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Q: Need Complete List of Orchid Species/Types ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   1 Comment )
Subject: Need Complete List of Orchid Species/Types
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Asked by: joethomas-ga
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Posted: 30 Apr 2006 17:32 PDT
Expires: 30 May 2006 17:32 PDT
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Hi there,

I need to get a list compiled of as many orchid types as possible,
especially ones that are *currently* being bought, sold and collected.
 I know that orchids sometimes go by their species name and sometimes
go by nicknames, so when the list is compiled, it should be formatted
like this:


Note that each orchid is on it's own line, and there's a comma
separating the species name and the nickname (both on the same line). 
There can't be any typos.

I can also provide a pdf file with about 180-200 popular orchid
species as a starting point if you'd like.

The bigger the list the better! :)

Thank you,
PS - Speed, accuracy and a big list will definitely be rewarded, too!
Subject: Re: Need Complete List of Orchid Species/Types
Answered By: bobbie7-ga on 30 Apr 2006 19:05 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hello Joethomas,

Below you will find the orchid listing by species and nickname.

Acanthephippium unguiculatum, Taiwan devil-queller orchid
Aceras anthropophora, Hanged-man orchid
Aceras anthropophora, Green men orchid
Aceras species, Man orchid
Acianthus caudatus, Dead-horse orchid 
Acianthus caudate, Dog orchid 
Acianthus caudatus, Mayfly orchid 
Acianthus exertus, Gnat  orchid 
Acianthus fornicatus, Pixie cups 
Aerangis curnowiana, Pearl of Madagascar
Aerangis punctata, Pearl of Madagascar
Aerangis rhodosticta, Pheasant eye orchid
Aerides, Cat?s-tail orchid
Aerides, Fox brush orchid
Aerides quinquevulnerum, Orchid of the Sacred Sleep
Aganisia cyanea, Blue orchid
Amitostigma alpestre, Alpine chicken orchid
Anacamptis pyramidalis, Pyramidal orchid
Angraecum leonis, Lion's moustache orchid
Angraecum magdalenae, Queen of the Angraecums
Angraecum sesquipedale, Christmas orchid
Angraecum sesquipedale, Christmas star orchid
Angraecum sesquipedale, Comet orchid
Angraecum sesquipedale, Rocket orchid
Angraecum sesquipedale, Star of Bethlehem orchid
Anguloa, Crib of Venus
Anguloa especially clowesii, Cradle orchid
Anguloa especially clowesii, Tulip orchid
Anoectochilus, Jewel orchid
Anoectochilus formosanum, Taiwan jewel orchid
Ansellia, Leopard orchid 
Ansellia, Tiger orchid 
Aplectrum hyemale, Adam & Eve
Aplectrum hyemale, Putty root
Arachnanthe clarkei, Spider orchid
Arachnis, Spider orchid
Arachnis especially flos-aeris, Scorpion orchid
Arachnis especially maingayi, Scorpion orchid
Arachnis hookeriana, White Scorpion orchid
Arethusa bulbosa, Dragon's mouth
Arethusa bulbosa, Wild pink
Arpophyllum giganteum,  Bottle-brush orchid
Arpophyllum spicatum, Hyacinth orchid
Arundiana bambusaefolia,  Bamboo orchid
Arundina graminifolia,  Bird orchid
Arundina species,  Sugar cane orchid
Ascocentrum pumilum,  Small horn orchid
Atorina erubescens, Christmas flower 
Bartholina,   Spider orchid 
Batemannia colleyi,  Goat's head orchid
Bipinula fimbriata, Turk's whiskers 
Bletia purpurea,  Pine pink
Bletia striata,   Hyacinth orchid
Bletilla formosana, White rhizome orchid
Bletilla hyacinthina, Hyacinth orchid
Bletilla striata, Peacock orchid
Bletilla striata, White chicken 
Bonatea species,  Spider orchid 
Brachystele  diuretica, Woman's dress 
Brassavola cucculata, Fireworks orchid
Brassavola nodosa     Lady of the Night orchid
Brassavolas,  Ladies of the night
Brassia, Spider orchid
Brassia caudata, Cricket orchid
Bulbophyllum barbigerum,  Bearded bulbophylllum 
Bulbophyllum crassulifolium, Wheat-leaved bulbophyllum 
Bulbophyllum flaviflorum, Golden Comb orchid
Bulbophyllum macraei, Wu-lai cirrous orchid
Bulbophyllum makayanum, Daisy orchid
Bulbophyllum pachyrhachis, Rat tail orchid
Bulbophyllum purpurea,  Lizard orchid
Bulbophyllum retusiusculum, Yellow Comb orchid
Bulbophyllum species, Black orchid
Bulbophyllum transarisanense, Lily orchid
Burnettia cuneata , Lizard orchid 
Caladenia augustata,  Musky Caladenia 
Caladenia bicalliata , Spider orchid 
Caladenia bryceana, Dwarf Spider orchid 
Caladenia carnea, Pink Fingers 
Caladenia catenata, Pink Fingers 
Caladenia congesta, Black Tongue Caladenia
Caladenia cucullata,  Hooded Caladenia 
Caladenia deformis, Blue Fairies 
Caladenia deformis, Bluebeard Caladenia 
Caladenia dilitata, Green Comb Spider orchid 
Caladenia discoidia, Dancing orchid 
Caladenia filamentosa,  Daddy Long Legs 
Caladenia filamentosa,  Tailed Caladenia 
Caladenia flava,  Cowslip orchid 
Caladenia gemmata,  Blue China orchid 
Caladenia iridescens, Bronze Caladenia 
Caladenia latifolia,  Pink Fairies 
Caladenia leptochile, Narrow Lip Spider orchid 
Caladenia menziesi, Rabbit orchid 
Caladenia menziesii,  Duck orchid
Caladenia menziesii, Hare orchid 
Caladenia multiclava, Lazy Spider orchid 
Caladenia ovata,  Kangaroo Island Spider orchid 
Caladenia pattersonii,  Common Spider orchid 
Caladenia reticulata, Veined Spider orchid 
Caladenia tessellata, Thick Lip Spider orchid 
Calanthe triplicata,  Black orchid 
Calanthe triplicata,  Christmas lily
Calanthe triplicata,  Scrub lily 
Calanthe triplicata, White Crane orchid
Caleana major,  Flying duck orchid 
Caleana major,  Large Duck orchid 
Caleana minor,  Small Duck orchid 
Calochilus campestris,  Copper Beards 
Calochilus grandiflora, Great Beardie 
Calochilus herbaceus, Pale  Beard orchid 
Calochilus robertsonii, Brown  Beards 
Calopogon barbata,  Bearded Grass pink
Calopogon pallidus, Pale Grass pink
Calopogon pulchellum, Grass pink
Calopogon tuberosus     Grass pink
Calypso bulbosa,  Calypso
Calypso bulbosa,  Chinese Lady's-slipper
Calypso bulbosa,  Cythera
Calypso bulbosa,  Deer's head orchid
Calypso bulbosa,  Fairy-slipper
Calypso bulbosa,  False Lady's-slipper orchid
Calypso bulbosa,  Hider-of-the-north
Calypso bulbosa, Pink slipper
Calypso bulbosa,  Redwood orchid 
Campyloscentrum ornithorrhynchum, Toothbrush orchid
Campyloscentrum pachyrrhizum, Crooked spur
Campyloscentrum pachyrrhizum, Ghost orchid
Capanemia micromeira, Porcupine orchid
Catasetum macrocarpum,  Monkey goblet
Catasetum macrocarpum,  Monkshead
Catasetum pileatum, Flor de nacar 
Catasetum pileatum, Mother of pearl flower 
Cattleya aurea,   Golden yellow Cattleya
Cattleya dowiana, Gueria de turrialba
Cattleya dowiana, Gueria reina
Cattleya dowiana, Queen of the Cattleyas
Cattleya dowiana,  Queen orchid
Cattleya dowiana, San Juanes
Cattleya dowiana var. Aurea, Reina del Choco
Cattleya mossiae,  Easter orchid
Cattleya percivaliana, Christmas orchid
Cattleya schroderae, Easter orchid
Cattleya skinneri, Guaria morada 
Cattleya skinneri var. alba, Flower of San Sebastian
Cattleya trianaei, Christmas orchid
Cattleya violacea, Superba of the Orinoco
Cattleya warscewiczii, San Juanes
Caularthron  bicornutum, Virgin orchid
Caularthron  bilamellatum, Little virgin orchid
Caularthron  bilamellatum  Virgin orchid
Cephalanthera austinae,  Phantom orchid
Cephalanthera austinae, Snow orchid
Cephalanthera pallens, European large white Helleborine
Cephalanthera rubra, Red Helleborine
Cephalanthera xiphophyllum, Narrow leaved Helleborine
Cephalanthera xiphophyllum, Sword-leaved Helleborine
Cephalanthera xiphophyllum, White Lady
Cephalanthera xiphophylum, Little white woodbird
Chilochista, Angel without leaves
Chiloglottis cornuta,  Green Bird orchid 
Chiloglottis dockrillii, Dockrill's  Bird orchid 
Chiloglottis formicifera, Ant orchid 
Chiloglottis gunnii, Common Bird orchid 
Chiloglottis gunnii, Large Bird orchid 
Chiloglottis pesscottiana, Alpine Bird orchid 
Chiloglottis pesscottiana, Bronze Bird orchid 
Chiloglottis reflexa,  Autumn Bird orchid 
Chiloglottis trapeziformis, Broadlip Bird orchid 
Chloraea alpina, Mountain tulip 
Chloraea crispa, Parrot's beak 
Chloraea galeata,  Early orchid 
Chloraea incise, Field tulip 
Chloraea speciosa, Cow's foot orchid
Chloraea speciosa, White field lily 
Chloraea ulanthioides, Parrot's Tongue 
Chrysoglossum ornatum, Golden cicada orchid
Chrysoglossum ornatum, Yellow lip orchid
Chysis,   Baby orchid
Cirrhopetalum medusae, Medusa's head orchid
Cleisostoma paniculatum, Tiger orchid
Cleistes divaricata, Rosebud orchid
Cleistes divaricata, Spreading orchid
Codonorchis tetraphylla, Little pigeon orchid
Codonorchis tetraphylla, White Lily 
Coeloglossum viride, Frog orchid
Coelogyne dayana,  Necklace orchid
Coelogyne pandurata, Black orchid
Coelogyne rochussenii, Necklace orchid
Coelogyne ruchosina, Rosary orchid
Coelogyne tomentosa, Necklace orchid
Collabium formosanum,  Horse-whip orchid
Corallorhiza maculate, Many flowered  Coral-root
Corallorhiza maculate, Spotted Coral-root
Corallorhiza mertensiana, Merten's Coral-root
Corallorhiza mertensiana, Western Coral-root
Corallorhiza odontorhiza, Autumn  Coral-root
Corallorhiza odontorhiza, Toothed Coral-root
Corallorhiza striata,  Macrae's  Coral-root
Corallorhiza striata,  Madder-stripes
Corallorhiza striata,  Striped Coral-root
Corallorhiza trifida,  Early  Coral-root
Corallorhiza trifida,  Northern Coral-root
Corallorhiza wisteriana, Wister's Corral-root
Coryanthes,  Bucket orchid
Coryanthes macrantha,  Monkey orchid
Coryanthes speciosa, Bat orchid
Corybas abellianus,  Abell's Helmet orchid 
Corybas acontiflorus,  Spurred Helmet orchid 
Corybas diemenicus,  Purple Helmet orchid 
Corybas diemenicus,  Slatey Helmet orchid 
Corybas dilatatus, Stately Helmet orchid 
Corybas dilitatus, Toothed Helmet orchid 
Corybas dilitatus, Veined Helmet orchid 
Corybas pruinasa,  Frosty Helmet orchid 
Corybas trilobas,  Spider orchid 
Corybas undulates, Tailed Helmet orchid 
Corybas unguiculatus,  Small Helmet orchid 
Criosanthes arietina,  Ram's head Lady's-slipper
Cryptophoranthus,  Window orchid
Cryptostylis arachnites, Golden cricket orchid
Cryptostylis erecta, Tartan Tongue orchid 
Cryptostylis hunteriana, Leafless Tongue orchid 
Cryptostylis leptochila, Small Tongue orchid 
Cryptostylis ovata,  Broad leaf Tongue orchid 
Cryptostylis subulata, Large Tongue orchid 
Cryptostylis subulata, Moose orchid 
Cryptostylis subulata, Moose Tongue orchid 
Cycnoches especially chlorochilon, Swan orchid
Cycnoches especially pentadactylon, Swan's neck orchid
Cymbidium, Wind orchid 
Cymbidium  humblotii, Black orchid
Cymbidium alborubera,  Parson's bands
Cymbidium arrangans, Mt. Tu-Wu Fall orchid
Cymbidium aspidestrifolium, Green-flowered Peacock orchid
Cymbidium canaliculatum, Banana orchid 
Cymbidium canaliculatum, Queensland black orchid 
Cymbidium dayanum, Tree orchid
Cymbidium dayanum, Phoenix orchid
Cymbidium ensifolium, Four season orchid
Cymbidium ensifolium, Four seasons orchid 
Cymbidium ensifolium, Spring orchid
Cymbidium ensifolium, New Year's Day orchid
Cymbidium ensifolium, Golden-thread orchid
Cymbidium faberi,  Multi-flower orchid
Cymbidium formosanum,  Spring orchid  
Cymbidium formosanum,  Spring orchid 
Cymbidium formosanum var. gracillimum, Leek orchid
Cymbidium goeringii, Rich & noble orchid 
Cymbidium goeringii, Riverstream orchid 
Cymbidium gracillimum, Chive orchid 
Cymbidium gracillimum, Miscanthus orchid 
Cymbidium illiberale,  Golden leaf-edge orchid  
Cymbidium javanicum var. aspidistrifolium, Green Bamboo-leaf orchid
Cymbidium kanran, 
Cymbidium lancifolium, Cut-grass orchid
Cymbidium lancifolium, Spoon leaf orchid
Cymbidium lancifolium, White Bamboo-leaf orchid
Cymbidium madidum, Buttercup orchid 
Cymbidium madidum, Northern Cymbidium 
Cymbidium nagifolium,  Bamboo-leaf orchid
Cymbidium oiwakensis,  Multiflowered orchid
Cymbidium pumilum, Yellow margin orchid 
Cymbidium rubrigemmum, Burned apex orchid 
Cymbidium rubrigemmum, Rock orchid
Cymbidium suave, Snake Flower 
Cymbidium tortisepalum,  Miscanthus orchid 
Cymbidium tsukergensis,  Broad leaf Spring orchid 
Cymbidium tsukergensis,  Mt. Tsukerg orchid
Cymbidium tsukergensis,  Snow orchid 
Cymbidium virescens, Spring flower 
Cynorchis, Dog orchid
Cyperorchis babae, Fragrant sand grass
Cypripedium, Camel's foot
Cypripedium, Squirrel foot
Cypripedium, Steeple cap
Cypripedium, Venus' shoe
Cypripedium, Whippoorwill shoe
Cypripedium acaule,  Moccasin flower
Cypripedium calceolus, Fraueschub 
Cypripedium calceolus, Guckuko 
Cypripedium calceolus, Kuldking 
Cypripedium calceolus, Pantoffala 
Cypripedium calceolus, Sabot de la virge 
Cypripedium calceolus, Tikankonti 
Cypripedium calceolus, Woodpecker nuksack
Cypripedium calceolus var. pubescens, Golden Slipper orchid
Cypripedium calceolus var. pubescens, Yellow Indian shoe
Cypripedium calceolus var. pubescens, Yellow Lady's-slipper
Cypripedium calceolus var. pubescens  Yellow Moccasin flower
Cypripedium calceolus var. pubescens, Yellow Noah's Ark
Cypripedium fasciculatum, Brownie Lady's-slipper
Cypripedium fasciculatum, Clustered Lady's-slipper
Cypripedium guttatum,  Spotted Lady's-slipper
Cypripedium irapeanum, Flor de Pelicano 
Cypripedium montanum, Large Lady's-slipper
Cypripedium montanum,  Moccasin flower
Cypripedium montanum,  Mountain Lady's-slipper
Cypripedium montanum,  White Lady's-slipper
Cypripedium passerinum,  Franklyn's Lady's-slipper
Cypripedium passerinum,  Purple-spot White Slipper
Cypripedium passerinum,  Small white northern Lady's-slipper
Cypripedium passerinum,  Sparrow's egg Lady's-slipper
Cypripedium passerinum,  Swallow's egg Lady's-slipper
Cypripedium reginae, Large white Lady's-slipper
Cypripedium reginae, Queen's Lady's-slipper
Cypripedium reginae, Showy Lady's-slipper
Cyrtopodium andersonii,  Cow horn orchid
Cyrtopodium punctatum, Bee swarm orchid
Cyrtopodium punctatum, Cigar orchid
Cyrtopodium punctatum, Cow horn orchid
Cystopus,  Jewel orchid
Dactylorhiza fuschii,  Common Spotted orchid
Dactylorhiza incarnata ssp coccina, Early Marsh orchid
Dactylorhiza incarnata ssp coccina, Northern Marsh orchid
Dactylorhiza maculata ssp ericetorum, Heath spotted orchid
Dactylorhiza pardatina,  Leopard Marsh orchid
Dactylorhiza praetermissa, Overlooked orchid 
Dactylorhiza praetermissa, Southern Marsh orchid
Dactylorhiza purpurella, Early Marsh orchid
Dactylorhiza purpurella, Northern Marsh orchid
Dactylorhiza sambucina,  Elder-flowered orchid
Dactylorhiza trounsteineri, Narrow-leaved Marsh orchid
Dendrobium aduncum,  Angelfish orchid
Dendrobium aemulum,  Ironbark orchid 
Dendrobium aurantiroseum, Aunty Rosie
Dendrobium beckleri     Pencil orchid 
Dendrobium beckleri, Rat tail orchid 
Dendrobium bigibbum, Cooktown orchid
Dendrobium canaliculatum, Antelope orchid 
Dendrobium canaliculatum, Teatree  orchid 
Dendrobium chrysotoxum,  Fried egg orchid
Dendrobium crumenatum, Dove orchid 
Dendrobium crumenatum, Pigeon orchid
Dendrobium crumenatum, Sparrow orchid
Dendrobium cucumerinum,  Cucumber orchid
Dendrobium densiflorum,  Pineapple orchid
Dendrobium discolor, Golden orchid
Dendrobium ephemerum,  Small white orchid
Dendrobium falcarostrum, Beech orchid 
Dendrobium gouldii, Florida Blue 
Dendrobium gouldii, Guadalcanal gold
Dendrobium gracilicaule, Leopard orchid 
Dendrobium hasseltii,  Spinach orchid
Dendrobium kingianum,  Pink rock lily 
Dendrobium kingianum,  Pink Rock orchid 
Dendrobium lawesii,  Christmas bell orchid
Dendrobium linguaeforme, Thumbnail orchid
Dendrobium linguaeforme, Tongue orchid 
Dendrobium macarthiae, Vesak Mala 
Dendrobium macrophylum, The pastor's orchid
Dendrobium mirbelianum,  Mangrove orchid
Dendrobium monophyllum,  Lily of the Valley orchid 
Dendrobium mortii, Pencil orchid 
Dendrobium mortii, Rat tail orchid 
Dendrobium nindii, Cowslip orchid 
Dendrobium ostrinoglossum, May River orchid
Dendrobium ostrinoglossum, Sepik Blue orchid
Dendrobium pugioniforme, Dagger orchid
Dendrobium racemosum, Rat tail orchid 
Dendrobium ruppianum, Small Demon 
Dendrobium ruppianum, Small lemon orchid
Dendrobium secundum, Toothbrush orchid
Dendrobium senile, Old man orchid
Dendrobium smilliae, Bottle-brush orchid 
Dendrobium speciosum,  Captain King's Dendrobium 
Dendrobium speciosum,  King orchid 
Dendrobium speciosum,  Pink Rock orchid
Dendrobium speciosum,  Rock lily
Dendrobium striolatum, Rat tail orchid 
Dendrobium striolatum, Streaked Rock orchid 
Dendrobium superbum, Honohono
Dendrobium taurinum, Bull orchid
Dendrobium tenuissimum,  Rat tail orchid 
Dendrobium teretifolium, Bridal veil orchid
Dendrobium teretifolium, Pencil orchid 
Dendrobium teretifolium, Rat tail orchid 
Dendrobium tetragonum, Spider orchid 
Dendrobium tetragonum, Tree spider orchid 
Dendrobium victoriae-reginae, Blue orchid
Dendrochilum,  Cat's-tail orchid
Dendrochilum,  Fox brush  orchid
Dendrochilum formosanum, Yellow spike orchid
Diploprora championii, Cascading orchid
Dipodium punctatum,  Hyacinth orchid 
Disa uniflora, Flower of the Gods
Disa uniflora, Pride of Table Mountain
Disperis capensis, Granny's bonnet 
Disperis fanniniae,  Granny's bonnet 
Diuris aurea, Golden diuris 
Diuris carinata, Bee orchid 
Diuris emarginata, Tall Donkey orchid
Diuris especially punctata, Donkey orchid 
Diuris especially purdei, Donkey orchid 
Diuris filifolia,  Cat's Face 
Diuris laevis, Nanny-goat orchid 
Diuris longifolia, Common Donkey orchid 
Diuris longifolia, Wallflower Diuris 
Diuris maculate, Leopard orchid 
Diuris palochile,  Broad Tip Diuris 
Diuris palustris,  Swamp Diuris 
Diuris pedenculata,  Golden Moth orchid 
Diuris pedenculata,  Snake orchid 
Diuris pedenculata var. blakneya, Purple Diuris 
Diuris punctata, Double Tails 
Diuris sulphurea,  Sulphur Double Tail 
Dossinia,  Jewel orchid
Dracula  cutis-bufonis, Toad skin orchid
Drakaea, Hammer orchid 
Drakaea  ciliate, Elbow orchid 
Drakaea  huntiana, Small Elbow orchid 
Drakaea  irritabilis, Large Elbow orchid 
Drakaea elastica,  Praying virgin 
Drakaea fitzgeraldii,  Warty Hammer orchid 
Drakaea glyptodont, King-in-his-carriage 
Drakaea jeanensis, Hammer orchid 
Dryadella edwallii,  Pheasant-in-the-grass
Dryadella zebri, Pheasant-in-the-grass
Earina autumnalis, Easter orchid 
Eburophyton species, Phantom orchid
Elythranthera brunensis, Purple Enamel orchid 
Elythranthera emarginata, Pink Enamel orchid 
Encyclia  citrine, Flower in the Form of a Yellow Serpent   
Encyclia  fragrans, Clamshell orchid 
Encyclia  lancifolia, Clamshell orchid 
Encyclia  phoenicea, Chocolate orchid
Encyclia  tampensis, Butterfly orchid
Encyclia  tampensis, Florida Butterfly orchid
Encyclia  tampensis, Onion orchid
Encyclia adenocaula, Rabbit Ears
Encyclia boothiana var. erythronioides, Dollar orchid
Encyclia cochleata, Clamshell orchid 
Epiblema grandiflora, Babe-in-a-cradle 
Epidendrum ciliare,  Chicken-feather orchid 
Epidendrum ciliare,  Spider orchid
Epidendrum ciliate,  Eyelash orchid
Epidendrum cochleatum, Green squid orchid 
Epidendrum conopseum,  Florida epidendrum
Epidendrum conopseum,  Green fly orchid
Epidendrum mariae, Wedding orchid of Mexico
Epidendrum moyobambae, Lamb's tail
Epidendrum nocturnum,  Lady of the Night orchid
Epidendrum O'brienianum, Butterfly orchid
Epidendrum O'brienianum, Red Crucifix orchid
Epidendrum porpax, Beetle  orchid
Epidendrum radicans, Crucifix orchid
Epidendrum radicans, Rainbow orchid
Epidendrum secundum, Hyndy kuayna  
Epidendrum venosum,  Butterfly orchid 
Epidendrum xipheres, Mosquito orchid
Epigeneium amplum, Black-tongued orchid
Epigeneium nakahari, Waxy flower Dendrobium
Epipactis atropupureum,  Dark red Helleborine
Epipactis gigantean,  Chatterbox orchid
Epipactis gigantean,  False Lady's-slipper
Epipactis gigantean,  Giant  Helleborine 
Epipactis gigantean,  Giant orchid 
Epipactis gigantean,  Stream orchid
Epipactis helleborine, Broad-leaved Helleborine
Epipactis helleborine, Nodding Ladies' Tresses
Epipactis palustris, Marsh Helleborine
Eria corneri,  Yellow Woolly orchid
Eria hypomelana       Small Cylinder orchid
Eria hypomelana, Small Leg orchid
Eria luchuensis, Large Cylinder orchid
Eria luchuensis, Large Leg orchid
Eria phillipinensis, Woolly orchid
Eria reptana, Peanut Woolly orchid
Eria spicata,  Lily of the Valley orchid
Eria vestita,  Furred Eria
Eriochilus cuculata, Parson's bands 
Eriochilus dilitatus,  White Bunnies 
Eriochilus scabra, Pink Bunny 
Erythrodes, Jewel orchid
Euanthe  sanderiana, Waling-Waling orchid
Eulophia alta, Wild coco
Eulophia angolensis, Yellow Swamp orchid
Eulophia porphyroglossa, Purple Swamp orchid
Eulophia squalida, Grass orchid
Eurycentrum, Jewel orchid
Galearis  spectabilis, Preacher in the pulpit
Galearis species,  Flower of the Heavenly Spirits
Galeola cassythoides,  Climbing orchid 
Galeola foliate, Great Climbing orchid 
Gastrochilus formosanum, Centipede orchid
Gastrochilus japonicus,  Yellow pine orchid
Gastrodia sesamoides,  Cinnamon Bells 
Gastrodia sesamoides,  lack man's potato 
Gastrodia sesamoides,  Potato orchid 
Gavillea  chrysantha, Parrot's beak 
Gavillea  sinuate, Orchids of the Field
Geodorum cutans, Nodding orchid
Geodorum densiflorum,  Ground gem orchid
Geodorum pictum, Painted orchid 
Glossodia major, Large Wax Lip orchid 
Glossodia minor  Small  Wax Lip orchid 
Gomesa crispa, Little man orchid
Gomesa planifolia, Punch & Judy orchid
Gonatostylus,  Jewel orchid
Gongora maculate,  Jack Spaniard
Gongora species, Punch & Judy orchid
Goodyera,  Jewel orchid
Goodyera oblongifolia, Green-leaved Rattlesnake orchid
Goodyera oblongifolia, Menzies Rattlesnake plantain
Goodyera oblongifolia, Western Rattlesnake
Goodyera pubescens,  Downy Rattlesnake plantain
Goodyera repens, Creeping Goodyera
Goodyera repens, Dwarf Rattlesnake plantain
Goodyera repens, Northern Rattlesnake plantain
Goodyera tesselata,  Loddiges's Plantain
Goodyera velutina, Bird's-bill orchid
Grammatophyllum scriptum, Bell orchid
Grammatophyllum speciosum, Giant orchid
Grammatophyllum speciosum, Queen of orchids 
Grammatophyllum speciosum, Tiger orchid
Gymnadenia conopsea, Fragrant orchid
Gymnadenia conopsea var. densiflora, Marsh frog orchid
Gymnadenia odoratissima, Short-spurred Fragrant orchid
Habenaria  hyperbora, Green Flowered Bog-orchid
Habenaria  ciliaris, Yellow / Orange Fringed orchid
Habenaria  clavellata, Green Rein orchid
Habenaria  hyperbora, Tall northern green orchid
Habenaria  lacera, Ragged Fringed orchid
Habenaria  orbiculata, Heal-all
Habenaria  orbiculata , Large Round-leaved orchid
Habenaria  orbiculata, Moon set
Habenaria  psycodes, Purple Fringed orchid
Habenaria chorisianum 
Habenaria dilitata, Boreal Bog-orchid
Habenaria dilitata, Leafy white orchid
Habenaria dilitata, Tall White Bog-orchid
Habenaria dilitata, White Fragrant orchid
Habenaria dilitata var. leochostachys, White-flowered Bog-orchid
Habenaria obtusata,  Blunt-leaf orchid
Habenaria obtusata,  Northern Small Bog-orchid
Habenaria obtusata,  One-leaved Rein orchid
Habenaria radiate, Egret orchid
Habenaria radiate, Peacock orchid
Habenaria saccata, Slender Bog-orchid
Habenaria unalascensis,  Alaska orchid
Habenaria unalascensis,  Alaska piperia
Habenaria unalascensis,  Slender-spire orchid
Habenaria unalascensis,  Western Rein orchid
Habenaria unalascensis var. Elata, Elegant Piperia
Habenaria unalascensis var. Elata, Long-spiked Piperia
Habenaria unalascensis var. Elata, Many-flowered Piperia
Habenaria unalascensis var. Elata, Wood Rein orchid
Habenaria viridis var. Bracteata, American Frog orchid
Habenaria viridis var. Bracteata, Bracted orchid 
Habenaria viridis var. Bracteata, Frog orchid
Haemaria,  Jewel orchid
Hammerbya paludosa,  Bog-orchid
Haraella retrocalla, Fragrant orchid  
Haraella retrocalla, Taiwan fragrant orchid
Harrisella porrecta, Dingle bell orchid
Harrisella porrecta, Ghost orchid
Hemipilia cordifolia,  Mt. Morrison orchid
Herminium monorchis, Musk orchid
Herpysma,  Jewel orchid
Herschelia gramifolia, Blue orchid
Hetaeria,  Jewel orchid
Himantoglossum hircinum, Lizard orchid
Holcoglossum quasipinifolium, Pine-needle orchid
Holothrix species, Spider orchid 
Hylophila, Jewel orchid
Ionopsis,  Daffodil orchid
Ionopsis,  Violet orchid
Ipsea speciosa, Daffodil orchid
Isotria medeoloides, Small whorled Pogonia
Isotria species, Five-leaved orchid
Isotria verticillata, Whorled Pogonia
Jumellea fragrans, Faham Tea orchid
Laelia anceps, El Toro 
Laelia majalis, Flor de Mayo 
Laelia rubescens, Flor de Jesu
Lemboglossum pulchellum, Lily of the Valley orchid
Lepanthes felix, El Gato 
Leptoceras fimbriatum, Fringed Hare orchid 
Liparis liliifolia, Large Twayblade
Liparis liliifolia, Lily leaved Twayblade
Liparis loeselii, Bog Twayblade
Liparis reflexa, Yellow Rock orchid 
Listera borealis, Big ears
Listera borealis, Narrow leaves
Listera borealis, Northern Twayblade
Listera caurina, Northwest Twayblade
Listera convallarioides, Broad-leaved Twayblade
Listera convallarioides, Scutcheon Twayblade
Listera convallarioides, Wedge-lip
Listera cordata, Heart-leaved Twayblade
Listera cordata, Mannikin Twayblade
Lockhartia,  Braided orchid
Ludisia, Jewel orchid
Luisia,  Bee orchid
Luisia teres,  Stick orchid 
Lycaste virginalis, Monja blanca 
Lyperanthus nigricans, Red Beaks 
Lyperanthus nigricans, Undertaker orchid 
Lyperanthus seratica, Rattle Beaks 
Lyperanthus suaveolens, Brown Beaks Macodes  Jewel orchid
Malaxis monophyllos var. brachypod, Narrow Adder's-mouth
Malaxis monophyllos var. brachypoda, Pale leaf Adder's-mouth
Malaxis monophyllos var. brachypoda, Tenderwort Adder's-mouth
Malaxis monophyllos var. brachypoda, White Adder's-mouth
Malaxis monophyllos var. Brachypoda, White Malaxis
Malaxis paludosa, Bog Adder's-mouth
Malaxis paludosa, Marsh malaxis
Malaxis uniflora, Green Adder's-mouth
Masdevallia bomboiza, The Claw
Masdevallia bomboiza, The Clown
Masdevallia chestertonii, Frog's skin 
Masdevallia coccinea, Banderitos  
Masdevallia cucullata, The Widow orchid
Masdevallia ova-avis, Eggs of a bird
Masdevallia rolfeana, Black orchid
Masdevallia uniflora, Rima-Rima 
Masdevallia veitchiana, Chicken foot 
Masdevallia veitchiana, King of Masdevallias
Masdevallia veitchiana, Waqanki tree 
Maxillaria bicolor, Joined pavement 
Maxillaria species, Spider orchid
Maxillaria tenuifolia, Coconut pie orchid
Mediocalcar sepikanum, Cherry orchid
Microtis orbicularis, Onion orchid 
Microtis parviflora, Slender Onion orchid 
Microtis parviflora, Small Tongue orchid 
Microtis uniflora, Common Onion orchid 
Miltonia, Pansy orchid
Miltonia  roezlii, Reina del Dagua
Miltonia endresii, Gray fox
Miltonia endresii, Tigrilla
Mischobulbum cordifolium, Heart orchid
Mormodes,  Flying bird orchid
Mormodes unicolor, Goblin orchid
Neofinetia falcate, Fu Ran  
Neofinetia falcate, Samurai orchid
Neotinea maculate, Dense flowered orchid
Neottia nidus-avis, Bird's nest orchid
Oberonia palmicola, Soldier's Crest 
Odontoglossum chiriquense, Monedas
Odontoglossum grande, Tiger orchid
Odontoglossum hortensiae, Tigrillo 
Odontoglossum schlieperianum, Torito Reina 
Oncidium,  Dancing ladies
Oncidium, Golden showers orchid
Oncidium,  Shower of gold
Oncidium altissimum, Popcorn orchid
Oncidium ampliatum, Yellow bee
Oncidium ampliatum var. majus, Turtle shell orchid 
Oncidium boissiense, Dancing girls orchid
Oncidium cebollata, Rat-tail orchid
Oncidium henekenii, Bee orchid
Oncidium henekenii, Little tarantula orchid
Oncidium lanceanum, Cedros bee
Oncidium longicornu, Unicorn oncidium
Oncidium luridum, Bee swarm orchid
Oncidium luridum, Mule ear orchid
Oncidium onustum, Goat's milk 
Oncidium ornithorhynchum, Bird-beak orchid
Oncidium papilio , Butterfly orchid
Oncidium pusillum, Dancing Doll orchid
Oncidium sphacelatum, Popcorn orchid
Oncidium splendidum, Dancing girls orchid
Oncidium splendidum, Tiger orchid
Oncidium tigrinum, Flower of the Dead
Ophrys apifera & var. trollii, Bee orchid
Ophrys apifera var. trollii, Wasp orchid
Ophrys arinifera, Spider orchid
Ophrys atrata, Spider orchid
Ophrys bombylifera, Bumble-bee orchid
Ophrys ferrum-equinum, Horse-shoe orchid
Ophrys fuciflora, Late Spider orchid
Ophrys fuciflora ssp maxima, Late Spider orchid
Ophrys insectifera, Fly orchid
Ophrys lenthredinifera, Sawfly orchid
Ophrys scolopax, Woodcock orchid
Ophrys speculum, Mirror of Venus
Ophrys speculum, Mirror orchid
Ophrys sphegodes, Early Spider orchid
Ophrys vernixea, Mirror orchid
Orchis chloriophora, Bedbug orchid
Orchis coriophora, Fragrant orchid
Orchis coriophora ssp fragrans, Bug orchid
Orchis laxifolia, Jersey orchid
Orchis laxifolia, Lax-flowered orchid
Orchis laxifolia, Loose-flowered orchid
Orchis laxifolia, Whitsuntide orchid 
Orchis maculate, Spotted orchid
Orchis mascula var. acutifolia, Early purple orchid
Orchis militaris, Military orchid
Orchis morio,  Clown Spikes 
Orchis morio,  Fool Stone 
Orchis morio ssp. Morio, Green winged orchid
Orchis morio ssp. Morio, Veined orchid
Orchis muscifera, Fly orchid
Orchis muscifera, Sawfly orchid
Orchis papilionacea, Butterfly orchid 
Orchis patens, Green Spotted orchid
Orchis purpurea, Lady orchid
Orchis quadripunctata, Four spotted orchid
Orchis rotundifolia, Mauve spotted Orchis
Orchis rotundifolia, One leaf Orchis
Orchis rotundifolia, Small round-leaved Orchis
Orchis rotundifolia, Spotted Kirtle pink
Orchis saccata      Fan-lipped orchid
Orchis simian,  Monkey orchid
Orchis spectabilis, Kirtle Pink
Orchis spectabilis, Showy Orchis
Orchis tridentate, Toothed orchid
Orchis ustulata, Burnt orchid 
Orchis ustulata, Dwarf orchid
Ornithocephalus cochleariformis, Bird's head orchid
Orthoceras strictum, Birds mouth orchid 
Orthoceras strictum, Horned orchid 
Pachyplectrum, Jewel orchid
Palaenopsis amabilis, White orchid
Paphiopedilum, King of orchids
Paphiopedilum, Pocket orchid 
Paphiopedilum armeniacum, Golden slippers
Paphiopedilum bellatulum, Egg-in-a-nest orchid
Paphiopedilum malipoense, Jade Slipper orchid
Paphiopedilum micranthum, Hard-leaved Pocket orchid
Paphiopedilum micranthum, Silver Slipper orchid
Paphiopedilum wardii, Rainbow orchid
Paracaleanea nigrita, Flying duck orchid
Pecteilis  radiata, Crane orchid
Pecteilis  radiata, White Heron
Peristeria elata, Dove orchid 
Peristeria elata, Espiritu Santo
Peristeria elata, Flower of the Holy Spirit
Peristeria elata, Holy Ghost orchid 
Phaius flavus, Yellow Crane orchid
Phaius  gracilus, Slender Crane orchid
Phaius  grandifolius, Nun's lily
Phaius  grandifolius, Nun's orchid
Phaius  grandifolius, Swamp lily
Phaius  grandifolius, Veiled nun orchid
Phaius  tankervilliae, Chinese ground orchid
Phaius  tankervilliae, Nun's lily
Phaius  tankervilliae, Nun's orchid
Phaius  tankervilliae, Red Crane orchid
Phaius  tankervilliae, Swamp lily
Phaius  tankervilliae, Veiled nun orchid
Phalaenopsis, Moth orchid
Phalaenopsis amabilis, Moon orchid
Phalaenopsis corningiana, Red Moon orchid 
Phalaenopsis denevei, Rat tailed phalaenopsis
Phalaenopsis intermedia, Star of Leyte
Phalaenopsis labukensis, Rat tailed phalaenopsis
Phalaenopsis laycockii,  Rat tailed phalaenopsis
Pholidota, Fairy's-peach-on-the-rock 
Pholidota, Mountain peach orchid 
Pholidota, Mountain pearl orchid 
Pholidota cantonensis, Seed pearl orchid
Pholidota cantonensis, Silk pearl orchid 
Pholidota chinensis, Rattlesnake orchid
Pholidota imbricata, Necklace orchid
Pholidota imbricata, Rattlesnake orchid
Pholidota uraiensis, Stone peach orchid
Phragmipedium especially caudatum, Mandarin orchid
Phragmipedium longifolium, Zapatilla
Phragmipedium species, Slipper of the Queen, with shoe laces   
Planbina candida,  Dove orchid
Platanthera  blephariglottis, White Fringed orchid
Platanthera psycodes, Small purple Fringed orchid
Platanthera bifolia, Lesser Butterfly orchid
Platanthera chlorantha, Greater Butterfly orchid
Platanthera clavellata,  Club spur orchid
Platanthera cristata,  Crested Fringed orchid
Platanthera dilatata,  Scent-bottle orchid 
Platanthera flava var. flava, Southern Rein orchid
Platanthera grandiflora, Large purple Fringed orchid
Platanthera integra, Yellow fringeless orchid
Platanthera integrilabia, Ole monkey-face 
Platanthera leucophaea,  Prairie Fringed orchid
Platanthera nivea, Snowy orchid
Platyclinis filiformis,  Golden chain orchid
Plectorrhiza tridentata, Tangle orchid  
Plectorrhiza tridentata, Tangleroot orchid 
Pleione,   Glory of the East
Pleione,   Himalayan crocus
Pleione,   Indian crocus
Pleione,   Windowsill orchid
Pleione limprichtii, Hardy chinese orchid
Pleurothallis immersa, Black orchid
Pleurothallis segoviensis, Trout-fly orchid
Pogonia ophioglossoides, Rose Pogonia
Pogonia ophioglossoides, Snake mouth
Polycycnis ornata, Many swans
Polyrrhiza lindeni,  Frog orchid
Polyrrhiza lindeni,  Ghost orchid
Polyrrhiza lindeni,  Lindens's Angunck
Polyrrhiza lindeni,  Palm polly
Polyrrhiza lindeni, White Butterfly orchid
Polystachya luteola, Orchid weed
Pomatocalpa brachybotrya, Yellow ball orchid
Ponthieva racemos, Shadow witch
Prasophyllum archeri, Archer's Leek orchid 
Prasophyllum archeri, Variable Midge orchid 
Prasophyllum australe, Australe Leek orchid 
Prasophyllum brevilabra, Short-lipped Leek orchid 
Prasophyllum elatum, Tall Leek orchid 
Prasophyllum fusco-viride, Mallee Midge orchid 
Prasophyllum gracile, Graceful Leek orchid 
Prasophyllum morrisii, Elfin Leek orchid 
Prasophyllum morrisii, Hairy Leek orchid 
Prasophyllum odoratum, Scented Leek orchid 
Prasophyllum patens, Broad Lip Leek orchid 
Prasophyllum suttonii, Alpine Leek orchid 
Prasophyllum suttonii, Mauve Leek orchid 
Prasophyllum viride, Dusky Leek orchid 
Pristiglottis, Jewel orchid
Psychopsis  kramerianum, Butterfly orchid
Psychopsis  kramerianum, Mariposa orchid
Pterostylis alata, Alpine Greenhood 
Pterostylis alata, Striped Greenhood 
Pterostylis barbata, Bearded Greenhood 
Pterostylis coccinea, Redhood 
Pterostylis concinna, Trim Greenhood 
Pterostylis cucullata, Leafy Greenhood 
Pterostylis curta, Blunt Greenhood 
Pterostylis cycnocephala, Swan Greenhood 
Pterostylis decurva, Summer Greenhood 
Pterostylis falcata, Sickle Greenhood 
Pterostylis grandiflora, Superb Greenhood 
Pterostylis longifolia, Tall Greenhood 
Pterostylis mutans, Nodding Greenhood 
Pterostylis mutice, Midget Greenhood 
Pterostylis nana, Dwarf Greenhood 
Pterostylis parviflora, Baby Greenhood 
Pterostylis parviflora, Tiny Greenhood 
Pterostylis pedoglossa, Brown Greenhood 
Pterostylis pedoglossa, Tailed Greenhood 
Pterostylis pedunctulata, Maroonhood 
Pterostylis plumosa, Plumed Greenhood 
Pterostylis pusilla, Rubyhood 
Pterostylis recurva, Jug Greenhood 
Pterostylis reflexa, Autumn Greenhood
Pterostylis reflexa, Small Autumn Greenhood 
Pterostylis robusta, Large striped Greenhood 
Pterostylis robusta, Sharp leaf Greenhood 
Pterostylis rufa, Ruddy Hood 
Pterostylis truncata, Brittle Greenhood 
Pterostylis truncata, Little dumpies Greenhood
Pterostylis vittata, Banded Greenhood 
purpureum-hiemal,  Cold orchid 
Renanthera elongata, Tree on fire
Renanthera imschootiana, Fire orchid
Renanthera moluscara, Red orchid
Renanthera storeii, Flame orchid
Rhinerrhiza  divitiflora, One Day orchid 
Rhinerrhiza  divitiflora, Raspy Root orchid 
Rhizanthella gardneri, Underground orchid 
Rhizanthella slateri, Underground orchid 
Rhynchostylis, Cat's-tail orchid
Rhynchostylis, Fox brush  orchid
Rimacola elliptica, Green Rock orchid 
Rodriguezia secunda, Coral orchid
Saccolabium, Cat's-tail orchid
Saccolabium, Fox brush  orchid
Sarcochilus australis, Butterfly orchid 
Sarcochilus ceciliae, Fairy Bells 
Sarcochilus falcatus, Orange blossom orchid
Sarcochilus fitzgeraldii, Ravine orchid 
Schomburgkia  superbiens, St. Joseph's Staff
Schomburgkia tibicinis, Cow horn orchid
Schomburgkia tibicinis, Trumpet Plant
Scuticara steelei, Tiger's beard
Selenipedium chica, Vanilla chica
Selenipedium species, Moccasin flower
Serapias lingua, Tongue orchid
Serapias neglecta , Tongue orchid
Serapias vomeracea ssp v. Tongue orchid
Sobralia decora, Bamboo orchid
Sobralia mucorata, One Day Flower 
Spathoglottis plicata, Boat orchid
Spathoglottis plicata, Phillippine orchid
Spathoglottis pubescens, Buttercup orchid
Spiranthes,  Scented Ladies' Tresses
Spiranthes cernua, Nodding Ladies' Tresses
Spiranthes cernua var. odorata, Scented Ladies' Tresses
Spiranthes cinnabarina, Scarlet Ladies' tresses
Spiranthes lanceolata, Leafless Bearded orchid
Spiranthes lucida, Shining Ladies' Tresses
Spiranthes parksii, Navasota Ladies' Tresses
Spiranthes romanozoffiana, Hooded Ladies' Tresses
Spiranthes romanozoffiana, Romanozoff's Ladies' Tresses
Spiranthes sinensis, Austral Ladies' Tresses 
Spiranthes tuberosa, Little Ladies' Tresses
Stanhopea, Bucket orchid
Stanhopea, Cucarrones
Stanhopea, Dragones 
Stanhopea, Little bulls
Stanhopea, Toritos
Stanhopea moxica, Mother-in-law's flower
Stanhopea moxica, Oxhead flower
Stanhopea specie, El Toro 
Tainia shimadai, Azalea orchid
Thelymitra antennifera, Lemon orchid 
Thelymitra antennifera, Rabbit Ears 
Thelymitra aristata, Scented Sun orchid 
Thelymitra azure, Azure Sun orchid 
Thelymitra crinita, Queen orchid 
Thelymitra crinita, Spider orchid 
Thelymitra epipactoides, Metallic Sun orchid 
Thelymitra flexuosa, Twisted Sun orchid 
Thelymitra fusco-lutea, Blotched Sun orchid 
Thelymitra fusco-lutea, Leopard Sun orchid 
Thelymitra grandiflora, Great Sun orchid 
Thelymitra ixioides, Dotted Sun orchid 
Thelymitra longifolia, Long Leaf Sun orchid 
Thelymitra luteocilium, Fringed Sun orchid 
Thelymitra macmillanii, Crimson Sun orchid 
Thelymitra macmillanii, Salmon Sun orchid 
Thelymitra media, Tall Sun orchid 
Thelymitra pauciflora, Slender Sun orchid 
Thelymitra rubra, Pink Sun orchid 
Thelymitra rubra, Salmon Sun orchid 
Thelymitra variegata, Queen of Sheba 
Thelymitra venosa, Veined Sun orchid 
Thrixspermum formosanum, Moth orchid
Thrixspermum formosanum, White Moth orchid
Thrixspermum formosanum, Wind orchid 
Thrixspermum saruwatarii, Chi-tou wind orchid
Tipularia discolor, Cranefly orchid
Tipularia discolor, Crippled Crane Fly orchid
Townsonia viridis, Creeping forest orchid 
Trichoceras antennifera, La Mosca 
Trichoglottis dawsoniana, Spotted Tiger
Trichoglottis fasciata, Striped Tiger
Trichoglottis ionosma, Leopard orchid
Trichoglottis phillipinensis var. brachiata, Black orchid
Trichoglottis rosea var. breviracema, Phoenix-tail orchid
Triphora trianthophora, Three birds orchid
Tuberolabium kotoense, Botel Tobago orchid 
Tubilabium, Jewel orchid
Vanda coerulea, Blue orchid
Vanda hookeriana, Kintu weed
Vanda Miss Joaquin, Singapore orchid
Vanda teres,  Parrot Flower
Vanda teres,  Pencil orchid
Vandopsis lissochiloides, Small Bell orchid
Vanilla barbellata, Worm vira
Vanilla species,  Bog candle orchid
Vanilla species,  Snake orchid 
Xylobium colleyi, Goat's mouth
Zeuxine,  Jewel orchid
Zeuxine strateumatica, Centipede Grass orchid
Zootrophion, Window orchid

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