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Q: Bose 6 CD Changer Problem ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   0 Comments )
Subject: Bose 6 CD Changer Problem
Category: Miscellaneous
Asked by: markschmidt-ga
List Price: $30.00
Posted: 05 Oct 2002 10:34 PDT
Expires: 04 Nov 2002 09:34 PST
Question ID: 72906
I have a 2001 Nissan Pathfinder with the Bose 6-CD Changer stereo
system. I was in a small accident last April and I am just now getting
around to fix my cd player. I get an "Err 2", when I try to use the CD
player. The radio and
cassette player work just fine. I am assuming the cds that were in it
at the time of the wreck, slid out of place and so everything is
missaligned. But I am
not for sure. Normally when the unit is on the lights under each disc
light up either green or orange. Now they don't light up at all. Today
I pulled out the CD Changer to see if I could just pop the discs out,
but it looks like that is more of a task than I expected, figured I
might even mess it up more.

Model No; PN-2302N

My question is: If the Err 2 code is a specific error code, what does
mean? and what do I need to do to fix it?

I also heard that it could possibly be in a "lock-down mode". I heard
there is a sequence of buttons to press to get it out of this mode.
Anyone know anything about that?

Subject: Re: Bose 6 CD Changer Problem
Answered By: byrd-ga on 05 Oct 2002 18:00 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hi markschmidt,

Sorry about your accident.  

You were probably right about the CDs sliding out of place as a result
of the wreck.  The ERR 2 code on a Bose unit means that “"the CD has
scratches. The next CD will automatically be selected ...”  I found
this in an AudioWorld discussion forum at  If you’d like to read the whole
thread, use the search term “ERR2 means” and you’ll be able to follow

There is another similar code, EO2, which means that the CDs are
stuck, and which could also apply to what happened with your
Pathfinder.   You can find this discussion at , along with some
suggestions for what to do about getting them unstuck.  This would
also seem to apply to the “lockdown mode,” as that’s essentially what
it means, and from this discussion, it would seem there is no one
particular method (such as pushing a sequence of buttons) which works
every time.  Other than that, there is no information available on
“lockdown mode” specifically.

It does seem that you will need to remove the unit and cover and see
if there's anything obvious that can be unjammed, while removing the
CDs which are likely scratched as the ERR 2 message suggests.  A
procedure for removal is at 
The procedure is for a Honda Acura, but it should be very similar for
a Pathfinder, since it’s for the same Bose unit.

Unfortunately, Bose does not sell parts (except for cosmetic ones like
grilles) or offer any technical help.  So, if the problem cannot be
easily identified and corrected, you'll probably have to return the
unit to Bose for repair or take it to a service center.  You can find
instructions here
for returning it to Bose.   And you can find a list of Bose authorized
service centers here:  
Another suggestion would be to contact your local Nissan dealer for
advice on where to take the unit for service.

The search terms I used were:

Bose CD changer
Bose car audio 
Bose error messages
Bose ERR2 
ERR2 means
Bose repair service

And, should all else fail, a Bose six-CD changer is not a terribly
expensive item to replace.  You can find one at Crutchfield
for $39.99.
I hope this information has been helpful to you.  Do please ask if you
need any clarification.

Best wishes,

Request for Answer Clarification by markschmidt-ga on 06 Oct 2002 09:35 PDT
Thanks, looks like you spent some time searching. However, the Unit I
have is the Bose In-Dash 6 CD changer. Can you find any information
about that unit. I cannot.

Model No: PN-2302N

This also might help, this is the response from an email, from this
site (

Hi Mark,
We have the service manual for the PN-2301 in stock, they are probably
same, but I ordered the PN-2302 today.
We have seen a few problems with these units. There is a mechanism
lock down
process that we have seen may work. Try pushing any of the preset
twice consecutively quickly. The unit should sound like it is doing
something. After the mechanism stops, try pushing a preset again once.
takes it out of lock and may work. Otherwise send for repair.

Request for Answer Clarification by markschmidt-ga on 06 Oct 2002 09:42 PDT
More Help:

Clarification of Answer by byrd-ga on 06 Oct 2002 15:02 PDT
Hi Mark,

You’re right – it makes a difference to know you have the in-dash
unit, but there’s even more to it than that and knowing the model
number is probably not going to make a whole lot of difference.

Matter of fact, from what I’ve learned so far, you’re probably not
going to be able to find much general information for that model of CD
changer, and even if you order the manual, you’re probably not going
to find what you need in it.  I contacted two persons of my
acquaintance, who are amateur experts in car audio more knowledgable
than I, and here’s what they told me.  Bose and other high-end car
audio manufacturers execute exclusive contracts with the car
manufacturers to install their equipment in the vehicles.  In many
instances, the manufacturers (i.e. Bose in this case) are prohibited
by contract from providing service on their units, which is instead to
be provided by or through the car dealership as part of their
exclusive agreement.

In addition, there is an anti-theft device installed on many, if not
most of these units.  If for any reason the vehicle loses electrical
power and/or the battery is disconnected, the stereo goes into
lockdown mode and requires a special code to restore it to operating
condition.  It’s possible, probably actually, that this may be your
problem.  However, ONLY the dealers have these codes.  You will need
to contact your Nissan dealer, give them your VIN and whatever proof
of ownership of the vehicle they need, and they will give you the code
and instructions for your stereo.

If you follow that procedure, and it still does not work, then before
you send it in anywhere for repairs, I’d still recommend removing the
unit, and the cover from the unit to see if you can get those CDs out
of there, since it’s pretty certain they’re either scratched or jammed
or both.  Your situation’s a little different than someone whose unit
simply stopped working for no apparent reason.  In case you didn’t
already follow the second link you posted, here’s the further link for
instructions for removal, which seem quite a simple process for your
But you probably already know that since you pulled it out already. 
Still, the pictures/instructions are a good backup to have.   Then put
it back together, input the code and try again.

However, in the meantime, I will continue to search for model-specific
information and will post back should I find any.  Of course, let me
know if you need any clarification on what I've just told you and/or
if you run into difficulties implementing the procedure.

Best of luck,

markschmidt-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars
He did and is still doing everything he can. This a tough issue to
deal with unless you are actually a Bose Stereo Specialist. All of
their stuff is very proprietary. Byrd is a great person to work with.

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