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Q: Atkins or low-fat diet???? ( No Answer,   5 Comments )
Subject: Atkins or low-fat diet????
Category: Health > Fitness and Nutrition
Asked by: iconss-ga
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Posted: 12 May 2006 05:49 PDT
Expires: 11 Jun 2006 05:49 PDT
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Which diet is more suitable for burning fat and not muscle tissue,
low-fat diet or Atkins (low carbohydrates)??

Please give me a straight answer without "but" or explanations... ;-)
just one of the two.

There is no answer at this time.

Subject: Re: Atkins or low-fat diet????
From: sonoritygenius-ga on 12 May 2006 05:53 PDT
Neither. It all depends on how severely you follow the two diet... and
either can lead to loss of muscle tissue.

I have tried those two, and south beach..and that slimfit
one was the weightwatchers though! :)
Subject: Re: Atkins or low-fat diet????
From: babyboomer-ga on 12 May 2006 06:10 PDT
Unfortunately, dieting tricks your body into thinking you are starving
and so it starts to use up muscle rather than fat as a fuel to keep
itself going. This is because muscle tissue has a higher metabolic
rate than fatty tissue so it uses up more calories. Sooner or later
you have to come off the diet or you will be seriously ill, and then
your metabolism is slower than before due to the loss of muscle
tissue, so the weight goes back on faster than you lost it.
The only way to shed some of your fatty tissue is the slow way - some
sensible exercise (nothing hard enough to make you feel ill, but hard
enough to raise your pulse rate so you burn up a few spare calories)
combined with a slight reduction in your prtions of food. Do not
exclude any whole food group or you risk serious deficiency of
important vitamins and minerals. The only thing you might consider
cutting out would be fattening snacks.
Subject: Re: Atkins or low-fat diet????
From: elids-ga on 12 May 2006 08:56 PDT
According to an article published yesterday on New Scientist what high
protein diets do is fool your body into thinking that it is well fed
even though it is not, and so, you aren?t as hungry and eat less.
Because of that the high protein diet may be easier to follow.
However, not everybody reacts in the same manner, a high protein diet
may work well for your brother but not for you. That said, ?At one
year, Atkins participants had greater increases in HDL cholesterol (18
per cent, compared with 3 per cent) and greater reduction in
triglycerides. There was no change in either group in levels of bad
(LDL) cholesterol.?
so one could surmise that it may increase your chances of trouble


A new appetite-controlling pathway that responds to molecules found in
meat has been discovered in the brain. This brain signal system is
triggered by specific amino acids and may lead to new ways of helping
obese people lose weight, researchers say.

Certain amino acid molecules ? the building blocks of proteins ? exert
powerful control over appetite, according to a new study in rats.....

.....high levels of leucine in the hypothalamus of injected rats
fooled their brains into believing that they had an ample supply of
protein molecules circulating as available fuel in the body. This
tricked their brains into suppressing hunger, he explains.

The real reason for Atkins diet weight loss

THE high-protein Atkins diet works not for the reasons its inventor
claimed, but simply because people eat less.

Several studies have shown that a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet
does result in weight loss, though there are worries about the
long-term health effects. Robert Atkins, who invented the diet in the
1970s, claimed it works because digesting protein burns more energy
than digesting carbohydrates and because calories are lost in urine
through a process called ketosis. ...
Subject: Re: Atkins or low-fat diet????
From: frankcorrao-ga on 12 May 2006 10:19 PDT
Most important though is that you exercise while you diet.
despite the fact that it comes from "", it is a review of
published studies.  The conclusion is that low-carb diets cause less
deterioration than normal diets.
Subject: Re: Atkins or low-fat diet????
From: skibum29-ga on 12 May 2006 18:56 PDT
I have tried south beach, slimfit and weight watchers and the most I
lost with any of those programs was 8 pounds.  In February I hired a
dietitian and I could not be more happy.  I have lost 25 pounds in the
past three months and feel great.  I watch what I eat and as a snack I
have been buying those Atkins bars.  I eat 1 or 2 of them a day as
snacks and it holds me over all day long.  I recommend the Peanut
Butter and Caramel Fudge flavor.  The Chocolate Coconut is not very
-- Great taste
-- Great taste
-- Not very good

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