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Q: Purchasing Domains with Unusual Country Suffixes ( Answered,   0 Comments )
Subject: Purchasing Domains with Unusual Country Suffixes
Category: Computers > Internet
Asked by: moldovan-ga
List Price: $200.00
Posted: 29 May 2006 08:29 PDT
Expires: 28 Jun 2006 08:29 PDT
Question ID: 733347
How do I purchase domains with suffixes from:
Niger (.ne)
Nigeria (.ng)
Libya (.ly)
Georgia (.ge)
Neutral Zone (.nt)
Albania (.al)
San Marino (.sm)

Clarification of Question by moldovan-ga on 29 May 2006 08:34 PDT
I would like specific instructions as well as any necessary weblinks
or phone numbers. If not all of these suffixes are for sale, I still
need to know how to purchase the ones that are. I also need
information on how to transfer purchased domains with these suffixes
to a domain parking company such as
Subject: Re: Purchasing Domains with Unusual Country Suffixes
Answered By: leapinglizard-ga on 29 May 2006 15:13 PDT
Dear moldovan,

I shall address your queries in the order in which you gave them.

+ .ne

Due to the undeveloped infrastructure of Niger, there is no set procedure
for registering .ne domain names. Various reputable sources state that
sole authority for managing .ne resides with the Société Nigérienne
des Télécommunications, or SONITEL.

    La société nigérienne des télécommunications (SONITEL),
    l'unique fournisseur d'accès (, avait bouclé le
    dossier d'enregistrement du nom de domaine du Niger auprès de
    l'Internic et a rendu opérationnel le n?ud national d'accès
    au réseau internet le 13 novembre 1996.

    [The Telecommunications Corporation of Niger (SONITEL), the sole
    access provider, took over responsibility for registering the
    domain name of Niger from Internic and activated the national
    Internet access point on November 13, 1996.]

African Internet & Telecom Summit: L'Internet au Niger

SONITEL's official website directs all inquiries to a Mr. Ari Salaou.

    Pour tous renseignements, veuillez contacter le Service Commercial
    de la SONITEL.

    [For any further information, please contact the Commercial
    Service of SONITEL.]

    Tél : 72 29 98 - Monsieur Ari SALAOU -

SONITEL: Internet

SONITEL's home page gives another email address and an area code for
the phone number given above, as well as a fax number.
    Société Nigérienne des Télécommunications
    BP 208
    - Tél : 227 72 29 98 - Fax : 227 72 24 78 -

+ .ng

Nigeria has a somewhat stronger web presence than Niger. To register a
.ng domain, you must fill out a plaintext registration form and send it
in by email.

    .ng Registration Form

    Please download this form,

    Copy it to notepad editor, fill it and send it as an attachment
    to this mail box

National Information Technology Development Agency [Nigeria]

+ .ly

The only registrar for .ly domain names is Libya Telecom and Technology.

     We would like to inform you that .ly domain has been re-delegated
     to GPTC (General Post & Telecommunication Company), So that is not responsible to register or renew .ly
     domains anymore [...]

     Currently there is only one registrar which is Libya Telecom
     And Technology (LTT). Announcement

There is currently no online registration process, so you have to apply
directly to LTT.

     General Post and Telecommunication Company of Libya (GPTC) is
     proud to announce the re-delegation of the (LY ccTLD). As of
     October 18, 2004 GPTC has been assigned the authority over the
     (LY cTLD). Please note that we are still working on assigning
     registrars for the domains.

     AND TECHNOLOGY. [...]

    In the meantime interested parties in Libya can request a domain
    registration through Libya Telecom and Technology. News

Contact information for LTT is as follows.

    Commercial Admin.

        Tel.  +218 (21) 3400020 - 40

            - Head of Commercial Admin.     7301
            - Marketing Dept.   7302
            - Web Services  7306

        Fax.  +218 (21) 3400044

Libyan Telecom and Technology: Contact Us

+ .ge

According to Georgian regulations, someone who is not a Georgian citizen
or a Georgian resident may only register one .ge domain name, and only
if rights to the name are formally assigned to a resident of Georgia.

    1.8.  Natural persons, which cannot be registrants are the
    persons, who:

        a) do not reside (are not registered) on the territory
        of Georgia, or

        b) are not citizens of Georgia.

    1.9.  A legal person which does not have a representation
    registered on the territory of Georgia, has the right to register
    one name under .ge and domains. In such case foreign legal
    person must assign its authorities on domain name registration
    to any legal person registered on the territory of Georgia.

Georgian Domain Name Registry: Registration Rules and Conditions [PDF file]

The registration form and a registration guide are available at the
following locations.

Georgian Domain Name Registry: Registration Form

Georgian Domain Name Registry: Registration FAQ

Georgian Domain Name Registry: Introduction 

+ .nt

The .nt domain has been obsolete since 1993.

    ISO 3166-3 is an international standard that defines codes for
    outdated ISO 3166-1 country codes and is part of ISO 3166.


    The following list of obsolete ISO 3166 two-letter country codes
    is included here for reference. Many of these codes were withdrawn
    before the introduction of the Domain Name System, and so were
    never used as top-level domains. In the list, the old two-letter
    code is given first, followed by the ISO 3166-3 four-letter
    code. For each code, the year of withdrawal is given. [...]

    NT  NTHH  1993  Neutral Zone  Now covered by IQ (Iraq) and SA
                                  (Saudi Arabia).

Wikipedia: ISO 3166-3

    How can I register a domain name with an unusual top level?

    I'd like to register a domain name that ends with "nt."


    the short answer is that no -- you can't really do that, because
    the TLD doesn't exist, thus there is no registrar, thus there
    is no accepted authority for adding any .nt domains to the root
    DNS servers -- and ICANN, whatever else they may do, ultimately
    control the root DNS servers.

Ask Metafilter: Registering a .nt domain?

+ .al

Domain registration in Albania is governed by strict rules similar to
those in Georgia.

    Registrations may be only for organizations having legal
    representative inside the territory of Albania. Documents
    proving the official registration in Albania should be
    required. Applications for registration are distributed on
    request by ART or can be retrieved from the Local NIC web sites.

    The official representative of the organization should sign
    applications.  The registration of domain names is free
    of charge only for public educational organizations. Other
    registrants have to pay a fee of 100 USD for each period of
    two years. This condition may be changed in the future, the
    interested organizations will be informed in due time for such
    changes, in this case the organizations may chose to pay the
    fee and keep registered names, or do request their removal.

    The applicant should define the domain name. Each organization
    may have not more than one domain name registered under the
    appropriate primary subdomain name. The name should be a character
    combination being undoubted identifier or in connection with the
    applicant. The document proving this connection may be enclosed
    with the application. DNS Registration Rules Under .AL

The registration form, including full instructions, is at the following
address. PDF Application, English Version

+ .sm

Anyone who follows the San Marino domain naming rules can register a
.sm domain name.

    In general any San Marino or foreign registrant can ask for
    the assignment of a domain name on condition to comply with the
    following rules:



        Corporations can ask the RA to be assigned a maximum of
        50 domains per year, with the exception of individual
        personal names (e.g. thus avoiding
        possible concentrations, dominating positions and
    Private individuals

        Private individuals, after exhibiting their personal
        identity papers,  can ask the RA to be assigned and
        registered 1 domain name maximum.

Telecom Italia San Marino SpA: Rapid Guide: Naming Rules for Domain
Names in the Republic of San Marino

    The form must be sent by e-mail to by the
    staff of the Service Provider used by the applicant.

Telecom Italia San Marino SpA: Registration procedures for Domain Names
in the Republic of San Marino
The registration form is at the following address.

Telecom Italia San Marino SpA: Registration Form [Word document]
+ domain parking 

To park a domain, you must ask the registrar to set the Domain Name
Service (DNS) identifiers to those supplied by your parking service. For
example, to park a domain with Sedo, have your registrar set the following
DNS servers.
     Primary Server Name: NS1.SEDOPARKING.COM
     Primary Server IP:

     Secondary Server Name: NS2.SEDOPARKING.COM
     Secondary Server IP:

Sedo: Get started with domain parking


It has been an interesting challenge to answer your question. If you
have any concerns about the accuracy or completeness of my research,
please advise me through a Clarification Request and give me a chance
to fully meet your needs before you rate this answer.


Search strategy:

.ne domain registrar 

.ng domain registrar

.ly domain registrar

.ge domain registrar

.nt domain registrar

.al domain registrar

.sm domain registrar

domain parking steps
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