imagine but that the ratings for the show have tanked by now.

Who cares how "newsy" the show was? You don't have enough options for
watching news shows on TV pretending to be serious? With the old team,
you got all the news. It just didn't take itself so seriously. Which
seems appropriate, given the fact that almost all news we receive
through the corporate media is bullshit anyway, endlessly spun and
censored and edited and faked. Who the hell cares if one show takes it
all a little more lightly? I guess that was probably the problem, and
why it got crushed. Everyone has to pretend all the time to their
utmost that the emperor's new clothes are resplendent, huh? One
chuckle and the whole thing could come tumbling down.

How can anyone reporting about television today endorse the move by a
station to conform more closely to a cookie-cutter format, that makes
something look and be just like everything else, instead of unique and
different? It's profoundly irresponsible on your part, in my view.


Sandy Arrowsmith
Subject: Re: cbs early morning tv news crew
From: jimmydogs-ga on 09 May 2006 16:23 PDT
the decision to replace the morning news crew was a total mistake. I
truly miss shon, vanessa, mario and dave. I can only hope that justice
prevails and the panel of idiots that made that decision is also soon
replaced. I now flip from channel to channel hoping they have been
picked up by another network.
                                                       Jim  De Rubis
Subject: Re: cbs early morning tv news crew
From: boyzgrammy-ga on 11 May 2006 06:00 PDT
I have to add that I agree with all the comments posted previously. 
So strongly do I feel that I just googled this subject and found this
site.  I, too, followed Dave Price from Fox 5 and was delighted to see
Mario join CBS also.  The team had an unprecedented cohesiveness,
seeming to truly care about each other.  They made you feel like you
were a part of their families. The team was amusing and helped to get
my day started in a cheerful way.  The way the team was replaced was
shocking, there being no mention made of anything exxcept Dave's
leaving for the Morning Show.  I miss Vanessa, Mario, Shon and Jim.  I
can only hope that this experience will prove to be a springboard to
success for them.  The new morning anchors are boring.  Maurice
DuBois, though talented, has a voice that puts me to sleep.
Subject: Re: cbs early morning tv news crew
From: catchcorinne-ga on 12 May 2006 05:53 PDT
When Dave left channel 5, i had no idea where he'd gone.  a colleague
told me he was doing the early show on ch. 2, and i was THRILLED to
find him again.  the crew was fun and refreshing, and i loved starting
my day with them.  it isn't fun getting up at that hour, but at least
they made that ungodly hour a bit brighter.  it was a moronic decision
to replace them.  i wish Shon, Vanessa, Mario and especially Dave (if
I wasn't married!!!)all the best. i am moving out to Az in a couple of
months, but if i was staying in NY, you can bet i would not be
watching ch.2 anymore.
Subject: Re: cbs early morning tv news crew
From: carole61-ga on 15 May 2006 04:07 PDT
I agree with everyone.  I followed Dave Price from channel 5 and not
only was I happy to see him on CBS, I was elated with the whole
package.  Shon Gables is quick and sassy, Mario Bosquez, top notch,
Vanessa Alfano, refreshing, especially when she and Dave spoke with
each other, friends, of course.  Also Duke Castiglione was great with
sports.  I would look forward to getting up each morning, knowing I
would get a good laugh with Dave's music and dancing, and just their
smiles and personalities abounding.  Now, it's very boring, just plain
news.  I wish Mario, Shon, Duke and Vanessa luck in their future and
will miss them.  Dave Price is now alone and has to hold his own. 
He's great but it's not the same.  Dave brought me over to CBS but I
don't think he can keep me there.  I now watch NBC.  At least their
anchor people have humor and personalities.
Subject: Re: cbs early morning tv news crew
From: krissy100-ga on 17 May 2006 05:12 PDT
The Executives at CBS are idiots.  Why would they want their show to
look like all the other boring early morning shows.  They were unique,
they were fun.  They were a national news show that had that original
FOX (local morning show) energy.  No other show was like this.  I used
to look forward to turning them on as soon as I woke up.  Now if I do
that I fall back to sleep.

The show now could not be more boring if it tried.
Subject: Re: cbs early morning tv news crew
From: swann1277-ga on 22 May 2006 18:22 PDT
Subject: Re: cbs early morning tv news crew
From: anthony44-ga on 24 May 2006 14:31 PDT
I used to enjoy the WCBS morning news program because of all the
camaraderie between the team.  I then started watching the WB11
morning news program which airs from 5AM-9AM.  I would recommend
anyone who misses the old crew on channel 2 and finds the new crew
boring to check out the WB11 morning news.  Craig Treadway & Tiffany
McElroy anchor from 5AM-7AM and John Mueller & Sukanya Krishnan anchor
from 7AM-9AM.  The team for the 4 hours also includes traffic with
Jill Nicolini, entertainment news with Emily Francis, weather with
Linda Church, medical questions/info with Dr. Steve Salvatore,
miscellaneous remote segments (fun, general interest type) with Larry
Hoff and Julie Chang and various reporters who do a nice job.  Like
everyone has been saying about the old WCBS morning show, they get the
news across but overall, the show is light and fun to watch.  The team
has a really great camaraderie and you can tell that they get along
well and like each other.  They're very down to earth and it's easy to
relate to them.  Definitely check it out!
Subject: Re: cbs early morning tv news crew
From: hoodietaradillon-ga on 26 May 2006 04:24 PDT
Please bring back the channel 2 news crew... I am a huge fan of Dave
Price & Shon Gables .. I now dont even turn the tv on in the morning .
 Maurice is such a boar.  I'd fall back to sleep if I started watching
Subject: Re: cbs early morning tv news crew
From: greeye-ga on 26 May 2006 20:04 PDT
I woke up one morning, turned to CBS as usual, and heard Dave saying
goodbye. That was really painful, since I had switched to CBS early
morning when I finally found him again, after missing him so much from
Then next morning, they were all gone!! Suddenly the format reverted
to the conventional one aired by NBC and ABC.
I think CBS made a mistake, since I, and I am sure other people as
well, stayed with CBS at 8 a.m., and started to watch the early show.
It became my favorite, replacing the Today Show and Goodmorning
America. Now sometimes I do not even watch TV in the morning, except
for the weather channel.
I think Maurice Dubois is a very professional newcaster, and great
'eye candy' in the early morning, but I think that a compromise should
have been reached whereby we could still see our favorites, who made
us laugh and cheered us up to face the day.
I really miss Shon, Mario, Vanessa, Jim and Duke, and even though Dave
is still there, I miss his interaction with them.
I am glad I found this website, because I had no idea of where they
had all disappeared.
Subject: Re: cbs early morning tv news crew
From: jayb1201-ga on 03 Jun 2006 04:26 PDT
I have to agree with all the other comment!  I can't believe that this
THRU WITH CHANNEL 2 NEWS!   Every morning for a week I kept turning on
to ch 2 thinking "this must be a mistake"  felt like the twilight
zone!   I am so heart broken!  I want them all back!  Now that I know
what has happened I will let everyone I know that had the same
questions. Now that we know that the CREW is not coming back we will
all switch the channel.  I am going back to ch 5    I hope ch 2
ratings collapse.
Subject: Re: cbs early morning tv news crew
From: hanksgirl98-ga on 15 Jun 2006 02:47 PDT
Congratulations to Peter Dunn!  He has successful turned the CBS Early
Morning Show to be one of the most BORING, BORING news programs!  Did
I mention how BORING the CBS Early Morning Show is????  Now that I
know the people that made the show GREAT (YES, GREAT!!!!)aren't coming
back, I am not returning to watch the program.  The CBS Early Morning
Show, in my and many peoples' opinion, was at it's GREATEST when Dave,
Shon, Mario, Vanessa and Duke were on.  It was so entertaining that it
made listening to the news (which can be very upsetting) much more
bearable.  It was DIFFERENT, UNIQUE and A LOT OF FUN TO WATCH!  For a
viewer to say they ENJOY watching the news says VOLUMES!!!  So, Mr.
Dunn, once again, congratulations for fixing something that WASN'T
Subject: Re: cbs early morning tv news crew
From: janiluv-ga on 17 Jun 2006 20:27 PDT
i agree with all of the other comments, my husband is not a morning
person let alone watching the news in the morning, i turned on the tv
to channel 2 news and found dave price there,(i used to watch him on
channel 5),anyway i told my husband about how funny dave was he
watched it and then watching it himself. the channel 2 crew was the
best, now that everyone is gone,needless to say so are we, we miss our
old channel 2 crew, we now watch channel 5
Subject: Re: cbs early morning tv news crew
From: minot3527-ga on 25 Jun 2006 21:45 PDT
Wow...what a relief it is to see that I am not the only one that feels
that channel 2 made a tremendous mistake when they removed the morning
crew. I watch channel 7 now and to be honest with you...none of these
morning shows measure up to Mario, Shon, Dave and Vanesa. They were so
refreshing in the morning. Leave it to channel 2 to join the rest of
the cookie cutter news channels. What a bunch of cowards. That new
morning team is so boring...what a let down!!!
Subject: Re: cbs early morning tv news crew
From: cjbrose-ga on 06 Jul 2006 09:29 PDT
Wow - I have been watching channel 2 news for almost 40 years. What
was Dunn thinking? EVERYONE I know loved the 2 news crew and Shon is
sooo loved - what a sweet down to earth human being as well as the
rest of the 2 crew. Ok the puppets were silly but I followed Mario,
Jim, and Dave from channel 5 which I only watched because channel 2
once again was making a grand change so I switched to 5 and LOVED the
gang there - the news is soooo depressing - and actually what else is
on tv?? We need to be informed but also need the spontanaety of those
that are so dedicated to bringing us the news as depressing as it is
but also lifting us up every single day to compensate for the oh so
horrible daily - in your face  news. The show was informative and fun
and a pleasure to watch.
I agree on the comments about how wonderful it is for the new anchors
to be sitting there - well - they too have gone from channel to
channel so they must know how hard it is to be replaced - so they
really should keep it to themselves - because obviously Dunn hasn't a
clue and these new anchors will be replaced before long too and then
what will they have to say??
I find it sooo hard to believe that ratings dropped because the crew
was a little silly and upbeat? Compare todays news show to back then
and see which one brings a smile to your face. Life is so depressing
that we rely on those that bring us the news to give us a little more.
What a disspointment!!! BIG TIME - 
His day will come - because he screwed up big time - 
At least we can still watch Dave in the morning but I have noticed he
is not his silly earthy  self. Its a shame that we just can't be who
we really are and that money talks.
Subject: Re: cbs early morning tv news crew
From: karetz-ga on 06 Jul 2006 21:58 PDT
Yes..we are still talking about the loss of the best morning news
show. I haven't looked at cbs morning for more than one minute a week
in the hopes that something might change or the boring format
disappear. No REAL diversity, just pretty newsreaders..boring. The
only advantage I find? I now get out of the house to begin my commute
earlier since I rarely even turn the tv on. My question are
the advertisers taking all of this?
Subject: Re: cbs early morning tv news crew
From: davidoff2-ga on 07 Jul 2006 20:14 PDT
I thought I was the only one that misses Shon Gable, Mario Bosque and
the rest of the morning crew.  Too bad.  I went back to ABC, Channel
7.  Talk of "not thinking before taking action"  They lost a lot of
viewers for their foolish decision to disband one of the best crews
(if not the very best), in New York City.

Subject: Re: cbs early morning tv news crew
From: lpg04-ga on 18 Jul 2006 16:53 PDT
I have been searching for months and just found that others are as
unhappy about the morning show.  I also followed Dave Price and was
ecstatic that the others were just as wonderful. I am truly
dissapointed and have gone back to channel 5.  I found Vanessa Alfano
there who fills in for Mike woods doing weather. It is not the same
but at least channel 5 has some humor
Subject: Re: cbs early morning tv news crew
From: whowhat-ga on 21 Jul 2006 10:48 PDT
I concur wholeheartedly!  I really miss Shon, Mario, Vanessa, Jim,
Duke and Dave.  They were the reason that I watched CBS news.  I too
have switched to Fox 5, and am happy to see Vanessa.  By reading
everyone's comments, it is quite evident that CBS erred in their
decision.  Too bad they don't care.  I guess losing viewers isn't
important enough to consider.
Subject: Re: cbs early morning tv news crew
From: country1234-ga on 18 Aug 2006 04:16 PDT
how stupid to replace the best team in the's one thing to
make corrections,but to completely replace the hole team is so sad.
Subject: Re: cbs early morning tv news crew
From: brianheather-ga on 31 Aug 2006 09:40 PDT
You know I must agree with the comments that have been made. Cleaning
up the morning news to make it more serious... was the worst thing
that they could have done. How would that get better ratings. People
wake up that early are not going to want to be put back to sleep with
the boring news that is reported by the two non exciting non funny
anchors that they were replaced by. The morning crew was just amazing.
The cemistry that they had with each other just made what was mostly
depressing news, have a little kick. And do i miss dance fridays. I
used to tivo them just so i could show him how hilarious dave was. I
really miss lauging in the morning. and regret to say that i too have
changed to another news station.

Subject: Re: cbs early morning tv news crew
From: wa2zdy-ga on 03 Oct 2006 05:06 PDT
I too was disappointed to one day put channel 2 on and find the crew
gone.  Yes, there was a lot of levity, but I thought that was the
point.  Anyone who wanted dry news without personality could find it
on the other channels.  The CBS2CREW was there for those of us not so
stuffy.   Oh well, I wonder how the "new" channel 2 morning news is
going?  I found it rather dry.

S'ok though, we moved away.  I still get to see crazy Dave every
weekday morning unless he's got yet another day off.  Then I get to
see Jeff Berardelli or the lovely Audrey Puente on the CBS morning

I'm glad to read here that Vanessa is making out on Channel 5.  I
admit to having a crush on her.  Of course I hope Shon is doing well
and I assume Jim Ryan retired again.  He and Dave together . . . !

Life is good here in suburban Tampa and the channel 10 news crew here
isn't what we all came to love up in New York, but they're good too.

2crew, wherever you all end up, thanks for the ride!

Chris Johnson
Subject: Re: cbs early morning tv news crew
From: honeycomb-ga on 02 Nov 2006 06:43 PST
I must say, I agree with the previous comments.  The CBS Morning show
was truly a pleasure to watch.  I looked forward to starting my
morning with Shon, Mario, Jim, Vanessa and especially Dave.  Before
tuning in to Ch 2 news, I watched Fox 5.  Upon finding out that Dave
had moved to Ch 2, along with Mario & Jim, I immediatly switched to Ch
2.  The media rarely reports anything good, which makes listening to
the new very depressing.  I found the crew to be delightful,
refreshing, humorous and a great way to start the day.

Mr D. that was a terrible decision on your part.  A little word of
advise, what goes around comes around, replacing you may be next.
Subject: Re: cbs early morning tv news crew
From: janaliz-ga on 02 Nov 2006 15:49 PST
I like all of the others before me really miss my dose of humor in the
morning. Shon, Dave, Mario, Duke,and Vanessa were my favorite. Maurice
DuBois is boring and fake. Bring back the crew please and dump whoever
ruined the morning show!!!
Subject: Re: cbs early morning tv news crew
From: toots63-ga on 27 Nov 2006 08:39 PST
I can't believe it has taken me all these months to find out what
happened to the CBS2 news crew.  I did find Vanessa on another show
doing the weather and I know Dave moved to the morning show, but I had
no idea what happened to Mario, Shon and Jim.  It was a sad day when
they, as a group, disappeared from channel 2.  I haven't watched
Channel 2 in the morning since then.  I do occasionally watch the
morning show on Friday morning to see the latest kicked-off member of
Survivor, but it's difficult because I have to put up with Harry
Smith.  Now why in the world would you get rid of the best news
reporting group and keep someone like Harry Smith around.  Mr. D, you
must be smoking some wacky weed.

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